Cheating, Lying, and Revenge Pt. 01

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This is a story about life, love, and a cheating wife. Not the most far-fetched idea, but it was worlds away from how we started. This is our story.

Cheating, Lying, and Revenge

Part One

Trying to help my wife, a friend gets involved to help

My name is James Addison, and my wife is Julia Addison. We have been married for fifteen years since she graduated from college. She was twenty-three with a master’s in public relations, which got her a good job at a consulting agency. When we married, she was the girl everybody wanted to catch as a wife, but I won her. I owned a small but profitable construction firm at the time, more than enough to support us in a comfortable manner, and she started as lowly assistant to the Vice president and President of public relations department at a Rowe Consulting Agency at a modest salary.

That was fifteen years ago, and everything changes as time goes on. Now instead of construction, I own a contracting firm that does very well, and she is now the Vice President of that same department, with rumors of moving up to President.

I’m not the strapping young man I once was when I worked in construction every day, I am now forty years old, six foot tall, one hundred and eighty-five pounds, my thick brown hair is thinning and my hairline is receding a bit, my blue eyes still shine bright and have always been my most attractive quality.

Julia is now thirty-eight, five foot nine inches tall, one hundred and twenty-two pounds, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, Gorgeous C-Cup breasts, legs to die for that meet at the tightest looking late thirties ass you have ever seen.

We found out five years into our marriage that Julia could not have children due to uterine cancer, so she had a hysterectomy as part of her treatment. We called it taking out the plumbing and putting in a play pen, and I thought we were very happy. We have an active sex life for being married fifteen years and play sex games to keep up the spice in our marriage.

As it turned out, Julia had not gotten a promotion until after her bout with cancer, which made sense as she missed a lot of work due to being sick and her chemo. Since then, she has been promoted over five other assistants and was promoted to VP when John Morgan was promoted to another department five years ago. That makes six promotions in ten years, not bad for a woman under forty, but she was always smart, and I contributed her success to her intellect. Her new position for the past five years required her to travel for three to five days every two months, which wasn’t bad really, it only meant she would be gone Monday to Friday every eight weeks. We normally didn’t see that much of each other during the week anyhow.

It wasn’t until my friend in construction, Mark Connor, got a call from Julia’s firm offering consulting opportunities on local government projects that things started to get strange. Julia wasn’t aware we knew each other, and he wasn’t aware she worked for that firm. A low-level assistant had cold called his office and he decided to check out her company for his own knowledge, and then a chance lunch between he and I started my query’s.

(Mark): “You won’t believe the call I got the other week.”

(Me): “Tell me what about it.”

(Mark): “A company here in the city cold called me about representing my company in bids for local Government projects.”

(Me): “I could do a few of them, if it pans out, you’ll have to send me contact info.”

(Mark): “Wait, it gets better. I did some research and made some calls, and it turns out they have a remarkable success rate, And one of the hire ups whores herself out to potential clients.”

(Me): “That sounds like a rumor mill is working overtime to me.”

(Mark): “I didn’t investigate it any further than company status and a few phone calls to people I know, but that’s the word in the street, and it’s been going on for over a decade.”

(Me): “If that’s true, there could be a major scandal down at city hall, beings it’s their contract bids that are bahis siteleri being used or abused. Send me that company info, I want to check into this.”

(Mark): “I have it all back at the office, I’ll text it to you when I get back to my desk.”

The rest of our lunch went as normal taking business, employees, and shop business like that. It wasn’t until later that day that things got weird for me. He texted me the contact information of Patricia and the firm name as Rowe Consulting Agency. From everything Julia had told me about her work, I knew any cold call contacts would be made by those lowly assistants, but who would the higher up person be.

I thought about it most of the afternoon and decided not to say anything to Julia as I didn’t want to start problems for her at work if this was just a mean rumor. Hearing about this rumor would spark an internal investigation and add unnecessary work put upon her. So, I chose to check it out myself to see if there was any truth to this whole thing. So, I started with the courthouse, and had my secretary find out who oversaw bids on local contracts. It was a man named William Easton, and supposedly he had a lot of influence over who got them and who didn’t. So, he was the guy to check out, and I knew just who to go to for that service.

I was doing an addition on the home of our city’s premier criminal/Successful businessman Geoffrey Martin. I call him a criminal because at fourteen years old he sparked fear into the minds of ant company that polluted the environment by hacking into their computers, cell phones, and any electronic device. He was never convicted but everyone knew he was the one due to his unbelievable knowledge about closely guarded company secrets. He now owned a very profitable internet security company, selling systems to protect company computer files and making cell phones almost totally secure. I was going to see him the next day, and if anyone knew about secrets around our city, he would.

Later at home Julia and I had a quiet night, a good dinner and some small talk which included that her Bi-Monthly trip would be coming up in two weeks in Dayton Ohio. It seemed perfectly normal like she has told me numerous times before, so I thought nothing of it. We went to bed and had a wonderful sexual interlude between us, it seemed the older Julia got, the more sexual energy she had, and I wasn’t going to complain about that.

The next day I met with Geoffrey about his addition and the progress we were making when I asked him.

(Me): “Geoff, I have a strange question for you, and I hope you don’t mind me asking, but you’re the guy who knows things nobody else knows?”

(Geoff): “Sure, if I can help, I am certainly willing to do so for you.”

(Me): “Well I heard a stupid rumor and I want to put an end to it. I heard that Government contracts are being handed out by our city comptroller Bill Easton based on a certain company providing sex to the principal people involved?”

(Geoff): “I heard that a while back but didn’t dig into it as it didn’t really come to me as news.”

(Me): “What do you mean Not news?”

(Me): “I heard that years ago, so when it came up again, I just figured the rumor made it rounds and got back to me a second time.”

(Me): “So you think it is a rumor and a rumor only?”

(Geoff): “Most of what I found out as fact started as rumors, so I don’t really know for sure.”

(Me): “Is there any way you can find out one way or the other?”

(Geoff): “What is your interest in this James?”

(Me): “I have bid in contracts and lost each one and I would like to know if the playing field is level or not.”

(Geoff): “Sometimes with government, you’re better off just going ahead with your business rather than to dig into what’s going on.”

(Me): “This I would really like to know about if at all possible.”

(Geoff): “Well, I can certainly check into it and make a few calls if that will help you.”

(Me): “Yes, that would be fantastic.”

(Geoff): “Then I will do just that. Now canlı bahis siteleri onto my addition.”

We spoke about the project underway that I was doing. This addition was more then a room or two, he had specific needs, specific computer needs so the wiring had to be there as I built it. I knew better than to ask about that part, he wasn’t paying me well to ask what he didn’t offer up and I was good with that.

Two days later I received an envelope in the mail with a thumb drive and a typed outline of a chronological history of when my wife’s company came up in stories about contracts and sex being used to close deals in local projects. It had a cover page with a simple warning on it.

“Be careful with this information. Once this is brought to light, it can’t be out back in the dark. Very influential people may be involved, and it may be better not to open this can of worms, especially for those who need business licenses and local public contracts.”.

I looked at the thumb drive on my laptop and it clearly showed a woman giving oral sex as well as engaging in vaginal and anal sex with Men who I knew held public contracts in the area, but the woman’s identity was blurred out and not much of her body shows, except for the important parts being used, others were obscured as well. But all I could make out was a woman’s partial body and the Men I knew of, no company name or trail of breadcrumbs to follow. The next day at his house, I asked Geoff about it, and he denied sending me anything. Now I was confused, if he didn’t send it, who did?

I kept going back to those pictures over the next few days and by chance I saw a man in the back corner of one picture that wasn’t a contractor or builder. I enlarged the photo and sitting there in a hotel room chair, naked and his cock sticking straight up as he stroked it, was Comptroller Bill Easton watching the mystery woman fuck the guy in the bed. Now I knew the rumors were true, but how do I saddle my wife with this. If these are important people, and she started an investigation as I knew she would, she might end up losing her job over this. I personally knew one of the Men in the picture, Frank Miller, he was married and had three children, and even thought about threatening to tell his wife to get him to spill the beans about it, but I just put that part down in my notes in my laptop in a private secure file and would return to it later to rethink that strategy.

The next morning, I received a call from my friend Geoff whose addition I was building, and he asked me to stop by that morning. A good rich powerful customer asks you to stop by you stop by. When I got to his house his maid showed me to his private office, where she told me he would be with me shortly. I was amazed by the technology assembled in this room, not only security camera feeds of the property, but screens with financial news and things I couldn’t decipher at all. It seemed everything in the room was electronic and operated by his control as there were no buttons one anything. When he entered, he greeted me as normal, then asked me to sit to talk.

(Geoff): “I need to talk to you privately. Do you mind if I secure the room for this conversation?”

(Me): “No, if you think that is best than I’m OK with it.”

He did a little work on his phone, and I heard the doors lock, the windows became opaque, and my phone made a sound I didn’t recognize. It was telling me my phone was offline and had lost its signal.

(Me): “What’s so important that we need this type of security?”

(Geoff): “I have something of utmost importance to discuss with you, but it is just as important you hear me out and not leave to do something else.”

(Me): “Why would I leave before we are done?”

(Geoff): “It’s about the company your wife Julia works for, and I didn’t want you upset and leaving to report this news to her at work.”

(Me): “OK Geoff, I’m here so tell me what you have to say.”

(Geoff): “It turns out the rumors you heard are true. The company is using sex to secure contracts canlı bahis for consulting and getting public contracts for its customers.”

(Me): “Are you absolutely sure Geoff? I would hate to report this to Julia if there is any doubt it may be incorrect.”

(Geoff): “Yes I am sure, and I have the proof.”

(Me): “Well then tell me and show me.”

(Geoff): “If after I explain some things to you, you still want to go forward with this, then I will tell you what I know. But going to your friend in construction and blackmailing him with telling his wife about his activities is not the way to go.”

(Me): “I was just thinking about that…Wait, how do you know about that? It was only in my mind and in a secure file on my laptop?”

(Geoff): “Not so secure I would say, wouldn’t you?”

(Me): “But how, I mean I didn’t email anything to you?”

(Geoff): “Does it really matter; you know I can hack just about anything I want?”

(Me): “No, I guess not, but now I want you to teach me better security.”

(Geoff): “Security, how about practices? Don’t ever plug in a thumb drive someone sends to you.”

(Me): “So you did send that envelope to me?”

(Geoff): “I had someone else send it, so I didn’t have to tell you a deliberate lie but yes, I was behind it because you asked me.”

(Me): “Why hide your identity when I came to you?”

(Geoff): “I was hoping you would give up on this quest and leave sleeping dogs lie, then it would have been a mute matter. I’m hoping the same thing here right now.”

(Me): “Why do you want me to not find out?”

(Geoff): “Many people are going to get hurt by this and believe me when I tell you there is enough pain to go around. But if you continue, I’m not going to let you do it alone.”

(Me): “What’s going on here? Why are we doing all this cloak and dagger stuff?”

(Geoff): “Are you going to take my advice and leave this be?”

(Me): “Hell no, now I want to know more than ever.”

(Geoff): “If you want my help, we do this my way and my way only.”

(Me): “OK, what is first?”

(Geoff): “Go outside, take a picture of the construction you’re doing here, and come back.”

He picked up his phone, did a few things on it, the doors unlocked, and my cell made connection again. I did as he said and took a picture of my work and came back to his office. Then his phone and the doors locked again, and my cell went offline. He told me to give him my phone and I did, he plugged a cord into the bottom from his laptop, did a few things I didn’t understand and handed it back to me. He then did something in his phone.

(Geoff): “Send that picture you took to your wife and tell her I gave you more work to do. She should show her happiness for your good fortune, wouldn’t she?”

(Me): “Yes, she’s always happy for me when I get important or big jobs.”

(Geoff): “Good, then send it now. Does she normally reply quickly to your texts?”

(Me): “Yes, she is attentive to her phone and gets on messages quickly.”

(Geoff): “Great, just let me know when she responds.”

“As we waited, he stopped looking at his phone and turned to his desk computer, which was bigger and more complexed than anything I ever heard of, and he just kept hitting keys. Then he turned to me and told me she looked at the pic.”

(Me): “Wait, did you just hack my wife’s phone?”

(Geoff): “No you did, I just gave you the worm.”

(Me): “Why, I don’t understand why we did this?”

(Geoff): “First we need to know if anyone in the company knows about this and has started an investigation. Your wife being high up jn customer relations would have been included in those conversations. Now I can look at her work email and texts to find out. Don’t worry, I’m not looking at anything you might object to.”

Just then my phone got a message back from her.

“That’s great honey, keep up the good work.”

(Me): “She just answered me.”

(Geoff): “Yes, I’m reading it now. Give me some time to look through this and come back tomorrow morning. I should have all your answers then.”

We parted ways and we both went to our tasks for the day. At least I was going to know what was going in inside her company, then I could tell her if she didn’t know about it.

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