Chronicles of Danny Ch. 13


Another mini-segue chapter. Sorry for the long delays for people who have liked this story. I had a few commissions to work on but I appreciate your kind words!


11:30 was always the beginning of the lunch time rush. Ashley was stuck at the register serving a seemingly endless line of students. With her apron covered in coffee grounds and a loose bang hanging in front of her face, she forced a smile and took the next order. Still, she liked the busy work. The clamor of the cafe kept her mind from wandering, thinking about whether or not she wanted to attend a nursing program, whether or not she wanted to move back to her parents and whether or not she wanted to see Danny again.

Several days had passed and Ashley was still angry over their last encounter. She spent the rest of the night consoling Drew after being humiliated in his own business. It was that incident that kept Ashley from forgiving Danny, eclipsing the guilt Ashley felt over seeing someone else. Hadn’t she been clear about needing some time? In their last goodbye, standing outside, covered only by clothes handed to them, did she at all indicate she wanted to remain exclusive? No matter how many times she told herself “no”, Ashley still felt the need to give Danny more of an apology, but that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

The background noise of patrons talking was interrupted by a door bursting open and a woman’s voice screaming, “Where the fuck are you?!”

Heads turned to the door and Ashley tried to look herself but couldn’t see past the line of customers, that was, until they were pushed aside. The person responsible was Cammy, dressed in her volleyball jacket and jeans, red-faced and staring straight at Ashley as she stepped in front of everyone who waited patiently in line. Cammy got to the desk and grabbed Ashley by the front of her shirt. “I’m going to kill you!”

Ashley almost fell forward but grabbed the desk for stability. She used the other to grab Cammy’s wrist and pull it off her. “Get the hell off of me!” she spat. “What is wrong with you?”

Indeed, what was wrong with Cammy? Now that she was up close, Ashley could see that the sorority sister’s eyes were red from crying, nose running and it looked like she hadn’t gotten any sleep. “You! You and that…dyke! You humiliated me at my game and then you…you..” she broke down in tears again, pounding the desk with her fist. “…everyone saw me with my boyfriend…doing those..things.”

Ashley was too confused to be angry as she watched Cammy slump forward onto the desk. With a shaky hand, Ashley patted her on the back. “Cammy…I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Bullshit!” Cammy reached to grab Ashley by her apron, jerking her across the desk. “I know it was you and that dyke who put those spiders in my clothes and made me humiliate myself. You cost me my membership in the sorority!”

Ashley could see tears develop in her captors’ eyes and used that moment of vulnerability to grab Cammy’s wrists and pull them off of her once more. “Don’t you ever touch me again.” she hissed, “And you have five seconds to get out of here before I call the cops.”

Being that she was bigger than Ashley,Cammy did not anticipate the shorter barista to talk in such a stern manner, especially when Cammy’s memories of Ashley were of her timidly covering her nakedness after being stripped.

Being threatened with arrest made Cammy hesitate to make a move and with her emotions already on high, she just cried again as she submitted, retracting her hands as she backed away. “Fine! call the cops bitch! Enjoy working in a coffee shop the rest of your life you fucking loser.”

Ashley watched as the shamed sorority sister turned and slowly walked out the door, covering her red face from the other students who stared in silence. Ashley managed to stand up to a woman who had once intimidated her multiple times, but the empathy she had for Cammy’s situation soured the victory. Ashley only hoped that Cammy would be able to find peace without needing to get back at Danny.

Outside, Cammy got to her car and collapsed in her seat, covering her eyes as she cried again, her confidence taken away from her a second time. Even a college dropout was able to outdo her.

While she sat beside herself in self pity, Cammy couldn’t hear footsteps creeping up behind her. It wasn’t until she heard the voice of a male asking, “Miss is there something wrong?” that she looked up and saw a handsome man in a beard, with a minor cut on his face.


“What did I say? I told you this pussy better not get wet.” Mistress Victoria hissed next to a naked woman whose face was hidden by a zipper mask. She was tied up, a harness wrapped around her shoulders that cris-crossed over her breasts, arms forced into a T, each tied to a ringlet that was screwed into the ground.

She hung upside down from a hook, her backside facing up. Right above the woman’s backside was a lower back tattoo, a tribal design of what looked to resemble a raven, its wings spread open over the woman’s rear cheeks. cloud storage All along her back were dark red marks from the flogger that struck her. Like a hammock, she twirled in the air. while the fresh new coat of juice covered her labia, running down her abdomen like dew on a leaf.

Danny looked at the video through one eye, wishing to avoid stimulation. They had to watch the entire film to make sure it had uploaded onto the website. Listening to the woman’s moans made the task impossible, as Danny could feel their loins stir, the marriage of sight and sound entering the pleasure centers of Danny’s brain, causing them to slide back in their chair. It was when Mistress Victoria bent down to bite the woman’s plump, red posterior that Danny began to do kegel exercises, minor strains to acknowledge in their body that they knew it was hungry.

The problem with depression was that it affected all appetites, including sex. Even though the closeup of teeth tearing into soft flesh made Danny envious of the salty taste of sweat and the shifting of teeth biting into hard skin, all they could imagine was biting into Ashley and it tore open Danny’s heart again.

Forcing their eyes to close ,Danny listened to the video and tried to think of something else. They tried not thinking of Ashley naked, her sensuous curves rounding out in her bottom, hidden partially by some lacey undergarments. Underwear was of course Danny’s kink, and memories of Ashley in the gym, heart printed underwear revealed to the entire class made Danny wet.

Ashley looked so vulnerable with her blushing face and hand pressed over her crotch, the real Ashley without any ego or pride, leaving her susceptible to complete surrender. Danny imagined guiding Ashley down to the gymnasium floor and sliding their hand down her panties, pushing their fingers inside Ashley while she covered her face in embarrassment from all the students watching her get fucked.

“Oh Danny.” her light voice would coo as her legs would lock, her body temperature rising and forcing her to remove her fencing top.

“Ashley…” Danny would whisper, did whisper as the name hissed out of their mouth. It wasn’t Ashley’s moan that Danny heard, it was the woman’s in the video, arching her back while Mistress Victoria used her tongue to slide up and down the outer lips of her labia.

“FUCK!” Danny cursed as they pounded the desk, resting their head on it to regain composure. The pain in their knuckles was nothing compared to the pain in between their legs as their unsated sex throbbed in sync with their heart beat, the physical echo of someone going through grief.

Danny wanted nothing but to get through the work day without thinking of Ashley and her new found happiness with Drew. That wish was granted through the faint sound of a woman’s shouts coming from the floor below. “Where the fuck are you!?”

Danny looked up from their desk to the source of the noise, wiping their eyes as they got out of their seat. They could hear a staff member raising her voice, trying to talk sense into whoever this upset person was. “Ma’am please calm down.”

“Fuck you! I’m going to kill that dyke!”

“Jesus.” Danny said, immediately recognizing who it was at the use of the slur. What concerned them most was how this person managed to find the dungeon. Danny got up from their seat and ran out of the office, flying down the steps as they could hear Cammy’s voice get louder.

“You need to leave right now or we’ll call the cops.” the staff member, a woman with platinum blonde hair wearing a plaid skirt and a black button up short-sleeve shirt.

“Fuck off slut.” Cammy said, now that Danny saw her they could see how much of a wreck she looked. Her eyes were dark and her hands seemed to be bleeding, knuckles swollen to the size of almonds.

“Hey!” Danny shouted, storming towards Cammy with a fist balled up. “What’s your problem?”

Cammy saw Danny and her nostrils flared as she pushed past the blonde. “You’re my fucking problem! You put those spiders in my clothes and then you videotaped me having sex with my boyfriend you perverted dyke!”

Danny saw Cammy raise her fist and countered by grabbing Cammy by the front of her shirt and slamming her against the wall. “That is the last time you call me that.” and then Danny swung their fist, catching Cammy in the face.

“Holy shit! Danny!” the blond said as she tried to break the fight up. It was futile as both Cammy and Danny grappled with each other, trying to force the other one prone to the ground. The blonde tried to push her way in between them and said, “Please, we can’t have police investigate a fight!” In her attempt to break things up, the blonde’s legs got tangled in with Cammy and Danny’s, causing the two fighters to lose balance. Danny was the first to fall and they reached out to grab anything to hold them up, which happened to be the blonde’s skirt.

As Danny and Cammy fell to the ground, the blonde felt a hard jerk around her waist, feeling a draft blowing against her legs and exposed pale midriff. She looked down cloud file storage and saw her lacey boy shorts with a pink bow on the center of the waistband on display and she let out a yelp. “Shit!” she shouted as she felt her face get warm. All focus on breaking up the fight was gone and now she tried pulling her skirt free from the tangled mess of the two brawlers.

Now on the ground ,Cammy and Danny rolled over one another, grabbing for the others’ hair as they tried to slam each other’s heads into the ground. Being that Cammy had more hair meant Danny had an easier time of banging the sorority girls head against the floor, one slam for every humiliating thing she did. “I didn’t videotape you at all! It’s what you deserve considering you fuckers videotaped Ashley and I and ruined my relationship with her!”

“Bullshit! I know it was you!” Cammy screamed, trying to reach for Danny’s face but too stunned to do so.

“What the fuck is going on?!” the sound of Mistress Victoria’s voice drowned out the rest of the shouting as she stood in the doorway leading to the bar, staring down at Danny and Cammy. The blonde had also been startled by Mistress Victoria, and in a brief moment of vulnerability, folded both of her hands over her panties as she backed against a corner. She hadn’t done anything wrong, but standing there without any bottoms made it feel like she would be disciplined as well.

Danny looked up at Mistress Victoria, sweat building up on their brow as they looked at her furrowed eyebrows, her lips tightened to make an expression of anger that Danny hadn’t seen before. The blonde, slowly bent down to pick up her skirt, but was too afraid of what her boss would do to make any more movement, just holding the skirt against her lower torso.

It was Cammy who stared up at Mistress Victoria, dressed in knee high leather boots, black skintight pants and a leather corset. Her red hair was tied in a ponytail, giving her face a more narrow look, like a hawk zooming in on its prey. Cammy immediately held her hand up and said, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry! Please don’t hurt me!” she grabbed Danny by the shirt and asked, “Quick, what’s the safe word? Tell me the safe word!”

“I-…uh.” Danny uttered, stunned to see how the rage in Cammy’s eyes melted into histrionic fear.

“Please, I don’t want to go to the Red Room!” Cammy shouted, burying her face in Danny’s chest.

Mistress Victoria looked down at Cammy with a raised eyebrow. “Red Room? What are you. Oh. Fucking Fifty Shades of Grey.” she shook her head, “I’m not going to do anything to you besides throwing your ass out of here if you don’t tell me why you attacked one of my employees.”

Once reassured that she wouldn’t be stripped and tied up, Cammy’s breathing relaxed and she turned to Danny. “She snuck into my room and videotaped me having sex. Th-then she put spiders in my gym clothes.” she shuddered just thinking about all the tiny legs crawling across her body, “So then at my first volleyball game I took them off and was humiliated in front of a whole school! The sorority I’m in kicked me out because of that!” she shouted this at Danny, hoping to invoke some guilt but Danny just rose to their feet and continued to listen. “Then when I was leaving, I saw that they had a movie projector aimed at the wall of a building and…” the tears came back as she covered her face, “People saw me…doing things with my boyfriend that should’ve been private.”

Mistress Victoria and Danny made eye contact with each other as Cammy sobbed. With a simple tilt of her head, Mistress Victoria inquired about the truth of Cammy’s accusations, Danny responded by shaking their own and that was all Mistress Victoria needed. “First of all.” she began, “You will refer to Danny as ‘they’ because that is the pronoun they prefer. Second of all, Danny doesn’t videotape people without their consent, from what they tell me, videotaping people’s private acts to show to others is something your sorority is quite fond of.”

Cammy’s mouth opened to protest but she hesitated, she did do those things, many times. It was another level of shame she experienced, being called out on her behavior. “It wasn’t my idea, it was Kara’s.” her head was aimed at the ground.

“Oh well why didn’t you say so?” Danny asked, “If Kara said so than by all means, go ahead, kidnap me, strip me and force Ashley and I to have sex in public and get expelled!” Danny wanted to strike Cammy again but they knew their boss would step in.

“You don’t understand!” Cammy said, “Kara’s mom is vice president. I could’ve been suspended or kicked out. You have no idea how often she uses her mom to punish us.”

Mistress Victoria pinched the bridge of her nose. “Let me get this straight. A sorority president who videotaped Danny and Ashley being humiliated, who also punishes sorority members for failing to do what she says, is not at all involved with kicking you out of the sorority and then broadcasting a sex tape of you?”

The blunt nature of Mistress Victoria laying all the facts out like that almost made file upload Danny laugh, solely for the fact that Cammy’s face froze in a look of enlightenment and embarrassed stupidity. “B-but…why would she do that to her own sorority?” was all she could say.

“I don’t know if you’re aware Cammy, but people who tell other people to strip women down and do humiliating things against their will, aren’t the nicest of human beings. “Danny said, “Ashley told me of the other things that you guys do to each other if someone in the sorority fails to live up to Kara’s standards.”

Cammy’s face was red, although it was ambiguous as to it being attributed to anger or shame. “I, don’t believe it. It has to be someone else.”

Mistress Victoria and Danny’s mouths dropped. “You can’t be this naive.” Mistress Victoria said, “Are you that blind to assume that Kara is completely innocent?”

“Cammy I was there. The camera was hidden in the ceiling of your bedroom.” Danny said, “There’s no way anyone could have put it there without being seen, unless Kara had someone install it.

On her knees, Cammy’s fists were clenched and her breathing got heavier. She refused to believe she was that ignorant to notice all the signs, but now that she was out of the sorority, she had no reason to defend it anymore. “I-I have to go back…and get my things.” she said as she rose to her feet. Before she left, she looked at Danny and said, “I’m sorry..Danny for everything.”

Before Danny had a chance to respond, the door swung shut and they were left with the blonde woman and Mistress Victoria, all three of them wondering if it was the last they’d hear about the sorority ever again.


Fatigue and dizziness, that was the first time Cammy could recall feeling such sensations. As an athlete she prided herself in being healthy, but that was nothing against the psychological pain she felt in looking at the sorority house. She waited until late in the evening to come back, wanting to return to campus after most of the students were gone, one of them including Kara. Halfway through the year would be when the forensics team would start meeting and that meant less time for Kara to cause terror in the sorority.

As Cammy walked up to the steps, she looked to the building next door at the large white side where her intimate encounter with her boyfriend was on display. She recalled students standing outside, laughing as they watched her twerk for her boyfriend and then go down on her knees to do give him oral pleasure. Such an act of submission was antithetical to her reputation as a strong, independent athlete and just thinking about how her privacy being violated made her warm with anger.

Standing in front of the door, Cammy took a few breaths before ringing the bell. Every second felt like an eternity as she tried to guess who would open the door. When it did open, Madison was on the other side, wearing yoga pants and a sorority T-shirt. “Oh it’s you.” she said with a displeased look. “What do you want?”

“Getting the rest of my stuff.” Cammy said in a curt tone.

Madison rested against the door frame. “Shouldn’t you have taken it with you when you left?” before Cammy could answer, Madison continued, “Oh that’s right you ran like a little girl when we all saw how much of a slut you are.”

Cammy’s fist clenched, her nails digging into her skin. “That was my privacy you had no fucking right to show that to them.”

“If you just waited to have sex after you were married then that wouldn’t have happened.” Madison said with her head tilted up. “Serves you right for giving into temptation.”

“Madison just let me get my stuff so I can get the fuck out of here.” Cammy blurted out. She wanted to smack the smug grin on Madison’s face as she stepped to the side.

“Don’t dilly dally, you don’t belong here anymore.”

Cammy didn’t bother listening to the rest as she went upstairs, keeping her gaze facing forward to avoid eye contact with anyone she might pass by. She entered her room and pulled the door shut, keeping it open just enough to where she could hear the noise outside. Not wanting to stay long enough to be harassed, Cammy went to work, boxing up her things while also listening for Kara in case she was home and not with her forensics team.

An hour passed as Cammy packed clothes and important items, not once hearing Kara walking around outside. All she heard throughout the hour was other sorority members chatting or getting bossed around by Madison, the apparent new second in command. The thought about her loss of power made Cammy angry at how she lost her position, almost rekindling her anger at Danny, their prank being the catalyst to Cammy’s downfall. When she was finished packing her clothes, Cammy leaned against the door and peeked outside, seeing that the hallway was empty.

Cammy reached into her pocket and pulled out a cigarette she bought from the gas station. Tip toeing out of her room, Cammy walked out of her room and down the hall, turning right to go down another hallway. She lit the cigarette, waiting for the smoke to actually rise from the end before raising her hand to hold it against a smoke detector. Thanks to her height, it wasn’t hard for Cammy to get close enough for the smoke to rise and set off the detector, the loud beeps almost making her jump.

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