Chuck , I (and Roger)


Author’s Note: The following story is a continuation of the story “Chuck & I” and I would suggest that story be read prior to reading this story.


I had just come on duty at the Colony theater one day and was just exiting the small, closet-like room where the ushers changed into their uniforms when I saw Roger come in the theater. When he saw me, Roger hurried to my side and, with a hand gripping my shoulder possessively, exclaimed, “hey, kid! Howya doin?” Not waiting for an answer, he added, “I talked to Chuck today! He called me from some place up in New York. Said he was being shipped to Germany, or some place over there. You hear from him?”

The surprise that he had called Roger and not myself must have shown on my face, for Roger’s tone changed from enthusiastic to sympathetic. “You hadn’t heard from him, huh? Guess he didn’t have the time. I’m sure he was thinking of you, though.”

I’m sure it wasn’t my imagination, for I was sure that I saw Roger wink when he uttered his last sentence. But I could never be sure with Roger. He was always unfathomable to me, although we rarely spoke other than to say ‘hi’ or ‘how you doing’ when we saw each other in the theater. I had noticed a definite change in his attitude ever since that day when Chuck had taken me up to the projection booth, however. He had always been somewhat stand-offish prior to that day, but after Chuck had me give Roger a blow job that day in the booth, Roger had been almost friendly. He never mentioned that day in the booth to me, so I had always assumed that either he had promised Chuck he wouldn’t or my servicing him was just a one-time thing.

Roger squeezed my shoulder and confided, “Chuck and I had a real good talk and I’ll tell you about it later if you’ll come up to the booth. But right now, I better get to work! I have to get that movie loaded.” Roger looked searchingly in my eyes and almost whispered, “see you later, kid?”

I could only nod as my mind was attempting to decipher Roger’s hidden meaning about the talk he had with Chuck. The way he had said it, I had the feeling that Chuck had told him some things about me, things that weren’t common knowledge, possibly stories about things he had made me do. I felt my face color at the thought of Roger, or anyone else for that matter, knowing some of the things I had done with Chuck before he had left for the army. I finally managed to force the thoughts out of my mind and headed up the ramp to do my pre-movie check of the theater, making sure the floor was clean, all the exits were shut, and the aisle lights were all working.

The movie was about half over when I suddenly remembered that Roger had asked me to come up to the booth so he could tell me about his talk with Chuck. After making one final check of the theater and ascertaining I wasn’t needed on the floor at that time, I made my way up the steep ramp to the back of the theater and then went around the wall which divided the entrance to the booth from the seats in the balcony. I softly rapped on the door and, after an uncertain moment, the door opened, spilling the projector light out onto the small area leading to the booth.

Roger held the door open and whispered, “c’mon in, kid. Hurry up.”

I quickly stepped up the two steps into the booth and heard the door shut behind me and then heard the tell-tale sound of the lock being closed with a click. I turned to look at Roger and asked, “uh, what did Chuck have to say, Roger? Is he liking it in the army?”

With one word, Roger answered my questions, “sleep”. It took several seconds for the almost-forgotten command which Chuck had used on me numerous times to sink in. I hadn’t heard that singular work for months. For a long time after Chuck had left, I longed to hear that one word, that one key that released my inhibitions, my submissiveness. And now, now I hear it from an unexpected source. My mind battled very briefly with decision…should I continue the farce I had with Chuck, or admit the truth? The decision was made in a split second when I heard Roger speak again. “On your knees, cock-sucker. Take my dick out and kiss it.” The very force with which Roger had spoken made the decision for me….I LOVED being commanded.

Without any further hesitation, or even thought, I obeyed Roger’s command and sunk to my knees. I felt a comfort, a warmth envelop me as I reached out with my hands and opened Roger’s pants with an almost-familiarity as though I had completed the same task many, many times. Once I had his pants open, I worked a hand through the zippered opening and gently persuaded Roger’s rapidly-expanding cock to peek it’s head out in the open. I quickly leaned forward and kissed the soft flesh passionately, my tongue caressing the leaking head, coating my taste buds with the sexual elixer. I was thrilled with the immediate response as Roger’s cock hardened and I began to smother it with kisses. I could hear Roger unfastening his belt and then push his pants down gaziantep escort to his knees and waited for his next command, longed for his next command, my whole being wanting to envelop his cock with my mouth, to love it like I had Chuck’s.

It was a short wait as I heard Roger groan, “mmm, yes, god, it’s been so long. Suck it, kid. Suck my dick. Show me how you love it.” And I did. I did love it. I showed it when I quickly, without preamble, swallowed the entire length of at least seven inches, possibly eight, holding it lodged in my throat as I used my tongue to lathe his nut sack. When my brain told me I needed air, I slowly backed off the rippled meat until just the head remained in my hot mouth where my tongue agonizingly teased every centimeter of the rubbery head, flicking at the glans relentlessly before once again plunging down the length and burying it in my throat.

“Oh, kid, you’ve learned to suck cock GOOD! You’re better than the first time. Man! Jeezuss!” Roger began to fuck my face energetically while he held my head, his fingers affectionately weaving through my hair. My much-improved technique soon proved too much for him for suddenly he held my head in place with his cock fully buried in my throat as I felt several hot spurts of thick cum running down my gullet. Roger’s legs began to shake as his cock emptied his supply of cum and he backed off slightly until his still-oozing dick head was resting on my tongue. I took the opportunity to breathe deeply while I lovingly siphoned the last of his juice out of the rapidly-deflating appendage. Soon, though, the sensitive head caused Roger to push my mouth off of his cock with the admonition, “that’s enough, kid. You can stop now.”

Playing the game, I remained on my knees while Roger tucked his cock back in his briefs and pulled up his pants. Roger looked down at me and patted me on the head, “you can get up now, my lovely dick-sucker.”

I got to my feet, unsure of what I should do next, whether to continue playing the role of hypnotized slut or confess my ruse. The submissive side of me decided on the former, a part of me realizing that I could never do all that might be demanded of myself unless I continued the role I had always practiced with Chuck. So I stood there with a blank look on my face, supposedly awaiting my next command.

It took Roger a couple of minutes to realize why I hadn’t said anything or appeared like I was ready to leave the small room. “Oh, yeh, that’s right…you’re waiting for further instructions, aren’t you?”

I wasn’t sure if a truly hypnotized person would reply to theoretical question, but I decided I should just in case. “Yes, sir. I am ready for your next command.”

Evidently, Roger wasn’t too familiar with hypnotized subjects either, for he grinned and then instructed, “very well, kid. You are to report here every day and ask how you can serve me. You will not remember that I gave you this instruction, but will act on it instinctively. You are now my sex slave whenever I want and will obey whenever and wherever I command. Do you understand, slave?”

“Yes, sir. I understand, sir. I will obey your every command.”

Roger stood there a moment thoughtfully rubbing his chin while studying me. “I know you will. Right now you will drop your pants and underwear and show me your ass.”

The command surprised me, for Roger had not shown any interest in fucking me, but I knew I had to obey his order or confess my ruse, so I methodically unfastened my pants and pushed both them and my boxer shorts down to my ankles. Roger stepped behind me and, pushing my starched shirt up, ran his hand over my ass, even squeezed one cheek. “Mmm, nice and smooth,” he muttered. “Like a baby’s butt. Or maybe a woman’s ass. Are you a woman, boy?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer the odd question, so I remained silent until Roger repeated, “I said, are you a woman, boy?”

My mind scrambled for a plausible answer and I finally blurted, “I am what you want me to be, sir.”

Roger slid a finger down the crack of my ass and chuckled, “good answer, slut. You are exactly what I want you to be…you are a woman in every way I want, a woman I can fuck however I want. Is that right, slut?”

“Yes, sir. Yes. I am your woman.”

Roger’s hand and fingers left my behind and he ordered, “pull your pants up, girl. Straighten yourself up.”

I dutifully did as instructed and then stood zombie-like awaiting another command, but all Roger voiced was, “you will not remember any of this time with me until the next time we are together.” Then he clapped his hands loudly and quickly moved over to stand behind one of the large projectors.

“Wh, was that all Chuck had to say, Roger?” I couldn’t think of anything else to say, so I pretended that Roger had told me something that Chuck had told him.

“Huh? Huh? Oh, oh, yeh. Yeh, that was all,” Roger quickly caught on, thinking that I truly did not remember anything from the last half-hour or so. Turning his attention from the projector, he advised, “I think you better get downstairs before the boss comes looking for you.”

“Yeh, you’re right. I’ve been off the floor too long. I’ll see you later.” I caught the grin that Roger flashed at my parting words and realized how prophetic my words had been in his lecherous mind. Without another word or a look back, I hastily exited the projection booth, my mind full of all that had transpired in the last few minutes. Prior to this time, I had no idea that Roger was interested in adapting Chuck’s position as my master. Apparently, Chuck had told him the complete story as to how I had come ‘under his spell’ and how Roger could utilize the same technique. Thinking about it, I was now surprised that Chuck had not told someone the same details before now. I guessed that he had chosen Roger because of the two of us working together. Regardless, I found that I enjoyed the transition from being a free cock-loving spirit to one who only existed to serve and obey one man, to be used however he saw fit. Now I was looking forward to seeing how Roger would take advantage of the new-found power he had over me.


Following Roger’s orders to the letter, I visited the projection booth the very next day. As soon as Roger had let me in the booth and locked the door, he commanded, “sleep”. Once again, I stood there obediently awaiting his next command, fearful that the rapid beating of my heart in anticipation could be heard. Roger evidently couldn’t detect the expectancy in me, for in one curt command ordered, “take your clothes off, bitch. Strip for me.”

It was the first time I had been called a ‘bitch’, but I quickly realized that it was exactly what I had become…not a boy, or a man, but a man’s woman, his bitch. Realizing this, I actually took pride in it and quickly complied with Roger’s unexpected command, stripping my body of every stitch of clothing and then standing there for his examination and appraisal, hoping that he would like what he saw while certain that he would. I had a well-developed body, completely proportionate, tanned from numerous hours on Fort Lauderdale’s beaches, relatively hairless, with soft, smooth skin. “A woman’s skin”, I thought silently and proudly. Even women and girls had praised my legs, obviously envious of their shape and form.

Roger walked completely around me, his eyes approvingly appraising every inch, before stopping in front of me and then removing his pants and underwear before ordering, “lick me, slut. Lick my body, starting at my belly and down to my knees.”

I had expected Roger to order me to kiss and suck his cock, which was now pointing upward at a forty-five degree angle, so his order took me by surprise. Still, I sunk to my knees and began to kiss and lick his body, having to push his shirt up a little to comply with licking his belly, his cock continually striking me in the face as I worked my mouth and tongue over his abdomen, his hairs tickling my nose as I traversed back and forth, up and down the white skin, feeling his stomach muscles react to the titillating stroking of my tongue. Downward I went, my mouth teasingly capturing his cock as I went around his pubic area, finally getting to his nut sack where I would take first one and then the other in my mouth and rolled them around with my tongue, gently, lovingly, feeling their weight increase from my attention.

When I had reached Roger’s knees, he breathed heavily, “that’s good, bitch. Now suck my dick. Get it good and wet. Show me how you love my cock because tonight my cock is going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck my woman and my woman is going to enjoy every inch pushed up in her pussy.”

I eagerly followed Roger’s instructions, hungry for the taste of his cock, the feeling of it’s strength in my mouth, his approving moans of pleasure as I sucked on the center of his being. Following Roger’s orders, and for my own benefit, I slobbered on his cock, thoroughly wetting it, admiring how this tremendous piece of meat could continue to harden and grow past previous bounds.

“Finger your pussy, bitch. Open that hole up for me,” Roger hissed.

I had never fingered my ass before, but I saw the wisdom in my new lover, my master. I had to finger my asshole so it would open wider, would blossom just like a vagina, to accept his formidable width. I thought back to the night when Chuck had sold me to two men at the Governor’s hotel and how I had lost my anal cherry to that cruel pair, particularly that fat slob named Roy. He had brutally raped my ass, forever stretching it beyond normal. That in mind, I slipped my right hand between my spread legs and gingerly ran my middle finger around my anal opening, gradually working towards the center until I had slipped that finger in to the first knuckle. Then I began to slowly rotate my finger while I never lost my concentration on Roger’s cock, actually salivating even more from the mere thought of having him fuck me. Soon, I was able to work two, and then three fingers inside my man-pussy, thrilling at the excited nerve endings around the wrinkled ring, finding that I enjoyed fingering myself.

Roger was ready to fuck about the same time as my ass was ready for him, for he pushed my mouth off his cock and ordered, “bend over that chair, slut. You’re going to get the fucking of your life.”

I quickly stood up and took the couple of steps to the chair Roger used while running the projectors. Spreading my legs, I bent over the cushioned seat and lowered my torso until my chest was resting on the seat with my arms hanging over the side. Roger wasted no time, hurriedly stepping between my outstretched legs, his lengthy cock slipping between my rounded cheeks as he gripped my hips and made a couple of tentative strokes up and down the crack. “Put it in, slut. Reach back here and put my cock in your tight pussy.”

It was a little difficult for me to reach behind myself and grip his pulsing cock, but I did manage to do it by twisting at the waist a little. I was surprised by how Roger’s cock seemed to have grown, becoming both thicker and longer and for a brief second, I questioned myself whether I could accept such a hard, wide, and long dick inside my near-virgin hole. Roger dispelled my silent question as he pushed forward, eager to send his missile up my hot canal. I felt the tip push against my perineum and pushed the hard rod upward until I felt the rubbery tip come in contact with my still-relaxed opening. As soon as Roger felt his cock touch the wrinkled hole, he pushed forward with his hips while pulling backward on mine. With just a little resistance, the spade-like head popped inside the loosened sphincter, quickly followed by two or three inches of steel-hard flesh. I felt Roger withdraw his tool a couple of inches before he lunged forward and pushed a good half of his cock inside me. The sudden intrusion, along with the additional stretching of my opening, caused me to emit an involuntary moan, my hands clenching in response to the pain, my mouth dropping open as my eyelids flew open.

Roger once again backed off until just his cock-head was inside my tortured anus and then lunged forward, pushing what felt to me like the entire length of his cock up my colon. The force of the invasion almost took my breath, but I still managed a “uumphh” as I felt Roger’s belly strike my upturned ass.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you, my pussy? Yeh, you love it, bitch. Tell me how you love my cock in your tight ass.”

With a grunt and hands clenched even tighter, I managed a squeaking “yes. Yes-s-s sir, I love your cock in my p-pussy.”

“Yeh, my pussy, you mean,” Roger grunted as he began to saw back and forth, his entire cock traversing it’s full length from my opening and inside me as far as he could push it, his tight nuts bumping against my now-shriveled sack, his hairy belly striking my smooth cheeks with resounding slaps, the sound becoming a rhythm of slap, slap, slap as Roger developed a even pattern of fucking my ass. “Man, so tight, so tight,” Roger chimed. “I love your pussy, girl. Better than any bitches’.”

The constant massaging of my ring and channel had finally dulled the pain I had felt at first and I began to feel an arousal, a sort of pleasure emanating throughout my body. I didn’t think it was pleasure equal or identical to the pleasure I had felt with my cock. Nothing like that. Not orgasmic. But a pleasure brought on by the knowledge that I was pleasing a man, that he was enjoying my body, that he ‘loved my pussy’. As Roger stroked his cock up and down my chute, I began to moan in harmony, my sexual sounds imparting the pleasure I was beginning to feel.

It was several minutes, perhaps as much as ten minutes, of steady ass-fucking before Roger suddenly began to speed up his strokes and his breath became grunts of sexual delight and then he stopped. He stopped with his cock fully buried inside me, his hands gripping my hips painfully. And then I felt it…a sudden warmth flooding my insides, a warmth that seemed to come in waves as Roger’s cock erupted in pent-up release. After the first eruption, Roger seemed to find his voice, grunting, “unnhhh, unnhh, gawd, gawd, damn, damn! Whew!”

After I felt the last gush of warmth, Roger bent forward and rested his body on top of me, his breath coming in gasps as he worked to overcome his sexual exhaustion. He finally managed to mutter, “damn, you’re good, bitch. My hot woman, my cock sucker. We are going to do this very, very often.”

I could feel the previously steel-hard cock soften inside me and begin to withdraw, followed by a wetness that instinct told me was Roger’s cum and, once his cock completely slipped from my ass, I could feel that wetness slide down my perineum and coat my balls. Roger stood and affectionately slapped my ass and then ordered, “on your knees, bitch. Clean my cock with your mouth. Every time I fuck you in the future, you’re going to clean my dick without me saying. Understand?”

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