Co-worker’s Man Ch. 05


I awoke to the sound of Frank’s gentle snoring beside me. My eyes flickered open and I was able see that morning had arrived. The light now drifting in around the curtains was brighter than the streetlight could provide. I looked over Frank’s shoulder at the alarm clock; 8:39am, Saturday morning. What a fucking night! I lay there quietly thinking about all that had happened since I ran into Frank at the bar.

He must have noticed me checking him out on his visits to see his girlfriend, Lori, in our office. He knew right off the bat that I was a sucker for cock (in more ways than one!) and that I liked to be dominated. He had been perfect; firm but not rough, insistent on his servicing needs yet considerate enough to ensure that I enjoyed pleasuring him as much as he enjoyed feeding me his cum. And what cum!!! I had never seen anybody shoot loads the size of what Frank was capable of. His huge balls seemed to carry an endless supply. He had fucked Lori just before he dropped her at the airport and then had fed me four massive loads last evening. He had then woken up in the middle of the night demanding another throat-fucking session and had fed me a huge fifth load then! I had expected that each load would decrease in volume and thickness, but with Frank, that was not the case. His fifth load in the middle of the night was equally as thick and creamy as the first one I had taken out if him at the start of our evening.

I looked over at Frank who was lying on his left side with his back to me, his right leg drawn up partially, his right thigh perpendicular to the rest of his body. I eased the sheet down gently so as not to wake him. From my place at his side I slid down and was able to get a good look at his firm, luscious ass. The cheeks of his ass were nicely rounded and muscular, his drawn up leg had slightly widened the deep crevice between them.

I slid down a little further until my face was even with the top of his crack. I moved closer and extended my tongue to run gently into the top of the crevice. It was warm and smooth, with a clean yet masculine flavor. I ran my tongue all around the upper area of his ass, bathing it with my tongue. The firm orbs were soon shiny with the remnants of my saliva. I made my way down further slowly, taking my time to give equal attention to all parts of his ass. I extended my tongue deeper into his widening crack as I made my way closer to his moist, pink, puckered hole. As I lovingly swiped my hot slippery tongue across his hole, I heard Frank moan from above me.

“Oh fuck…..” he said as he came awake. I paused for an instant but he made no move to stop my attentions. He actually drew his right leg up a little higher, opening himself up even more to me.

I took that as an invitation and moved my face fully and deeply into his hot crack, loving the flavor of his ass as my tongue and lips continued to kiss, lick and probe the depths of his backside.

“Oh man,” said Frank. “What a way to wake up!”

He rolled further to his left side and brought both knees under him, his upper body remained on the pillows he had his arms wrapped around as he raised his ass high in the air. His knees and calves were parted to open his ass even more. I scrambled behind him to take my altıparmak escort place between his legs. Kneeling there on my own knees, I placed my hands on his two firm ass-cheeks and delved my tongue once again deeply into his crack.

“Thataboy…..” said Frank as he reached back with one hand to the back of my head and pushed me deeper into him. Once he knew I wasn’t going anywhere, he threw his arms back around the pillow he had his head on and wiggled his ass back into my face.

From this position I have complete and free access to his ass. I noticed his huge sack dangling below. Hopefully his rest had allowed him to generate some more cum in those massive balls of his. I continued bathing his ass with my tongue and massaging his ass-cheeks with my fingers. I moved one hand down and rolled his huge balls carefully in the palm of my hand. They were huge! I’d never seen anything like it. As I probed with my tongue directly onto his moist hot asshole, I slid my other hand past his balls to the base of his massive tool. It was rock-hard and that glorious 10 ½” was pointing directly up towards Frank’s stomach. I wrapped my hand around it as best I could and drew it downwards. The power of it snapped it out of my hand to slap loudly against him.

“Oh fuck….yeah…..” I heard him moan. He reached over to the night table and I saw him grab the jar of Vaseline. He passed it back to me.

“Keep that tongue in my ass, but get those hands working on my cock,” he said.

I scooped some of the lubricant from the jar and applied it to both hands, wringing them together to get complete coverage and heat it up. I returned to my place behind his spread thighs and moved my face back into his crack as I used both hands to reach beneath him.

I ran my hands up and down his rigid cock as it became slickened with the lubricant. Frank moaned above me as I swiped my tongue from the top of his crack to the junction with the back of his bag. My hands continued jerking his turgid, thick cock as I used one hand above the other to make sure I had maximum coverage on that monster.

“Pull it down,” said Frank.

I pulled his cock back towards me until it was pointing straight down towards the sheets. With the size of that massive tool, even from his raised position by being on his knees, it was only a few inches above the sheets! I accidentally loosened my grip at one point and it once again snapped back up to its natural position against his stomach. I carefully wrapped my hand as far around it as I could and drew it back and down once again. I put both slippery hands around it and started a consistent up and down motion. I once again varied my speed and directions, adding a few firm squeezes and twists to give as much pleasure as possible to Frank. All the while I kept my tongue busy in his ass.

I noticed him reach over to the bedside table again and pick up the black plate that he had his sandwich on the night before. He slid it along the surface of the sheet until it was between his knees and directly below the head of his cock!

“I know you’ll be wanting your breakfast soon…..” he said as he settled back into his pillows and wiggled his ass against my face once more.

I bursa anal yapan escort continued working on his cock with both hands, milking it downwards toward the glistening black plate. I kept one hand busy near the head and top part of his gnarled shaft as I used my other hand to scratch my nails around the slick base of his thick shaft. I could tell by his loud moan that he had taught me well. I pulled my face back from his ass for a second as I continued my manipulations with my hands. I looked at the plate and was happy to see a few drops of his pre-cum had already made their way onto the plate, the initial morsels of semen readily visible against the black plate.

“Keep your tongue in my ass until I’m completely done,” instructed Frank.

I eagerly returned to my place between his hot moist cheeks and extended my tongue to push against his puckered hole. He sighed and relaxed so my tongue made its way deeper into his ass. My hands kept up their continuous slow, firm jerking as I probed with my hot tongue deeper and deeper into him. I moved forward even more as my tongue delved further and my lips and face were pressed against the surface of his ass. I withdrew my tongue and tasted only clean manliness. I pushed it once again against his relaxed opening and swirled it around and around the hot inner tissues. I felt Frank’s tremendous huge cock lurch in my hands. I had a firm grip on it and held it downwards as I continued my jerking.

“OH FUCK…….KEEP THAT TONGUE IN THERE…..OH YEAH!!!!” he growled as I continued to swirl my tongue in him. My own moans of pleasure mixed with his and the sounds must have sent a resonant hum along my tongue as it pleasured his trembling ass.

My own cock was rock hard once again. I hadn’t even touched it once since we started this morning but I could feel a drop of my own pre-cum roll down the shaft and leave a cooling trail along the underside of my cock.

Frank continued his moans and his body started to twitch as I continued my oral assault on his asshole. His huge cock seemed to take on another level of firmness as it became even more rigid in my hands.

“OH…..HERE IT COMES1” he shouted before burying his face in the pillow in front of him.

I kept my tongue working against his hot hole as he had instructed, probing and teasing. I kept up my firm up and down manipulations of his cock as I felt it twitch and buck in my hands. I tried to keep it pointing straight downwards as much as possible. I had to keep a solid grip on it as the engorged monster kept wanting to pull itself out of my hands and slap back up into position against his body.

I kept working his thick, pulsing cock with my hot slippery hands as he blasted away again and again. I kept this up for about a full minute after his initial warning of his impending orgasm. He just kept moaning and twitching and then finally reached back with one hand and took hold of my arm to stop my manipulations of his sensitive cock. I stopped my movements but continued to hold onto his cock in the downward position.

I withdrew my tongue from deep within his moist hole and pulled my face away from his ass. I looked down past his balls at the bursa bayan escort plate he had placed below his cock. HOLY FUCK! I thought as I looked down at a huge puddle of his milky white cum. The whole surface of the plate was covered! Thick and creamy, the swirling, cloudy mass of his loving semen extended from one side of the plate to the other, the plate covered entirely by his massive load. I saw a drop hanging from the end of his cock and slowly but firmly milked downwards. The drop increased in size before finally releasing itself to drop the few inches into the creamy mass below it. I repeated the motion one more time and got one more drop to join the rest.

As Frank’s glistening cock finally started to lose some of its rigidity, I released it from my hands. It hung heavy and full but no longer stood fully “at attention”. Frank flipped himself over and sat back against the headboard. He drew his knees up and spread his legs as his heavy glistening cock rested against his abdomen. He reached out and pulled the covered plate along the sheet to a place between his thighs. I remained on my knees further down on the bed, a pleading look on my face. Frank looked up into my eyes.

“Time for your breakfast,” he said, pointing to the cum-covered plate.

I crawled forward on my hands and knees and dropped my face towards the plate. I could smell the intoxicating beauty of Frank and his cum. I extended my tongue and plunged it into the middle of that mass of cloudy, thick semen. I slurped my tongue back into my mouth, pulling a creamy, hot gulp of his cream into the back of my mouth. I swallowed, feeling the soothing warmth as it coated my throat. I returned my tongue to the plate again, repeating my cleanup of his precious seed. I was like a cat with a plate of warm milk, purring constantly as I lapped up the swirling puddle. The contrast between his thick milky cum and the plate was even more pronounced by the fact that the plate was black. I swiped with my tongue as Frank watched me gather every drop and morsel of his warm semen.

“Thataboy……get it all now…..”

I eagerly continued my assault on the plate, my tongue swirling and licking. I finally got every visible drop and ran my tongue along the edge of the plate in hopes of finding a few remnants that may have slid below the edge. I finally could find no more of his delicious cum, sat back and looked up adoringly at Frank.

“Why don’t you add your own to it?” he asked, nodding in the direction of my own dripping cock and pushing the plate towards me.

I took my rigid cock in my slippery hands and jacked furiously. It only took a few strokes before I felt the onslaught of my orgasm. I pointed my cock at the plate in front of me and the first shot jettisoned forth, leaving a gleaming streak of white from one side of the plate to the other. I continued to pump as five good blasts made their way to join my first shot. My load dwindled to a few more drops which I was able to direct onto the plate. It was a big load for me but seemed like a morsel compared to the meal Frank had just given me.

“There’s a little dessert to go with your breakfast,” Frank said.

I lowered my face once again to the splattered plate and reached out with my tongue to slurp up all of my own cum. I licked and licked under Frank’s watchful eye until the plate was thoroughly clean. Both loads of our cum had found their rightful place in the pit of my stomach. I had already taken six loads of cum from Frank and it was still early on Saturday morning. What would the rest of the weekend hold for me?

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