Coffee Shop After Hours


There they were, the mounds of perfection, teasing him beneath two layers of fabric and an apron. Jake felt himself harden slightly at the sight and looked away as quickly as he could before it turned into a problem. Cara was cleaning the tables in front of the bar he was wiping down and she smiled sweetly as she looked up at him, “You almost finished there, Jake? I want to get off as soon as possible.”

Jake closed his eyes for a second and a deep breath before answering her, “You and I both Cara.”

He saw her giggle and his eyes went instantly to her boobs again. He took a shaking hand off the counter and touched himself where she couldn’t see his growing dick. He closed his eyes a second time and shook his head. Now was definitely not the time to encourage himself to stand at full potential.

“Hey, boss.” Cara was standing right next to him. He didn’t even notice her moving around and it startled him just enough to keep his dick at half-mast.

“Yeah?” his voice almost came out a little too husky.

“I’m done, and now we’re just waiting on you. Hurry up.”


Cara turned around and tossed her rag into the nearest sink, which was filled with soapy water and it splashed back up at her. She squealed in shock. Jake laughed, “Careful, Cara, you don’t want to end up completely soaked.”

Cara turned around, her face and neck where dripping with the water, reminding Jake a little too much about what he’d just been imagining. He lost his struggle to stay down. He bent at the waist to try and hide his discomfort. Today was not a good day to go without boxers.

Cara reached around him to grab his dry towel and he could feel her every curve. “Let’s put the racks away so we can get isveçbahis out of here.” He said a little too quickly.

“Great, ” sighed Cara, “Into the big freezer we go.” They walked over to the rack and started pushing it. “And whose great idea was it to put these all the way in the back in the first place?”

‘A great man.’ Thought Jake as they walked in. Cara had thrown off her apron before they walked in and it was very evident she was cold. The dull throb in his pants began to take up rhythm. They pushed the heavy rack to its proper place and straightened out the boxes.

“Cool,” Cara said turning towards him, “We done?”

Jake Looked up at the ceiling, unable to look at her and not her breasts any longer, “Yeah, you can go, I have a few things to take care of.”

“Awesome. See you tomorrow!” She turned and left the freezer. Jake waited till he heard the door close then reached down and removed his throbbing dick from its prison. The first touch made him moan. It had been so long since he had sex, masturbation was his only comfort. He found a his rhythm and knew it would do what he needed quickly. His eyes travelled down to the floor where he spotted a phone laying under the rack. Stalling his hand he bent down and picked it up. The screen saver was a cute picture of Cara. Jackpot. He quickly got into her photo album while slowing down his strokes. Cara was a fan of taking her photo. And there it was, a nude photo of herself. The picture was of those damned boobs that taunted him. His hand worked slightly faster. Her boobs where amazing. Round and creamy, pink nipples and pierced too. He never imagined her as a body piercing type. His dick grew a little harder at that image. Great, now it was going to take even isveçbahis giriş longer to finish.

He scrolled through more and found a nice full body picture of her standing in front of a mirror. She was a real blonde. He moaned again a little louder.

“I think I dropped my phone.”

Jake jumped at the sound of her voice and dropped her phone. He tried to hide himself by turning around but it was obvious she’d been standing there a second too long not to know what he was doing. She picked up her phone and looked at the screen. A smile crept onto her face, “See anything you like?”

Jake turned his head slightly and looked at her. The ache was back and he wasn’t about to do anything that might be unwelcome. He didn’t say anything and just stared at her. Or rather, her body. Cara put down her purse and walked over to him. She peeked around his arm to see exactly what he was holding. “Wow.”

That one word, spoken like she was impressed, was enough to make his hand start moving again. But Cara had different plans. She grabbed his arm and pushed him over to the boxes and made him sit down. She grabbed the ends of her shirt and threw it over her head. With precision, she unsnapped her bra with one hand and threw it across the floor. She sank to her knees and before Jake could understand what was going on she took his length in her hand. He shivered from her touch and moved into her fist. Her tongue flicked out and he jerked and moaned at the contact. She licked her lips and took him in her mouth. Jake pushed himself as far in as she could take him. Her tongue was doing magical swirling things that left his brain fuzzy.

His hands had other things in mind and he found himself reaching out and grabbing her isveçbahis yeni giriş bouncing breasts. He squeezed them and heard her moan. The sound was intoxicating so he squeezed again. “Jake,” she huffed, “If you don’t stopped that I’m gonna jump on your dick.”

It sounded like a plan to him so he squeezed even harder. She moaned even louder and jumped onto her feet. Her pants came off in record time. She pushed him back and straddled his thighs. Jake slipped his hand under her and rubbed at her clit. She moaned and threw her boobs up to his face where he easily took one well hardened nipple into his mouth. She shook at that and he dipped his finger in her wet pussy. A loud cry escaped her and she rode his finger and grabbed the back of his hair.

She obviously liked it rough so Jake gave into what he’d wanted to do ever since her interview. He grabbed her ass, spun them around, threw her on the boxes and drove himself into her tight heat. She screamed and her legs wrapped themselves around his ass so tight he could hardly move. “God damn it Jake, fuck me!” He took it as the order it was and was dizzy with the heat between them and the cold around them. He felt her shudder when she came but wasn’t quite there himself, so he grabbed her hair and drove in harder and faster. She got surprisingly tighter and he felt himself going over the edge when he discovered she was a squirter. It made him come harder than he could remember.

They lay there for less than a minute before remembering how cold it really was in there. Cara got up rather tenderly and slowly dressed herself. “So, you should give me your number.”

“Ok,” Jake said, “Why’s that?”

Cara turned around and smiled, “So I can send you dirty pictures while you’re working so it’s this hot then next time we do this.”

“Next time?” Jake said hopefully

Cara nodded and walked towards the door, “There’s plenty more we can do in a coffee shop that’s nowhere near this cold.”

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