Coming Home


On Tuesday afternoon, we left Reno for the SF Bay Area. Coming down after a lengthy stay at Passion’s mountain home was a fun and sexciting time as it always is for us. We drove down in the truck Michael had rented when he passed thru the Bay Area on his way up here from Arizona.

We left Passion’s house at about 11am and headed on down. When we left the weather was abit cloudy with some heavy clouds in the mountains. By the time we got to the Donner summit it was foggy with snow flurries. Michael drove well thru it. It stayed this way all thru Blue Canyon and down to Baxter before clearing up.

We decided to take a detour and headed down the interchange to Hwy 49/20 which took us thru Grass Valley and Nevada City. We stopped at a local eatery for a bite. Angel jumped down first and was greeted by several construction guys just exiting the restaurant. Her skirt had rode up her thighs giving them a shot of her upper thighs and possibly her shaved mound but we’d never know. She thinks she did though.

I jumped down followed by Michael. Angel and I waved and smiled at the guys as we went into the restaurant. We got a booth in the back and ordered lunch. We finished our lunch and climb back into the truck only this time I moved into the back seat with Angel while Michael drove.

We jumped back onto the freeway and I lowered one of the bench seats in the truck making room for Angel and I to have some room to play around as Michael drove us to Nancy’s house in the Bay Area. I had pulled off Angel’s dress by slipping it over her head as she pulled off my skirt and t-shirt. It wasn’t long before I had my tongue on her nipples sucking and licking them into my mouth. Angel in return had brought her fingertips down to my moist pussy and began working them in and out of me. She then brought them up to her mouth and licked them before moving them down to her nipples to rub my juices around them as I sucked them.

She pushed me back onto the bench seat and climb between my outstretched legs and holding my ankles slid her tongue between my lips. She pumped me slow then faster, releasing my left ankle to slide 2 fingers inside my hole and pump me while licking my clit. She then pulled Çankaya Escort her fingers from my pussy and raised them up to my mouth so I could taste myself. She then moved them back down between my lips and slammed them back up inside me. I felt my orgasm quickening as her talented tongue flicked across my clit. I reached down and held her head down against my pussy as I ground myself into her face. She pushed the same 2 fingers into my ass just as I was about to cum. I felt her fingers moving in my backside and that sent me over the edge. I moaned out and felt a wave of pleasure pass over me. She kept licking my clit and pussy as her fingers pumped my ass.

When she slowed the pace down and pulled away from me, seeing her face glistening with my juices turned me on more. I asked Michael how he was doing and he said hard but good. I told Angel to bend over between the front seats and suck his cock. She moved into position and I heard his zipper being pulled down. When I heard Michael moan out as her mouth engulfed his manhood I moved behind Angel and began licking her pussy from behind. I moved my tongue over her puffy lips then pushed them between and licked her wet slit. I tapped on her backdoor with my fingernails as I licked her entrance. I pushed a finger into her pussy and began a slow pumping of her shaven hole as I moved my tongue over her ass.

I reached over into my bag and pulled out my jelly dildo. I worked it against her pussy lips and eased it in. I began pumping her pussy in long deep thrusts til she was moaning around Michael’s cock buried in her throat. I saw her pull her mouth off his cock and begin pumping him thru her fist while flicking her tongue over his head. I on the other hand began pumping her harder and faster as I licked around the rim of her tight ass. I then pulled another smaller dildo from my bag and sucked the head of that one before pushing it against her upturned ass. I eased the first inch inside her backside and let her adjust. I kept pumping her pussy with the other toy and wanted to see her stretched open with both dildos working her body.

I felt her sphincter muscle relax and I Keçiören Escort pushed more of the dildo inside. I had about 3 quarters inside her hot ass now and began pumping her ass in alternating thrusts of her pussy. Her moans filled the truck as I pumped this angel of a woman. I pumped her in slow thrusts then faster, alternating the timing of the thrusts and the tempo as well as the depth. I felt her orgasm shoot forth thru her body. She squirmed between the seats but always kept Michael’s cock either in her fist or her mouth. I pulled the dildo from her pussy and told her to rub her pussy while I continued to pump her ass. I pulled the dildo from her ass and replaced it with the one I removed from her pussy because it was longer and thicker than the one I had been using on her backside. I slammed it up inside her wide open ass and thrust it inside her just as fast as before.

Her hole was expanded wide as the dildo worked it’s way in and out of her. I asked Michael if he needed to pull over to cum and he said not yet as we were approaching Fairfield. I told him to take the next exit off which was W Texas and as he pulled down off the highway then to the right behind a gas station Angel began to cum once again. I pumped her ass faster and deeper as she begged for me to fuck her. As I slowed the motion, I let her focus on Michael’s pleasure now. She went back to sucking his cock still between the seats. I heard Michael telling Angel how good she felt and that he was close. Angel sucked him making slurping noises in the truck as she still pumped his shaft in her fist. Michael reached back and I took hold of his hand just as he moaned out and began to cum. Angel covered his cockhead with her mouth and swallowed as much of his cum as she could. I heard her choke at one point but she kept sucking and swallowing. Her hand still pumping his cock as she ketp the head in her mouth.

Michael squirmed abit as Angel sucked out the last remaining drops of cum from his balls. She then scooted back and needed help from me to pull her up from between the seats. I kissed her mouth and snaked my tongue inside her mouth, tasting Michael’s cum Etimesgut Escort and my juices on her tongue. Michael then opened the truck door and and came into the back of the truck with us. As he entered and sat down, I reached out and took hold of his cock in my hand. He was still as hard as when Angel was sucking him. I took my place and popped my mouth over his cock and sucking him. I had him hard as steel in no time when he lifted me off his cock and guided me to sit on his cockhead. I lowered my pussy over his cock and ride him for a few minutes. Angel began rubbing her pussy then picked up a dildo and began pumping herself once more while watching us.

I lifted off as I wanted to feel him in my ass. I lifted up and repositioned then slid my ass down o ver his cockhead and slid down his shaft til my thighs were on his. I felt so full of him in me. I began pumping myself up and down on his hot cock. Lifting up higher so that I can get maximum penetration. I had him panting and breathing hard in no time as my moans started up again. I heard Angel cumming once more just as I felt Michael’s hot cum coating my anal walls. I pumped him harder and faster and began to cum with my own orgasm. The scent of sex in the truck was strong. I rode Michael til I felt his cock spasm and jump inside my ass. I moved off him and laid on my side in the seat. Not wanting to lose his cum in my ass just yet.

He kissed me then sucked my nipples before moving to the front of the truck once more. Angel dropped the dildo and laid down next to me. Michael started the truck and hit the freeway again. Angel and I laid down and fell asleep a good portion of the way, waking up only as we approached the toll booth of the Bay Bridge. I rolled the window down so the attendant would be able to look inside but he was too busy that he missed his chance to see 2 naked women inside. Angel and I just laughed as we laid back down, Angel’s hand caressing my thighs as I drifted back out.

Michael woke us up once again as we pulled into the long driveway of Nancy’s home. Nancy n Lynn were in Germany at the time we arrived home so we had the house to ourselves for a few days. As we unpacked our stuff, we saw some neighbors looking up the driveway at us. Angel and I were both nude except for heels and Michael who was taking the larger items into the house.

We showered together and ordered Waiters on Wheels for dinner.. had a nice dinner. The rest of the night was spent watching tv and relaxing after such a long and horny road trip… the only way to travel!!!

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