Company With Men!


Company With Men!Diane, a former prostitute wants to escape away from her abusingpimps and other men. She wants to change her life around to become abetter person. Diane wants to go back to school, and get a good job. But, it’sseem whatever she do, she always fail. Diane loves to dress sexy, sheis 45 year old, and has a curvy shape with a size 48 D cup breast. Diane’ship is very wide and her ass shake very heavy when she walk. Guyscan’t resist stopping and staring at her. She just ignores them and continueswalking. One day Diane have an interview for a job, Diane wore a short miniskirt (you could almost she her hairy pussy) without panty, a blousethat show her clevis. Her hair is long to her shoulder length, and facefull with make-up. The interviewer (a man) just looks at her with a hornyface and ask her for a blowjob. Of course, Diane didn’t get the job andwalks out with an attitude. Meanwhile, Diane returned back to her raggedly apartment, she begin to drink herfavorite wine, thinking about what she could do with her life? Dianedecided to take a walk to a park; it’s very dark and nobody outside: Diane sat down on the benches wearing a short mini skirt, feeling good and mellow. isvecbahis yeni giriş All in the sudden a man came out from no wayask her ‘Do you want company? Diane replied back “Sure?” The man is tall with a strange look. Dianeasks “Where you’ve come from?” the man reply “Space!” Diane looks at himstunned and confused. “Space?” she said, “Where at from space?”.”Space that you LOVE TO GO!!” he said with a smirk on his face. Diane respond, ‘I don’t get it? “I’ll show you!” as the man got up from his seat, he pulls out a huge cock, a sizeas a horse. “OHHH SHITTT!!”” Diane shouts out with join. The strangeman reach out his hand, Diane reach out her hand, he said to Diane “Comewith me to my space!” Clueless Diane just got up a go with him to avery dark area in the woods back of the park. In the wood there was a strangecabin in the middle destination of the woods. “I never notice that cabin there before?” Dianesaid to herself. As she walks toward inside the cabin she smells an odor, anodor she is familiar with SEX! Inside the cabin lay 3 other strange men look just like the man withDiane. They were lying down on their back holding their cocks. Theircocks are huge isvecbahis giriş and big, the 3 men were ready to get their dicks wet.Diane got pretty excited, but, she never saw dicks that big before.”Come, lay down with us” said one of the men. Diane lay down on herback, with her legs spread open, and then, SLAM! PAT! BANG!! BANG!! Themen started to fuck Diane one by one. Diane took one dick in her pussy, onein the ass, and one in her mouth. SMACK! SMACK! POP! POP! All you hearis her pussy and ass smacking against their balls. “OHHHHH! PUSSY PUSSYPUSSY!” one of the guys shouted out with join and excitement. After, itall done, Diane’s curvy body was cover with cums. After, Dianeleft the cabin, she saw her first trick, she had grab him, rip his clothesoff, and fuck the shit out of him until the next day.All that night, Diane think about was sex, she have bought dildosand vibrators, but, it seem not doing enough work for her. Diane pullsout a see through net blouse, and a mini skirt that you can see her ass.Diane started to walk down an alley, where she saw two homeless men sittingthere. She walk right over to them and pull up her skirt, the menhaven’t has sex for a isvecbahis güvenilirmi long time, touch themselves pull out their cocks (notas big that Diane witness) start jerking, Diane shout “Wait I can dobetter than that!” she hop on one of the man just start riding, andbouncing fast, then she did the same to the other man. When she finishwith both men, she has a smirk on her face, she notice the men wasn’tmoving, She bend down to touch them, all sudden she jump back, “THEY’REDEAD!!” she shout out! She realized what she had done? She tells herself”Dam, I can screw a motherfucker to death?” She walks away from the incident, she bump into a group of men in a car. One of the guys said “heybaby, looking for a good time?” Diane smile and said “YES!” she hop inthe car, and rode off with them. Inside the car one by one each mantook turn with her, and one by one each drop dead after fucking her.Diane started to feel very strange, she ran back to the park where shemeets the strange men. She saw the cabin, went inside, and there they werenaked and cocks out and hard. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?” Diane yelled.One man said “You’re one of us now”. Diane gets the feel that all she wants is more sex, more sex, and more sex. Diane started to take off her clothes, lay down on her back, over and over again the men started to fuck her fast and hard. Diane enjoyed every fuck and orgasm. Diane felt pleased and relax, she closed her eyes and say “GOOOD FUCK” then she gone silent.

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