Confessions of a Vietnamese girl part 1: Nha Trang


My name is Thanh, I’m a 24-year-young girl from Long Khanh, Viet Nam. I have long dark hair, quite a pale complexion (for a Southeast Asian woman), 1.56m small and around forty-five kilos. I live with my parents, a dog called Lucky and a couple of cats on the outskirts of a small town near Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). I’m earning my money as a merchandiser for a big company which is making shoes, bags and so on. Religion is also very important to me as I am a Catholic girl.I will tell you my story, my confessions so to speak, about my life, about my love(rs) and about my dreams. I hope you will like it.Just a year ago I decided to start looking for a boyfriend. It took me a while to find my way around the internet. Then I found a website which I subscribed to. Soon a lot of guys were writing me, guys from all over the worldas well as Vietnamese guys. I put just normal pictures there, yet it seemed that these guys were all over me.It bothered me though that they started to write quickly about sex, which didn’t interest me at that point.Then, seven months ago, a European guy wrote to me. His name is Timothy Kline, from Liverpool, England. He is a 36-year-old guy, bald, big (1.85m, so much taller than me) and also quite fat.A real English man I would say. Although he is from England, he actually lived in Prague, the Czech Republic where he works at a big company as an assistant manager.We started to talk on Skype, we ‘met’ each other via webcam and I have to say, he looked very white to me. He is very friendly though, quite intelligent, Ankara escort he has some humor, and he is also a musician. I felt attracted to him because he didn’t talk about sex.So after a couple of months of talking and writing each other, he decided to come to Viet Nam. I spoke with my parents and decided that he could stay at our place. I picked him up from the airport and Tim looked the same as on Skype. He was interesting to me, yet I felt a bit strange about him.We went by taxi from Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) to my home in Long Khanh (LK). Actually, my sister also came from HCMC with us as she is studying there and she was on her summer holidays. Yes, Tim was very nice, maybe too nice. He would stay for two weeks.After a few days, I found out that Tim was not exactly the same as I thought he was. He became more strange with each day that passed. I cannot really explain why I felt like that though.I decided to meet up with two of my girlfriends to see what they thought about him. We had dinner and drinks in the nicest place in LK, a roof terrace on a hotel.My friends and I were talking in Vietnamese, which Tim didn’t speak. They told me that they didn’t find him attractive, they just hoped that he would be good to me.It was very nice though that he was paying everything for us. Our drinks and our food as well, including that of my friends.The next day, Tim and I were talking about going somewhere for the weekend. So we decided to set off for Nha Trang, a coastal town.My sister Huyen, Ankara escort bayan 20-years young, who looks more or less like me would come with us as well.We were not allowed to sleep in one room, same as at my home where I shared my room with my sister. Tim was sleeping in my sister’s room, so he booked a four-star hotel for us with two separate rooms. We would go there the next day.The train trip was very long, seven hours, and Tim was looking out of the window most of the time while I sat next to my sister on the other side. I  didn’t really feel like he was my boyfriend.Yet, I was thankful to him as he was doing his best to take care of me, my family, my sister and even my friends. It was clear that he was a good man. Maybe not that attractive, maybe not so masculine, yet a good and gentle man.The hotel was also very nice, our room was big and had a nice bath. He also took us for dinner to quite a fancy restaurant where we normally would never go to.The next day, we went to Vinpearl Land, which is an amusement park with several things, including a waterpark with glides, a zoo, an aquarium, even a place with dolphins. Tim, of course, paid our entrance tickets as well. The park is located on an island, a few kilometers from the coast, so we went there by cable car. It was really cool.We went together to see this dolphin show which was really cool. Tim and I were holding hands all the time. Lots of people were looking at us…Later on, just after 11:30, Tim wanted to go to the alpine Escort Ankara roller coaster while my sister and I were hungry and wanted to have lunch. We discussed that Tim would wait in the queue while my sister and I would go to get some food.So we went to a restaurant. We ate there and talked about Tim. My sister told me honestly that she doubted if we were a match. She also said that Tim was probably too sweet for me. I needed a more masculine man. We laughed about that.Then my sister told me that two guys were checking us out. I looked at them, and they looked like Russians to me (there are a lot of Russian tourists in Nha Trang because Viet Nam is a communist country). Both guys were around thirty years old, also bald, but because they shaved, not because they had a very declining hairline like Tim has.They also looked like soldiers or fitness guys to us. Very strong and also with a strong demeanor.They smiled at us and a minute later they were standing at our table. They were almost 1.90m tall and very muscular. Somehow, I felt aroused by them.They introduced themselves as Dmitri and Vladimir, two Russian soldiers and friends who were on their annual time off. They didn’t ask if they could sit at our table, they just sat down and started talking:They said: “You two crazy beautiful girls don’t have boyfriends, right?”It felt more like a fact than a question to both of us. So we both said, “No, we don’t have boyfriends.””Good,” Dmitri said. “Then let’s have some fun. Did you girls already go to the waterpark?”Well, we didn’t, so they took us there. Of course, we had our swimming clothes with us, apparently for this occasion.After we came out of the bathroom, we were both in our bikinis and the two Russian guys were already waiting for us. They had really muscular bodies, and we both felt very impressed with them.

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