She awoke with a smile like she always does, Ready to greet the day She stretched… Manipulating her muscles to lift and rest, Lift and rest, She always wiggled her sinewy form When she stretched, You could see her energy flowThrough her fingertips and down to her trained ballet toes Sitting upright, Hair a mess, The moonlight was bright in her room. Windows open and curtains swaying, It was like her Kolej Escort eyes, jumped and twirled in the morning. Daddy came to her, In the night, Proud of his little girl Kissing her forehead. She giggled. This time his lips wouldn’t leave her’s, And her tongue peaked into her daddy’s secret wet space, She found his tongue and they danced Rus Escort sweetly, Then angrily, To get inside of each other’s dark places. He was against her now, Invading her space. She half moaned into his being, Grabbing her sides tightly As if he was going to take What was his… No matter how long it took. Gasping, Her lips left her Daddy’s Yenimahalle Escort And he moved sweetly down to her ear, Slowly to her neck, Biting her shoulder in need. As he moved his mouth to her breast. Her breath was hot and ragged And he growled as he feasted on her flesh. This was new and as scared and she was, Her heart… Her special places, Squealed inside… Her breathing skipping, He flicked his tongue and sucked her tit. She wrapped her legs around his head, Pulling him in more To lose his tongue in the most heavenly of places, Sucking her lip, She clenched the sheets writhing in their bed. A devious smile arose and he looked up Grabbing his face She laughed and kissed him hard She was a woman now… -To Be Continued-

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