Crimson & Clover


Crimson & CloverEPISODE IVCrimson & CloverWe decide for our anniversary to go for a ride in the country, having a picnic lunch packed with a bottle of red table wine & a blanket. Just the two of us this time. We drove for quite some time, until we drove way out into the boonies, big time! We spotted this huge field of clover growing on the right side of the country road, so we found a dirt road leading into it. Bob’s road, I presumed? Ha ha. Driving in just far enough not to be spotted from the road, we grabbed our picnic lunch & the blanket & headed out into the middle of the field. Finding what seemed to be a safe spot, I spread the army blanket out. Hey, it’s green so we’ll show up a bit less from the air? Sitting down we poured two glasses of wine.“ this is so cool! Being out in the middle of nowhere, only me, you & God!” I said with a smile. “ Yes, lover, just us & God!” Marie agreed, clinking glasses & taking a drink. We sat their, listening to the quietness of that big field of clover in the bright, partly cloudy sky. Finishing another glass of wine, we took one look at each other, & quickly stripped naked! We laid down, kissing passionately in the bright sunshine. Her nipples pink & hard. My cock head reddish pink in the sun as it got harder & bigger.She got on top of me, her butt & little pussy spread-eagled in my face as she took my thick, stiffening cock in her little mouth. Sucking it passionately as I licked & sucked on her little clit. Then kissing her pussy lips before going back to work on her swollen clit. We went on like that till güvenilir bahis we were both moaning, trying to lick & suck each other at the same time. We moaned so loud, I was sure someone would here us! But nobody came in sight. We just spent some ore time sucking each other wet & ready to go. Marie got on all fours, her pretty legs spread wide. Suck a beautiful sight to see! I got behind her & pushed slowly, until all thick 7” were deep inside her wet, hot pussy. Oh, man, fucking her like this made me so hard, her wet pussy feeling so incredible. She immediately fucked me back, being lost in the moment, as I was. Her little pussy started making those slurpy sounds, letting me know she was really loving the moment, my big cock, us fucking in front of only God. She started jacking herself off as I fucked her slow & steady, wanting it to last as long as I could before we came. This is just too good to waste!We must’ve been fucking like that for quite a while, as I noticed the sun had moved a little toward the west. But whatever. We kept on fucking each other, being oblivious to anything else but the sun, wind & sky. Suddenly, unbeknownst to us, “ I thought I saw somebody over here!” Being surprised, We both looked up to see it was Joe! He quickly took all his cloths off, hanging his semi-erect cock in our faces. Marie started sucking his balls, so I sucked his big cock deep into my wet mouth. Fucking Marie as we sucked him. I got that feeling again, & came hard in Marie’s pussy as Joe came a big, hard load in my mouth. But I was ready this time, & güvenilir bahis siteleri swallowed all of his clear tasting cum. He then started sucking Marie’s big tits with me. I love sucking her full, round tits! But the both of us sucking them made Marie coo & moan as we sucked & licked her wonderful tits. She even started jacking off, then finger fucking herself, moaning & bucking against her fingers as we continued sucking her big tits. When Joe got hard again, we sucked each other’s cocks to keep them nice & hard. Marie got a bottle of lube out of the picnic basket & lubed my cock. “ Joey, I want you to fuck my pussy this time, so my man can fuck me in the ass! I want to feel both of you squirting all your cum inside me!” she got on top of Joe, moaning hard as she took all 8 inches of his huge cock in her wet little pussy. “ Ohhh, god, it’s huge, joey! C’mon, baby, shove that big cock up my ass & fuck me hard!” I pushed my cock head against her soaking wet asshole,& it popped right in, so I shoved every inch of it deep into her opened up butt hole. She squealed as we got a rhythm going, pumping her holes hard. She bucked & moaned, Joe’s huge cock fucking her little pussy hard. I loved feeling our big cocks rubbing together as I fucked Marie’s ass deep & harder. We kept on fucking her like that till the sun moved lower in the sky. She came with the hardest orgasm we ever heard her have. Good thing we were alone!? That was too much for both of us, as we blew both our long, hard loads inside her.She moaned & bucked wildly as we came. iddaa siteleri When we could cum no more, we both pulled out, but I just had to have her sit on my face, so I could suck & lick all that sweet cum out of both her holes. A good amount of it ran all over my face as I sucked & swallowed as quick as I could. When I was finished, they both lapped up the cum off my face, then we all kissed & shared it. “ Damn, that was hot, y’all! Where’d you come from, Joe?” “ I was hunting over that way, & I saw two people spreading out a blanket, & decided to come over & investigate. Seeing it was you two from a distance, I hoped you wouldn’t mind if I joined you?” “ It was nice that you did, Joe. I think we both enjoyed sucking your big cock again!”“ well, I hate to fuck & run, but Peggy is expecting me back to cook the rabbits I bagged for dinner. We’d like you two to come over again next Friday! Can you guys make it? We’d love to make love with you two again! You’re such gentle, wonderful lovers…” he said, picking up his game bag for the long walk over the other side of this field. “ We’ll be there at about 6 o’clock, OK?” “ OK, see you then.” We decided it was time to head for home, being late afternoon. We had to make supper for the boys & us. But not before having some picnic lunch to recharge before heading down the long, winding road home. Quite a ways to drive for a quickie, but well worth the drive. “ I had a wonderful time today, my little love, making love with you under this beautiful blue sky!” “ Oh, me too, lover! And watching you suck his huge cock again was hot! And you too really gave me a good fucking, double-dicking me like that! What a great fuck that was!” she said with that pretty, full-lipped smile of hers. We’ll have to do this again, I thought to myself. What a beautiful feelin’!”

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