Curing Sister’s Migraine


“Not a great day for a Migraine.” I told my sister as I walked into our parent’s kitchen to find her hunched up and massaging her temples.

“You’re telling me.” Her voice was never deep but it was wispy now, for sure in some real pain.

“You need some medicine or a cold cloth or something?” Not rushing to her side but certainly feeling bad for her.

It was the Fourth of July and there would be no place in (or even around) town where she could escape the near constant explosions of fireworks. One went off right then, like I had conjured it, my twenty-four year old sister nearly collapsing to the floor from it. Luckily I had gone to her because I caught her before she could, not needing to pull her to me as she turned to press her face into the crook of my neck and shoulder. Seeking the comfort of another person in her pain. I obliged her by wrapped my arms around her, internally remarking that she was somehow tiny and tall at the same time.

Jenna was 5′ 10″ and I was 6′ 3″. I had her by a few inches but she was easily the tallest woman I’d ever embraced. I liked it, I hadn’t really thought about it before but I guess I always dated short girls. Having my sister in my arms meant I didn’t have to stoop over to hug her. At the same time I also liked the slenderness of her, she was willowy and seemed so fragile. Her long arms between herself and the outside world for a moment before they came up and wrapped around my neck.

“You need anything?” I asked her.

“Just… This for a second, okay?” Squirming her way further against me.

I looked out the window over the sink, which had a good view of the backyard. Mom was lounging on the porch, dad was throwing a frisbee to their dog Mouserat. It probably shouldn’t have mattered, but it did. If mom or dad would have come in I would have broken the hug. I don’t know why but I would have. Even though mom would have probably smiled and put her hand over her heart, Dad would have pretended nothing a little off was going on. But something about it would have freaked me out. Since they were both outside and seemingly staying that way, then my anxiety at the embrace subsided.

“Yeah, it’s okay for a few.” I let one arm slide down to her lower back, not because I was going to cop a feel of anything but because it allowed me to pull her tiny (but tall) form against me more.

“Thank you!” She said immediately, clearly preferring the tighter contact as well.

“Mmm hmm,” I answered, feeling really comforted myself, holding her and just listening to the AC blowing from the window unit. “Shh, shh, it’s okay, I got you.” I knew it wasn’t fear that was causing the headache but my calming words or maybe just the embrace seemed to help. My sister didn’t lose her feet when the next firework went off. I almost thought I wouldn’t get an answer, that she was asleep standing up when I asked. “What kind of shampoo are you using?”

“Strawberry Fields,” She whispered back. “It’s my perfume.”

“It’s amazing.” It wasn’t saying that so much as putting my nose to her and inhaling deeply that I wanted to take back as soon as I did it.

“Thanks.” Another explosion, just the smallest pain induced spasm. “You smell good too. Not soaked in cologne like most boys your age.”

“Thanks,” Smiling, unable to help myself. “But you forget I’m twenty-one now, not thirteen.”

“I think most males under thirty are boys, even then.”

“Yeah okay, I don’t need a lecture.” Wishing I could debate that but I’d just left my friends house where he was still living with his parents and yelled at his mom for vacuuming and waking us up at ten past eleven.

“No lecture, I just… Sorry.” Patting my chest in further apology.

I saw mom get up, I assume she’d heard my car pull in and was wondering what was taking me so long. I had more than enough time to separate from Jenna, but I didn’t. She shifted around, no doubt feeling the tension in me build up but not exactly knowing what was happening. Mom did exactly as I thought she would. Stepping in, her mouth fell open in a big happy smile, both hands going over her heart. I rolled my eyes, mom padded over softly before letting her hand rest on Jenna’a back.

“That headache got worse? Even with the medicine?” Mom asked, Jenna thrashed, not because mom was loud, she was far from it, I knew instantly that she had not wanted to get caught like this with me. But moving so fast sent a spike to her head and she fell against my chest, staring up at me weakly. “Baby, you should go lay down.”

“I tried and the booms felt like they were booming in my skull.” Softer than mom or me, her brown eyes blinking at me a few more seconds before she buried her face back in my chest. “Timothy makes it better though.”

“Yeah, he’s such a sweet little brother.” Mom kissed her finger and then put it on my cheek, beaming at me. “Maybe he should take you to your room and cuddle with you more until your headache goes away.” That churning in my stomach to get away streamed loudly at that, at the idea of laying in bed with my sister. While people KNEW! And mom might go bragging to her friends Küçükçekmece Escort about it. “Tim?”

“No, that’s okay. I’m…” Feeling the same way as me she pushed out of my embrace, but the pain hit her and she grabbed for temples while I supported her.

“Jenna! Don’t be stubborn! You get that from your dad, let your brother take you to your room. Close the door and the curtains, the dark and quiet will help.” Mom pushed her daughter into my arms, then moved both of us towards the other end of the house. “No, no, no. I’ll tell dad that him and Mouserat have to stay outside, you know that stupid dog will be sniffing and scratching at the door if he knows you’re both here and not petting him. Dad is five beers in, that means he’s singing 80s theme songs without knowing it. I’ll keep them outside.”

I let Jenna do the resisting, only she didn’t do any. Mom slowly but surely guiding us to the hallway off the kitchen that lead to the far end of the house. Partway there Jenna looked up at me. Embarrassed that we’d been seen, that this was happening, but in enough pain that she hoped I was okay with it. I wasn’t, my brain was doing the math on how long it would take for the entire town to know about this.

“Don’t post anything mom.” I said, which put a little relief in Jenna’s brown eyes.

“I… I won’t, although it’s super cute and I don’t see why…”

“I know you don’t, that’s why I’m telling you.” Mom thought about it for a moment and nodded her agreement.

“And you can only tell your friends that Timothy…” Talking, walking, and a firework had her overcome with pain again. I just scooped her up, mom letting out a cry of pure delighted approval at the sight. Jenna knew it would only make it worse but couldn’t help herself but to wrap her arms around my neck, head on my shoulder, hurting too much to care. She gulped and went on, “Only tell them that Timothy really helped me, not how.”

“Okay! Okay!” The second okay got kinda loud, clearly mom thought this was the greatest thing that she was being denied from bragging about. “Sorry.” Because Jenna had whimpered at the noise. Mom got Jenna’s door opened, her room exactly like it was before she moved out, minus what she’d taken with her. Jenna had tried to nap in here already it seemed, the curtains were already closed but mom pulled them extra tight. “You’ve got such a good good brother, oh my gosh Jenna, I really raised you both right!”

Mom gushing over the gentle way I put Jenna down on the bed (really easy with how thin she was) was mostly ignored. My sister’s hand found my collar, making sure I wouldn’t just put her down and go. There was that pained embarrassed apologetic look in her face as she held on. I hesitated a second before climbing on the bed with her, where she immediately buried her face in my chest. Both of us on our sides she made sure one arm was under her and my other arm was over her, letting out a soothed noise.

“Better,” She whispered.

“I love you both so much.” Mom said from the doorway, it was mostly closed so just her head was peeking in.

“Love you mom.” I forced a smile even though my discomfort with this was sky high, if it wasn’t for the obvious effects it was having on Jenna, I would have ejected.

“You’re such a good brother.”


“If you weren’t her brother, if you were her boyfriend, I would tell you how to really get rid of the headaches.” Mom whispered, starting to slide the rest of the way out before she heard Jenna’s cry.

“A cure?” My sister asked, forcing her way up to look over my shoulder at mom, fighting the pain for a chance at being better.

“Well, it might be. When I was young and first starting university it happened to me. My roommate’s boyfriend at the time told me he knew a cure. I didn’t believe him but… It worked. You’re all stressed out about your new job, right?” Jenna squeaked, barely even starting to nod was enough to send pain through her head. “Well that means it’s a tension headache. I thought he was just trying to hit on me but eventually I caved, it was either that or drop out because I’d missed like most of two weeks.” Mom stared off into her memory, disappeared, no doubt checking the hallway was dad free, then peeking back in. “Missing that much school only made it worse because I was missing so many of my classes and… Anyway he said orgasms release all kinds of chemicals that your brain and body need to relieve stress. For both guys and gals but especially female orgasms. I… I didn’t have a boyfriend and I… I didn’t masturbate at all back then.” If I didn’t know it would cause Jenna pain I would have groaned aloud at that. Mom was looking back in time, didn’t see either of our horrified expressions. Just went on. “He…”

“Mom?” Jenna got out, but mom nodded as if Jenna’s complaint was her hesitation to tell.

“He showed me I was wrong. It took like seven orgasms that first day to make it all better, but each one was like a miracle. Medicine just couldn’t do what his fingers, mouth, and… Well after that he kept Maltepe Escort visiting me and I didn’t have any more migraines for the rest of the year. After that I met your dad and… Well you probably don’t want to hear about that.” She giggled softly, by then I was just staring at Jenna, not wanting to look back at mom at the expressions crossing her face. But also craning my neck hurt too much and my sister’s expression should have been enough to shut mom up. “Anyways… You don’t have a boyfriend and you probably aren’t… helping yourself any, I bet a good orgasm would have you feeling better by dinner. A good half dozen and you’ll come dancing out of here.”

“Mom!” Jenna risked head pain to hiss.

“Sorry, I wasn’t saying you should… But just telling you… Alright sorry!” Mom slipped out, closing the door.

“Wow!” I said with astonishment.

“Yeah!” Jenna was all shock, her tiny voice all trembly, putting her head back on my bicep and pressing her face into my chest.

Strawberry Fields filled my nose, my brain. The room wasn’t totally dark but it took a while for my eyes to adjust. My thoughts wandering from what mom had said, pretty much admitting she’d had a year long affair with her roommate’s boyfriend, to the fact that it seemed like lots of women didn’t masturbate. Some of my ex-girlfriends had implied as much. It seemed insane to me, but at the same time… Jenna was so innocent and burdened by the world that I thought she would die of embarrassment even if it was a secret that only she (And her ISP who would see her going to porn sites) knew that she masturbated. I knew she didn’t masturbate. I knew the last time she had a boyfriend was a long time ago, because she HAD to introduce him to mom and dad to get their approval before it could become official. It had been a while and I couldn’t believe that that doofus she’d dated knew his way around…

But I shut my brain down on that, before I delved too far into the idea of if some stupid bookworm boy had known his way around my sister’s parts. Because with it there had been a certain amount of arrogance, a certainty that I could do it better. Which had started me thinking how I would do it right. But I noped that. I laid there feeling the need to GTFO build inside of me, felt the protective instinct for my family settle as I was more and more sure she had fallen asleep. Tried to think how I could slip out the easiest without waking her when she showed she wasn’t sleeping at all.

“Timothy?” Jenna asked in the sweetest little voice right when I was about to start my move to go get one of those beers I knew dad had on ice.

“Yeah Jen?” About to add that no I had not been trying to leave, thinking she had felt or sensed it.

“Do you think mom was joking?”

“Our mom?” I shot right back, our mom wasn’t humorless but she preferred jokes to be told by TV shows or comedians. If we told a joke or even joked around she usually blinked at us blankly and nodded without understanding.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Jenna thinking that over, I don’t know why I didn’t see where this was going but I didn’t. “And she wouldn’t lie to us.”

“No.” I had once asked how she liked one of my girlfriends and while she hadn’t been insulting, she had been brutally honest.

“So… Are my headaches my fault?”

“You can’t help that work is stressfu… Oh.” It hit me then what she was talking about, why it could be her ‘fault’ that she was getting headaches.

“Because I don’t… I haven’t had an org… I haven’t had one in three years.” Her voice going so tiny but I still heard it so loudly.

“Jesus Jen! How are you still freaking alive?” My only thought was the idea of anybody going three years, much less a lovely, attractive if bookish, tall, and wispy thing like my sister.

“Is that… Bad?”

“I… I can’t go three days.” Some part of my brain screamed that I had just admitted to masturbating but I wasn’t a kid anymore, my friends and I joked about it all the time. They did it. I did it. We didn’t share details but it was no longer the taboo thing it had once been. “You really haven’t done anything in three years?”

“No, I did stuff with my boyfriend two years ago but…” She had brought her head out of my chest enough that I could see her lost and lovely face, the brown eyes darting all around. “But I thought to keep him I had to make him happy and…”

“You got him off but not yourself?” She let out a huff that said I’d got it correct.

“We broke up anyway.” I wanted to say something sarcastic about that, about that being why I hadn’t seen him in years, but I just nodded.

We sat there in silence, both of us thinking of it. Of her three years without orgasm. Of her being too… I don’t know what the term would be, cowardly I guess. Too cowardly to just finger-blast herself because there was some portion of the world that would frown on that, that it might make her “slutty” or something. Even though nobody would know. Most of the world wouldn’t care much more than to smirk and maybe wink. But she would Mecidiyeköy Escort know. Was embarrassed enough from that to never do it.

I… It took five minutes for me to realize what she wanted. Those brown eyes staring at me, too cowardly to finger herself behind the locked door of her apartment and bedroom, so of course too chicken to ask me to do it. It was another couple of minutes where I denied that it’s what she was thinking. Then denying that I would ever do a disgusting incestous act. Ever!

Except she just lay there. Staring at me with those innocent and pain filled brown eyes. Her toes touching the tops of my feet, her long scant and appealing body in my embrace. That face, those eyes, her full pink lips that were sort of heart shaped. A dimple in her chin that got more pronounced when she smiled. No, my poor sister was not drop dead gorgeous, none of my friends had fallen over themselves at seeing her, there had been more jokes about my mom than my older sibling but…

But I liked how tall she was. It didn’t matter so much right now when we were both laying in bed but when we’d been standing earlier it had been nice, no stooping. I couldn’t deny her lanky form did not appeal to me. It was not true but I couldn’t stop myself from thinking that those legs had to be longer than some of my ex-girlfriends were tall. And those lips and her deep dark brown eyes. It… She was beautiful, I was attracted to her, and the fact that she was my sister didn’t seem to be… It was a cowards excuse to stop oneself from doing something.


“Yeah Timothy?”

“I could… I could help you like mom suggested.” Okay, I chickened out in actually defining what we were talking about here, but I got the offer out.

“You… Would?”

“Yeah Jen, I would do anything to help you.”

“I probably won’t need… seven.” She giggled at the very idea, she had gone so long with none and seven in one day, in one sitting sounded silly.

“Let’s start with one, with my fingers, then…”

“We’ll go from there?”


“Okay.” She agreed before circling back and giggling again to, “Seven!”

“Yeah.” I laughed slightly too, most I ever gave was three, that had left us both worn out.

“How do you want to do this?” She asked, I was younger but more experienced, plus I was the one who had asked.

“No offense but it might be easier for both of us, for a variety of reasons, if you face the same way I am.” Nudging my chin in the direction of the wall opposite of the door.

She didn’t seem to take any offense to it, thinking it over a second before slowly rolling the same way I was laying. Just as carefully, mindful of her poor head, I shifted closer again. More than my hand was trembling as I reached out to touch her hip. God she was so slender!

“If you want me to stop. Say so. I’ll stop right away.” As I let my hand slip up off her jeans and under her blouse, soft flesh and the promise of more springing me to full erection

“Alright.” Was her answer, the back of her head not telling me much about how she was feeling.

My heart raced in my chest, strawberry fields in my nose, and such angelically soft flesh under my touch. If she would have asked I would have told her it was so she could feel comfortable with this, but I let my hand wander her midriff for my own pleasures. Her stomach was so flat, waist so small. My fingertips skimmed up as high as her bra, feeling it, then confirming it was indeed there. It was stupid considering this was Jenna my rule following sister, but I knew she had tiny breasts and had heard that sometimes women with small ones went without a bra. If that was true, it was not true of my sibling.

She sucked in a breath when not one but both hands found the fly of her jeans, “It’s okay. Don’t stop. Please.”


“I know. I’m… This is good so far.” Whispered but I didn’t think it was just for her headache, my past experiences said that tone meant she was bashfully aroused.

By then I had her button and zipper undone. I craned my head back to check the door but it was as much to check that mom had closed it as it was to stop myself. But I didn’t stop myself. Her pants undone I could have slipped a hand inside, instead I worked them down. With her slender hips they slipped down easily, faster once she ever so slightly lifted up.

“I’m just gonna… Get your underwear too so my…”

“Whatever you think is best, just… Just do it.” Lifting up even more so that it was more than obvious and very easy to get her panties down. “Timothy.” She called, I thought she was going to say something about me not looking. Because I rose up to do just that before I could get distracted with her tight backside, to try and get both pants and panties further down, but also have a look up front. But, more with her eyes than her head, her expression said that wasn’t it at all. She was embarrassed, I had barely glimpsed between her legs but I thought I was because she had a full patch of light brown pubes. “I guess…” You should have shaved something besides your legs and panty line in the last eight months? I didn’t ask aloud, not actually bothered too much by the hair. “I…” She tried again, if my hand was the only thing to venture down there, it shouldn’t matter. Except I had wanted to see… I wanted to see her pretty bald pussy. “I guess I might need this more than… I… I think you’ll feel in a second that I really need this.”

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