Cyn’s Seduction – Part Three


Cyn’s Seduction – Part ThreeDinner was quiet with Cyndi not really looking at us or participating in the conversation. Zach and I took pity on her and kept up lively stories of fun with the family in our youth. These she seemed to enjoy and I saw her finally start to relax toward the end. After cleaning up I saw her tense up again for the night was young and there was really nothing to do. She excused herself and went up stairs early. “She’s wound up tighter than a spring.” Zach noted and I grunted an agreement as I built a fire in the fireplace. The nights were still a little cool. “Any more and she might explode. And not in a good way.” “Yeah, I know. I’m thinking that we should give her some relief later.”“You sure?”Was I? I was more than sure but I wanted Cyndi to be ready. She might not ever be if I let her be by herself to figure this out. What we needed was some decisive action.“Yeah. She won’t admit it but I think she’s ready. Cyndi is the kind of girl that needs someone else make the decisions for her at first. Sometimes it’s the only way I can get her to admit what she wants in bed.” I conceded. I could tell my words were like gasoline on a fire for Zach. There was nothing more he liked than a submissive woman. He liked to take control in bed and push a woman’s desires right to the edge and back again. I preferred to watch him do it than do it myself. Zach was certainly more aggressive than I and I really wanted to see how Cyn would react to him.“I’ll go check on her.” I offered and went upstairs. When I opened the door to our room Cyndi was pacing. When she saw me I watched her stop and cock her head to the side. Then without any warning she launched herself into my arms. Surprised I wrapped my arms around her and slammed the door behind me. Cyndi was kissing me the way I liked; hard and deep and fast and her legs wrapped around my waist. I felt her pussy grinding on my jean covered cock. She was very hot and very wet. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth I made short work of her top and left the panties on. Cyn pulled back to look at me her chest rising and falling fast with her breathing. I laid her on the bed and licked her neck, making my way to her nipples. Cy wasn’t much for nipple play but I was so I gave them some nice attention before continuing down to her core.She was wet right through her panties. I could see it in the dim light right away. I licked her right through the silk and her back arched off the bed in abandon.“You are so hot.” I told her and moved the silk aside so I could get to her. She cried out when I started licking and sucking her clit. I didn’t touch her pussy, not yet. I needed to get her wild and take her to the edge. I gently took her clit between my teeth and bit lightly. She keened and I knew if I bit harder she’d come in my mouth. Instead I rose up and went to our toy drawer. Cyn watched, waiting to see what I would do.“Close your eyes honey.” I told her. She wavered then did as I asked. I took out what I needed and came back to the bed. I slipped on a blindfold so she couldn’t see if she opened her eyes. Then, before she knew what I was going to do I had leather restraints around her wrists and drawn up to the bedpost. She couldn’t get away easily now. “Ethan?” her voice was a breathy and questioning. “Just trust me.” I assured her. Her breath hitched in anticipation. Seeing my wife laid out on the bed ready to perform was the biggest süpertotobet yeni giriş thrill for me. She looked like a virgin sacrifice. Smiling I turned on some music, made sure it was a little loud and very quietly opened the door and went to get Zach. He was coming down the hall and gave me a puzzled look when I motioned him to come with me. When we got into the room and he saw what was waiting for him he stopped, stunned. I had to push him forward into the room to close the door. He looked to me for instruction. I merely waved him toward the bed and sat in the chair across the room. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen.Zach’s hand was shaking as he reached out to Cyn’s ankle. She flinched slightly when his hot hand touched her, the she settled as he ran it up farther to her knee. The way she sighed and moved for him made me realize she thought it was me touching her. I’d let her think that…for now.His hands were traveling up her body, learning her textures. Zach always liked to touch. He skirted her dripping pussy although I could tell he didn’t want to. Higher and higher, his body leaning over hers I watched his hands encircle her turgid breasts. Cyn arched into the caress, coaxing him to continue. Zach leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. Cyn gave a little cry of surprise but quieted as he soothed it with a kiss. Then he did what I knew he couldn’t resist. His lips hovered over hers, his breath fanning her face. She waited for his kiss not yet knowing it wasn’t me. I knew that when he did at long last the charade would be over. We were totally different kissers. I tried to be patient but my erection was throbbing in time with my heartbeat. Zach gave me one final look for permission and I nodded. I watched as his eyes darkened and his expression turned feral. Cyn didn’t know what she was in for but I did.Zach’s mouth came down to hers and he immediately made her open her mouth to him. His kiss was masterful, demanding and Cyn felt the difference right away. I watched her squirm beneath him, trying to stop the kiss but Zach’s hand came up to her jaw and held it open. When he finally tore himself away they were both breathing hard and Zach’s eyes closed as he tried to compose himself.“Zach?” Cyn whispered, not quite in horror but not entirely unafraid either.“Yes.” he whispered back and started to kiss his way down her neck and collarbone. Right away I saw her start to shake and Zach’s hand came to rest on her round belly.“E-Ethan?” she asked then, wondering where I was. I couldn’t answer her immediately however. The site of my cousin’s dark hand on her soft, rounded belly had me paralyzed. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen and I was ready to come from just seeing that.“Ethan!” her voice was higher pitched and I knew I had to get the knot out of my throat.“I’m here.” and when Cyn realized that I was across the room and really not in the bed I could see her start to panic. I wanted to rush over and sooth her but Zach was coming out of his own stupor and taking control.“He’s here Cyn but he’s not going to touch you. I am. But first I think we need to take the edge off. You’re nervous and scared and need to come.” his words were spoken against Cyndi’s soft skin as he made his way down to her pussy. Cyn was still shaking but not saying anything. I had to smile at her even though she couldn’t see me. süpertotobet giriş I knew she wouldn’t say no. I also knew that by taking the decision out of her hands she could settle into the idea of another man fucking her easier.Instead of just diving in however, Zach took his time. Damn his eyes. With great reverence he pushed his thumbs into Cyn’s pussy. She moaned a bit at the contact. Using those thumbs Zach pulled Cyn’s labia to each side and inspected her pretty pinkness. I could see how wet and dripping she was from across the room. Cyn’s blush went from her neck to her tummy, embarrassed to be looked at so intimately. He pushed back her hood with his forefinger and her distended clit came into view. Cyn couldn’t stop her hips from bucking as he ran a finger around it several times. Zach was poised to push his fingers into her and suck on the delicious little nubbin when Cyn suddenly stiffened and wailed. She was coming from just that little contact and I had a flash of jealousy at that moment. Cyn hadn’t come so hard and fast since we first met. But then I realized that it was because we were used to each other and Zach’s touch was unfamiliar and new to her.“Damn that was beautiful.” Zach breathed out his pleasure. “I want to see it again.” and he slipped two fingers into Cyn’s soaked pussy easily. I saw her hips arch and she again cried out but Zach was holding her down with one hand. His mouth covered her clit and sucked. Cyn pulled at the bonds, her hips trying to escape Zach’s mouth but he was relentless. Within moments she was climbing higher and higher, her cries becoming deep moans as Zach’s fingers pushed into her over and over. “She tastes like honey.” Zach was saying. I was going to tell him to stop, that she couldn’t come again so quickly but then I saw the finger from his other hand start to glide into her anus. There was so much moisture dripping down that he had no problem slipping right in. That was all it took to send her over the edge. We hadn’t done a lot of ass play before but the few times we did Cyn was really into it so I knew that her orgasm must have been epic. I kept my eyes on her face and watched in awe as she tried to scream but had no breath to do so. I felt the pre-cum well up and it took all my willpower to force down a rising orgasm myself. Zach finally took his fingers from her honeyed sweetness and he rose up over Cyn. As she lay gasping, he gently pushed his fingers into her mouth.“Suck my fingers clean baby. Taste how sweet you are.” he was whispering to her. Cyn only hesitated for a second before doing what he said. He was trying to distract her as he positioned himself to fuck her. It only worked for a moment however. She could never ignore the feel of a cock of his size trying to gain access. His hand gripped her hip and he gently probed her drenched entrance. She was so tight, so hot Zach was gritting his teeth.“Ethan!” came Cyn’s panicked cry. The sound went right through me and Zach stopped, his expression tortured. “I’m here Cyn.” I ground out. Talking was almost impossible.“I-I’m scared. I need you.” I almost couldn’t hear her over the pound of blood in my ears. I looked to Zach for guidance and he nodded slightly. I wanted this to be for them, their first time together but I couldn’t ignore my wife’s fears. So I went to her. Cyn’s body rolled towards me as my weight dipped the mattress. Zach grunted süpertotobet güvenilirmi and Cyn gasped as another inch of his cock was pushed in from it. “What do you need baby?” I asked and her head moved in the direction of my voice.“You. Please I need to feel you touching me too.” she pleaded. Instantly understanding I quickly stripped down to accommodate her. I had been stupid. I had been the only man to ever touch her and she was scared of Zach’s intensity and ability to make her come so fast. I could help her though and I intended to. I took my cock in hand and brushed it against her lips. Her shaking had slowed and she flinched until she realized it was my dick in her face. Gently I moved it against her lips, her cheek, into her mouth a little. I nearly shot my load when her tongue flicked out to lick the tip.“That’s it baby. Suck on me.” I was desperate to get inside her somehow.“Y-you want me to suck your cock?” she asked, “While Zach…” she broke off.“While Zach fucks you. Tell us no now if this isn‘t what you want.” if it wasn’t…“Okay.” she answered and I moaned as my cock slid past her lips. That must have been Zach’s cue because from the corner of my eye I saw him push his hips forward. I don’t know how to describe what’s Cyn’s body did when he was seated deeply into her. The only word I have is…undulate. Her whole body just rippled when he was fully immersed in her pussy. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have known how to word it. It must have felt like heaven to Zach because his head was thrown back in ecstasy and his hands tightened on Cyn’s hips.“Dear god.” he whispered and when he opened his eyes they were black. Pure darkness rode in them. He was pulling back from her, his cock glistening with her wetness. “Do that again.” he implored and when he drove back into her Cyn’s body did it again only this time she moaned deep and long and her mouth tightened on me to the point of pain. But it was worth it. I had never seen Cyn’s body do this before and I was fascinated by the way her belly muscles were tightening and flowing. Zach must have been about to lose it because his thumb went to her distended clit and started to rub furiously while his hips pumped back and forth. Cyn came screaming because I was able to go deep into her throat and just the feel of her voice vibrating made me cum hard.Zach shouted and thrust one last time, his body falling over my wife’s almost…protectively. We were all shuddering and trying to recover. Gently I untied Cyn’s wrists, massaging them back to life. Then I took off the blindfold and held her chin in my hands.“Alright?” I asked lightly. “Alright.” came her whisper of sound. I wanted to take her into my arms but Zach was still…engaged inside her. Slowly he pulled away with a heartfelt moan and lay on our bed, his arm over his eyes. I held Cyn close and she snuggled into my chest. I heard Zach exhale sharply as he sat up and made to move away. Surprising me Cyn’s hand pulled from our embrace and she placed it on Zach’s arm. It was her permission for him to stay. He glanced to me for approval and I gave it with my eyes. I saw what it meant to him to be in our bed, a part of our life. He was…happy. Content in that moment. Cyn sighed and I felt her drifting asleep. I let her rest. More would be asked of her tonight. Nothing she couldn’t handle, but we definitely weren’t done. Already I could feel the burning inside me, the urge to see her go down deep on Zach’s cock as I pummeled her from behind. Tentatively I saw Zach lay a hand on Cyn’s back, as if he still expected her to reject him. Instead she sighed again and relaxed into sleep. Zach was looking at her in wonder, like she was a miracle. And to us she was.

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