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DAD LOVES HIS DAUGHTERTrey is such a BASTARD!” my daughter Amanda cried through cascading tears. Her slender shoulders were heaving, her breath catching pitifully between sobs. I did my best to comfort her with an empathetic hug. She buried her face against my shoulder, wiping tears on my cotton shirt.”Dammit, Barb!” I thought silently to myself, “I need you NOW more than EVER!”My wife, Barb, passed away last April. I’ve been trying for ten months to handle the role of mother and father, all rolled into one. And frankly, I’ve been failing miserably.Amanda and I have each been through months of intensive therapy, trying to learn to cope with our loss. Amanda’s even been on anti-depressants. She feels responsible for her mother’s death. Barb died while texting and driving. Amanda was the recipient of Barb’s last few texts before the fatal accident.”You’re right, Amanda — Trey’s a prick,” I agreed. I had never liked her boyfriend of the past two years, but try telling that to a starry-eyed teenager. Now Trey had finally done me the favor of being the one to end their relationship.”It’s like — it’s like he NEVER loved me!” Amanda sobbed, her shoulders heaving once again.”Sweetheart, you’re a WONDERFUL young woman. You’re smart, you’re funny, and you’re beautiful. He doesn’t deserve you.”Amanda looked up into my eyes, tears still streaming down her face. “You — you really think so?” she asked. I could tell that she genuinely had doubts.”Sweetie, it’s not just my fatherly duty to tell you that. I’ve never lied to you, and I never will. I truly believe every word.””Oh, DAD,” she said, her voice cracking. She began crying even harder, and hugged me even closer. “But — but — there’s something I haven’t told you. I haven’t said WHY Trey broke up with me.””Whatever it is, he’s a jerk. But — and here I’ll again be truthful — I’m GLAD he broke up with you. I know it hurts you, and I’m sorry for your pain, but you’re better off without him.””But Trey’s been such a good friend — especially since Mom died. I don’t know how I would have made it this far without him.”She had a good point there, one I wasn’t about to try to rebut. “Sweetie, I’m glad he’s helped you. I just think you’re ready to move on. He was there for a season, but a new season is about to begin.”Her eyes held mine, her expression veiled. Her sobs had diminished to sniffles.”But, Dad, there’s more that I haven’t told you. Trey wasn’t just my friend — he was my lover.””Shit!” I thought to myself, “I NEED you, Barb!” Talking about losing her virginity was something any 18-year-old girl should be able to discuss with her mother. As a man — and more specifically as a dad — my job was to protect her, and I’d obviously failed. “Well, honey,” I asked, “how long ago did this happen?””Last Saturday night…””Oh, my god!” I gasped, unable to stifle my reaction.Amanda burst into tears again. I hugged her closer and let her cry.When she had settled down somewhat, I asked, “So you and Trey had never had sex in your first two years — and then, three days after you gave into him, he dumped you? On Valentine’s Day, no less?”Amanda tried to respond, but couldn’t get any words to come out of her mouth. She simply nodded silently, tears flowing freely.I was ready to go find Trey and punch his lights out. He truly was a bastard.Her sniffles began to subside again. “Daddy, I thought he loved me. That’s the only reason I gave in. We’ve been together so long, since the beginning of tenth grade. I never dreamed he was only after one thing. I thought he would have given up a long time ago if he only wanted to get into my panties.”I was somewhat taken aback, both by Amanda’s wisdom and her bluntness. Her rationale was flawless — it showed the maturity of a thoughtful young woman, no longer a c***d, and that realization stunned me. Her use of somewhat crass imagery was likewise a shock to my system — visualizing a man “getting into her panties” was at odds with my long-held sense of her being my little girl.”He’s a total imbecile!” I declared truthfully. I hugged her tighter and kissed her head. “Look, sweetheart, let me fix us something quick to eat, and we can sit on the couch and talk, if that’s what you want. Or we can watch a video, or play a game, or whatever you want.””Thanks, Daddy,” she replied, “that sounds great. But you should be going out. After all, it’s Valentine’s Day. You should be out with somebody special.””You know better than that,” I responded. I fell silent, thinking of Barb.”Do you wanna talk about it?” Amanda inquired.”Maybe. But let’s talk about you and Trey first. That’s more immediate. My recovery from losing your Mom is more long-term.””Okay, I understand, Dad,” she answered. “Let me go get a shower and get ready for bed while you’re fixing dinner. If we watch a show, I might fall asleep.””You’re too big for me to carry you up to your bed, young lady,” I teased.”I can sleep on the couch, just not in my street clothes,” came her retort.While she went upstairs, I got busy cooking in the kitchen. I’m no chef, and my repertoire is limited. That’s another area where Barb was pulling more than her fair share of the weight before the accident. I settled on a pre-packaged combo for taco salad, where all I had to do was brown some hamburger meat, stir in a few ingredients, and open a separate container of already-sliced greens and tomatoes.After the food was ready, I flipped through our DVD collection as I waited for Amanda to return downstairs. I started to look for a “chick flick.” Both Amanda and I enjoy a good romantic comedy. That’s one way that Amanda takes after her dad rather than her mom. Barb always called such movies “predictable mindless drivel.”I decided that a romantic comedy would be too light-hearted, given the situation. Trey’s breakup with Amanda was not a laughing matter. She was hurting from a lack of love. I wanted her to be comforted by a more serious depiction of lifetime love.I nearly went for “The Notebook” — one of my all-time favorites — but decided that it would be too heavy for ME on this first Valentine’s Day after losing Barb. Spouses are supposed to grow old together, as in that movie, and we hadn’t been given that opportunity.That thought caused me to choose “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” There, the characters played by Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett didn’t grow old together. He started out old and grew younger, while she started out young and grew older. Despite their difference in ages all except the middle years of their lives, they maintained a lifetime love.”Hey, Dad, what’d you pick?” Amanda asked, breaking into my silent musings.I turned and saw her approaching. Her hair was still wet from her shower. I was struck by the fact that she looked like she might get cold. Rather than her winter flannel pajamas, she wore a light cotton oversized T-shirt. It went halfway down her thigh. Her legs below that point were bare. Across the front, the T-shirt was inscribed with “I [HEART] INTERCOURSE PA” — the [HEART] being a red heart shape, common to various and sundry T-shirt emblems.Despite its provocative logo, the T-shirt had been acquired in one of the most conservative and old-fashioned locations in North America: Pennsylvania Dutch country, in Lancaster County – home of one of the largest Amish farming communities in the United States.The Amish are by and large very upright, very religious, very family-oriented people who try to maintain the traditions of the late 1800’s. They avoid motorized vehicles and electricity, opting for horses and buggies and manual labor. They will not allow themselves to be photographed, as that breaks one of the Ten Commandments (“thou shalt have no graven images”). They come together as a community to help one another for activities like home-building and barn-raising.The shop where Amanda acquired her T-shirt was in Kitchen Kettle Village, in the small village of Intercourse, Pennsylvania, right in the heart of Amish country. The town was named by some naïve settlers a couple of hundred years ago, when “intercourse” referred simply to conversation. The shop owners in Kitchen Kettle Village were neither naïve nor Amish. They recognized a way to leverage the town name and make a quick buck.Amanda had first seen such a shirt when she was sixteen, during one of our annual October visits to the region. Barb had quickly squelched Amanda’s enthusiasm. “I don’t want everyone thinking you’re a slut, Amanda,” she had chided.After losing Barb this past April, I had decided to keep the Pennsylvania Dutch trip tradition in October. Amanda and I drove to the area, taking a ride on the Strasburg Railroad and eating at the Plain & Fancy Farm family style restaurant. We then walked around the shops and galleries of Kitchen Kettle Village.When Amanda saw a rack of the “I [HEART] INTERCOURSE PA” T-shirts again, she looked up at me. “PLEASE, Dad, can I get one? I promise, my friends all know I’m not a slut. They’ll just get a good laugh out of it.””I’m not sure, sweetheart,” I said. “It also kinda reflects on me. I mean, if they don’t know that the ‘PA’ stands for ‘Pennsylvania’ rather than ‘Dad,’ they might think it’s an endorsement of i****t with your father.”Amanda had blushed and grinned at the same time. “Come on, Dad, they know I’ve been dating Trey for a couple of years. I don’t think they’ll think the shirt really means I’m a glutton for having sex. And if they did, they’d think it was with Trey, not with you.”As with nearly everything, I caved in when it came to this request from my little girl. It had always been somewhat that way, but it had gotten worse since we lost Barb.That was in October. Now, here on Valentine’s Day, Amanda saw me staring at her T-shirt. Interrupting my thoughts, she said, “You still don’t like it, do you?”I walked to the gas fireplace and turned on the gas switch, lighting the fire. “It’s not that,” I answered, “I’m just worried you might get cold. Actually, I think the [HEART] is a nice touch on Valentine’s Day.” “Glad you like it,” she smiled. She seemed to blush and grin just as she had on the day of its purchase.I turned and put the DVD into the DVD player on the oversized mantel above the fireplace. adiosbet yeni giriş “Um, I was thinking about ‘Benjamin Button’ — what do you think, Amanda?” “Sounds great, Dad — can we eat while we watch?””Sure, sweetie. And we can talk some more after the movie’s done.”We both filled plates with taco salad and brought them to the family room, placing them on the coffee table. I went back to the kitchen to get our drinks. “Is Dr. Pepper okay?””Um, Dad, I was wondering — could we have some wine?”I was momentarily surprised. I rarely drink, and I had never shared alcoholic beverages with my daughter.”Why do you ask, sweetheart?” I queried.”Dad, I think I need something to calm my nerves. It’s been a very hard day, with the breakup and all — maybe the hardest since the day Mom died.””I understand, baby. I’m sorry it’s been so hard. I’ll pour us some wine,” I conceded, once again caving in to my little girl, “but just one glass. I don’t want you getting tipsy.””Thanks, Dad. It means a lot to me that you’re starting to treat me like a grown-up.”Those words warmed my heart. I had felt like such a miserable failure in dealing with Barb’s death, in being both father and mother, in protecting my little girl from a prick like Trey. “One of the hardest parts of parenting is letting go,” I answered, “and allowing you to make your own mistakes, rather than living with mine.”Amanda virtually ran from her place on the couch to the kitchen. She hugged me, tears in her eyes, and said, “Thanks, Dad. I really do love you.”My eyes misted a little. “I love you, too, my precious sweetheart.” After a brief embrace, I broke the tension. “Help me carry these wine glasses to the coffee table, sweetie,” I requested.We sat and ate and drank our wine and watched the movie. Amanda sat on the far end of the sofa from me. She curled up her legs on the couch, pointing them in my direction. I expected her to place an afghan over her legs and torso, but they remained uncovered.”Warm enough?” I asked.”Yeah, Dad — the fireplace is making it cozy in here. And the wine’s warming me up, too.”She returned to watching the movie. I continued watching her for a moment. It was good to see a smile on her face. The movie was just to the part where Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett were of a similar age and able to publicly share their affection.Amanda’s hair was beginning to dry, returning to its natural dishwater blonde color from the darkness of being wet. Her T-shirt was beginning to pull further up her thighs from stretching her legs. The angle of her legs gave me a clear view of the crotch of her white cotton panties beneath the T-shirt. I felt a stirring in my groin. “Oh, my god,” I thought, turning back to the TV in embarrassment.We watched the remainder of the movie without further adieu. When it was over, I popped the DVD out and placed it back in its case.”Let’s talk,” Amanda said, patting the cushion beside her as an instruction to sit beside her. She had put her feet back on the floor.”Sure, sweetie,” I replied.When I sat in the indicated spot, Amanda leaned her head against her shoulder. “I do love you, Daddy,” she said.”You’re my precious, precious girl,” I told her truthfully, “I’ve always loved you and always will.””I know, Daddy. I can see how you love me by the way you always put me first. That’s how I know Trey didn’t really love me.””How so?” I asked, “I mean besides the obvious fact that he broke up with you on Valentine’s Day?””He never put me first, Dad. He always wanted for things to be HIS way. When we went to movies, it was the ones HE wanted. When we went out to eat, it was at the restaurant HE chose. Lots of things. Even when we had sex…””I’m not sure I’m ready to hear this, sweetheart,” I replied.”But it’s TRUE, Daddy! He hurt me when he broke my hymen, and he didn’t care. He kept on thrusting and grunting and didn’t pay attention when I asked him to stop…””Shit! I DON’T want to HEAR this!” I thought. Outwardly, though, I simply nodded in concern.”And when he had his orgasm inside me, he just rolled off me and got dressed. He didn’t even snuggle or kiss me. He certainly didn’t help ME to have an orgasm. He barely SAID anything — he just LEFT!” She burst into tears.”Oh, baby, I’m SO sorry!” I said, truly hurting for her. I wrapped my arm around her tighter.When she had finished crying, she looked up at me. “And how about YOU, Daddy? What’s YOU’RE sad love story? I mean, since after Mom died.””That’s just IT, baby. There’s been nobody since Mom died. It hurt too bad for a long while. I just wasn’t interested. Now, I just want to focus on getting you through your last year of high school, on to your next phase of life.””Phases of life…” Amanda mused. “Seeing that movie really got me to thinking…””About what?” I asked.”Well, you know how at the beginning of the movie, Benjamin Button was an old man and aged backward over time? And the Cate Blanchett character started off as a little girl and aged forward over time?””Yeah…””Well, the whole point of the movie was that you could love somebody who was the wrong age for you, but you love them nonetheless.””Uh-huh…””And when he was an old man and she was a little girl — well, in today’s world, he would be considered a p*******e if he acted like that…””So you think the movie was endorsing pedophilia?” I asked dubiously.”Not exactly. Just that he was like a grandfather to her, but he was in love with her. He had to wait until she was old enough and he was young enough to make it okay for them to get together.””And your point is?”She reached out and put her hand in mine. “Just that two people of vastly different ages can love each other deeply, have a platonic relationship for years, and then when the time is right, they can — get together.”I wasn’t quite sure where this was going. I leaned over, still a bit confused, and kissed her on the head. She turned her face up toward mine and kissed me — on the lips. It was a tender, feathery kiss, but on the lips.Unlike some families, mine was one where parent and c***d never gave kisses on the lips. We showed lots of affection with tender pats, with emotional hugs, with kisses on the cheeks — but never with a kiss on the lips.I was momentarily dazed. Her lips were warm, her hair smelled fresh as flowers from her shower and shampoo. My nostrils were filled with the scent of her freshly washed hair and freshly scrubbed skin.”My god!” I thought, “What am I DOING?” I quickly broke the kiss.But I wanted more. She looked searchingly into my eyes, gauging my reaction. Had she intended it as anything more than a chaste kiss of affection? Had she wanted something more? Was she fearful of rejection?I think she could see the confusion on my face. “Daddy, let me be clearer with you. You are the one person on the face of the earth that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt loves me. I just had sex for the first time — with someone who DOESN’T love me — and it was the worst experience of my life, next to losing my mother. I’ve just been dumped — on VALENTINE’S DAY!””Uh-huh,” I replied dazedly, the light beginning to dawn.”And you — you haven’t been with a woman for ten months,” she stated in matter-of-fact fashion. “You have to be all bottled up inside, so to speak.””I wouldn’t use MY needs to take advantage of you at a vulnerable time, if that’s what you’re suggesting,” I said honestly.”I know, Daddy — I absolutely KNOW! You’d never use me like Trey did. I know you really, REALLY love me. So as I was watching the movie, I realized that — that you’re my Brad Pitt and I’m your Cate Blanchett. And that the time is right for us to — get together.””I don’t know, sweetie,” I said, being intentionally equivocal rather than bluntly refusing, so as not to damage her already fragile self-esteem. “If we were to ‘get together,’ as you say, most people would think I’m a total pervert. They might even try to throw me in jail.””I’m not ‘most people’ — I know you’re no pervert. You’re the most loving, caring person I know. And they couldn’t throw you in jail — I’m not u******e.”She was serious. I could read it in her big, beautiful blue eyes. I’d always thought those eyes were her best feature. Now, I could see a sense of fierce determination in them.She leaned in for another kiss. Her lips were SO inviting — so soft, gently pressing against mine, then nibbling my lower lip.In retrospect, I don’t know what I was thinking. I opened my mouth and pressed my tongue against her lips. Immediately, she opened her mouth in response. Her tongue flicked against mine, dancing a primal love dance. Her hand moved up from mine to caress my face.In a few moments, she broke the kiss and leaned back to smile at me. “Daddy, I love you,” she said, “and I want to make love with you.”To my surprise, I sprung a massive boner on the spot. She saw me flinch and looked down at my crotch.She smiled more broadly and said, “And I can see that the idea doesn’t totally disgust you.” She reached down and grasped my cock through my trousers.After ten months without lovemaking, her touch nearly made me cum right then and there. I had to force myself to concentrate, to think things through, to not let things spin out of control.”Amanda,” I said, “I love you dearly. You know that. I’d give my life for you. But I don’t know that I can live with myself if I have sex with you.””It won’t be ‘having sex,’ Daddy — that’s the mistake I made with Trey. It will be ‘making love.’ And I’m looking forward to your unselfishness with me in every OTHER way getting translated into the BEDROOM.””Oh, brother!” I thought, “what kind of mess have I gotten myself into?” My resistance was weakening. I truly did love her. And, when I thought about it honestly, I truly did want to make love to her.She sensed my hesitation. Her grip tightened around my cock, and she began gently stroking me through the fabric. “Careful, sweetie,” I said, “you don’t want to make me spurt in my pants.”She smiled. “No, I’d rather have you spurt inside ME, Daddy,” she purred.She was quickly pushing my doubts into the far recesses of my mind. I couldn’t take much more. Maybe I should just leave — but what would THAT do to her self-esteem?”Um, adiosbet giriş Amanda,” I tried to reason, grasping for straws, “We CAN’T do this. Mom and I never used condoms, and I simply don’t HAVE any.””Not a problem,” she countered, “we don’t need any. I’m on the pill.””But HOW? Don’t you need a prescription? I don’t remember consenting to that…””Daddy, you didn’t HAVE to. I can make arrangements on my own. I’m eighteen — no parental consent needed. I got on the pill when I made up my mind that Trey was trustworthy. I was wrong about HIM, but I’m glad I’m on the pill for YOU.”I was at the breaking point. She needed me. I needed her. To hell with tomorrow.I leaned forward and kissed Amanda fully on the lips. “I love you SO much, Amanda,” I said, “and I want to make you feel better. I just don’t want you to hate me later.””I could NEVER hate you, Dad,” she assured me, kissing me again and then slipping her hand inside my trousers. The feel of her hand on my bare cock was pure heaven. It had been SO long since I’d been sensually touched. I had begun to doubt that it would ever again happen with someone I truly loved, and who truly loved me.I wrapped my arms gently around Amanda as she stroked my raging hard-on. I once again kissed her on the crown of her head. She kissed my chest through my shirt, then began trailing kisses down my abdomen.Realizing where she was going, I had a momentary thought to stop her before things got completely out of control. As I was thinking, she pulled my trousers to the floor.She was now gripping the waistband of my underwear. With one swift movement, she pulled them to my ankles. I stepped out sheepishly, now naked from the waist down. She re-grasped my prick and resumed her trail of kisses below my navel.I felt obliged to make one last attempt to slow her down. “Did you do that to Trey?” I asked.”Do what?””What you’re doing to me.””What am I doing to you, Daddy?””You know, Amanda…””I want to hear you say it. What am I doing to you?””Nothing, yet.””Okay, Mr. Technicality — what is it I’m ABOUT to do to you?””I’m not sure…””Okay, Mr. Avoidance, so what do you WANT me to do to you? Say it…””Um… suck my dick. You’re about to suck my dick. I WANT you to suck my dick.””And I WANT to suck your dick. And, if you MUST know, yes, I did it to Trey. He INSISTED on it.””Um… and did he — return the favor for you?””You mean…let me hear you say it…” Her voice became raspy, hoarse, somewhat jagged. “Tell me…””Okay, Amanda — did he eat you out?””Pretend I don’t know what you’re talking about, Daddy. I want to hear you ask me.””Okay, honey — did he lick your pussy?””Ooh, Daddy. I like hearing you say that. But no, he didn’t lick my pussy. Like I told you, he’s a selfish bastard. But I can tell YOU’RE thinking about licking my pussy…”I shrugged as she looked up at me from her perch in front of my cock. “Busted,” I replied, “and I agree — Trey’s a selfish bastard. Any man who truly loves his woman will gladly go down on her.””And — Daddy — you truly love me, don’t you?” Amanda asked hopefully.”Yes, baby, you know I do. I’ll gladly bring you oral pleasure. If you’re at all able to have an orgasm, I’ll make you cum that way.”Amanda grinned. “Trey never made me cum. But I know that I can. I’ve had a vibrator for a few years, and I know how to use it.”I was learning all sorts of things about my daughter this evening. As I mused, I suddenly felt the warm, moist thrill of her mouth around the head of my cock.”Oh, Amanda — that feels SO good, sweetheart,” I said.She ran her tongue around the rim of my prick, then squeezed my rod with her cheeks and tongue. She started to bob her head to an unheard rhythm, taking my penis deeper into her mouth each time.I didn’t want to cum before she did. She had only been with a selfish bastard. I wanted her to experience the more selfless side of lovemaking.”Amanda, baby,” I said, interrupting her rhythm, “that feels REALLY good, but I’d like to get more comfortable — for BOTH of us to get more comfortable.”She let my cock drop out of her mouth, then looked up at me with a grin.”Are you saying that you want to see me NAKED, Daddy?” she asked.”Um, well…””Come on, Daddy — I want to hear you say it.””Yes, Amanda — I want to see you naked.””Well, why didn’t you just say so before, Daddy?” With that, she stood up and pulled her I [HEART] INTERCOURSE PA T-shirt right over her head and dropped it on the couch.Her fleshy, medium-sized breasts were exquisite. Her ivory skin was flawless. Her tits were topped with coral-colored nipples. “She looks nothing like Barb,” I thought carelessly.I was momentarily disturbed by my thought of Barb. What would she think if she were alive? Hell, this wouldn’t be happening if she were alive. But that was the point — I no longer had Barb, and Amanda no longer had Trey. We needed each other.”Daddy, are you okay?” Amanda asked.I moved to her. I placed my hands squarely on her shoulders and looked into her eyes. “I’m fine, sweetheart — and so are you. You are FINE in every way — you are beautiful!””Oh, Daddy — I love you so much!”She hugged me, and I hugged her back. I wanted to feel her naked breasts against my chest. As she released me, I pulled off my shirt and threw it near her T-shirt. I was now completely naked.Amanda stood in front of me, wearing nothing but her white cotton panties. I embraced her, loving the feel of her tits against my chest. I felt her engorged nipples pressing against me.I had to touch them. I cupped both breasts in my hands, kneading and massaging them. They felt so right in my grip. I teased her taut nipples with my fingers. I needed to taste her turgid peaks. I leaned in to suckle them languorously. Amanda moaned in response. I felt a shudder go through her body.”Let’s go to the bedroom, Daddy,” she suggested, taking me by the hand.She led me up the stairs, still hand-in-hand. I wasn’t sure whether she meant her bedroom or mine when she suggested “the” bedroom. I was thankful when she headed toward hers. I didn’t want to have thoughts of Barb by being in the bed that had been our marital bed.She pulled the pink, fluffy comforter and cotton sheet back from the headboard. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she patted the spot next to her. I sat down obediently.”Remember how you’d come in here and read to me each night before bedtime when I was a little girl?” she asked.”Sure, baby — I remember.””Then you’d tuck me in and put me to bed…””I remember.””It always made me feel so safe.””I’m glad, sweetheart,” I answered.”And now — you STILL make me feel safe, Daddy.”In its context, it seemed almost absurd. Here I was, sitting naked on her bed next to her, while she was naked all except for a thin white pair of cotton panties. She should be saying I was a pervert. She should be calling the police.But she didn’t. She stood up, facing the door, and reached for the top of her panties. I’m sure I held my breath. Was she really going to do this?The answer was a resounding “Yes!” She stripped her panties off in one quick motion, revealing the flawless ivory skin of her perfectly shaped ass. Then, turning toward me with a smile, hand over her crotch, she said, “I want to hear you say it.””Say what?””That you want to see it.”Rather than continuing with the charade, I went straight to the heart of the matter. “Amanda, I want to see your pussy.”Immediately, her hands dropped to her sides. My eyes got an eyeful. My sweet little eighteen year old daughter was completely shaved! With no pubic hair in the way, I could see her cleft from the front.My raging boner once again sprung up. There was no hiding it from Amanda. She smiled unabashedly.”Daddy! You like what you see, don’t you?” It was more a coy assertion than a question. She knew from my rigid state that I was full of sexual desire for her.”Come here, baby,” I said. “Let me hold you for a minute.”She came into my arms and we embraced gently. “How long have you been shaving there?” I asked.”Um… well, Daddy… since tonight.””Tonight?” I asked incredulously.”Yes, Daddy. When I went upstairs and took my shower.” She could see the look of consternation on my face.”Okay, Daddy, I’ll come clean,” she confessed. “The Benjamin Button movie wasn’t the first time that I thought about US — you and me. It just provided me the affirmation of what I already knew in my heart.””So, how long have you been thinking about it?””Well, I think I have since soon after Mom died. But I was Trey’s girlfriend, and I thought he loved me. But after he broke up with me — and you were so kind — it came to me in the shower. YOU are the one who most loves me. And you need to be loved. So I shaved my pussy, thinking it might freak you out less than seeing my trimmed bush. I’m sure the last time you saw me naked was before I had pubic hair. After I shaved for you, I put on that T-shirt. That was deliberate.””Deliberate?” I asked, moving my hands down to her ass. I gently began massaging both cheeks.”I wanted to plant a subliminal seed in your mind. I remembered what you said when I bought the T-shirt — about it being an endorsement of i****t with my father.”I moved my leg between hers and kissed her on the head. “Well, it worked, sweetie — I haven’t been able to take my mind or eyes off of you ever since you came downstairs wearing it.””I’m glad, Daddy. I feel so safe with you — so loved by you. And speaking of planting seeds, I want you to plant some of yours in me…”I needed no further permission. “Lay down, Amanda, sweetheart. Prop your head up on the pillows. We’re going to take it slow, and I’m going to make it good for you.”She complied without hesitation. I eased myself beside her, facing the foot of the bed. “Okay, Amanda — I want you to spread your legs for me. First, I’m going to lick your pussy and make you cum.””Okay, Daddy,” she said, moving her knees apart. As I leaned my face down toward her crotch, Amanda’s skin quivered. Her legs eased further apart.I couldn’t believe I was looking at my eighteen year old daughter’s shaved pussy from just inches away. It was beautiful. Her outer labia were speckled with tiny bumps, seeming to almost have goose flesh. Her inner labia were adiosbet güvenilirmi narrow but long from top to bottom. The light shone off them, demonstrating her wetness. Her clitoris was hooded by a flap of skin at the top of her vagina.I could smell the sweet fragrance of her sexual arousal mixed with the fresh scent of soap from her shower. I wanted to taste her.I blew a breath of warm air on her vaginal lips, seeking a reaction. I immediately got what I was after. “Daddy, please. PLEASE, Daddy, PLEASE!” she begged. I couldn’t continue to withhold pleasure from her. I placed my tongue on the nub at the top of her vagina. I teased it to erection, then began to suckle it. “Oh, Daddy,” she cooed, “that feels SO GOOD!”I then began to lick circles around her labia, returning frequently to suckle her clit. She raised her hips toward my mouth, obviously aroused. My darling daughter wanted her daddy to please her.I wanted to make it even better for her. I moved my first two fingers to her slit, moistening them on the mixture of her juices and my saliva there. I slid the two fingers carefully into her vaginal tunnel. There was no resistance, either from Amanda or her vagina.”Mmmmm, Daddy — SO GOOD!”I began gently thrusting my fingers deeper, then shallower in her beautiful young twat, finger fucking her at a leisurely pace. I continued licking and sucking her clit, her little love button at the top of her vagina.”Daddy… Daddy…” she called.I didn’t respond verbally. I continued my oral ministration of her clit and my manual penetration of her slit. I reached my other hand up to caress her breast and tweak her nipple.”Oooh, Daddy,” she said, “you’re BETTER than a vibrator!””M-hmmm,” I answered in thanks, though quite inarticulately.I felt Amanda’s pussy begin to constrict around my mouth and hand. I wanted badly to make her cum — to make her feel treasured, to know selfless love in a sexual way.I frigged and penetrated, sucked and licked, tweaked and massaged — all at a frenzied pace.”Daddy — you’re making me CUM!” she cried out.I felt her pussy move from constricting to throbbing to clenching, and continued my oral and digital encouragement. “Oh, my GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD! DADDY!” she shrieked.Her climax was obvious, her ecstasy skyrocketing. I couldn’t help but feel pleased. May that little prick Trey never find the key to pleasing a woman, I thought mean-spiritedly.I continued to stimulate her pussy until she came all the way down from her orgasmic peak. I then trailed kisses up her belly and chest, stopping to nibble for a few minutes on her mammaries.”Come her, Daddy,” she said finally, “I want to kiss you. Thank you for making me cum!”I moved all the way up beside her and looked deep into her eyes. I knew from feeling her cum that she had experienced physical bliss — now I could see her emotional bliss. We kissed a long, deep, languorous French kiss. “I love you, Amanda, my sweet little girl,” I said sincerely.”Not so little any more, Daddy — I’m a big girl now. And this big girl wants you to fuck her.””Not ‘fuck’ — ‘make love’ with you, sweetheart.””I just like saying the word ‘fuck’ — it makes me feel horny. Please, Daddy — fuck me, fuck me, please FUCK me!””Are you sure, sweetie? I mean — I’m your dad.””And you love me unconditionally, like nobody else does. I want this — I really do, Daddy.” With that, she reached down and put her hand on my fully-erect penis. “Put it inside me, Daddy — NOW!” she whimpered.I embraced her and continued to kiss her on the mouth. We lay down, side by side. I placed my hand on her inner thigh, then slowly penetrated her bald pussy with my fingers once again. She spread her legs, inviting me to probe deeper.I removed my fingers from her slit to make room for my cock. I eased my body over her leg that was closest to me, and turned to face her. I was now positioned between her legs, my stomach getting slimed by her vaginal juices. I moved higher.When my crotch was in the general vicinity of hers, Amanda grasped my cock and began rubbing my glans around her moist slit, for lubrication. My mind was a haze. “I’m about to fuck my daughter,” I thought calmly. “And I’m glad.”Amanda began to raise herself up off the bed, easing her hips upward in an attempt to foster my penetration of her slit. “Don’t worry, honey,” I said, “you can stay on the bed — I’ll come to you. And I’ll cum IN you.”She smiled at my inane joke. She was so precious when she smiled. I couldn’t help but rub noses with her in an affectionate “Eskimo kiss.”And then it happened. As I rubbed noses with her, my lower torso moved forward as well. Without realizing it, I had pushed my cock right to the entrance of her aching vagina. With her hand already gripping my penis, she guided it to just the right spot for penetration. She then pulled my body toward hers, and I was suddenly inside.I cannot ever remember having such a heady reaction to penetrating a pussy. This wasn’t just any pussy — it was my little girl’s. The one I had protected all her life. The one that needed me now more than any other in the world could ever need me.”Mmmm, DADDY!” she cried, “You feel so GOOD! I love you so MUCH, Daddy!””EXACTLY! Just the way I feel about YOU, Amanda!” I replied wholeheartedly.”You’re really FUCKING me, Daddy — just like I wanted. Oh, THANK YOU, Daddy!”Her cries of excitement and ecstasy made me want to please her even more. I began thrusting, my prick swelling within her love tunnel with each push. I grasped her ass cheeks, pulling her hard against my cock. I was inside her to the hilt. I’m sure I hit bottom somewhere, but I was too lost in ecstasy to notice..”My sweetheart,” I told her truthfully, “this is the best Valentine’s gift I could have ever hoped to receive. I’m glad you wore that T-shirt.”I licked her tits teasingly, one at a time, as I continued to pound her pussy with my prick. I was enthralled by the way I could see her vaginal contortions more clearly due to her shaved pubic mound. My view of my own cock pistoning in and out of my daughter’s tight, wet pussy was etched in my mind at that very moment.I didn’t want the two of us to cum just yet, but I was getting dangerously close. I had a bright idea. I thought if I got vertical, perhaps my hyperactive sperm sac would settle down, at least relative to what was happening as I thrust into her from the missionary position.”Baby, I need to stand up,” I said.”But, Daddy, I don’t want you to come out.””I won’t, sweetheart. I’ll carry you. You can stay lodged on my cock.””Mmmm, Daddy — that sounds WONDERFUL!”Moving together, we eased to the edge of the bed. Then I put one foot on the floor and turned my body ninety degrees, bringing Amanda’s feet off the edge of the bed. Finally, I put my hands under her bottom and lifted.She was a lightweight. She must have barely tipped the scales at a hundred pounds, even thought she was better than five and a half feet tall. Still joined at the crotch, we restarted our mutual rhythm.”Sweetie, I’m going to lift your legs over my shoulders, okay? I don’t want to hurt you, and I’ve never done this before, but I think it would give us better — penetration.””Lead the way, Daddy,” she replied.My intuition was completely right. Once her legs were straddling my shoulders, with her arms around my neck, the weight of her lower torso sagged directly to my pubic region. I can’t think of another time when my cock was buried so deeply in pussy.This position also gave me direct, visible access to her clitoral nub. More than anything, I wanted to please her, to make her feel cherished, to undo the damage that that prick Trey had done. I began gently rubbing her clit with my thumb and forefinger as I continued to slam my cock into her sopping wet cunt.It had been ten months since I’d been with a woman, my beloved Barb. I may have had wet dreams or something in the time since, but to my knowledge I hadn’t cum in all that time. I’d been too depressed for too long to even bother jerking off.But Amanda had me on fire. I felt the long-dormant sensation of semen filling my scrotum. I felt my cock throbbing from the inside out. And I felt Amanda’s warm, willing, loving pussy enveloping me with rapture. I couldn’t hold back much longer.”Amanda, sweetheart,” I said raggedly, “I think I might cum at any time. But I don’t want to leave you behind. Do you think you could cum with me soon?””Oh, Daddy — of COURSE I can. Just keep doing what you’re doing. You’ve got me on the EDGE!”I kissed her on the mouth, continuing our penis-in-vagina slamfest and my urgent massaging of her clit. I felt her squeeze her legs against my neck, her pelvic muscles against my prick.”Amanda… are you ready?” I soon asked.”Oh, yes, Daddy, YES! I want you to spurt your seed inside me. Fill me with your cum, Daddy!”There was no holding back from there. My balls had not forgotten how to produce their reproductive juices. I’m not sure I had ten months’ worth in there, but there definitely was a massive sperm buildup. It erupted through my urethra, spewing forth into my daughter’s womb. Her throbbing pussy began clenching wildly at the same time, her orgasmic convulsions milking my cock and balls even further.It was the highest height of ecstasy I’ve ever reached in my life. She was a beautiful, intelligent, loving young woman — and my little girl. Having her clinging to me, suspended off the ground, my penis firmly entrenched in her spasming vagina, was more than I could fathom. I’m surprised I didn’t pass out.I sat down on the bed, still buried in my daughter’s slit. She lay her head on my shoulder, her legs now wrapped around my torso rather than my shoulders. Her feet were splayed across the bed.I realized distractedly that I was sweating profusely. “Gotta get back in shape if I’m going to engage in these sexual gymnastics,” I thought to myself.Aloud, I said, “Amanda, you are AMAZING! You are the most wonderful girl on the face of the earth! I love you, sweetheart!””I love you, too, Daddy — and I LOVE INTERCOURSE, PA — with you!” she said joyfully.”Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!” I joked. “But will do it again, and again, and again!””Absolutely, Daddy,” she smiled. “And when we’re done for tonight, let’s snuggle in my bed and go to sleep together. Maybe you can tell me a bedtime story first — perhaps a bit naughtier than the ones you used to tell me when I was little. And I know JUST the sleep shirt I’m going to wear to bed with you…”THE END

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