Daddy, a chevy , oxy part2_(1)


The next morning when i woke up my head was spinning, my ass cheeks burning. I wasn’t in the soft sleeping bag i paased out in. My hands were tied and i was sitting on sticks and leaves with my back to a tree.

“Good morning slutty princess.” Daddys face was bright with hints of evil. My skin began to crawl, “I took the liberty of making your little ass red while you slept.”

“What? Why?” my vision was coming back but i was still very groggy.

“Last night i claimed the last virgin hole in your body. Today i will claim your mind and body. I know i don’t have remind you that nobody can hear you scream.” Daddy picked me up and stood me on my feet raising my arms above my head. My arms immediately started to fall. He swatted my ass. “Arms up!”

“I can’t Daddy.” I wasn’t sloshy or groggy but i was still so physically tired.

He clenched his teeth and looked straight into my eyes, “you belong to me. Hands up, Now!”

I raised my arms but they fell again. Daddy smacked my thighs and i crashed on the ground. With a grunt he picked me up and looped a rope i hadn’t seen hanging down from the tree branch above me between my wrist under the exsisting rope. I was now hanging from the tree, by my wrists.

Daddy stepped in front of me, a man with a plan. “Today i am going to bruise you and break you. When i am done with you it is my hope you will understand without a doubt that you belong to me.” He smiled. “Hold on tight princess. This is going to hurt.”

His hand cupped my breast and he twisted my pink nipples until i shrieked, then the other. Then with both nipples he drew a loud scream from my lips. While i finished screaming he vanished. A few minutes went by and i started to turn myself around calling for him. He reappeared with several long and mostly thin Ankara escort twigs. He dropped them at my feet exclaiming in a whisper right next to my ear, ” there are 10 switches. You will pick which one i use each time i swat you. 10 times each.”

I was scared so i closed my eyes. Pointed to a switch with my toe. Daddy picked it up and swatted the front of my thighs three times, then my ass twice. It did it again to my thighs harder. Then even harder twice to my ass again. “Next switch, and count this time.”

I picked a switch at random again. He satted my ass hard. “One,” i counted. Then my thighs in front.

“Two,” i bit my lip. I was getting dizzy and wet. The third switch’s blow landed on my left shoulder blade. Four, my right. Five through 10 my shoulders still.

Next total of the next 3 switches blows were hard swats to my ass and thighs. I was whimpering and holding back tears and we were only half way through. The next switch started across my shoulder blades and traveled south along my back. At some point i began to cry while i screamed each number. There was less time in between each switch and even less between swats.
Switch 7’s blows were across my breasts evenly each swat getting faster and adding more sting. Switch 8 was across my back again. That’s when i noticed my father had miscounted and there was only one switch left. I kept my mouth shut as he picked it up and swatted the front of my thighs.

“Last ten swats my slutty princess,” daddy was growling again. He walked around behind me and came back with all 9 former switches in one hand.

“No! Please?” I was crying, scared and unsure my young body could take anymore. He didn’t want to hear it and slapped my mouth. Then he rubbed his fingers around my clit. His fingers slid through the puddle Ankara escort bayan forming between my legs.

“Your body seems to think you’re ready,” he voice was a hot whisper against my ear. He stepped back and delivered a blow to my ass with all 9 switches. I could tell it was a warning shot. I took a deep breath and as i started to exhaled the second swat hit my ass hard.

“No daddy!”

“Wrong answer. Next time i want you to say “more daddy”. Got it?”

“Yes Daddy,” i cried more and he struck me fast. “More, Daddy?”

He struck me again. “Manners princess!”

I was crying so hard. “More. Please Daddy?” the last 5 swats were full force. I just cried and asked for more like i was told.

He dropped the switches and cut my wrists free, catching me as i fell. I thought it was over but he took me to the truck instead of our tent. He opened the driver side of the car and bent me over. That’s when i remembered last night. His cum was still in my ass! As the tip of his dick slid in he growled again.

“I want you to thank me while i fill your asshole with warm piss princess,” the words were low and strained leaving him lips. ” Don’t let a single drop fall out of your ass. You hear me?”

“Yes, daddy.” This was going to be impossible. I couldn’t think, then i felt it. Warm urine started filling my ass. It was humiliating. He seemed to keep peeing forever.

“I haven’t pissed since i took your ass last night,” he said, still pissing. “Saved it all for your ass today.”

When he was done he warned me and i clenched my muscles as he pulled out. A little bit escaped and he wasnt happy about it. He wiped my thighs with his hand and rubbed it on my chest. “I own you and you will be my toilet if i wish. Keep it inside you.”

He instructed me to sit Escort Ankara on the rocks near the river and went to the tent. I wanted so bad to let go. My ass felt full and the clenching was starting to my butt cheeks cramp. He returned with smirnoff and more pills. I drank the smirnoff and took the drugs.

“Spread your legs and sit still,” another instruction i followed as he placed his feet on either side of my lips and stuffed his cock in my mouth. I could taste everything but refused to gag and upset him. “Good slutty princess.” he fucked my mouth and squirted his cum on my chest. He left me there to sit silently drinking Smirnoff.

When he came back i wanted so bad to empty my asshole and i cried asking him. He only responded with a no dragging me back to his chevy and bending me over the seat he fucked my sore pussy and stuck the tip of his dick in my ass as he came. I obeyed commands and took it crying. I was tied up immediately after, arms up, the tree branch.

Daddy sat on a log staring at me. He was watching me wiggle trying to keep evrything inside. He was smiling as he revealed his plan. “Beg me to release it. Only when i allow may you empy your ass. Release slowly. I want to watch my cum and piss cover you.”

“Please Daddy?!?!” I started begging immediately, crying for release. It took a long time for him to say yes but the second he did i relaxed my ass cheeks. My fathers cum and piss trickled out of me slowly.

“Stop!” I clenched again. He walked over to the switches and picked them up. He started swatting my ass. “Let go all the way.”

He watched it all spill out of me while he covered the switches in the piss and cum. Then he swatted my whole body while i writhed and screamed with tears flowing down my face.

I must have passed out. The pills an Smirnoff hit my empty stomach quickly and i woke up in my fathers arms being carried into the river. He said something about cleaning me up before i passed back out.

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