DADDYWhen I was sixteen, I was still a virgin, but I had already learned how to get myself off. I hadlistened to the brazen talk of the other girls at school and learned many things. My littlefingers served me well. I never fell asleep at night before relieving the daily tensions withmy fingers deep inside my slippery pussy.I had never seen an adult cock because I had no attraction to the immature, but horny, boysat school, finding their interest in me undesirable. On the other, I began having i****tuousfantasies and started to wonder what my daddy would be like as a lover. I amused myselfwith daydreams about how his cock might feel inside my hot pussy. I’d lie in my own bed atnight and estimate how big his cock was and hold up fingers to judge my estimates of itssize. I had heard about oral sex and tried to see how many fingers I could put in my mouthcomfortably, vicariously pretending I was sucking off my daddy. My forbidden thoughtssimulated me and soon I’d feel the tingling between my legs. Then I would finger myselfuntil a warm, girlish climax would spread out across my body.At times, if I moved about the house quietly, I could see my father changing in his bedroom,or walking back from the bathroom, carelessly covering only part of his body. The fewgood looks only fueled my interest in him. I had yet to see the object of my desires.I found one day where my mom kept her vibrator. When I was left home alone, I would stripdown and play with it, each time getting bolder as it increased my excitement. I had toreplace the batteries, fearing mom would notice they had run down. Then it happened. Irammed it deep into my pussy one afternoon in a moment of careless enthusiasm. Whatpain! When I pulled it out, it was stained crimson with my virginal blood. I was frightenedby my deed. Carefully, I rinsed off every trace of my lost maidenhead and put a pad in mypanties to absorb any last drops of blood.I was sore for a few days. I knew full well what had happened, but decided that I was still avirgin because no man had penetrated my pussy. Hard cocks became more prominent inmy thoughts, driving me to find out more about my dad’s body.My mom left one weekend to visit her younger sister who was going to have a baby, buthad been ill, needing help with her other c***dren. I would be alone with my dad to takecare of me for a week or two. One night soon after she left, something woke me up.Feeling thirsty, I decided to get a drink in the bathroom. Silently padding past my parent’sbedroom on my way back, I noticed some heavy breathing and a few moans. Thinking mydad was sick, I gently eased the door open and looked inside. I saw my daddy sittingnaked on the bed with his cock in one of his hands. Even from where I was standing in theshadow of the door, I could tell that his penis was even bigger than I had imagined. It hadan impressive size. Silently I stood in the doorway, watching him stroke it slowly andrhythmically. I felt the familiar tingling between my legs.I edged forward so that I could see him clearly, even if he would see me if he lookedaround. I did not really worry that he would turn and see me because he was all too busymoving his hand up and down his cock and had his eyes locked on the flickering screen ofhis TV. I could see he was watching a dirty movie about sex, but I was not interested aboutwhat was on the screen. I was interested in daddy’s big penis.I inserted fingers into my tight, slippery little pussy. I was now rubbing myself toward theecstasy of a wonderful climax. My whole body shook as my tickling made my little clit eruptin a thrilling climax. Not yet satisfied, I continued my rubbing for many minutes with myother hand clamped over my mouth so that I would not moan too loud. Then I kind of lost mybalance and fell back against the wall, making an audible thump. My father suddenlylooked around, and there I was with my nightgown pulled up around my waist and my nearly barepussy exposed for him to see.”Oh shit!,” I mumbled. I stood up and let my nightie drop down.Daddy did not appear to be angry at all. He looked directly into my eyes, as if to read myinnermost mersin escort thoughts.”Come over here, sweetie,” he said. “If you want to watch me so badly, you can stand rightnext to me. I have something to show you, something that I am certain you wanted to see.”Still ashamed, I slowly walked across the carpet and stood by him. He remained seatedon the edge of the bed. His cock lay swollen in its massive glory, displayed for myinspection on his open palm. My eyes were drawn to its lewd veiny shaft and darker,bulbous head.”Is this what you wanted to see, Melissa?””Daddy, I-I’m… I’m sorry I was peeking… I… Uh…””But, Melissa, is this what you wanted to see? It’s okay, sweetie. Here, take a closer lookif you want.””Yes, daddy, I did want to see your penis.”He gently tugged my hand and urged me to drop down on my knees to kneel on the floor infront of him. His magnificent tool was right before my face. I looked at the large cock,noting the slit on the end of the head, the thicket of pubic hair from which the thick shaftgrew, the fleshy sack that sagged under the burden of dad’s large testicles.”Go ahead and touch it if you want.”I tested the meaty pole with my finger tips, feeling the heat radiating from the hot flesh.”Now go ahead and kiss it, sweetie,” he urged. “That would make daddy very happy.”I looked up at his face, scarcely believing that I heard his words. He reached over and puthis hand behind my head, gently drawing my face closer to his cock.”Go ahead, Melissa. Give it a nice big kiss.”I leaned forward and gave the tip a quick little peck with my pursed lips. When I looked up,dad smiled and nodded his head in approval. Becoming bolder, I leaned forward again.This time I gave it a sloppy, wet kiss, letting my tongue dart out briefly.”Now place the head inside your mouth,” daddy urged.My mouth was soon wetly wrapped around his cock, and I was gripping it firmly with mylips. I almost gagged when I put too much of the thick shaft in my mouth, but I didn’t care. Iwas doing something with the cock I had dreamed about for so long.”That’s so good, sweetie. You are helping your daddy so much and making him feel everso good. Just keep doing that.”I understood that I was helping my father get off. I had no reluctance in servicing him and, athis urging, started to suck his penis harder.”I want to get off and come in your mouth, sweetie,” he told me. He explained that I wasgiving him something called a “blow job.” I was surprised by that amusing name since Iwas doing a lot of sucking and no blowing at all.As I sucked on his cock, daddy slowly loosened and pulled off my nightie. He explainedthat he would shoot a big load of his juices into my mouth when he climaxed. I wantedto see that happen, but soon found out that experience would have to wait. After I’d beensucking his penis for a while, dad eased his hard cock from my mouth, raised me up, andlifted my slim body onto the bed. He settled down between my legs and touched myslit delicately with his finger tips.”Let me give you some pleasure too, sweetie,” he whispered softly. He told me he wasabout to “go down” on me. I soon discovered that his term was very accurate.Daddy lowered his head and began to suck on my pussy. His tongue flicked and probedbetween the soft outer lips, making my whole body shake. He inserted a finger andmassaged the interior, running his finger deep into my vagina. He did not stop until I camein an orgasm stronger than any I had given myself. Not finished with me yet, dad continuedto lick me, and probe deeply with his finger until it was deep within me. I felt a second andthird orgasm surge across my shaking, sweaty body.”Oh daddy! That felt so good!” I moaned when I finally came out of the daze of that delightfulseries of orgasms.”I wanted you to enjoy that first before you took care of me. Now finish me off, Melissahoney; suck me off and make me come in your mouth.”As he rolled over onto his back, I rose and moved toward his cock. Squatting next to him, Igrasped his shaft and fondled it briefly before resuming my oral caresses. Dad moved hislegs apart as I lowered my head. When I sucked him, I let my hand fondle his scrotum,feeling the balls, swollen with his semen. While I sucked and touched him, my mindwandered briefly. I thought about my mom sucking him just like me. Then I thought aboutthis being the very same cock that penetrated my mom’s pussy to make me.My attention was brought back to the blow job by my father’s increasing excitement, hisundulating hips and gasping. He was trying to push his cock deeper into my mouth as hisclimax approached. I wanted to pay him back for the wonderful thrills he had brought to myyoung body, so I was ready to do anything he asked.”Oh god, sweetie, jerk me off a little with your hand while you suck me. I need to come sobad now… real bad, honey.”I wrapped my small hand around the thick shaft, resting them on the hairy base. I strokedup and down while I sucked on him. I could tell by his gasping and moaning, increasing involume and intensity, that he would soon blow a load of semen into my mouth.”Oh, god, yes!” he screamed.A big jet of his gooey semen shot into my mouth. Before I had an opportunity to savor it,another shot erupted from his throbbing cock. I began to swallow only to find my dadquickly replenished each quantity of semen in my mouth. Bravely, I consumed his manly juicesuntil the flood abated, and I was able to enjoy the flavor and texture of his offering.”Don’t waste any, sweetie. Suck it all out,” he begged weakly.As I sucked my dad off, I milked his cock, feeling it gradually soften in my grip. Each dropthat emerged, I quickly licked off and swallowed. After a couple of minutes, I had it all andlay down next to him, snuggling my naked body against his, dr****g a slim leg over hismuscular thigh.”Daddy,” I confessed, “I’ve thought of being with you so many times, but I never believed itwould really happen. It was wonderful, more wonderful than I had imagined.””Sweetie, I dreamed of this too. This was a wish I never thought would be fulfilled. I sawthat you seemed to be looking at me rather often. You’re right, Melissa, it was just perfect.””Daddy, can we do more of this stuff while mommy is away?””Damned right we will, Melissa honey. We are going to do this a whole lot more! Whydon’t you just stay right here and sleep in this bed with me tonight.””Daddy, that sounds wonderful!”He lifted the covers invitingly for me, and I eagerly slid underneath, not bothering to put mynightie on. Dad slipped nakedly next to me. I fell asleep, thinking that this was my firstexperience sleeping with a man. I woke up a few times during the night, a little confused tobe lying next to my dad, but quickly recalled how I got there, and fell back asleep with asatisfied smile on my lips.When I woke in the morning’s light, my dad was not there, but he soon appeared with acouple of glasses of orange juice. I sat up in bed, not caring if my little breasts wereexposed for evaluation by his enthusiastic eyes. He sat next to me, and I snuggled againsthis muscular, naked body, sipping my juice.When we finished our juice, dad put the empty glasses on the nightstand and took me intohis arms. I lifted my face to his and our mouths locked together in deep, penetratingkisses, which were made more thrilling my their wicked, i****tuous nature.His fingers found my hard nipples. He brushed them with his finger tips, now and thensqueezing the stiff nipples. I found that my dad’s nipples were likewise hard and teasedthem with my fingers. Soon he lowered his head and sucked my breasts, making my pussytingle with pleasure. He did not just take the nipples into his mouth, but devoured hugeexpanses of each breast, slobbering and licking me like an a****l.”Oh god, sweetie!” he gasped. “I have to eat your little pussy some more!”I spread my legs apart inviting this touch. My father kissed his way down my smooth bodyuntil his face was buried between my legs. Waves of pleasure surged across me as heprobed deep inside with tongue and fingers. He just went on and on, making me comerepeatedly. My juices flooded out dripped down the crack of my ass.”Daddy, stop, please, I can’t take it any more,” I moaned finally.He sat up between my legs and looked down at my wet cunt. I could see he was hard.”Do you want me to give you a blow job again, daddy?””No, sweetie, I want to fuck you, but I am so afraid of hurting you. Maybe you know, it israther painful for a virgin girl to be fucked the first time. Maybe I should just have you suckme off, okay?””Uhhhh… Daddy… I had a little accident a couple of weeks ago. Maybe it won’t hurt now ifyou put your cock inside me. Why don’t you try it. Just do it slowly at first.”He just stared at me. I could see he was wondering about that accident, but his erectmanhood had control of his mind. I spread my legs wider and rotated my pelvis, so hecould see my welcoming pussy smiling right up at him, inviting him to fuck me.”You are probably going develop into a fine slut. Well, I don’t care because right now youare my little slut. What was that accident?””I was playing with mommy’s vibrator when I was home alone. I got too excited because Iwas thinking about you when I did it, daddy!””You are a little whore, but I don’t care. You are going to be my little whore.”I sat up and kissed my dad passionately, greatly appreciating these words. Then I lay backdown and spread my legs around him, hooking him with my heels. He moved to cover mewith his body, brandishing his stiff tool in one hand and supporting himself with the other.Pushing with his cock against my wet labia, I felt him slip partly inside me. Unbelievably, itdid not hurt in spite of the girth of his erection. I locked my legs more firmly around histhighs and pulled him against me. With that lewd act, dad made a mighty thrust and buriedhis full length inside my tight, slick vagina.I scarcely had time to enjoy the stuffed feeling before he began to buck against me. Iquickly responded, rocking my hips in time with his fucking strokes.The thrill of that first time overcame me, and I felt an orgasm building up inside of me. Icame hard, screaming in pleasure. My dad did not pause even though I lay quiveringbeneath him, shivering with the energy of my orgasm. Soon, daddy came inside me. Iknew he was flooding my womb with his rich, fertile sperm. He collapsed on me, trying tokeep his weight on his elbows while I lay beneath him caressing his hard body, so thankfulof the pleasure he had brought me.We stayed home that first day and spent most of the time in the bedroom. We showeredand ate together, because we found it hard to leave each other alone. I wouldenthusiastically give him blowjobs, and he reciprocated by eating me out. Of course, wefucked and fucked and fucked. We never got dressed and the sight of the other’s nakedflesh stimulated a new round of carnality. He would finger a nipple or caress my bare belly,and I was ready to go again. We were all over each other like a****ls in heat.The next day, our frenzy had abated somewhat. Now we were into slow, deliberate sex,bringing each other gradually to thundering climaxes. We finally were motivated to washand change the sheets damp and stained with our sweat and love juices. We went out toeat in a nice restaurant, knowing we would have to behave in public.We now pampered ourselves, keeping up our strength and energy. About five days later,my aunt delivered up a baby son, and mom called to let us know she would be home inabout a week. Dad and I, responding to the news enthusiastically on the telephone, werelooking at each other with sadly.All good things had to end, or at least appear to end. By the time mom arrived home, wehad some degree of control back. Daddy and I went over the house carefully, making theplace look as if nothing extraordinary had passed.We were very discrete. We would go out in the car and fuck in the back seat or wait untilmy mom went out for a while. We had a few blankets down in the basement on which toenjoy each other even if she was at home. We had our opportunities and, to be sure, wenever let them pass unused. This went on for two months, and my mom never had any ideaof what was occurring.The time for another period came and passed, but nothing happened. I began to feel alittle odd in the mornings. One morning I threw up in the sink. My clothes seemed a bitsnug. I told daddy about it.”Oh shit!” he said.

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