Daddy’s girl


“Daddy, can I have some friends over later,” Taylor asked with a sweet smile on her face. Alexander thought for a moment while taking a sip of his coffee.”I don’t see why not, as long as you don’t invite too many people over.””Thanks, daddy,” Taylor said excitedly as she got up and kissed Alexander on the cheek then went to her room.Alexander smiled as he watched Taylor leave the room. Taylor’s birth father had left her mother shortly after she gave birth. Alexander came into her life right after her sixth birthday and had been her dad ever since. Though, lately, since his wife had passed, Alexander had found himself getting lonely and found his eyes wandering Taylor’s way. He knew it was wrong to have sexual thoughts about her, but he watched as she grew up from Magosa Escort a little six-year-old girl with pigtails to the eighteen-year-old she was today. Sometimes he just wanted to gently caress her naked body, from her nice plump breasts to her well-rounded ass.~~~~~~~~~~~~Taylor grinned at herself as she looked in the mirror as she finished putting on her favorite bikini. Time to make daddy jealous, she thought as she walked out of her bedroom and let her friends Dylan and Jacob in the house.”Hey, guys, come on in. The hot tub is outback.”Taylor told them, causing Jacob to let out a whistle when he got a good look at Taylor.He had always had a crush on her, while Dylan was the only one who knew about how Taylor felt about Kıbrıs Escort Alexander. Just like Taylor was the only one who knew the truth about Dylan’s sexuality.”Well, what are we still standing around for, let’s get in the hot tub already,” Dylan said as they passed Alexander who was watching them intensely.After they got settled in, the three of them began playing around splashing each other when Taylor’s top became accidentally undone.”Dylan, would you be a good friend and fix my top?” Taylor asked, ready for her plan to be set in motion.”Mm, no, I think she looks better without it, don’t you Jacob?” Dylan said as he pulled the rest of her top off her body in on her plan and tossed it to Jacob.”Guys, that is so Lefkoşa Escort not cool, give me my top back,” Taylor said, pretending to be mad.”Tell me, Taylor, just how far would you go to get your top back?” Jacob asked, smirking as he stared at her breasts with lust in his eyes.”What do I have to do Jacob?” Taylor asked while looking at her friend.”It’s simple, you have to let me kiss you,” Jacob had told Taylor before placing his mouth on hers before he began kissing her neck. Just as Jacob was about to turn his attention to Taylor’s breasts, Alexander stormed out of the house fuming at the sight in front of him.”TAYLOR SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR FRIENDS AND GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW,” Alexander yelled out at his stepdaughter, causing Jacob to separate from her immediately.”See you later, guys,””Bye Taylor, sorry you got in trouble.”Now that Taylor was in her room and the two boys gone, Alexander made his way to Taylor’s room. Fuming with how Taylor acted, Alexander stormed over to her bed and grabbed Taylor placing her over his knees as he sat on her bed.

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