Darker Desires

Big Cock

It was 6:47 as I looked over at the alarm. The sun was starting to creep through the window, so like my usual self I pushed my face into the bed and pulled my satin pillow over my head, god I loved the way it felt just like the sheets my nude body was in between so smooth they felt like I would just slide off. ‘OK’ I thought ‘You have to get out of bed sometime Amber’ trying to encourage myself.

I still had a headache from the night before, by now I should have learn to lay off the drinks, but some people never learn. Then all of the sudden I remembered the guy I was talking to last night, it was suppose to be a ‘girls night out’ but I seem to always be able to grab the attention of at least a few guys. But this one seemed different.

He was tall, about 6’4” I guess, had the most beautiful tanned skin, and had dark brown short hair that started to curl at the ends. And oh my god those eyes, those honey brown gorgeous pools that seemed to have flakes of gold in them. I could hardly look away from them last night. But I guess it was too little to late, I didn’t even have his name.

‘Back to reality’ I thought, I had started to clean my apartment, getting my clothes and shoes picked up from last night. I went to check my phone in my purse and there it was, a cocktail napkin with Eric and a number on it. I was almost jumping up and down when I saw it, then I felt my stomach start to flutter and was wondering if I would ever have the courage to call.

Later that day I had finally talked my self into calling, but by the third ring I was getting discouraged and was about to hang up when I heard a deep ‘Hello..’ I said ‘Hey I’m not sure if you remb..’ and he responded ‘ Amber?’ before I could even get my sentence out, making me smile. ‘Yeah, I just wanted to see if you wanted to go get some coffee tomorrow or something.’ he said ‘No I can’t’ and my ego took a plunge. ‘Umm ok, well have a good day’ He quickly responded ‘ No, I mean I am busy tomorrow but I would still like to see you, What are your plans for tonight?’ I tried to keep my cool and told him that if he wanted to I could meet him some where tonight, and he told me he would just come pick me up around eight.

He arrived right on time, I had been getting ready since four and not sure where we were going had decided to wear my tight black halter dress and black heels with straps around my Ankara bayan escort ankles. I heard the doorbell and opened the door, he reached out and grabbed my hand and gave me one of those prince charming kisses on it like you see in the movies. ‘God you look beautiful’ I stammered out a ‘Thank you’ but was way to busy checking him out head to toe to say much more. He noticed and made sure to move his hips forward so my attention was right on his crotch, and ‘Damn’ I thought ‘What a nice place that must be.

Walking out to his little black sports car I noticed his eyes seemed to be undressing me, which I didn’t mind a bit, and I could feel my clit start to tingle. I had to admit I was looking really sexy, I had curled my long dirty blonde hair and it was hanging mid-back, my ass looked magnificent in the tight fabric of my dress, and my full breasts were not leaving much to the imagination bulging out of the top. In the car Eric had asked me if I minded going somewhere new, ‘That would be nice.’ He said there was this place that he goes a lot and thought I might enjoy it. When we were going thought the entrance of ‘Level Seven’ I was just waiting for some guy in leather chaps and a whip to walk right by us, I thought I was going to freak out, but when we were finally in there it wasn’t that bad at all. Dark, candles everywhere, and nice little private booths. We sat down at one of the darker tables and Eric ordered our drinks.

Before I knew it I was wanting to touch every part of his body, I just wanted to lick him all over. He kept staring me down with those honeypot eyes like he could look right into my soul. I reached over and kissed him as hard as I could, then started sucking his lip and nibbling a bit. He let his hand start exploring my body, first my face then down to my neck and slowly he started moving to my chest, he started toying with my nipple and seeing my reactions to different amounts of pressure. I loved it! My slit had to be glistening by now, then he started rubbing down to my navel, I was so hot at that point I just had to feel the big bulge that I had spotted earlier. God he was huge! There was no way I could every take the whole thing into my tight pussy. Then he started rubbing the inside of my thigh, I pushed my hips forward just out of instinct, wanting him to feel the part of me that few ever had, and finally his fingers crept up to Escort bayan Ankara my clit, and I felt like he was sending electricity through my entire body just from the slow circle he was making with his thumb around my little bud. I couldn’t help but to let out a deep moan, not noticing that the waitress was standing at the end of the table with more drinks. I felt a crimson red spread across my face, I whispered in Eric’s ear ‘I think we need to leave’ He let a big smile grow across his face and told me that was fine. Still I was so surprised that know someone had been watching us made me so wet, and still wanting more.

The ten minute car ride felt like and entire day. Then finally we pulled up to my house. And I swear I couldn’t get the door unlocked quick enough, my roommate Ashley was sitting on the couch watching TV and looked Eric and I up and down, ‘I thought you two would be back way late tonight.’ I told her that we were going upstairs to talk and she mumbled out an ‘Umm ok.’ Finally we made it to my bed, where this wonderful man of my dreams started back at making me the horniest female in the country. I slipped out of my dress and was standing in front of him in just my little black lace boyshorts. He asked me if I was sure I wanted to fuck, and I just grabbed his package and licked and sucked on his neck. He grabbed me by my ass and picked me up while I wrapped my legs around his waist. I was so full of lust at that moment it felt like all of my senses were on high alert, I could feel everything, how our breathing had matched up, his heartbeat against my chest, and I never wanted anything more than him. Then he threw me against the bed, grabbed me by my thighs and pulled me to him. He ripped off my panties and it almost felt like I was going to have an orgasm right then, ‘ I want to see how sweet your little pussy taste baby..’ and he started going down on me, god how I loved feeling his tongue deep in my pussy, I had to rock my hips with the rhythm. I felt my self starting to spasm and like he had read my mind sucked my clit into his mouth hard, sending me over the edge, my back started to arch and I had shot something over his face and down his chest, ‘Oh my god what was that? I’m so sorry..’ he just gave me a grin and ran two of his fingers across the liquid on his chest ‘Have a taste, you’ve never done that before have you?’ hesitantly I let his fingers Bayan escort Ankara enter my mouth ‘it’s sweet, and no I haven’t..’ he stood up ‘Well let’s see if you can do it again baby..’ rubbing his huge cock against my soaked slit, he started pushing his hips forward and I moaned so loud I was sure Ashley was going to hear. He pushed in inch by inch, and I could feel his throbbing member filling me up slowly then he plunged it in with more force than I thought humanly possible, hitting my cervix and giving me so much pain and pleasure I didn’t know what to do. He almost pulled out then shoved his cock back harder than before. ‘God I’ve been waiting for a pussy like yours for so long, it’s so tight I can barely move’ Thrust after thrust and I could feel it building up again ‘ Eric give me your dick like your gonna make my pussy yours..’ and like that I was being fucked with such vengeance I thought he was going to split me in two. I reached up and grabbed him by his shoulder and back of the neck pulling myself up to him, he reached around and started toying with my nipple making me shudder, ‘OHH..I’m gonna…cum again..’ I bit his chest trying to relieve some pressure ‘Oh yeah baby cum all over Daddy’s dick, I wanna feel that cum soak me again..’ and that’s all it took to send me over the edge, it felt like every muscle in my body was moving, then I felt Eric shooting his seed deep in my belly, moaning at every shot he sent deeper.

We just laid beside each other for awhile, my head on his chest, him holding me as tight as he could against his body, stroking my hair. I had never felt so connected to someone in my entire life, and like he knew what I was thinking, reached down and kissed the top of my head. ‘ I know this sounds crazy but I think I love you’ I couldn’t believe he just said that, I was in shock, I just looked up at him saw those gold eyes and told him softly ‘ I know I feel it to ..’ and we drifted off to sleep

We woke up about about two hours later, and he asked if I was ready for round two, I laughed responding ‘Baby, I was born ready’ ‘ Ok then, will you try something new?’ my mind went into overdrive thinking about what he was talking about ‘ummm ok..’ He rolled me over onto my stomach and put the head of his massive cock at the entrance of my virgin ass, my face had a shocked look and I spun my head around ‘ But..but..I’ve never done this before’….

Comment if I should continue, Also any suggestions, add in’s you would like, or if you don’t like something let me know, This is my first story so I feel a bit lost 🙂

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