Date with her bull part 2


Date with her bull part 2Date with her bull part 2Justinmywife on XhamsterJenn lowered herself down just slightly and the thick head of his black cock rested in the right position, cradled between her pink pussy lips and the rosy white skin of her mound. He held his cock at the base, holding it up while she rubbed to and fro against it, at the same time lowering herself more until the round head began to part her lips and slide slowly inside her. Her mound pushed out and she looked obscenely swollen as the had passed through her inner labia inside her vagina and he must have felt her clamp down on him in the sensitive area below his cockhead because he gasped and groaned as the head of his cock disappeared completely into my wife.My shy little, short little PTA mom normally won’t say shit with a mouthful, but as she impaled herself on him she sighed, “ohhh baby, you feel so good, I really needed you tonight. Get that black cock up inside my pussy baby, come on, fuck your little white fuck hole!”. And in saying this she slid even further down onto his shaft toward his lap, still a good 5″ away. She rocked toward and away, she lifted up and stroked up and down on him. Both of them had their eyes closed and they simply fucked like two a****ls in need. My slut in heat and her big bull in rut, serving each others needs as he fucked himself slowly inside my wife, as they fucked against each other, his long thick black cock sliding deep into her stroke after stroke.They’d ankara escort totally forgotten me and everything else as she finally reached the bottom of his cock, stretching, expanding her tight mommy cunt around her bulls big bare cock. Her ass and pussy pressing down onto his balls as she held him tight inside.It’s harder to see like this and I was getting frustrated since all I could see was his balls protruding from behind her as she rode him deeply. I never saw more than the base of his cock, no pussy lips, nothing.Then he stood up while keeping her pinned on his cock and threw her onto her back without ever withdrawing from inside her. She gasped and giggled, threw her legs open wider and he settled down in her saddle for a long ride. Now I could see her stretched, vivid red pussy lips wrapped and stretched thin around his thick dark black cock. His balls bounced against her pink asshole as he used my slut wife for his pleasure. She moaned underneath him and spread her legs wide. Her hands went to his ass as her knees moved higher toward her chest. All 10″ of black cock one second would be visible except for the head and in the next instant his pelvis was against hers and she was squealing in pleasure.He pumped steadily into my wife’s stretched pussy, gathering a rhythm as his balls slapped against her ass and she moaned and cried out from underneath him. Standing he towered over her 6’2 over her 4’9″, and on top of her head was buried ankara escort bayan in his chest hair sucking his nipples as she held her legs wide for him. She was crying the same phrases over and over in between begging him quietly “fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy baby!” as he did just that. His naked cock was slick with her juices and they made sucking, sticking sounds as their sex slapped together.He fucked her like a common whore, digging his fingertip into my wife’s pink asshole as his thick cock stretched and rammed inside her. Most of his 11 inches kept appearing for a a brief moment and disappearing again inside my wife. She sucked his nipples and his arm, she kicked her legs up over his hips and then down against his ass where her heels dug in and she rode him like a bull.She’d found her steady bull, of that I was fully confident and as I watched him abuse and rut inside my wife’s unprotected womb I knew that she’d love this bull again and again.Suddenly he withdrew and threw himself sideways while pulling her, she grasped his intention and climbed on top of him, then she grasped him with her pussy again. She slid her had between them and deftly guided his cockhead back up between her swollen labia and it simply disappeared as she lowered her self onto it’s full length. I shouldn’t say lowered, she simply “melted” down onto him with a long shuddering moan as she felt this pubic mound against hers, his cock fully sheathed inside her stretched escort ankara to the limits cunt.I knew his cockhead must push her cervix aside and bump all the way up against her womb as she stroked and fell onto him again and again. Her swollen pink pussy lips glistened as his slick cock, black as night disappeared inside her pink flesh. She lowered her face to his nipples and sucked as she came to rest with him fully inside and I knew from past experience she was grasping, milking his cock with her vaginal muscles as he throbbed inside her.I wondered if she could make him cum without stroking him when I heard her whisper, “don’t move baby, let if feel good!”. They lay locked together neither of them moving an outward muscle and the only sound was an occasional gasp as my wife milked her bulls cock with her cunt muscles. “Damn!” I heard him gasp, “awwwww fuuuuccckk!” as his hips pushed up toward her and she pushed down against him securing him as deep as she could inside herself as she felt that first hot gush of his sperm exploding deep deep inside her. She began to shudder and moan, she was shaking and put her hands on his chest and her head down as she screamed. Both of them had succeeded in orgasmed without moving a muscle and now she was feeling his already big cock swell up HUGE inside her as the head spurted and splashed her ovaries with his hot load of sperm.Then they both began gasping and sighing as she lay down fully on top of him. Every couple of seconds she’d shudder and I knew she was feeling him throbbing and draining the rest of the load of sperm inside her married pussy. She’d sealed the deal, she’d been blacked and my wife was now her bulls slut, available for his use at his desire.

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