Daughter’s Slumber Party Pt. 03


I woke up, on my side. Looking about the bed, I could see the nude bodies of my daughter Rita, and her friends Courtney, and Judi, all sleeping either on their sides or their bellies. Our asses had taken a hard spanking, and we needed to keep our asses off the bed to sleep. Even several hours later, I could still see the deeper pink marks of the yardstick strokes crisscrossing their sexy teen asses. The thought that my ass also bore those crisscross marks turned me on even more.

Rita opened her eyes, saw me awake, and smiled at me. She gave Courtney and Judi a shake, and within a moment, all 4 of us were awake. In the light of day, I think we were all feeling a bit awkward. I decided to break the ice of awkwardness.

“Wow, that was just what I needed. My ass stung so well. I hope we can do that again tonight!” I said.

Big smiles broke out, and my daughter replied, “Oh yes indeed, we shall! We were hoping we could do it all again!”

Courtney added, “It felt so good to be paddled by you. You have a wonderful touch with the spanking, your skillful paddling of my ass felt awesome!”

Judi said, “And I am really looking forward to what awaits tonight!”

I had a few ideas running through my head, and I smiled and said, “Leave it to me girls, it’ll be another awesome night.”

We all got up, and soon, dressed and downstairs, we were hungrily devouring breakfast. The girls went off to the mall, and I thought about what we could do. Spanking for sure, but what else? Then it hit me. My 18 inch, double-headed dildo. The idea of using it on my daughter and her friends was wildly exciting. I could either give it to them, by holding one end and reaming out their fiery centers, or 2 of them could ride it. Or both, for that matter. I wondered if there were any tight virgin pussies among the 3, after tonight, there wouldn’t be.

I made a light dinner, we were too excited to eat a lot, and didn’t want to be weighed down with too heavy a meal. At 10, the girls followed me upstairs. I have a kind sized bed, and I told them that we would use my bed. Rita went into her room to get the yardstick and her set of tonight’s spanking panties. In my room, I dialed down the overhead light to a dim glow.

“All right girls, time for what you need! Strip down, then get your asses into position for discipline!” I growled.

I joined them, stripping off my clothes as they did the same. I donned a tight, shiny satin white tanga style panty, that barely covered 1/3 of my ass, and a small panel strained to cover my smooth, freshly shaven pubes.

I noticed the girls, their eyes wide, staring at my freshly shaved pubic area before I put on the spanking panties. They all had wispy pubic hair, and maybe, I would teach them how to shave it.

“OK girls, let’s move it! Looks like you need some more discipline from Mom! Assume the position, Mom’s gonna give you and your bad girlfriends what you need!” I growled.

In a few moments, they were lined up on the bed, their head and shoulders down, their tight teen asses upraised and high. I took the yardstick and swished it around a bit.

I went to Rita, stroked her tight ass, and asked her, “Rita, are you still a bad girl? Do you need more discipline?”

She whispered, “Yes Mom, I’m still bad, spank me!”

I drew back and whapped her across the ass. She squealed with pleasure and urged me on.

“Yes, do it, beat the badness out of me! Tan my white ass!” she cried.

I was happy to do so, as I whipped her ass four more times, the yardstick making loud whapping sounds as it connected with her ass. I could see the marks, as I moved over to Courtney.

“And you Courtney, are you still a bad girl too? Ataköy Escort Do you need more discipline?” I teased.

“Oh yes, I am such a bad girl! I need to be spanked, good and hard!”

I drew back and whapped the yardstick against Courtney’s sexy ass. She squealed as she felt the sting.

“Oh yes, like that, just like that! Paddle my ass hard, let me have it!” she squealed.

With her voice urging me on to whap her ass hard, I did indeed let her have it, as I gave her more hard lashes, spanking her sexy ass with 4 more firm strokes. Her sexy ass quickly took on a crimson glow.

I moved over to Judi, and said, “And you Judi? Do I need to spank the badness out of you also?”

Judi said, “Yes, I need to be punished, spank me hard!”

I drew back and whapped the yardstick firmly against her ass.

“Oh fuck, it feels so good! Spank me hard, tan my ass!” she growled.

“Such language!” I playfully scolded and followed it with another hard stroke to her ass, then, three more hard strokes were delivered, as Judi squealed with pleasure at every stroke.

Rita stood up and pulled down my panties. I handed her the yardstick, as she donned her spanking panties.

“Mom, get on the bed, get your ass up, assume the position!” my daughter barked at me.

I eagerly did so, my ass ready, my pussy twitching.

“OK Mom, we know you are a bad girl too. And like all bad girls, you need discipline, right?” my daughter playfully demanded.

“Yes, oh yes, I’m a very bad girl, paddle my ass!” I grunted.

I felt the sting and heard the whap as my ass took the first hard stroke. I could feel my pussy pulse with heat.

I cried out, “Fuck yes! Beat my ass, tan me, fuck it feels so good!!”

My daughter was happy to do so, and she gave me 5 hard, firm strokes, setting my ass and my pussy throbbing.

“OK Courtney, my Mom gave you five good ones, but I think you need more!”

“Yes, oh yes, I do need more! Spank the badness out of me!”

Looking over, I could see my daughter as she whapped the yardstick against Courtney’s ass. I heard the squeal of pleasure.

“Yes, oh fuck yes, do it again! Paddle me hard!”

“Such language, yes indeed, you do need a good spanking!”

With a chuckle, Rita proceeded to do just that, spanking Courtney’s ass with another 4 hard, firm strokes, the room filled with Courtney’s cries of pleasure.

Judi was next, and my daughter whipped her ass 5 times, as Judi grunted with pleasure, and urged Rita on to tan her ass, hard, after each stroke.

Courtney was next, and soon, my daughter was next to me, naked again, her ass upthrust and ready. Courtney pulled on the spanking panties and turned her attention to me first.

“So, we have a bad Mommy, that likes to be whipped, and uses bad words when she’s whipped!” Courtney playfully scolded.

”Yes, oh yes, I’m a bad bitch, and I need to be paddled! Whip my ass, beat the badness out!” I grunted.

“Bad Mommy! Count out the strokes!” Courtney said with a grin, as she pulled her arm back, and whapped me across my ass. The sting felt so good.

“Fuck, yes, fuck it feels so good! That’s one, keep going, spank me, tan my lily-white ass hard!”

“Indeed I will!”, Courtney exclaimed, and she proceeded to tan my ass a darker shade of crimson, as I counted out the five hard strokes she delivered, and my howls of pleasure filled the room.

“So, is my best friend still a bad, bad girl?” Courtney playfully asked my daughter.

‘Yes, just like my Mommy, I’m a bad bitch! I need discipline!”

“Then you shall get it! Count out the stokes, you bad Ataşehir Escort girl!”

I heard the loud whap, and the squeal of pleasure from my daughter as Courtney landed a hard stoke on Rita’s sexy ass.

“Oh fuck, yes! That’s one, keep going, spank me hard!”

Courtney did exactly that, whipping Rita’s ass 4 more times, her grunts and squeals of pleasure filling the room, as she counted out the 5 hard strokes that tanned her ass. Judi was next, and we could hear the whap of the yardstick connecting with her ass, the counting of the strokes, and Judi’s cries of pleasure as Courtney paddled her ass with 5 firm strokes.

Judi was up next, and she was eager to don the spanking panties, and take control of the yardstick.

“Bad, Mommy, bad!” Judi playfully scolded me. “you certainly need discipline!”

“Oh yes, I need it!” I grunted, “so let me have it!”

I felt the whap, and the sting as she spanked my ass, hard.

“Yes, oh yes, like that! Tan my ass, paddle me well!”

She did exactly that, giving me 4 more, firm, hard strokes. My ass felt fiery red, stinging so good, making my cunt a churning, horny volcano.

Rita was next, urging Judi on to paddle her ass. Judi was happy to do so, the sound of the hard whaps hitting my daughter’s sexy ass cheeks and her cries of pleasure made me hot.

Courtney was next, and she counted out the 5 hard whaps that Judi whipped her ass with.

I got up from the bed and asked the girls if they were still virgins. Judi and Rita admitted they were not, while Courtney, red-faced, said that she was.

I reached into my drawer and drew out the 18 inch, double-headed dildo. I enjoyed the looks of awe, the way their eyes grew real wide, as they took in the sight.

I whispered, “Courtney, how would you like to be deflowered, right now? I will be more than happy to do so, I’ll be really slow and gentle, if it hurts too much, you can stop me.”

Courtney cooed, “Yes, oh yes, I’m so horny, I can’t stand it. Bust my cherry, and fill me up!”

I instructed, “OK, Courtney, lie back, and spread your legs wide. Judi and Rita, lie next to her, kiss and suck her beautiful breasts and her cute, pink nipples, each of you reach down, take her legs, and bring them up, back and spread, giving her as much of a spread as Courtney can handle.”

Soon, everyone was in position, and Judi and Rita reached down and pulled Courtney’s sexy legs up and out. I slid a pillow under her ass, perfect, she was completely spread-eagled, and her pussy was perfectly set, upthrust, and ready to be fucked. Her lips were slightly parted, and I could see her luscious pink trail, syrupy and glistening with her natural juices, no need for lube.

I placed the head against her, and slowly pushed the head inside. With Judi and Rita sucking and licking her stiff nipples, she let out a moan of pleasure. I pushed in slowly, slowly, until I felt the obstruction.

“Courtney, I’m going to try breaking your hymen. If it hurts too much, tell me to stop.”

At her nod, I pushed, adding a bit more force. She gritted her teeth, and I could see her hands gripping the sheets as I bore down. Suddenly, the membrane broke, and I could feel the obstruction vanish as the dildo glided through her torn hymen. She flinched and gasped a bit, but quickly urged me to keep going. I pushed 6 inches up her tight virgin passage.

“Oh yes, that feels so good.” Courtney cooed. “Yes, fuck me, it feels so good, fuck me good.”

Fired up, I pulled it out and slid it back in. She grunted, made sounds of pleasure as her no longer virgin cunt got its first reaming. I slowly pushed Avcılar Escort 7, then after a few strokes, 8, then, 9, and finally I worked 10 inches up her tight channel. Make it easier if her first boyfriend has a big cock, I thought to myself with a smile. I slid it in and out, reaming out her tight teen fuck-hole.

She cried out, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum, fuck, yes, I’m fucking cumming, YES!”

Her voice rose to a shriek as her pussy exploded, spasming tightly around the 10 inches of cunt pleasing dildo buried up her tight passage. I slowed the pace down as she writhed and shuddered, riding the crest of her climax. I slowed to a stop and slowly withdrew the dildo.

“So now, you are no longer a virgin, how do you feel?” Rita asked.

“Oh my god, it felt so good, I LOVE it!” Courtney exclaimed.

“Rita, you’re next, Courtney and Judi, you do the same to Rita, while her Mom gives her the dildo ride of a lifetime.” I cooed.

Very quickly, Rita was in the very same spread-eagled position, her eager pussy upthrust and ready. Her tight inner lips were slightly parted, and I could see the slickness of all her churning juices, and with the dildo slicked up with Courtney’s natural lube, no need for lube here, either. Courtney and Judi started to flick their tongues back and forth, sucking and licking Rita’s tingling tits. I notched the head against my daughter’s tight opening, and with a slow steady push, slid 6 inches in. Rita squealed with pleasure as she took it in. Pulling back, and sliding in again, I slowly worked it deeper, 7, then 8, until 10 inches were buried up her. She squealed with pleasure as her tight cunt walls were spread apart. I kept a steady rhythm going, reaming the fiery fuck-hole of my darling daughter.

She cried out, “Yes, keep fucking me, yes, yes, I’m almost there, almost, almost, ungh, ungh, ungh, fuck, oh fuck yes, I’m cumming OH MY FUCKING GOD!”

She screamed as she came, her cunt wrenching wildly around the stiff dildo. Her body shook wildly in the throes of climax.

Withdrawing the dildo, I told Judi that it was her turn, and soon, Courtney and my daughter with sucking her nipples, while her pussy was being opened up by the big dildo. I barely got a rhythm going.

She cried out raggedly “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”

Her body shook and spasmed wildly, and she let out a howl of blissful pleasure as her orgasm washed over her, as she pulled Rita and Courtney tightly to her.

Rita looked at me with a devilish gleam in her eye.

“Like daughter, like mother,” she giggled, “Lie back Mom, and let us wield the dildo on you!”

On my back, with Judi and Courtney sucking my nipples, and my daughter holding the dildo, ready to ream out my cunt and giving me a wickedly sexual smile was erotic beyond anything I’d ever felt. My daughter pushed the head in, and quickly slid 10 inches up my steaming cunt.

“Oh fuck, yes, it’s too good, Fuck me!” I howled.

My daughter was eager to do so, reaming out my steamy cunt until I exploded, howling as a massive orgasm exploded inside of me. With a very quick change, Rita was suddenly sucking the tit that Courtney had been, and Courtney was plunging the dildo deep inside, continuing to fuck me, until a second orgasm quickly caught up with me, and made my stomach flutter wildly as it exploded, and Judi and Courtney did the quick change so that my daughter and her friends would all experience the thrill of bringing me off with my dildo. I felt a rush of love for my daughter and her friends, so considerate that they all wanted to bring me off, and with Judi now power fucking the dildo deep inside me, I let myself sink into a third orgasm, howling the pleasure I felt like my body’s nervous system was wracked with another wild, gut-wrenching orgasm, leaving me limp, giddy, and very satisfied.

As I flopped down, heading quickly for sleep, I was aware of Rita, Judi, and Courtney all cuddling close to me, pulling the blankets over us, our bodies totally sated, as sleep dropped over us like a dark curtain.

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