DAWNS LIFEDAWNS STORYSOMEWHERE BETWEEN NORFOLK AND SCOTLAND 1960Dawn Effingham was on her way back to Scotland after spending three weeks with Major Webley at his place in Norfolk.She’d gone there after the car her husband had bought her before he’d died had finally given up the ghost.Not that she would ever sell said car but she still needed a car that would run.So she decided to put her old car into a Barn at Rednam riding school where she lived and worked.Major Webley had invited her down to his place in Norfolk because he new a chap that had a beautiful little car for sale that was just the sort of thing Dawn would like.Indeed the Major was correct.As soon as Dawn saw the car she new she just had to have it.Now she was driving back to Scotland and just couldn’t wait to show off her new car to her best friend / lover /confident.Who happened to be the Headmistress at St Augustine Catholic girls school. Which was the school just down the road to where Dawn lived.***********************Stella Brown the Headmistress at St Augustine Catholic girls school.Was looking forward to seeing her good friend /lover/confident. Dawn Effingham who was due back sometime today.Stella new that Dawn had bought a new car with Major Webleys help, but had no idea what it was.All she new was that Dawn had said I’m sure when you see it you’ll fall in love with it as I did.The only clue as to what the car was Dawn had given her was that it was silver and was Five years old and was a beautiful looking little car.Unfortunately Stella would never get to see the car. *********************As Dawn drove back to Scotland a van cut in front of her causing her to brake sharply and the lorry behind her who’s Brakes weren’t as good as hers to slam into the back of her car which caused Dawns car to spin out of control.As it spun the wheels hit the soft verge at the side of the road which caused the car to start to ‘Barrel Roll’As the car rolled over and over Dawns whole life seemed to flash before her eyes.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<kaçak iddaa said. Yes please Mr Effingham, if you’ve got something that will help ease the burning. Would you like me to rub it into your bottom cheeks, or would you rather do it yourself? Asked Michael. Well if you don’t mind Mr Effingham, and as long as you’re very gentle, as my bottom is extremely sore. I think it would be easier if you done it. Replied Dawn. OK I’ll do it for you, on one condition. Replied Michael. And that’s whenever your parents are not around please call me Mike and not Mr Effingham. That’s a deal Mike, replied Dawn, with a little smile on her face. As Mike rubbed the lotion into Dawn’s sore bottom cheeks he asked her why did your mother spank you today, if you don’t mind me asking. No not at all Mike. She spanked me because she heard me swearing again! Replied Dawn and she’s told me a number of times that if she hears me swearing that she’ll give me a bare bottom spanking that I won’t forget in a hurry. Hey Mike what is this stuff that you’re rubbing into my bottom cheeks, as it really is soothing my sore bottom, asked Dawn. It’s Horse liniment, replied Mike with a little smile on his face. As he smiled Dawn thought to herself, what a beautiful smile he’s got, smiling really suits his face.*********************Over the next few years Michael Effingham witnessed Dawn getting many more Bare bottom spankings. Most of which her mother used her trusty old hairbrush to administer them with. **********************1911Then one evening whilst Michael was working near the house he heard Mrs Rednam say to Dawn. Dawn! You’d better get yourself over to the barn as your Father wants a word or two with you. Michael never new exactly what Mr Rednam said to Dawn that evening but about twenty minutes later when he was walking past the afore mentioned barn he heard a very loud SNAP noise coming from inside the barn. Which was accompanied by Dawn saying ouch or Owwww or thhhhhhhhMichael couldn’t help but sneak a look inside the barn. Being very careful so as not to be seen he carefully leant against the barn and looked through the gap in the wooden slats. This is what he saw. Dawn was bent over a couple of bales of straw, her jodhpurs were down round her ankles and her bare bottom was up at an angle and Mr Rednam was giving her a good strapping on her afore mentioned bare bottom. SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAPwent the strap, each time it landed on Dawns bottom she either said Owwww or ouch or thhhhhh. It wasn’t long before Dawn was crying and begging her Father to stop. Please dad, no more I’m sorry I won’t ever do it again. IT’S TO LATE FOR I’M SORRY YOUNG LADY. SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP Owwww Owwww Owwww Truely I’m sorry dad. It’s all very well you saying you’re sorry and you’ll never do it again whilst I’m giving you a strapping young lady, anyone can do that, but you’ve got to really mean it, And I warn you now. After the summer holidays when you start at St Augustine Catholic girls school. If you ever get a caning from the Mother Superior. Then you will find yourself back out here getting a bare bottom strapping and you can whine as much as you like but I won’t stop until you can’t sit down. Is that clear young lady! Yes Sir very clear Sir. Right well another six today and then I’ll stop. SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP. OWWWW OWWWW OWWWW THHHHHHH THHHHH OUCHIE. Right Dawn, that’s it for today and remember what I told you. You can stay face down over the straw for the next half an hour, after which when you’ve finished feeling sorry for yourself. Then you can come and find your Mother and I. And apologise for your behaviour.Said Mr Rednam. And with that he left Dawn over the bales of straw with her jodhpurs round her ankles and her very sore looking bottom sticking up in the air. After about 5 minutes Michael walked into the barn unseen by Dawn and coughed. Oh wow Dawn he said. Your bottom looks really really sore and I think your going to have a hard time sitting down for a day or two. Well I can honestly tell you Mike, that at the moment my bottom is so sore that it’s Numb. Please would you rub some horse liniment into my bottom cheeks Mike. I’d be happy to Dawn. *********************Easter 1912Dawn was face down over the bales of straw again with her jodhpurs pulled down round her ankles getting a good bare bottom strapping from her Father again. As Dawn had walked into the barn she had seen her Father standing beside the bales of straw with his strap in hand waiting for her. I think you know what to do Dawn. Said Mr Rednam to his daughter. Dawn new exactly what to do and undid the button on her jodhpurs, pulled the zip down, then pulled her jodhpurs all the way down to her ankles. Without saying a single word, and bent over the bales of straw with her bottom sticking up at an angle. As she did this, Mr Rednam for the first time got to see the six red stripes across his daughters bare bottom. Well I’ll say this for that Mother Superior, she certainly knows how to use a cane! I warned you last year what would happen if you ever got a caning from the Mother Superior young lady. After Mr Rednam had given Dawn a good dose of the strap he said, as before you will stay face down over thease bales of straw for the next half an hour then you can finish your chores, is that clear young lady! Yes Dad, and I’m sorry I got the cane at school today. Replied Dawn. About Five minutes after Mr Rednam had left the barn and gone into his house. Michael Effingham stepped out from where he had been standing. with his trusty old bottle of horse liniment in hand. He didn’t even need to ask Dawn if she wanted him to rub it into her sore bottom. When Dawn had gotten home from school that afternoon she had bumped into Michael and he had asked her how her day had been at school. To which she had replied. Well it could of been better. How do you mean inquired Michael? Well you see I got the cane at school today. I see said Michael, but it’s not as if it’s the first time you’ve been caned at school is it. Well no but it’s the first time I’ve been caned by the Mother Superior and that old cow gave me six bloody hard ones and on the bare bottom too. I tell you Mike you should see my bottom, it’s got six bloody wheel marks on it. And to make things worse I know that when dad finds out his gonna give me a bloody good bare bottom strapping in the barn. I’ll tell you what Dawn, after your Father has given you a Strapping I’ll rub some horse liniment into it for you, if you like. Dawn smiled at Michael and said. Oh please would you really do that for me? I’d be forever grateful as my bottom is stinging at the moment and I hate to think how sore it’s going to be after Dad has given me a strapping. 10 minutes or so before Mr Rednam had gone into the barn with his strap to prepare for the strapping he was going to be giving to his daughter. Michael Effingham had found a place in the shadows where he couldn’t be seen in the barn and waited. He saw Mr Rednam walk in first then Dawn. Unexpectedly as Dawn had pulled her jodhpurs down he had seen her pubic hair and was delighted to see that it was the same colour as her head hair GINGER And what a Bushy one it was. It was the first time Michael Effingham had ever seen Ginger pubic hair. And as Dawn turned round and bent over the bales of straw Michael for the first time saw the six red stripes across Dawns bottom, he was just thinking to himself well that Mother Superior certainly knows how to use a cane. WHEN Mr Rednam said it out loud. From his hiding place Michael had watched Dawns strapping and once her Father had gone back into the house he had stepped out of the shadows with his bottle of horse liniment in hand. He gently as he could rubbed the liniment into Dawn’s by now very sore looking bottom cheeks. A few days later Dawn got a bare bottom strapping from one of the Nuns at St Augustine Catholic girls school in front of her whole class, and one of the girls just happened to comment on what a Red Sore looking bottom Dawn had. Wow she had said, Rednam has got a really sore looking red Bum, we’ll have to start calling her. Red Bum Rednam. And from that day Dawn got the nickname Red Bum. Rednam. One day whilst she was at school another younger girl walked up to her and had asked her if she new where Red Bum Rednam was. Yes I know where she is Dawn had replied and asked the girl why she was looking for her. Well you see I’ve been told that Red Bum Rednam will let me look at her Red Bum for sixpence. As I’ve been told that I’ve got to go to the Mother Superiors Office tomorrow morning as I’m going to be getting the cane from her and if I want to know how red and sore my bottom is going to be that I should ask Red Bum Rednam if I can look at hers. Replied the girl. I see Said Dawn. Then you had better come to the toilets with me and look at My Bottom, but remember yours won’t be as red as mine as whenever I get the cane from the old cow as I’m not a Boarder here and live down the road I also get a bloody good bare bottom strapping from my Dad. Oh by the way I’m Red Bum Rednam but please call me Dawn. ********************1914Just before the outbreak of World War one. Dawns mum and dad had gone away to visit some family member or other. And had left Michael Effingham in charge of the riding school. Now Dawn took this opportunity to do something that she had been wanting to do for a while. She was deliberately naughty at school knowing that she would be sent to the Mother Superiors office and would get six strokes of the cane on her bare bottom. Indeed that’s exactly what she got. Dawn had to bend over the desk in the Mother Superiors office and let her pull her Kilt up over her back and pull her Bloomers down to her ankles and then she got six very hard strokes of the whippy cane on her bare bottom. SWISH CRACK SWISH CRACK SWISH CRACK SWISH CRACK SWISH CRACK SWISH CRACK THHHHHH THHHHHH OWWWW OWWWWWTHHHHHH OWWWWWAlthough it really really stung her bottom Dawn indured the pain of the caning. WHEN she got home she new Michael would ask her how her day at school had been. To which she had replied. Not a good day at school today. Got a bloody good bare bottom caning from the Mother Superior today. I see Michael had said. Look Mike can I ask if you would mind doing something for me asked Dawn. Would you like me to rub some Horse liniment into your sore bottom by any chance. Replied Michael. Well yes but before you do, as you know my Father warned me that if I ever get caned at school by the Old cow. That when I get home I’ll be getting a fucking good bare bottom Belting from him as well. And as his not here I was wondering if you would consider giving me a good bare bottom strapping instead, as I was extremely naughty at school today and I definitely deserved the caning I got and I’m sure if Dad was here I’d be in the Barn right now with my Jodhpurs round my ankles getting my very sore bottom made even sorer by my Dad’s strap. Replied Dawn. Ummmm let me think about that for a minute or two. Said Michael. Your asking me to take a strap to your bare bottom and give you a bloody good strapping. Said Michael. Look I know it’s a lot to ask and you don’t have to if you don’t want to, Replied Dawn. Well I’d be happy to give you a good strapping but what would happen if your Father ever found out that I’d given you a strapping, not only a strapping but a bare bottom strapping at that. Replied Michael. Dawn gave a cheeky little smile and said well I definitely won’t tell him if you don’t. OK look Dawn, I’d be more than happy to give you a good bare bottom strapping, on a couple of conditions. Replied Michael. Well what are your conditions asked Dawn. Firstly. I’ll only do it if you’ll wear your full school uniform including your Bloomers. Secondly.Instead of in the barn, I’ll give you the strapping over the end of your bed. Replied Michael. Ummmmmmm let me get this straight. You’ll only give me a bare bottom strapping, if I’m wearing my full school uniform including my Bloomers and only if I’m bending over the end of my bed. Replied Dawn. Yep that’s right replied Michael. Well I’m happy to. Replied Dawn. Then if a bare bottom strapping is what you want young lady. Then a bloody good bare bottom strapping is what you’re going to get and I warn you now that if you try to stand up whilst I’m strapping you, then I will start again, is that clear young lady. Replied Michael. Yes Mike, very clear. And it’s yes Sir Very clear. Sorry Sir, yes Sir very clear Sir. Right well firstly I think that you should get all your chores done. Then you can get changed into your full school uniform. Said Michael. A few hours later Dawn was standing in her bedroom with her hands on her head waiting for Mr Effingham to come in and give her a bloody good strapping. As Michael Effingham walked in he said. Good evening Ms Rednam. Good evening Sir Replied Dawn. Right Ms Rednam I hear that you got the cane at school today from the Mother Superior and you know what that means, don’t you young lady! No Sir, Replied Dawn I don’t know what that means. Then I shall explain it to you. Replied Mike. When you first started at St Augustine Catholic girls school. Your Father warned you that if you got caned by the Mother Superior, that he would give you a bare bottom strapping whenever you got caned by her. But my father is not here, so he can’t give me a strapping for getting the cane today, Replied Dawn with a smile on her face. Yes, but as he left me in charge of the riding school and more importantly in charge of you. I have a responsibility to make sure that I forfill that roll, which unfortunately for you also means that if you misbehave that I must punish you. Replied Mike.Then added, so you can wipe that smile of your face young lady. But that’s not fair, Replied Dawn. Yes well life isn’t fair is it! Replied Mike. So I suggest that you lift up your Kilt and let me pull your Bloomers down to your ankles. Said Mike. No said Dawn, I won’t and you can’t make me. DON’T TEST ME. said Mike in a raised voice. You either lift up your Kilt right now or if I have to do it for you young lady then you’ll be very sorry. Dawn made a ‘Humph noise’ and lifted up her Kilt. Whilst she was holding up her Kilt. Mike pulled her Bloomers down to her ankles and gave her a hard smack with his hand on both bottom cheeks. OUCH said Dawn putting her hands on her bottom and rubbing them. DID I SAY THAT YOU COULD RUB YOUR BOTTOM YOUNG LADY. said Mike in a raised Voice. No Sir, sorry Sir. Replied Dawn. Now I want you to lay face down over the end of your bed with your feet on the floor young lady. Dawn did as Michael asked. For the first time Mike see the six deep kaçak bahis and sore looking stripes on Dawns bare bottom cheeks. And asked her if they were as sore as they looked. Of course there bloody sore Replied Dawn, Well by the time I’ve finished strapping you, you won’t be able to sit down for a week young lady. Replied Mike. Laying the strap across Dawns bottom cheeks. He asked her if she was ready to be strapped. Dawn replied cheekily, No Sir I’m not ready Sir. Well that’s a shame, because I am. said Mike.So I suggest you brace yourself girl as this is going to hurt. Said Mike raising the strap up off Dawns bottom cheeks and bringing it back down with a loudSNAPOUUUUCHsaid Dawn. Reaching back with her hand to rub her bottom where the strap had landed. DID I SAY YOU COULD RUB YOUR BOTTOM GIRL! Shouted Mike. No Sir, Replied Dawn. Then don’t rub it unless I say you can, Do you understand me young lady. Said Mike. Yes Sir Sorry Sir. Said Dawn. And with that Mike raised the strap again and brought it back down onto Dawns bare bottom cheeks. SNAPOUUUUCHsaid Dawn again, but this time not reaching back to rub her bottom. Again and again Mike brought the strap down across Dawns bare bottom. SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP went the strap. Accompanied by either an ouuuuch or owwwww or thhhhhhhhh or ouuuch that bloody hurts. To which Mike would reply. Of course it hurts, it’s meant to hurt. So that it teaches you to remember not to get caned by the Mother Superior. SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP owwwww owwwww that bloody hurts please Sir I’m sorry Sir, I promise I’ll never get caned by that old cow again Sir. SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP continued the strap. By now Dawns bottom had turned from a pinkish colour to a dark crimson colour. After another few slaps with the strap Mike stopped and said. Well I hope that teaches you a lesson young lady. You may rub your bottom now if you wish. Thank you Sir. And thank you for giving me a strapping Sir. Your right Sir I did deserve it Sir. Replied Dawn Rubbing her sore bottom cheeks. My pleasure, replied Mike. Now I think it’s time you got undressed and put your nightie on and went to bed, don’t you. Yes Sir. Said Dawn standing up and getting undressed in front of him. This was the first time that Michael Effingham had ever seen Dawn completely Naked. For a 16 year old. Michael thought that she had a beautiful looking body. As she turned around he for the first time saw her naked breasts. And as he looked down noticed that she no longer had any pubic hair. Hey he asked politely what happened to your beautiful ginger pubic hair? Apparently it is thought by the Nuns at St Augustine Catholic girls school, that if you don’t have any pubic hair, then if a man should happen to see you naked, his eyes won’t be drawn to the afore mentioned pubic hair. Therefore he won’t want to fuck you as he won’t notice your Vagina, Sir. Replied Dawn. I see said Michael. What Dawn didn’t know was that Michael Effingham wanted to have sex with her and strapping her gorgeous bare bottom had made him want her even more. But because he was a gentleman he never told her this. As Dawn slipped her Nightie on, she thought to herself. If only he new how much I wanted him. Right Dawn please lay face down on the bed and pull your Nightie up so that I can rub some horse liniment into your sore bottom cheeks. Dawn did as he asked, enjoying the feel of his hands rubbing the liniment into her sore bottom cheeks. After Michael had left and whilst Dawn was still face down on the bed, she put her hand between her legs and started to masterbate. Noticing just how moist she was. This certainly wasn’t the first time that she had ever touched herself down there. Nor would it be the last. 3 weeks later when Dawn got home from school, her Father said, Dawn I have a question that I need to ask you and I want you to tell me the truth. OK replied Dawn. With a slightly puzzled look on her face. Whilst your mother and I were away, did you get the cane from the Mother Superior? Yes Dad, I did. Replied Dawn. Then I think you and I need to go to the Barn as I have a Strapping to give you. Replied Mr Rednam. Dawn couldn’t exactly say to her Father that she had already been given a strapping by Mr Effingham for that caning. So she had no choice but to accompany her Father to the Barn and get another strapping for getting her bare bottom caned by the Mother Superior. ********************July 28th 1914This was the day that what was to be known as World War one broke out. ******************This was also the date that Michael Effingham left Rednam riding school and joined up. Two years later Dawn lost her virginity to the Butcher’s son. And in Dawns own words it was nothing to write home about. ****************November 11th 1918.World War 1 officially finished. Michael Effingham returned from the war a changed man and left the Rednam riding school and opened a stud farm of his own in Norfolk. which would be known as Effingham Stud Farm. Over the next couple of years he would visit Rednam riding school whenever he happened to be doing business in Scotland.It was on one of these visits that Dawns Father said. Hey Dawn, do you remember Mr Effingham. Dawn walked over and said. Hello Mr Effingham how are you, and what are you up to these days. Michael replied. I’m doing fine thanks, but I think you should know that it’s Sir Michael Effingham now. Dawn smiled and gave a little curtsey and said. I’m sorry, Hello Sir Michael how are you and what are you up to these days. Sir Michael smiled and said. I’m doing very well, thanks for asking. I now own a Stud Farm in Norfolk and was wondering if you would like to spend a couple of weeks there. Well I’d love to spend a few weeks there with you Sir Michael, but I’m not sure that Mum and dad would be able to run the riding school without me. Replied Dawn. You cheeky young mare. Said her Father. Your Mother and I maybe a little older but we are still capable of running this riding school. ****************Dawn was delighted to be invited by Sir Michael.She had something that she really needed to tell him and hoped that whilst she was at his stud farm that she would get the opportunity to tell him.Unknown to Dawn, Sir Michael also had something that he wanted to tell Dawn and was hoping that he would get the opportunity to tell her whilst she was at his stud farm.Dawn had been at the stud farm for a week now.And this Saturday night she planned to tell Sir Michael a secret that she had been keeping since 1914That evening after dinner as they sat and talked, Dawn plucked up the courage to tell Sir Michael.Well here goes nothing she thought to herself.Sir Michael, I have something that I really need to tell you, and I hope after I’ve told you that you won’t think less of me.Said Dawn.Ok replied Sir Michael, intrigued to know.And whatever you have to tell me I would never think less of you.So Dawn took a deep breath and said.Do you remember back in 1914 when I asked you if you would give me a strapping, because I’d been caned by the Mother Superior.Sir Michael smiled and said indeed I do Dawn, it’s a day I’ll never forget.Dawn noticed again what a beautiful smile he had.Dawn continued.I’ve a confession to make.That day at school I was deliberately naughty, so that I would get sent to the old cows office and get the cane.Because as mum and Dad were away I was hoping that I could talk you into giving me a strapping.As I thought most of my life you’ve seen me getting spanked by either mum or dad.And I had always fantasized about getting spanked by you and my god you would not believe how moist I was during and after that strapping you gave me. I was so moist that after you’d rubbed the lotion into my sore bottom and had gone to bed, I played with my vagina and made myself orgasm a couple of times, wishing that it was you playing with my Vagina and fucking me.Sir Michael raised his voice in anger and said. HOW DARE YOU TRICK ME INTO GIVING YOU A BARE BOTTOM STRAPPING, THAT MAKES ME SO ANGRY THAT I’VE A GOOD MIND TO TAKE A STRAP TO YOUR BARE BOTTOM RIGHT NOW! Then suddenly Sir Michael Burst out laughing, smiled and said.You must of read my mind Dawn. You are correct, I had wanted to spank you ever since the day your mum spanked you with her hairbrush. I also have a confession to make. After I strapped you that evening I really wanted to have sex with you and I’ve fantasised about having sex with you ever since. Infact it was the one thing that kept me going through the war, I told myself that if I lived through the war that one day I would ask you if you would like to have sex with me and that was the sole reason I invited you to my stud farm. This time it was Dawns turn to raise her Voice and say angrily. WHAT SORT OF WOMAN DO YOU THINK I AM! HOW DARE YOU INVITE ME TO YOUR HOME JUST SO THAT YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME! This time it was Dawn that suddenly Burst out laughing and said. If you give me a bloody good bare bottom strapping right now and make me really Moist, then I would be delighted to have sex with you Sir Michael. They both seemed to lean forward at the same time and kiss each other. After the kiss, Sir Michael said. I hope you don’t mind me saying this Dawn but when you kiss open your mouth a little as I don’t know about other men but when I kiss, i like to explore the other person’s mouth with my tongue. Dawn lent forward again and said, what like this you mean. As their mouths met Dawn opened hers a little as did Sir Michael and this time they both explored each others mouths with their tongues. Once they had finished kissing, Dawn leant back and said. Like That you mean Sir Michael. Exactly like that Dawn replied Sir Michael. Leaning forward again and locking lips with Dawn again. After they had Kissed again. Sir Michael said, and please stop calling me Sir Michael and call me Mike. Dawn replied, I will call you Mike but at this precise moment I want to be a Naughty little girl again and get a Bare bottom strapping from you Sir Michael. As all this kissing is making me a little moist. And hopefully after you’ve strapped me you’ll want to give me a good Fucking. Then I think it’s about time I lifted that little dress your wearing over your back and bent you over this table and gave you a Bloody good bare bottom strapping, young lady. Said Sir Michael. Please Sir Michael don’t give me a bare bottom strapping, I’ll be good I promise I will and I’ll do anything you want me to do, honest I will. Said Dawn. Pretending to be scared. NO I SAID I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU A BARE BOTTOM STRAPPING AND A BARE BOTTOM STRAPPING IS WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET RIGHT NOW GIRL. said Sir Michael in a raised voice. Grabbing Dawn by the arm he pushed her down over the table and pulled her dress up over her back and gave her bare bottom a couple of slaps with his hand. Telling her that she had better stay bent over the table while he fetched a strap, or she would be very sorry. Two minutes later Sir Michael returned with a stirrup leather in his hand. Please Sir Michael please don’t strap me, I’ll give you the best cock sucking you’ve ever had. Said Dawn licking her lips in a very sensual way. Disgusting girl, I’m going to give you the biggest strapping you’ve ever had, by the time I’ve finished strapping you young lady you won’t be able to sit down for a week. Said Sir Michael, placing the Strap on Dawns bare bottom cheeks. Are you ready girl. Please, No Sir Michael, can’t I just suck your cock instead. Replied Dawn. No Said Sir Michael, Raising the stirrup leather and bringing it back down again hard across Dawns bare bottom cheeks. Causing her to cry out in mock pain. Ouuuuuch owwwwww please Sir Michael it Hurts so much. To which Sir Michael replied. Hurts, hurts of course it bloody hurts girl, its meant to hurt. As he said this he brought the strap down again and again across Dawns bare bottom cheeks. Making them redder and redder with each one. SNAPSNAPSNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP OUUUCH OUUUUUCH OWWWWWW THHHHHH OWWWW THHHHHH once Dawns Bottom cheeks were completely red and looked sore. Sir Michael Stopped strapping her and told her to stay bent over the table and move her feet apart a little bit more. Dawn did as she was asked, wiggling her bum as she did, which earnt her a couple of slaps to each cheek from Sir Michael.After which he touched her between the legs and pushed a finger into her moist Vagina. Commenting as he did. Oh yes, you do get very moist whilst you’re being strapped, don’t you. Shame you haven’t got a cane, Replied Dawn, you should see how wet I get when I’m being caned. To which Sir Michael replied. Well maybe I’ll just have to get one and find out. But right now I think I’m going to fuck your brains out. Replied Sir Michael. And with that he put his other hand between Dawns legs and played with her clit whilst he fingered her moist Vagina with the fingers of his other hand. Causing Dawn to moan with pleasure. After a few minutes of playing with her clit and fingering her moist Vagina. Sir Michael stopped and asked her to stand up. Which Dawn did willingly. As she stood up Sir Michael undressed her and looked at her beautiful young body and was delighted to see that she had grown her oh so sexy ginger pubic hair back. Dawn in turn undressed Sir Michael and crouched down in front of him with her knees apart and her back straight and holding onto his hips took his cock into her mouth and sucked on it making it hard in no time. As she sucked on Sir Michael’s cock, he held the back of her head and she moved her hands from his hips and squeezed his bottom cheeks as she sucked a little harder on Sir Michael’s erect cock and used her tongue on the most sensitive part of his cock where the helmet joins the shaft.Causing Sir Michael to make hhuuurrrr rrrrrrr noises and thrust his hips forward a little as he gently pressed down on Dawns head. After a minute or two of further sucking by Dawn, Sir Michael told her to stop, unless she wanted a mouth full of cum. Once Dawn had stopped sucking on Sir Michael’s very hard cock, he picked her up and carried her to his bedroom and laid her gently on the bed, telling her to spread her legs. As Dawn laid on the bed, Sir Michael kissed her and then worked his way down her body kissing her all the way down. Then to Dawns complete surprise he kissed her Vagina. After which he thumbed her pussy lips apart and pushed his tongue into her moist love hole. Then licking from her anus to her clit pausing each time he licked her clit and flicking it a couple of times with his tongue. This caused Dawn to gasp in pleasure. Huurr rrrrrrr hhuuurrrr rrrrrrr mmmmm mmmmm hhuuurrrr rrrrr right there hhuuurrrr mmmm mmmmmmm yeeees illegal bahis right there ohhhhhh hhuuurrrr rrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrr hhuuurrrr rrrrrrrrrrrDawn orgasmed for the first time with a man that evening. As she orgasmed she pressed down on the back of Sir Michael’s head and squeezed her legs together with his face buried between her legs. After her orgasm had subsided, she gasped. Fuck me hhuuurrrr fuck mmmmmmm me now. I wanna feel your cock inside me. So Sir Michael kissed his way back up her body, pausing only to suck on each nipple in turn of her gorgeous little breasts. Before continuing up to her mouth. After they had a long open mouthed kiss and had explored each others mouths with their tongues again. Sir Michael knelt between Dawns Legs and very slowly and gently pushed his erect cock into her by now not just moist but very wet pussy. After a couple of minutes of easing his cock in and out of Dawns pussy. He suggested that they changed position. Change position asked Dawn, with a puzzled look on her face. Oh my said Sir Michael, Looklike this. You stand up and face the bed. Now climb onto the bed on your hands and knees, now put your face on the bed and part your legs a little bit, bit further. That’s it, now stick your bottom in the air. Said Sir Michael. Then he also got on the bed behind Dawn on his knees and slowly guided his cock into her waiting Vagina. Slowly and gently again he slid his cock in and out of Dawns pussy. Whilst his cock was thrust all the way in he told her to lay on her front, As Dawn did this Sir Michael slipped both hands under her belly and moved them down slightly so that he could get them between her legs and play with her clit. As Sir Michael played with Dawn’s clit and gently Fucked her, getting faster and deeper with each thrust. He suddenly said time to change position again. This time Sir Michael layed on his back on the bed and had Dawn lower herself onto his cock whilst she facedHim,this time Dawn slowly lowered herself down onto Mike’s cock. Enjoying the fact that she could control how deep his cock went inside her. After a couple of minutes, they changed back to Dawn laying on her back and Mike knealing between her legs. Slowly he slid his cock inside her then almost all the way back out again before sliding it all the way back in then out in out in out. Getting faster and faster with each thrust. Mike’s breathing became short breaths as he got closer and closer until finally he said, I’m going to CUM I’m going to CUM. Just before he CUM Sir Michael pulled his cock out of Dawns Vagina and his cock erupted all over Dawns pubic hair and tummy. After Sir Michael had CUM he laid back almost exhausted. But to his surprise Dawn took his cock into her mouth and began to suck on it and play with his Balls. After a minute or two of continuous sucking Sir Michael’s cock was fully erect again and Dawn wasted no time in getting on her hands and knees and sticking her bum in the air and parting her legs a little. Sir Michael wasted no time in kneeling behind her and grabbing her by the hips and thrusting his cock deep inside her. After about three minutes of good hard thrusting Sir Michael again warned Dawn that he was getting close to Cumming. Dawn asked him to lay on his back again. What Dawn did next Sir Michael was not expecting her to do. As Sir Michael laid on his back Dawn again sucked on his cock, and again Sir Michael warned her that he was getting close to Cumming, expecting her to finish him off with her hand. But instead Dawn just sucked harder and this time flicked her tongue over the most sensitive part of his cock. Two minutes later Sir Michael let his cock erupt inside Dawns mouth and was delighted that she swallowed all the cum that erupted into her mouth. As all the previous women that had let him Cum in their mouths had spat it or let it dribble back out. Then she squeezed every last drop of cum out of his cock. Until eventually they both laid back exhausted. As they lay there kissing and cuddling Dawn said. Thank you Sir Michael, that was wonderful, your the first Man that has ever given me an orgasm. Sir Michael had a fake look of shock on his face and said. So are you telling me that you are not a Virgin? I’m sorry to disapoint you Sir Michael but no I lost my virginity before today. So did you enjoy Sex with Me Sir Michael? Asked Dawn. I would have to say that you are the best Damn Fuck I’ve ever had. Replied Sir Michael. Then added, would you like me to rub some horse liniment into your bottom cheeks? Dawn replied. Actually that won’t be necessary, as because the sex we just had was so fantastic, I’d forgotten all about the strapping you gave me. The rest of the time Dawn spent at Effingham stud farm. Dawn and Sir Michael had sex nearly every day, Nearly all without Sir Michael giving her a spanking or strapping first. Even when Dawn returned home to Rednam Riding school in Scotland. Whenever Sir Michael was in Scotland he would always drop in on the Rednams and 9 times out of ten would find a way to be alone with Dawn so that they could have sex. REDNAM RIDING SCHOOL SCOTLAND 1923Was a particular occasion that Dawn remembered very well. Sir Michael had been on business in Scotland and had dropped in on the Rednams, for a day or two. Whilst there Dawn had said, I’ve got something I’d really like to show you this evening Sir Michael. That evening Dawn and Sir Michael met up as arranged. After they had open mouthed kissed each other. Sir Michael asked Dawn what she wanted to show him. This way Sir Michael, Dawn had said heading towards the newly completed. New stable block. Once inside. Again Sir Michael Asked Dawn. So what did you want to show me? As if I didn’t know. Dawn just smiled. knelt in front of him and undid the fly on his trousers. Reaching in with one hand, she put it in his pants, locating the thing she Was looking for, she pulled his cock out of his pants. As soon as she had his cock out she took it in her mouth and started sucking it. Dawn loved sucking on Sir Michael’s cock and enjoyed the taste of his Cum but today she wasn’t going to go all the way and let him Cum in her mouth. No today she wanted to feel his cock in her Vagina. Maybe if Sir Michael had time before he left then she would go all the way with a blowjob, as he was the only man that she had let Cum in her mouth and not spat it back out and that was because he was the only man that had ever made her orgasm. Come to think of it Sir Michael was the only man that had ever given her Cunnilingus. And wow he certainly new how to do it and that was the reason that she had swallowed when he had Cum in her mouth the first time they had had sex. Sir Michael undid the button on his trousers, and Dawn pulled them and his pants down. Now she really worked on his cock with her mouth. As she did this Sir Michael placed his hands on either side of her head. So he could gently thrust his cock back and forth in her mouth. As he did this Dawn was letting the most sensitive part of his cock rub against her tongue. After a while Dawn stood up, and said to Sir Michael. I want you Mike and I want you NOW. I want to feel your loverly erect cock inside me. Sir Michael soon had her in one of the stables, He pulled her jodhpurs and knickers down. Told her to bend over and put her hands on the side of the stable wall. As she did this he put his hand between her legs, pushing his finger into her Very hairy pussy and was delighted to find she was very moist, and his finger slid in Easily. He asked her to part her legs a little. As she did this, he removed his hand from her pussy. And without any further ado. Guided his erect cock into her by now wet pussy. As he gently pushed his cock in he grabbed her hips. Now he was fully inside her, he pulled his cock 3 quarters of the way out. Before again thrusting it into her. Then out again, back in, back out getting a little quicker with each thrust. Dawn was making all these, ooohhh ahhhrrrr oohhhh noises. Which must of been fairly loud, as Stella Brown,A young girl who was working for the Rednams on a voluntary basis. An arrangement that Mr Rednam had with St Augustine Catholic girls school. Any girl in the school if they so wished could in their spare time volunteer at Rednam riding school. Stella was a girl that Dawn really liked and had said, how nice it was for a change to have a girl from St Augustine Catholic girls school, that actually new something about horses. Yeah ok the first time Dawn had met her she Shouted at her and told her off but had very quickly gotten to like and more importantly trust her. who happened to be walking past at the time. Could hear noises coming from inside the new stable block that was supposed to be empty. So curious to find out what was making the noises she walked into the stable block. She soon located the stable that the noises were coming from. Which by now sounded like this. Ooohhh ooohhh oh my ooohhhhAs she looked in the stable she saw a man’s rather gorgeous looking bare bottom. Going backwards and forwards, on top of something that he seemed to be laying on top of. As she watched transfixed, a woman’s head appeared from underneath this man. She instantly recognised it as being Dawn’s face, who was saying some very strange things. Oh god yes Mike, keep going. Oohhhh aaahhhhh ooohhh aaahhhhh please fuck me fuck me. All the man was saying was, oooohhhh ooohhhhHe seemed to be struggling for breath. Suddenly Dawn looked straight at Stella and smiled and winked. Then indicated with a wave of her hand that she should move back into the shadows a bit. From this position, Stella could see and hear what happened next. The man who’s bottom Stella could see pumping back & forth on top of her friend suddenly said. I’m gonna come I’m gonna come it sounded like to Stella. Dawn replied not yet not yet. Her breathing seeming to get more shallower. With a final I’m gonna come right now, He moved off of Dawn, and kneeling between her legs, which Stella could now seeWere either side of him, and the lower half of Dawn’s body didn’t have her clothes on. Well Dawn’s jodhpurs and knickers were there but for some reason we’re only on one leg. And round the ankle of that leg, at that.So Stella could quite clearly see Dawn’s tangle of ginger pubic hair. Stella then heard the man say aaahhhhh aaahhhhh oooohhhhhhhAnd saw all this white stuff come outta the end of the man’s very stiff looking penis. Which landed on dawns tangle of ginger pubic hair. He then leant forward and kissed Dawn on the lips, they seemed to kiss like thatFor ages. Then the man stood up and pulled his pants and trousers up. And said to Dawn. Thank you so much for showing that to me Dawn. Dawn replied your welcome Sir Michael. You go back to the house and I’ll be back in a few minutes after I rearrange my clothes. The man who Stella now recognised, as indeed being Sir Michael. Kissed Dawn again. Just a quick touch of the lips this time. And said OK see you later gorgeous. And thanks for the fuck. Then left. A minute later, so Sir Michael was out of earshot. Dawn said you can come out now Stella. Stella stepped out of the shadows, And said, what were you and Sir Michael doing? We were having sex replied Dawn. Seeing the blank look on Stella’s face, she said you know. Sex, fucking, having a bit of How’s ya father,Bit of slap and tickle? Still a blank look from Stella.Oh my said Dawn suddenly realising, that Stella had no idea what she meant. You really don’t know what I’m talking about do you? So as she dressed herself. she explained what sex was. Stella listened intently, and asked so what was all that white stuff. That came out of his penis. That’s what he meant when he said he was coming. Which is spelt, C, U, M, M, I, N, G. cumming. That’s what happens when a man goes all the way. For a woman it’s different. We get this feeling a tingling sensation. But very enjoyable, added Dawn. That’s if your lucky enough to be having sex with someone like Mike. Please Stella can I ask you not to tell anyone what you saw, as if my father finds outWhat Sir Michael and I were doing. I’d be in a lot of trouble, and you wouldn’t want me to get into trouble would you. Stella promised not to tell anyone, that she would keep Dawn’s seceret. Dawn thanked her. Then said, oh my goodness Stella look at the time. It’s 19:35 your late going back to St Augustine Catholic girls school. Oh crap replied Stella, I’ll get six of the best with the cane, for sure. Most probably on the bare bottom. She rubbed her bottom remembering the last time she’d gotten back late. Dawn, thinking quickly said, I’ll ask dad to walk you back, and tell him it’s my fault your late as you was helping me And we didn’t realise what the time was. You’d really do that for me asked stella. Of course, as if you think about it. It is mine and Sir Michael’s fault that your late back anyway.Dawn thought to herself. Yes and I took Stella’s lesbian Virginity and was there when she lost her Virginity with a man. Infact it was to my husband Sir Michael Effingham. Come to think of it I was also there when she lost her anal virginity to Major Webley. Come to think of it, dear old Major Webley also had my Anal Virginity and that was with my husband in the room at the time. Dear dear Stella Brown, what a wonderful woman she’s turned into……………….>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SOMEWHERE BETWEEN NORFOLK AND SCOTLAND 1960As Dawn’s Car finally stopped Barrel rolling and came to a rest on its wheels. Dawn tried to open the door, thankfull that she was still alive. After struggling in vain for a minute or two to open the door. The door suddenly seemed to open by itself and this Blinding white light poured in. As the blinding white light poured in, Dawn heard a man’s voice saying. Dawn, Dawn are you alright. The strange thing was, was that Dawn recognised the voice. Don’t be silly Dawn thought to herself, it can’t possibly be him, his dead. Dawn, give me your hand the voice said, I’ve been waiting for you. As Dawn reached out and grabbed the hand that came out of the blinding white light, she got a climpse of her own hand. It wasn’t the hand of an old woman but of a younger woman. Suddenly Dawn could see the face of the person calling her name. It was a face that she hadn’t seen in years. It was her dead husbands face, not the face of her husband when she’d last seen him. It was the younger face of her husband from when she had, had sex with him for the first time. Dawn smiled up at him and he smiled back and said. And you can wipe that “MERC” off your face young lady, before I put you over my knee and give you a good spanking. At that moment Dawn realised that she hadn’t survived after her car had Barrel rolled and the reason she was looking at the smiling face of the much younger Sir Michael Effingham was because she had died………………………………………………… THE END……..

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