Dear Kim Kardashian-W 1,


Dear Kim Kardashian-W 1,”Kanye West is a bi-sexual Male, and is the President & CEO of G.O.O.D. Music Group, and BFE Entertainment, No further questions, ,, by the way…. Baby Face Cloths and B.F.Angles Clothing will be exclusive, in Macy’s, J.C.Penny, Target, Dash clothing and Outlet stores in Paris, L.A., S.J., Texas, NY, and Ireland. An in Mr. Dash clothing and Outlet stores. Kanye “Kim is my mother, my real name is Timon Kardashian Willis, I rap a little, and make dope beats, I’m only 22 years Old, did thru the wire when I was in Grammar school, literally, Capishe’.” I “No more questions we out this booch.” So then Kanye and Kim, where never really married, he’s my son thru Kim K., And the 3 girls are literally, Kylie and Kanye dauhtrys, actually. We exit the times Square TRL, press conference, me you and Timon, and head back to our private Sector, in the Hamptons, so yeah, we on the East coast for Kanye and My “Gunit Good Music World tour”, we gotta 7bdrm bahis siteleri Mega mini castle, in the Hamptons, as soon as we got home the 3 of us went straight to the recording studio, to mix down, some new tracks for the Lil’Xan, Al B. JohnVeNOM K8 Mixtape: hosted by my boo Caitlyn Jenner W. You “Timon go use your own personal recording studio, with Elton John, he’s waiting for you upstairs.” Timon quickly exited the studio and headed upstairs to Elton. So quickly, sincerely _ we scurry to position, You “Hurry up babe, and liggitty jump up in this ass, ooh daddy it’s been, so long since you let off big Anaheim Angelic Walt Disco Dagger nuts, in my ass baby.” I “Oooh baby, Kim, I’ve been waiting all my adult life, to hear you admit that to me Fran, I mean Tisha K. cakes, now pull them panties down, so I can deep Digg, in that fat Peruvian and Armenian Princess Jasmine Asshole. Aladdin it’s all yours..” Sklhhah frumpllle, sccuartdada, Shlosh-Shlosh- sklash- canlı bahis siteleri Ooh this ass, feels like hot Sealer Apple Crumb pie, tightly sliding in and out, up and down on my dick doggystyle, now bark like a dog- you ugly mud Dick- freak ugly big nose bitch, Siema, I’ve been wanting to dungeon dick into your juicy asshole since back in the day. You ugly big nose Indian cunt whore Kim! Now Bark!” You “Arrf-Arrrf- Arrf-Arrrf- Arrf-Arrrf-, Oh Nigger Digg in that phat, Indian Asshole daddy, Yeah I’m Siema,,, Oh fuck Nigger, power dog my asshole, . Oh you ignorant Nigger, Polly pipe my asshole, ~~ooh yeah,S nap into it slim Jim~~, oh God, Turkey Neck nigger plow that tight Kim Kardashian Asshole, your Lord. Oh lord dig in my ass daddy.!.”Oh no here comes Timon,, “Mom-Dad, y’all got any more french fries Cindy Layer ate.all mine.” I “Yeah, Yeezy, take some of dads, and hurry out , your mother and I are, reminiscing.” Kanye “O.K., love you dad.” Then canlı bahis he left, I “OK,ok,ok,okok, Kim take this tropical jungle monkey rope slut'” You “Awwwwhlll , you ugly ass Nigger pound that asshole lord, dick that asshole-Lah! Dick my ass, Doggy dick my ass John! Fuck I Love your fat ass, long black Rock hard, 11inch dick, shlammin’ deep into my asshole, John E. Willis III, u Dick my shit hole Nigger. Oh-God yes, oh God yes, oh fuck yes!” I “Oh make it clap , throw that ass back, Kim k., Yeah,,, baby wavy ride that big black nasty nigga dick bitch, throw that shit! We don’t shower so we could stank like Kim&John dick and pussy, then we keep fucking like horses. Oh shit you skank Nigger bitch, Throw that ass back Kimmy!” You “Oh, Reggie, spit into your palms, and also shmack slap your hands deep into my fat ass cheeks, while you bust big west coast gangsta nuts in my ass daddy,,,, I-I I’ma cook yo momma’s Taco Salad, and order 3 large supreme pizzas!” I “AWWWHH, see nigga that what makes e bust, she, see that’s gonna make – Awwwhll, you ugly Nigger punkrock slut, take this Natural Negro pipe and nut!” You “Fuck me daddy! I’ma cook gumbo this weekend, ya jumbo dick nigga you!”

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