Deb’s HUGE Birthday Surprise Pt. 02


In Part 1, my wife Deb, our friend Matt, and I all took a hit of ecstasy and then started watching our erotic video from our vacation to Hedonism in Jamaica. We had been out celebrating Deb’s birthday at a local bar and things had already gotten a little hot even before we got home and took the drug.

At the end of Part 1, Deb had just had the most powerful orgasm of her life while rubbing her pussy on Matt’s ENORMOUS COCK.

Matt and I were now sitting there staring at the video while jacking on our cocks.

On the video, Deb was giving me a blow job in our hotel room in Jamaica. I looked over at Matt and asked him if he thought he might be cumming anytime soon.

He said “Probably not. Even though it feels fantastic, it takes a long time for men to cum for the first time when they are doing ecstasy. After your first orgasm, they come easier later on.”

Deb then asked him “Hey Matt, you never answered me earlier. Have you ever been able to get that huge cock of yours to fit into a pussy?”

Matt said “Only Jen, and she has to work up to it.”

“Do you mean your roommate Jenny that is a bartender at the club where we were tonight?”

Matt replied “Yep, I call her Jen.”

“You mean that tiny girl can get your enormous cock into her pussy without doing any damage?”

Matt said “Yes, she has about four dildos that range in size from above average to almost as thick as my cock. She starts out with the smallest one and keeps going up in size until she is stretched out and ready for me. We take ecstasy, snort coke, and fuck for hours. She can cum dozens of times and still want more until we finally quit doing the drugs and pass out. One time, we started fucking Saturday night after she got home from the bar and fucked until after the sun came up on Monday.”

Deb asks “Where is Jen now? Shouldn’t you be with her and fucking her until Monday morning?”

“She probably just got home after closing and cleaning up the bar but there is no way I would miss what we are doing here.”

“Why don’t we invite her to come over and join us? Honey, can we do that? Would you feel comfortable with Jen joining us? I would like to try her dildos to see if I can get them into my pussy and I would also like to have a pretty girl to play with.

Then Matt can get some pussy from Jen until I get stretched enough so he can fuck me too.”

I said “I know Jenny. I have talked to her at the bar a few times. Man, she has some real big tits for such a small girl. I’d love to see those great big titties. Matt, would you like to invite her over to join us?”

Matt said “Sure, I bet she would love this. She is kinky as hell when she’s doing ecstasy and coke. And Deb, she likes to fuck girls too. I’ll call her and ask her to bring her dildos, more ecstasy, and more cocaine. She also has lots of sports drinks that she can bring. When you do ecstasy, you need to drink lots of water and sports drinks with electrolytes in them or you can get seriously dehydrated.”

Deb sounds off “OMG, I can’t wait to fuck her with her dildos! I’ve only hooked up with a few girls in my whole life. My third girl ever was in Jamaica. Matt, you’ll see escort izmir her later in this video. We met her and her boyfriend at Hedonism. She was so fucking hot and he was a real hunk. He and I fucked a few times and he was very good in the sack. He sure knows how to make a girl cum! And Matt, guess who sucked his cock? Yep…my hubby! He had his first homosexual experience in Jamaica. It was so fucking hot watching them suck each other’s cock. She and I begged them to do it and promised them a hot girl/girl show if they did. Then we masturbated together while we watched them go at it!

Matt, please call Jen! Tell her I am so fucking horny and I need another female here to help me take care of you guys.”

Matt called Jen and gave her all the details of what had been going on and told her all the things she needed to bring with her.

“Jen is real excited. She remembers you guys from the bar and thinks you are both very nice and sexy as hell. Deb, I think she might attack you right away. She said she is going to give you a very special gift for your birthday.”

Deb said “I am so horny again. I’m going to get my vibrating dildo so I can masturbate along with you two while we watch our video. Matt, I have a pretty big dildo with a clitoris vibrator built into it. It’s not nearly as fat as your cock but at least it will get me stretched a little until Jen gets here with the larger ones. Damn Matt, I hope I can get stretched open enough so you can fuck me with your enormous cock.”

“Honey, wouldn’t you like to see your wife getting fucked by our friend who has the thickest cock you have ever seen?”

“Yes, I think I would. You know that has always been a big fantasy of mine.

Remember how much I enjoyed watching Jay fuck you in Jamaica? And you also enjoyed watching me fuck his girlfriend Beth while Jay was eating your pussy on the side of that huge hot tub.”

With that said, Deb took off for the bedroom to get her vibrating dildo. She came back in a minute with her whole box of sex toys. Deb loves to play with lots of different toys. She has strap-ons, a double ended dildo, magic wands, vibrating eggs, nipple clamps and nipple suckers, butt plugs, a remote control vibrator that works from an iPhone App, and many gels, lubes, and lotions.

I told Deb to tell Matt where she got the double ended dildo. She blushed real big and hesitated before finally saying “My sister Liz gave it to me when she stayed here for a few days while hubby was out of town. We almost fucked each other to death with that double dildo and the strap-ons. Fuck, I feel like I am going to cum just thinking about her and the things we did. Maybe I’ll invite her over around breakfast time. She usually gets up early.”

“Honey, would you like to fuck Liz again? You have always said how much you love to fuck her.”

“Hell yes! You two are just alike…hot bodies, tight pussies, always horny as hell, and willing to do anything! Tell Matt where you two got such high sex drives from.”

“Honey, you know I can’t talk about that in front of Matt. I’d be too embarrassed. You can tell him if you want to.”

“Matt, Deb grew up in a nudist family izmir escort bayan that also enjoyed each other sexually. Her mother, father, two brothers, and sister were always naked at home and fucked whenever and whoever they wanted too. The kids were never abused by their parents. The children were the ones that got it all started and Mom and dad just finally gave in and joined them. After we got married, I was introduced to their lifestyle and told to feel free to get naked whenever visiting their home. Of course I did and boy do I enjoy my visits! Deb’s sister and mother both fucked me in front of her on the night before our wedding.”

Deb looked over at Matt and said “Matt, your cock is hard as a rock and dripping lots of pre-cum. Can I lick it? Please?”

“I would love that Deb. All this hot sex talk has got me ready to explode!”

I immediately wondered if Matt would shoot a huge load of cum from his enormous cock when he did finally cum. His huge cock looked so hot that I kind of wanted to lick it myself.

Deb got down on the floor in front of Matt, put her rabbit dildo into her pussy, and turned it wide open. Holding the dildo in one hand, she held Matt’s cock up with the other and started licking the pre-cum off the tip of his huge cock.

Matt moved his hands down to Deb’s tits and started playing rough with her nipples. She moaned and started jacking his cock as much as she could with her small hand.

I thought, what the fuck, and went over to sit on the other side of Matt. I reached out and took Deb’s hand in mine and we started jacking his huge cock together. I couldn’t believe how big if felt in my hand! Seeing it was one thing but feeling it was unbelievable!!

Deb looked at me and said, “Do you want to help me lick it?’ There’s plenty enough to go around.”

I asked Matt “Are you okay with me touching and licking your cock Matt?” He said “Sure, I’ve been touched by another man before. Gay men love extra large cocks!”

I leaned in and my tongue met Deb’s at the tip of Matt’s cock. This really excited Deb and she started moaning and fucking her dildo even harder.

Deb said “I love it when you get all kinky honey. See if you can get some of it in your mouth. That would make me cum so fucking hard for sure!”

Deb moved her mouth out of the way and I put my lips on the tip of Matt’s huge cock. I opened as wide as I could and was surprised that I could actually get the head of his cock all the way into my mouth. I started sucking and pushing against his cock to see if I could get more in there. I got the head and about a half inch of his shaft into my mouth before it got too wide to go any further. My lips felt like they were about to split in the corners.

Deb yelled “Yes honey, suck that huge fucking cock! Fucking damn that looks so fucking hot!!! Matt, I want that cock in me so bad. I hope Jen will show me how to get your big cock into my pussy. I’ll let you fuck Jen honey if she will let Matt fuck me. Oh yeah, I’m going to cum soon. Matt are you going to come soon too? I’ll wait for you. That would be so fucking hot for us to cum together!”

Matt said “I am getting close. That feels izmir escortlar so good. Keep sucking it just like that. Deb, your tits feel so good. I love playing with them and Jen will love them too. She told me that she has noticed your nice nipples when you go braless at the bar. She said that she would love to suck them. I think you will like her big tits too. She has big long nipples like you and loves having them licked, sucked, and bitten.

Suddenly, Matt yelled “Oh God, I’m gonna cum. Cum with me Deb!!! Right now, I’m fucking gonna cum!!!!”

Deb started cumming and all of a sudden my mouth filled with Matt’s cum. Deb was screaming and I was trying to swallow all I could as fast as I could. I finally had to let his cock slip from my mouth and Matt kept spraying rope after rope of cum all over Deb’s hair, face, and tits.

This set her off again and she started cumming loud and hard. Yelling at the top of her lungs….YES, YES, YES, FUCKING YES, I’M FUCKING CUMMING AGAIN….SO FUCKING HARD!!! OH MY GOD THIS IS SO FUCKING GREAT! I’M SQUIRTING ALL OVER THE FLOOR”

I came without even being touched. There was a big puddle of semen on the floor under my cock. It was almost painful when I came but it kept going until it felt like my balls were completely drained.

Matt finally finished cumming after about a gallon had been dispensed from his enormous cock.

Deb was still jerking every few seconds as her spasms kept going off.

Deb pulled my head down and gave me a very sloppy kiss. I still had some cum in my mouth so I transferred it to her mouth. She moaned and sucked my tongue trying to get more of Matt’s cum into her mouth,

“That was over the top honey, Seeing you sucking Matt’s huge cock was the hottest thing I have ever seen you do. It was even hotter than when you sucked Jay’s cock in Jamaica. I also saw your cock spewing cum while me and Matt were cumming. I’m glad you finally got to have an orgasm. We’ve been going hard at this for almost two hours now.

Matt went to take a piss and I asked Deb “Are you enjoying your birthday babe?”

“Oh yes. It’s the best one ever and I hope it is far from over. I’ll be so glad when Jen gets here and I hope my sister will come over in the morning. Maybe sis will bring our younger brother with her. He’s been living with her for a couple of weeks now.”

“You sure are looking forward to fucking Matt’s huge cock. Anything I need to be worried about? Are you going to be able to put it behind you once he fucks you? Will your pussy ever be the same after fucking that enormous cock?”

“Oh honey, I will always love you and I know our sex life will always be great. But would it be so bad if I let Matt fuck me every now and then? You know how kinky I am about sex. I think I might fall in love with Matt’s huge cock even though I will still be IN LOVE with you. Does that make sense? Can’t you share me with that enormous cock? That is of course if I can ever get it to fit into my pussy. And yes, my pussy will snap back within a few days after fucking Matt’s huge cock. God, it makes me so fucking horny and wet to think about fucking that big cock.”

“Imagine if we keep doing ecstasy and coke with Matt and Jen for the rest of the weekend, I can fuck Matt while you fuck Jen and my sister Liz. It would be so much fun for all of us.”

Just then…

The doorbell rang!

To be Continued…!

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