Delores and me


This story is a recollection of a true event. It was not my first time in these events and was not my last. I am a 28 year old guy. 6ft give and take. Good healthy guy. The girl is really voluptuous with curly blondish hair with a super tight ass and 34dd breasts. She is about 5’5ft perhaps a little less, a nice solid girl. We knew each other for a long time and have always had on off things going and this is pretty much where it is at now.

She takes me out of the shower to the bedroom, where she makes me sit on the chair facing the bed. She gets on the bed and spreads her legs wide, and lifts her leg to my face and puts her foot in front of my mouth, she pushes it into my mouth as I lick her foot, between her toes and get her feet wet with my spit. She takes it out and rubs it over my face. She pushes her foot into mouth deeper and it makes me gag she keeps pushing it and I try to take as much of her feet in my mouth sucking and licking her feet. She tells me how much she loves making me choke, making me drag my spit on to her feet and over my chin and face. I moved forward licking her inside thigh as I start to smell her musky wetness; my cock starts to fill with blood as smelling her so wet and ready for cock makes me light headed with desire. She opens her legs more and pulls my head in towards her pulsating pussy. I start to lick up her milky juices tasting so strong and salty, she pulls me deeper into as my face gets smothered in her as she gasps and wriggles as my tongue penetrates her more and more, sucking at her juices and clit with intention and desire. I move my face all over her wetness to cover my face in her juices to have her smell on me and to taste her more. She pulls me on top of the bed. She gets of the bed and opens the cupboards to reveal the mirrors. She mounts me and gets into a 69 position as she starts to grind her pink little asshole in my face and takes all of my cock in her throat. It feels incredible, I can see it disappear deep in her mouth and having her beautiful round butt in my face is amazing. I love every taste and smell of her. I use my hands to pull her open more to gain more taste of her as I feel her fingers sliding down to my tight asshole. I love it as she plays with it, toying with the idea of penetrating me. She licks me and gets it so wet as she slides two fingers inside me. I moan out loud as I feel it so tight and she pushes her butt into my face. She starts to thrust her fingers deeper in and out of me and I love feeling it stimulate my prostate. I take her off me and push her underneath me as I spread her legs open and take control of her as I place my throbbing cock in front of her wet swollen lips. She takes my cock and squeezes it hard as she tells me how gorgeous it is and how much she wants to feel it naked inside of her with our flesh touching so deeply inside of her. I push my cock with one thrust all inside her and I feel the incredible warmth and wetness as incredible tight as it grips my thick cocks so tight. I love the raw naked feel of being inside of her. I take her and we kiss each other passionately and wildly abandoning any thought and letting out bodies dictate our actions. I lift her arms above her head and kiss her deeply and wildly as I move down and lick her armpits as I want to taste her more and consume her Ankara escort more. This drives her wild and she start to buckle underneath me, I know this and pull her legs up elevating her butt of the floor as I grip her arms tightly to her side, making her know I am in control of her taking her as she feels my beautiful cock thrusting rubbing deep inside her feeling it touch her in places she only ants me to touch her and knowing only I could touch her., She feels the warmth of the orgasm fill her as she wants to let go, she grabs my head and moves with my powerful motion. Feeling taken by me looking at my face and seeing my lust and want for her she explodes into contractions of orgasms, I feel her contract so hard on my cock as I feel my balls pull up in my abdomen wanting to expulse my seed deep inside her to have it mix with her. Wanting to have it inside her, to have her feel my seed flowing inside her to feel let her feel it alive inside her. She grabs by butt and pulls me deep inside her as I contract with a hard orgasm as I feel 6, 7, 8 volleys of cum pump inside her already overflowing wet pussy. Feeling it mix around my cock and inside her hot and wet pussy is incredible. I grab hold of her as I feel her shake from the orgasm she had, our faces close together feeling me still inside of her holding my cum safely inside of her. I slide out of her as we look in the mirror seeing her cunt so open and rosy as seeing my white cum inside of her. She puts her hand over it and lifts her legs telling me she does not want it to be outside of her. She rubs her pussy and I see our cum over her fingers, she lifts it over her mouth and licks it of saying she always wanted to taste us together and she wants to taste so much of us together still. I start to kiss her body and lick her sweat from her skin she places her hand on my head and rubs it telling me to taste whatever I want from her. I tell her to get on top of me and 69 to let us taste more of each other together, I see my cum flow out of her swollen pussy as I open my mouth and start to lick our juices from her. Tasting us together is divine and she licks around the base of my cock to taste our cum and also she licks between my butt to taste my sweat, getting all of my taste. I suck all my cum out of her tasting us so sweet and strong. I lick her clean and I start to get aroused more and start to enter into a trance. We get up and go to the shower. And start to kiss and each other passionately and wildly again, as we feel our urges and want return.
We get in the shower kissing and sucking each others tongues and she was pulling my cock so hard and rough, she started stroking my head. Pulling my face towards her breasts, I start to suck her breasts and nipples biting into them, she pushes my head down as she lifts her legs to open up her wet pussy for me, the smell is so strong and musky from being fucked, and her lips are swollen and rosy. I start to lick her and suck on her lips and clit, she breathes louder and moans. She pushes my head into her sweet pussy and moves her wet pussy all over my face covering my face in her juice. She moves down and starts to kiss me, licking my face, she breathes heavily between each lick as I smell her breath of her cum. She pushes me backwards in the shower onto my back as she straddles me; she slides her body over Ankara escort bayan my face and mounts my face, as she smothers my face in her dripping wet pussy. She grinds up and down on my face, my mouth open sucking and licking as much as I can of her cum. She moves her legs up and onto her feet as she squats over my face, looking down at me; she reaches between her legs and pulls her labia open. She tells me that she always wanted me to taste her like this since finding out how much I lusted after her. I look directly into her gaping pussy as she closes her eyes and let’s go and releases a stream of golden water all over my face. The feeling of rawness overcomes me and feeling her scent all over my face makes me want to devour her more. The smells is incredible as it fills my mouth and covers my face and hair, I open my mouth and take as much of her scent into my body, I pull her closer to my face as its right on top of my mouth feeling her wetness and scent against my face I grab my cock and start to pull as hard as I can. I feel it so hot on my face and I can see her looking down at me with such intent, I gasp as I explode, volley of cum after volley of cum onto my stomach. The stream weakens as I lay there covered in her scent, she scoops up my cum with her mouth as she licks it off and swallows all of it. Telling me to return her the unique pure raw right she has given me. We get up underneath the shower as we rinse our bodies of as she kneels down in front of me and start to kiss my feet. I feel her tongue lick my feet as she looks up at me and tell me that she wants to belong to me and want me to make her part of me. She slowly start to lick my legs and take my half erect cock in her hands as she licks the tips and rubs it on her face. She take it in her mouth half way as she looks up at me and tell me she wants to have her my scent on her and all over her. She kneels down again and places her head on my feet as she hold my feet and I feel her gently kissing them as she says to me to make her mine. I let go with a gentle stream on her back as I hear her exhale loudly and erotically. As I see it flow down her back, she pulls her self up as she closes her eyes and lets it flow over her chest over her breasts and down her pussy. She takes my cock in her hands as she squeezes the stream closed. She looks at me and says this is my proof that I am yours, as she opens her hands and direct my stream of golden water over her face and takes it into her mouth swallowing the last of it taking me inside of her. I pick her up into the shower and we kiss more passionately than ever………

We go to the bedroom again and lay in each others arms as we caress each others bodies. She tells me she loved feeling me lick my cum out of her and the thought of me eating cum out of her really made her throb with such excitement. I told her how amazing it tasted and really enjoyed doing it. Not to mention what happened in the shower. I caressed her full buttocks and felt between her butt cheeks. She lifted her leg onto my waist so I could have access to her wet pussy. I slipped two fingers inside her and felt the heat from inside her radiating. She nuzzled in my neck as I took my fingers out and started circling her little arsehole. I felt her hand take hold of my cock stroking it feeling it fill more with blood and becoming Escort Ankara more engorged. She let go and turned her back to me. I picked her butt of the bed and placed her with her bum in the air on her knees. She was so relaxed with everything and we both knew how much we wanted it. I pushed my hands on her butt and parted and placed my face fully in between her ass cheeks with my tongue licking and lapping at her pink asshole. Fuck I loved the taste of her ass. I pushed as much of my tongue inside her as I could. And I could feel she was so relaxed and opening her sphincter wanting to feel my thick beautiful dick inside her. I move in behind her and push her legs further apart with my thighs, she bucks her hips and hollows her back making her ass so fucking tight and open. I love having her so open for me, women can learn a lot from her. I spit some on my hand and wet my cock, feeling my hand stroke my thick cock feeling it so sensitive and sore already from the previous sessions. I rub her pussy relatively hard and she is soaking wet and her clit is so hard already. I take my hand away and rub some of her wet juices on her asshole. I start to press my cock head into her ass as she tells me to wait. She wants to take it first and then I go can from there. I stay still and see her inch back and forth trocking her butt onto my cock. This fucking makes me so hot. I love fucking her ass. Its tight yet I can really let loose and fuck her. Her as is so firm and I tell her how great she feels. She tells me she loves having my beautiful cock in her ass. She feels like a wild animal. I take her by her hips and start to thrust gently and getting all my cock in. I feel her starting to thrust back giving me the queue to thrust harder. I start to bounce of her ass and she meets me halfway with a backward thrust. She gets up on all fours and I take her by the hair and start to get into a hard fucking rhythm. She feels fucking awesome. I love watching my cock sliding in and out of her ass, its so fucking pink and gripping my thick cock. She moans huskily and louder as she reaches for her clit. I feel her hand rub my balls as she stimulates her clit. Her moans are deep and husky and hearing her groaning with my cock fucking her ass makes me close my eyes wanting to fill her again with all I have left. I mumble the words that I am going to come as I feel her legs contract as she pushes her body forward still with her hand rubbing her clit. Her butt pulls tight squeezing my cock making me flare open my eyes with the pressure feeling my cock head wanting to pop. My balls contract as I grab hold over her full breasts pushing my body weight onto her as I release my cum inside her, I feel her shaking with her orgasm and feel her convulsions through her sphincter muscles, I feel my cock head hurting with the contractions as I shoot my last volley of cum inside her. I collopse ontop of her as we lay there gasping for air. I feel my cock soften and I feel her relax. She turns over and we kiss passionately. She tells me she is quite sore but she loves the burning sensation knowing I have just orgasmed in her ass. She reaches down and cups my balls and strokes my cock gently with her nails looking at me and my cock she tells me how beautiful my cock is. We kiss again as she smiles at me. And I ask her what she is smiling about.

She tells me she has a big surpise for me but will have to save that for later……………………..

Comments welcomed. Seeing that its my first story on the net.

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