Dirty Dawg: Confessions of an Irredeemable BASTERD


Dirty Dawg: Confessions of an Irredeemable BASTERDChapter 1: The Indian InternI had been working this shit job at a downtown law firm for quite some time had been considering quitting due to a wealth of “Busy Work” and my asshole of a supervisor Mr. Kumar. He was this Indian fuck who had started out six months ago in a satellite firm overseas and transferred into a management position. He was a big fan of cramming as much shit into an eight hour work period as humanly possible. He would watch the clock when you went on break and even come and escort you back to your cubicle from break at times. Sometimes I felt like clocking this dick, probably because he never stopped smiling the whole time he was balls deep in your ass.I know the bastard had it in for me, because one time he caught me ripping him a new one in the break room with my fellow coworkers. It seemed like my desk was piled higher than any of the other drones who worked there and it was beginning to wear thin on me. So you’re probably saying, “Why haven’t you got the fuck out of there yet?”Well, one morning I had arrived at work with my resignation carefully tucked into my blazer’s side pocket intent on telling Kumar to stick it where the sun don’t shine … The office was extremely busy that morning and everybody seemed to be running around like chickens with their heads cut off. For some stupid ass reason, I just went right to work along with everyone else.Halfway through the day my asshole boss paged me to his office and I figured this would be a good time to pass the douche my resignation. My friends were already betting that I wouldn’t quit by the time I was halfway down the hallway.Their constant chatter and continuous prodding had me wanting to kick in the boss’s door and beat him half to death with the envelope.…but when I opened the door a surprise was waiting for me.Standing there before me was one of the phattest, juiciest looking butts I’d ever seen. It was completely awe inspiring looking firm, round and oval shaped encased in an extremely tight, form fitting blue jean skirt. Saliva actually began to build up in my mouth which was agape at the sight of this magnificent backside. I almost had to catch myself as my hand independently attempted to grasp my crotch. Fire swirled about in my loins and my slacks suddenly were loose fitting.“WAKE UP IDIOT!!!” I was suddenly thrust back into reality as I realized Mr. Kumar was standing there yelling at me. “ARE YOU ON DE’ FUCKING d**gS?!!! “ He yelled.“NO SIR!! Sorry Mr. Kumar!!! I have a lot on my mind sir!!” I apologized and gave him some song and dance about a sick relative.“This is my niece Laila and she is interning with me for the summer while her parents travel abroad. I wanted you to train her for work in the mail room, but you seem to be somewhat off your game as of late… Perhaps I’ll have Mike train her.”“Sir! Mr. Kumar …. Give me another chance. I’d like the opportunity to help your niece out.”- I heard myself blurt out. No way in hell was I going to let a coworker get a chance to stuff those panties.This BIG JUICY ASS was all mine. In fact I immediately coveted this fabulous back porch.“Alright, I am sufficiently convinced of your sincere desire to assist my niece with her training, but just know that I’ll be watching your every move. So no funny business.”For a moment there I thought he was a mind reader. I simply nodded my head and took that moment to drink in the rest of Laila. My eyes began to wonder up from her calf length leather boots, past the form fitting blue jean skirt (Which seemed to be on the verge of viciously exploding from Laila’s healthy thighs.) to the dull grayish looking wool vest covering a simple white long sleeved shirt to her face … “Her Face, uhm it was how could you describe it?” … It was simply plain. Other than brown, expressive eyes that seemed a little large for her face, Laila was an every woman …albeit, an Indian woman. Her nose was somewhat large and slightly exaggerated (pear shaped like her body) as well and she had a smallish mouth framed by thin dark hued lips.“It will be very, very nice to learn from you.” She slightly bowed her head in my direction and spoke in a measured tone and I couldn’t tell if she spoke this was because of difficulty with English or that she was an extremely polite individual. I mumbled something and escorted her out of the office and away from the watchful eye of her uncle, my boss … “The Prick”. As she walked out into the hall, I noticed something; she immediately stepped to the side of the door so that I could pass in front of her. Laila was very submissive it seemed towards men. I was kind of disappointed by her actions because I wanted to stare at that phat, luscious donk.Laila was seriously draggin’ a wagon behind her as they say in urban circles.“So, were you doing office work back home in India?”“Oh no sir, I was attending to my studies in the academy and training at home for my familial duties.”“Familial duties?” I was curious.“Oh sorry, sometimes I forget that I am in America and that people here do not understand the myriad vagaries of our culture. I was being trained for my wifely responsibilities when I get married in two years.” She said in an apologetic tone. “Oh, uh congratulations Laila. How long have you and your fiancé been dating before he decided to pop the big question?” She didn’t seem to notice that I was staring at her wool covered breasts which seemed to be of considerable size under the cover of the restricting fabric.“Oh, once again please forgive my ignorance sir … It is an arranged marriage. My family is very traditional and I have been scheduled to marry Raman since I was a small c***d.”“Are you serious?” That genuinely got my attention.“Oh very serious sir. I am told he is very handsome and that I should be thankful that I was promised to his family. He is studying to be a doctor abroad.” Laila’s statement told me two things. 1). That her family had sheltered her from the world her whole life.2). She had some issues regarding her appearance. I placed a hand lightly on her shoulder and looked deeply into her eyes smiling all the while as I said …“Oh, I think this “Raman guy” is “lucky” to be promised to an attractive girl like you Laila. I saw color rush into her cinnamon colored cheeks and Laila blushed and slightly turned her head away from me.“Thank you very much sir.” She punctuated her statement by kaçak iddaa reaching out and squeezing my bicep with her fingertips. I simply nodded in her direction as we neared the office.The heckling began as soon as I entered the office with Mike leading the way but it all stopped dead when the guys there got a look at Laila … I mean Laila’s “gift” as it were. Some of the guys shot me dirty glances and mouthed insults at me under their breaths because I was given the privilege of training Mr. Kumar’s niece. Most of the guys were aware of my reputation and respected the “b*o-Code” by not saying anything to Laila.Laila for her part seemed to like the attention she got from all the guys and greeted each and every one of them with a handshake.“There are so many friendly people here and it will be my pleasure to get to know each and every one of you.”“Yeah it’s going to be our “pleasure” to get to know you too baby.” Darrell chimed in exactly at the end of her sentence. Laila didn’t notice one of the guys nudge Darrell with his elbow. Darrell was this loudmouthed temp we picked up from an agency. He was funny as fuck most of the time cracking jokes, but he could be grating at times.I directed Laila to my desk and pulled out a seat for the shy young woman. She blushed even more as she took the seat. I couldn’t help but notice how her ass enveloped the wooden seat and how small her waist was in comparison.My cock writhered around in my underwear, a thing possessed. I excused myself and headed to the restroom to regain my composure. After I had splashed some water on my face, I noticed a twenty dollar bill on the sink in front of me. I looked over to find Mike leaning against the restroom wall.“Fuck is this for?” I already knew but guy code dictated that I ask anyway.“You ever get tired of being so easy? That’s your cut of the spoils for not quitting.”“You guys need to get a life. I mean really, don’t you have anything better to do than monitor my sorry life?”Before he could answer, Darrell interrupted our conversation saying that I had a phone call from Mr. Kumar. I rushed out to the phone and subsequently received one hell of a verbal dress down over the phone. It seems that Mr. Kumar had been watching my office using the security cams and was not pleased at all the attention being given to his niece.“You will send my niece to my office right now!! Tomorrow I will be talking to you very, very harshly!!” –Did I mention that Mr. Kumar communicated with me over the P.A. System?Laila had slowly crept out of the office while her ass of an Uncle embarrassed himself and her over the P.A. System. Everybody in the office was pretty flabbergasted. Some of the guys quietly crept back to their duties while the rest, mostly temps snickered.I spent the rest of my day (approximately 4 hours) worrying about my job or soon to be lack thereof.“Fuck’em!! Didn’t you say you were gonna quit anyway?” Mike reminded me as we were waiting for the elevator. Before I could answer, he had sauntered off down the hallway to rendezvous with a legal secretary he was having an affair with behind his wife’s back. Mike was a dog … Then again, so was I and he was right. Fuck Mr. Kumar!!It was rush hour and everyone was in a hurry to hit the freeways before it became a bottle neck. I had to wedge myself into the already crowded elevator car which groaned under the weight of many people.“HEY!! WAIT FOR ME PLEASE!!! WAIT!! WAIT!!” Laila was suddenly running down the hallway clutching her bag to her seemingly ample bosom. Some of the suits in the elevator groaned as she squeezed into the elevator directly in front of me.-The doors of the car had some trouble closing and snapped back and forth repeatedly before the alarm went off triggering the double doors automatic closure.-The car began slowly moving down towards the lobby. Laila jostled about a bit turning partially to face me.“I’m very, very sorry about my Uncle’s behavior today. He shamed us both sir.”“Just forget about it. It’s no big deal …Really.” Actually I wanted to tell her how much of a douchebag her uncle really was. It’s just that she was looking up into my eyes with this kind of sad, puppy dog expression. “I-finally meet some “REAL” friends and now…now I cannot even show my face because of my uncle’s petty jealousy.” Laila started to tear up and in moments she was bawling and sniveling. People were starting to notice… I put my arm around her and she immediately placed her tear stained cheek against my chest.“Don’t worry; we’ll always be friends Laila.” I tried to sound reassuring.“Really, you mean that?”“Yeah, now stop crying.” I wiped the tears away from her big expressive brown eyes and managed a half smile. A couple of assholes (male & female) even managed an “AAAAWWWW” for us like we were some kind of couple.Then it happened.The elevator suddenly stopped moving…The car shook a little bit as all of its occupants began to panic. Laila held on to me even tighter. I was nonplused because I’d been stuck in this elevator on two other occasions, but she looked genuinely terrified. I gave her a reassuring hug. Some of the people in the elevator were already cursing up a storm lamenting ruined evenings and the like.“Do you think it will be long before we are rescued from this place?”“I don’t know, but don’t worry … I’ll keep you safe Laila.”We were in that elevator for probably forty five minutes as the idiot engineers stood just outside the door arguing about calling the repairmen. I began to notice how tight Laila’s arms were around me and I wanted to comfort her.I ended up doing something more …as I attempted to pull her closer to me I realized that my errant palm was resting on the exquisite curve of only one of her juicy ass cheeks. The feel of her butt was soft with the underlying, unyielding firmness of youth. I looked down at the top of Laila’s head. She hadn’t responded or indicated in any way that she felt my hand on her ample buttocks.“Fuck, maybe she thinks it’s someone else in this car. Maybe she’s too embarrassed to make a scene considering… or maybe, she likes it.”I didn’t know what to do.My body however seemed to have a mind of its own as I felt my fingers began to slowly knead Laila’s voluptuous ass with a slow but increasing intensity. I couldn’t help myself. It was just so intoxicating and I don’t know what came over me. I looked down at the top of her head and she remained unmoving like illegal bahis some sort of statue. Because of our close proximity, I did notice her breathing a little bit heavier. She nestled her head deeper into my chest sighing softly.…and that’s when I noticed it.Laila’s had begun to run her fingers lightly over my crotch tracing the outline of my penis with her fingertips. I wanted to moan, but wisely kept myself in check. Laila and I were facing each other obscuring the view from the other occupants of the lift who were talking / arguing with each other.At this point my free hand was going between both basketball sized cheeks squeezing and probing with increased intensity. Both of us were breathing a little heavier and I felt Laila’s hot breath on my dress shirt along with a wet sensation. I looked down to find the thick intern was attempting to suck on one of my nipples through my shirt and had created a small circular stain on the material.I could see Laila’s dark colored tongue lapping at my chest as her fingers had ensnared my cock through the material of my slacks. She lightly ran three of her fingers along the shaft of my engorged member as I’d slowly begun to pull up the back of her denim skirt. My single free hand work feverishly to capture my prize and I was first rewarded when the tips of my fingers finally touched the soft dimply flesh of the back of Laila’s thighs.Laila shuddered as I touched the pliant cool flesh just below her ass cheeks and gripped my cock somewhat tighter between her fingers. I don’t know what was getting into me but I just kept up the light tugging at the hem of her skirt until I felt the lower portion of her massive behind fall free of the restricting material. I’m serious; her ponderous backside actually fell into my groping hand.I looked down again to find Laila staring into my eyes, her small mouth gaped open and her thin lips glistening with a mild film of saliva. She wasn’t innocent either as I felt my zipper yanked down and the intrusion of her fingers into my fly wrapping around my girth. She began to rotate her fingers lightly over the head of my penis as I wantonly groped the jiggling globe that made up her right ass cheek.“I wanna fuck you so hard.” I heard myself whisper to Laila who responded by increasing the pace of her tugging motion on my steel hard erection.“Really?” She whispered back.I responded by digging my fingers into her lower ass cheek towards her womanhood. Her thighs were so thick that I could only get two of my middle fingers into the space between her thighs. Her inner thighs were moist and damp with her arousal. She was using her fingers on the head of my cock and massaging the underside of my shaft with her thumb.“Yeah, I want you so fucking bad Laila.” I was getting a little heady and it was becoming hard to control my breathing. Sweat began to appear on both of our faces as I wondered how I had ended up going from 0 to 1000 in seconds.“I want-you too.” She finally admitted under her breath.I wanted to kiss her thin lips so bad and slip my tongue into her eager mouth. Wanted so bad to bring my other hand up to her heaving cloth covered breasts and pinch her fat nipples that were even now beginning to protrude through the fabric of her sweater. A single finger found its way into the damp cloth of her panties and began to trace her puffy vaginal lips softly causing more of the liquid proof of our sudden mutual attraction to run down her soft thighs.“OOoooh…You keep that up and I’ll certainly lose control of myself.” Laila softly whispered into my ear.“I don’t give a fuck Laila.” Another of my fingers joined the single digit in Laila’s crotch and began to squeeze her juicy pussy lips together as my tongue outlined her ear. She began to moan a bit louder and abruptly silenced herself with the palm of her hand.“GET A ROOM!!”“What?” Somebody in the cramped elevator had been watching us and decided to make himself known quite verbally and loudly. I turned to find an old guy in a rumpled business suit starring at the both of us from the opposite corner of the elevator.“GET A FUCKIN’ ROOM ALREADY!” The old guy kind of reminded me of Larry David and I almost laughed in his face. My fingers were forced away from Laila’s honey pot as she pushed her legs together, shoving her face and torso into my body to hide her shame at being busted by this old fart.“Excuse me; I don’t think I heard you correctly.” I threatened intelligently and with a clear “SHUT DA’ FUCK UP INTENT”. “Oh you heard me just fine sunshine… I really don’t want to fall to my death with two inconsiderate fucks who can’t keep their hands off each other humping on top of my broken bones!!” Damn, this guy had some fucking balls. I momentarily considered embedding my large black fist into his pasty face.“Sir, you have our complete and sincere apologies.” Laila cut in breaking the tension in the elevator as we found ourselves with an audience. The old guy grumbled and looked away as we looked at some of our peers in the small cramped elevator car. Laila averted her eyes, looking at the floor. Me, I didn’t give two fucks what anybody thought. I don’t know if it was foolish bravado or that Laila had got me that worked up.Suddenly the car started moving.Everyone in the car began to collect themselves and I noticed a few disgusted glances in my direction. A little bit of shame started to gestate in my subconscious as the elevator doors began to swing open into a view of the idiot collective employed as engineers who had finally managed to get the car doors open.I actually began to get pissed that those bubbling idiots had managed to get the doors open just when I was about to go for broke and rail the crap out of Laila bar none. I wouldn’t have cared who was watching as long as I was able to beat my cock all over that phat monster donk and pull on her juicy nipples to my heart’s content. I’ll be damned but I was honestly gonna take Laila right then and there.…and know all of that was ruined.Ruined for about three seconds. I was a little bit lost in thought about my ruined tryst and didn’t notice it right away. A tingling sensation jolted me out of my self-reflection as felt Laila’s fingers gently rubbing the insides of my palm as she softly took my hand. I looked down at the top of head still nestled against my chest.Laila looked up directly into my eyes catching my gaze as she rolled her tongue invitingly across bahis siteleri her thin dark lips. Her large brown eyes seemed to mesmerize me as my cock became a steel spike in my slacks.Before I knew it I had gone into full dick powered auto-pilot as I roughly grabbed Laila’s wrist and began a force march to the parking garage entrance in the lobby. I glanced over my shoulder at Laila surprised to find her wildly grinning as she was yanked in my direction. She looked half crazed, but nothing could give me pause as horny as I become.The interior of the parking lot was dark and shadowy. The self-same power outage that had caused our elevator to short out had hit the parking structure. I could barely see my hand in front of my face, but I didn’t care because I was about to get some pussy. I took out my keys and hit the alarm button. My car called out from a distance and at the same time I felt Laila grasp my ever expanding crotch with an aggressive roughness. Before I knew it we began spooning viciously, my tongue dueling with Laila’s own velvety tongue. She kissed and fondled me with a desperate passion that at first shocked and then drew me in making the rest of the world irrelevant. Her tongue swirled around my own and she alternated this by sucking and biting on my bottom lip with abandon.“I want you to-well, I want your cock.” Laila demanded and suddenly my car seemed too far away as I found myself pulling this voluptuous Indian woman into a dark corner of the parking structure. Laila had my engorged prick out in a second and was yanking away at it causing pre-cum to fly wildly about. “Please-Let me have this magnificent cock.” She begged as she pushed me against the cold concrete walls and knelt in front of me. I noticed that Laila had to pull her form fitting skirt up just to get into a kneeling position. I got a tantalizing view of her large bronzed thighs as she spread her legs wide causing the skirt to become a jean corona around her waist. The crotch of her stark white panties seemed to almost glow in the darkness.Laila cradled my family jewels lovingly and began stroking my cock with eight of her fingers. She used her thumbs on the underside of my shaft slightly pressing upward as her lips engulfed my cock. Laila began bobbing up and down on me with a single minded purpose that was almost frightening to watch. The sensation of her lips and tongue were pure heaven. After about five minutes Laila began forcing her head forward until she had completely deep throated all of my eight inches and stopped moving.I looked down to find her staring deep into my eyes with her mouth stretched anaconda like around the base of my cock. Then I began to feel it… Laila had begun to rhythmically contract her throat muscles around my dick.It was at that moment that I lost all control and emptied a liter of semen into Laila’s hungry throat.FUUUUCCCKKK!!!!I almost fell down on the concrete floor of the garage as Laila slowly disengaged her mouth from my meat slow and deliberately trailing at web of saliva and cum. I wasn’t looking at her, but I heard her gulp down a mouthful of my cum. This was the innocent, delicate little flower my douchebag of a boss had introduced me to hours earlier?!!“MMmmnn…That was delicious.” Laila cooed as she continued playing with my cock. She had her right hand tightly around the base of my cock squeezing and tugging with a vested interest. A single drop of cum formed on the head of my penis which she immediately licked up.“GET UP!!!” I barked at her. She continued smiling in that half crazed manner as I turned her away from me shoving her against the wall. She had to stop herself from hitting the wall with the palms of her hands.“I been waiting for this fuckin’ big phat ass all got-damn day!” I snarled.I dropped to my knees behind Laila and yanked the too tight skirt up to her small waist finally exposing her huge ass in all its panty encased glory.What a magnificent sight … It jutted out fantastically into a large pear shape with each cheek oval shaped and fully formed. One side of the cotton granny panties Laila had been wearing had been pulled deep into the crack of her ass probably from my earlier actions in the elevator.“Oh my God.” escaped my lips as I pulled the panties down encountering some struggle from her prodigious cheeks as I worked the fabric past her thighs.Something possessed me as I started licking the globes that made up Laila’s ass with a hunger, a lust not easily described. I kneaded and groped that ass marveling as my fingers sunk into the pliant flesh. Everything I’d fantasized about since I’d first laid eyes on Laila. “You love what many others have ridiculed me for.” Laila confessed into the wall facing her enraptured features.“Fuck those idiots.” I returned to my ass worship nibbling at Laila’s butt like a madman.“Oh yes, I like this very much.” She cooed as I sunk two fingers into her wet, tight snatch. I watched my fingers pump in and out of Laila’s cunt like they belonged to someone else. Her juices ran freely down my fingers as she began to push back humping my hand.Her ass jiggled slightly as she had sex with two, three and finally four of my fingers. She moaned loudly and leaned forward pressing her chest and face against the wall. The sight of her ass shoved even further in my direction set my blood on fire. It looked even bigger in this position.“Fuck This!”I stood up as fast as I could and wedged my cock into the crack of her impressive butt. I pushed that glorious ass meat around my cock and began humping Laila like a dog in heat. It only took five minutes before I began showering her massive donk with a virtual geyser of cum completely glazing her cheeks.“Oh yeah, Laila you gotta a brother sprung and I ain’t even got the pussy yet.” It was a candid admission.“The night is still young and I would very much like to show you some of the other things I learned during my familial studies-if you don’t mind.” I was floored mentally and my body was a wreck as Laila stared in my direction with a somewhat serene smile reading across her plain features.Her invitation was clear as day.It was Friday after all and I could think of worst ways to spend my time.“You two should REALLY should get a room.” A voice interrupted before I could answer. Laila mouth formed an O as our collective attention was drawn to a vagrant sitting approximately six feet away from us. He had been sitting there the whole time watching our impromptu sex show.We noticed his exposed cock and the semen littering his dirty cargo shorts.“Ah, FUCK ME!” I yelled.TO BE CONTINUED.Learn more about Laila in thirty days…

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