DISCREETOFFICESERVICES.COM Chapter Eighteen and Nineteen


The Present…In the mornings and evenings as I sat on the bench under my window, from time to time I’d see Danny walking on the sidewalk going to or coming from the subway. Though I’d wanted to ask him how his Finals were going and take him more food, I’d honored my promise to leave him alone.Because of my promise not to disturb Danny during his tests, I didn’t know much about his family. After giving Danny thirty minutes to calm down after he’d stepped over my legs and stalked off in a snit, muttering, ‘No! No, no, no, no, no, no…’ after I’d suggested we take the Cosmo Sex Survey, I went and asked him to return so he could tell me what I felt I should know.During the last hour of our train trip, I began learning the details that a girlfriend of five months should know. His older sister, Hannah, twenty-three, was training to be a bank loan officer and was the one marrying Frank. Danny had just turned twenty-one so he was almost exactly two years older than me. The next sibling was Stan at eighteen. He’d just graduated from high school. Amber was sixteen. A cheerleader and soon to be a Junior in high school, she was the last of the siblings.His Dad was a welder and his Mom had gone back to school for a teaching degree once Amber was in school. Mom now taught in an elementary school. I could remember all that. It was when he began listing uncles, aunts, and cousins I got lost. I was the only child of two parents who’d been only children. I had great-uncles and great-aunts that I rarely saw. A huge extended family like Danny was describing was completely foreign to me.Danny said his home was, ‘in the country’. Suburbs were close by, but his home was on acres of land which had been in his family for decades. A long driveway led to a single-story house. It was what I always pictured a house ‘in the country’ would look like. A large wrap-around porch and acres of grass with intermittent trees. From marks in the grass, I could tell that their huge ‘lawn’ was cut by a mowing machine pulled by a tractor. Many cars were parked haphazardly on the grass.Kids were running everywhere. Men and women of middle-age to old-age were sitting under a large, shady tree, raising hands and voices in greeting. All very Norman Rockwell-ish. Of course, I, as the new girlfriend, was the center of attention as soon as I exited the car.  Everyone was nodding as Danny introduced me to the people under the shade tree. It was ‘Aunt This’ and ‘Uncle That’ and ‘Cousin Other’ for a bit. I’m a people person with a knack for remembering names when I want to, but I was soon overwhelmed by the sheer quantity.Then Danny’s mother, Mrs Greene, surged to the front of the pack, “Oh, she’s so pretty!” A quick look to see if I was wearing heels and, “You’re so tall!” I got a hug and then Danny got a quick hug and a cuff to the side of his head with a scolding for not telling her he was dating such a ‘beautiful girl’. Taking my arm, Mrs Greene began pulling me inside the house where the interrogation would be held.I met Hannah. She was the spitting image of her mother with a bit of baby fat that looked to be permanent. Stan, I’d already met. Where Mom and Hannah were chubby, Amber was willowy and moved with the grace of a dancer. Slender with small breasts, Amber was a natural beauty with a brilliant smile that captured your eyes.  I was introduced to a plethora of new people whose names I forgot almost immediately. I got the feeling that Mrs. Greene would have been pleased to introduce any girl as Danny’s girlfriend. He really hadn’t dated much, I guessed.I got the expected appraising looks from the women. There was envy in some eyes at my height and slender build, but I was used to that. Every part of my clothing was examined for cost, fit and color coordination. Hair and nails were noticed and mentally voted on. I think I passed kaçak iddaa the test, especially with Mrs Greene exclaiming over and over, ‘Look how tall and pretty Danny’s girlfriend is,’ to every newcomer. Then the interrogation disguised as conversation commenced. Where did we meet? When? How long have we been dating? Amber was the most direct questioner with all the tact a sixteen year old doesn’t have. Amber drew the line at outright asking how much money I had in the bank, but that was about it.Mrs Greene drew me aside and hesitantly brought up sleeping arrangements. She didn’t come right out and ask if Danny and I enjoyed sex together, but knowing how long Danny and I had been dating, I guess she assumed that any couple who’d been dating that long had ‘romantic interludes’ as my Mom would say during Hallmark movie nights.”Olivia, there are so many staying with us… If it’s not presuming too much, I thought that you and Danny could share his room. I know how it is with young people and I’m not judging or anything…”What the heck could I say? Lie and say I’d taken a vow of celibacy? Admit I was a fake girlfriend? Admit Danny had only asked me to come so he could show a pretty girlfriend to his family and Carolyn? His family would never believe Danny was straight after that! I tried to explain that I’d planned to stay at a hotel instead of imposing upon her hospitality, but she wouldn’t hear of me spending that much money.”You’re both adults and I’m not going to judge what the two of you do in private,” she said with finality. Just then Danny and Stan came walking through the door with my luggage. The hopeless look on Danny’s face told me that he’d been informed where and with whom he would be spending the night with. I thought of how many beds I’d shared with men the last ten months. One more wouldn’t matter… Would it?* * * * * * * *”Well, it wasn’t my idea!” Danny’s voice was a strained whisper. We were in his room with the door shut.”I signed on as a fake girlfriend. Not to sleep with you,” my whisper was just as quiet and strained. I’d wanted a little vacation. Have a little fun. Do a favor for my nerd. I hadn’t signed up to get involved in a family drama. “How was I to know my Mom would be so damned progressive? She never let Frank stay over in Hannah’s room and they’ve been engaged for almost a year!” Danny stopped and took a long cleansing breath. “Look, I’ll just talk to Mom and tell her…””Tell her what?” I interrupted to ask, throwing my hands into the air. “We’ve already told everyone we’ve been dating for almost half-a-year! As happy as your Mother is, if you tell her now it’s all just a joke! With her entire family here as witnesses? She’ll go freaking ballistic! I’ll be lucky to get half-way to the road before she starts shooting. You’ll never hear the end of it if you live to be a hundred.”I took a long, cleansing breath and let it out. “Look, it’s only for one night. Tomorrow I’ll find a way to get a hotel room like I’d planned. No, scratch that. I’ll have to get a hotel suite now because you’ll have to come with me. You know the area. Find a hotel that has suites with two bedrooms and I’ll handle everything.””I don’t have the money for a room let alone a suite!””I’m not asking you to pay. I’ve got the money. We’ll get through tonight and then we’ll have separate bedrooms. For right now though, I’ll go talk to your Mom. I think there might be two or three people she hasn’t introduced ‘Danny’s girlfriend’ to,” I said while shaking my head in wry amusement. “Danny, I never thought I’d say this to anyone, but your Mom is as bad as mine! She says girlfriend and I hear fiancee. If she starts asking for grandchildren, I’m outta here!”I took another breath and let it out slowly. Danny had eaten something… “You can change clothes while I’m with your Mom. You’ve dripped Honey kaçak bahis Mustard sauce or something on your t-shirt.”I left and headed for the kitchen. That’s where I found the women folk with Mrs Greene. Pots of boiling water were on the stove with pasta cooking. A large pot of tomato-based sauce was simmering. Texas toast was being buttered and sprinkled with garlic. An easy meal to feed a crowd. In the humid heat from boiling water, I took off my blazer. Amber took it and immediately tried it on. She was five inches shorter than me with no appreciable boobs. She disappeared into it. “I guess we won’t be trying on each other’s clothes,” she laughed while holding up an arm that had inches of empty material past her hand I was asking Mrs Greene if I could help with anything when Danny walked in. He was wearing a t-shirt now that looked like he’d had it since he was ten… Yep, a very faded Star Wars logo was barely readable on the front from years of being washed. No, no, no… Not acceptable at all!”I thought you were going to change clothes, Danny,” I said.Danny looked down and picked at his t-shirt. “I did. New shirt.””Danny, I know you wanted to be comfortable on the train. I know you’re home…” Deciding to have fun and to cement myself as his girlfriend, I only had to slide forward a little to kiss Danny. Only a small kiss. Less than three seconds. Pulling back, I continued, “But, I’m not going to be introduced to your friends and family by someone who’s dressed like a ten year old child.”Danny stood motionless. Speechless. Amber wasn’t speechless as she blurted, “Oh, I like her!”Unable to argue in front of his Mom, Danny slumped in defeat and left for his room to change again. The other women in the kitchen were grinning and Mrs Greene was beaming. “Olivia! You have no idea how long I’ve been trying to get Danny to dress better!””Yea, but you’re not his girlfriend, Mom,” Amber laughed. “Wow, Olivia! If you can get Danny to give me the keys to his car while he’s in the city? You’re my new BFF!””I’ll see what I can do, Amber. But all I can promise is Danny will get a haircut tomorrow.”Friends, neighbors and family continued to filter in as the evening progressed. The remainder of the day was occupied by Danny introducing me to one person after another. We answered the same questions over and over until Danny and I had our cover story memorized and seamless.As the sun set it became cooler but I had anticipated that and changed into my night wear, a warm woolen dress. A bonfire was lit and kept fed by the children to take the bite off the chill as stars came out. It wasn’t long before people began leaving to return to their homes. That still left quite a crowd of people who would be staying at the house. No longer able to put it off, it was time to face the elephant in the house and Danny and I were soon alone in his small room.I lay down on the bed, staking my claim to it. Danny remained standing, looking everywhere but at me. Finally he nodded and whispered, “You can have the bed and I’ll sleep on the floor. I just need a sheet and a pillow.” “It will be colder on the floor,” I told Danny. In an incredible act of self-sacrifice, I stripped off the thick bedspread. I handed it and a pillow to him. Opening a suitcase I paused. “Ah, can I trust you to lie down on the floor and not peek?””I can’t promise not to look under the bed at your feet,” Danny laughed quietly and laid down on the other side of the bed.I had no idea why I had butterflies in my stomach as I took off my dress. I was a call girl. I’d taken my clothes off for over a hundred men. Hell! Ten hours ago I was on a bed swallowing a man’s cum. I couldn’t even remember the client’s name now!If Danny was a client, I’d go to my knees and suck his cock without embarrassment. I’d swallow his cum without hesitation. I’d open my legs eagerly illegal bahis as his body moved to top me.  I’d reach to guide his cock into me when I felt it brush against my slit… And then… I shook my head hard and tried to stop thinking about what I’d let Danny do ‘then’. It was still very fresh in my memory how I’d imagined it was Danny beside me this morning, watching as I’d masturbated to orgasm. His cock inside me, driving my orgasm to incredible heights. Instead, I concentrated on clothes and… “Shit! Danny?””I’m not peeking! I swear!””I know you’re not. It’s just,” I stopped in resignation. “I don’t have anything to wear.””What? You brought clothes for everything!””Well, excuse the hell outta me for not anticipating I’d be sharing a bedroom with you,” I whispered sarcastically. “I usually sleep in just my panties. I didn’t bring anything that will double as a night shirt.”Danny was quiet except for some strangled sounds that could have been his attempt to quietly… “Danny, if you’re laughing I swear to God I’ll strangle you with my bra.” I closed my suitcase in disgust and told him, “Oh, get up! Get me one of your t-shirts.”Danny’s head appeared and stopped as his eyes cleared the mattress. “Ooooh, big deal,” I told him sarcastically. “I’m in my underwear. I’m sure you’ve seen girls in skimpier bikinis.””Yeah, but never in my bedroom.””Get. Me. A. Shirt!” It was getting colder in the room. I was in my underwear and the dumbass didn’t appear to want to do anything other than stare at me.Danny went to a dresser and pulled a t-shirt out. He handed it to me and I told him to lie back down. Taking my bra off I slipped the t-shirt on. “It’s tight.” Trying to stretch the material, I grabbed a double handful of shirt and pulled. “Don’t you have anything bigger?””No.””Damn. I hate feeling constricted when I sleep.””Well, excuse the hell outta me,” Danny whispered, mimicking my words and tone. “I didn’t anticipate I’d have to buy shirts to fit your big boobs.”Not wanting to admit he had a point, I kept quiet as I got into bed and pulled the sheet up to my chin. The night was getting colder and this old house didn’t have central heating ducts running to the rooms. There were two fireplaces and an oil-burning heater in the floor of the hallway pumping out heat through a metal grate. Now that the bedroom door was closed they may as well have been on the moon. It was getting colder in the room and one sheet wasn’t nearly enough. I pulled the sheet up more. My nose was cold!”Danny?””Oh, God! We’re not starting this again, are we? I’m not taking that Sex Survey!””I’m cold! I want to know if you have any blankets in your closet?””No. Wait and I’ll check the hall closet. Turn your head.””I’ve seen underwear before. Hurry!”Danny kept his back to me as he rose and pulled his pants on. He had a really nice ass. I wondered if he had a hard-on. Soon he was back empty-handed.”Every sheet and blanket is in use.””This is not what I had planned,” I grumped as Danny settled back onto the floor. “I wanted a nice, warm hotel room.””I’d settle for a tent in the backyard,” Danny grumped back. “Grass would be warmer and softer than this hardwood floor.”I scooted and poked my eyes over the edge. There was a light on a pole outside to light the yard at night. In the dim light filtering in through a window, Danny did look cold and uncomfortable as he looked up at me. I could live with the thought of Danny being cold and uncomfortable, but I wanted that thick bedspread back!”C’mon, Danny. Get up here. We’ll share the bed,” I told him and patted the mattress.Danny looked back with open-eyed amazement and then eye-narrowing suspicion. “No.”My eyes opened in amazement. No boy had ever refused to climb into a bed with me. “No?””No. I’m not going to let you tease me.”Just then there was a quiet tap-tap-tap on the door. Fear of being teased disappeared and in seconds the bedspread was on top of me as Danny slid under the sheet. “Yes,” he answered as I pulled the  bedspread off my face. Both of us looked at the door.

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