Double Secret – Part 1


I’m a horny little sixteen and a half year old and I mean horny with a capital H. As I ride home from college on the bus, I look out of the window and my mind is not on the landscape, or the houses or the people in the street. My mind is firmly on my pussy and the fucking it’s going to get when I get home.Amy my friend is talking to me but I’m really not listening to her. My mind is already pushing my finger into my pussy and circling my clit in earnest. I can feel my own pussy juices leak out of me and soak my panties. In my mind I have stripped completely naked and I lay on the bed with my legs wide apart, waiting. Waiting for the fucking I have come to love so much.“Are you on another planet, Molly, I asked you a question?” Amy’s words finally penetrate my sub-conscious.“Umm, sorry, I was miles away,” I replied.Amy asked her question again, “Call me later,” I told her as the bus pulled up at my stop, “I‘ll let you know!”Amy and I were very good friends, but lately I hadn’t had the time for her like I had about four months ago and I was beginning to regret how we were with each other, but I had a naughty secret or two that I couldn’t share with her at all.I left the bus and toddled off down the road to my house. I waved to her as the bus pulled away and as soon as it did my mind was between my legs again. I walked as quickly as I could, I had about fifteen minutes to get my pussy as wet as fuck before I got screwed. I started to breath heavily, partly from the exertion and partly because of the situation that I would soon find myself in. My eyes felt heavy as I closed them, remembering the last time I was fucked in this way.I had instructions. He had told me what I should be doing when he came into the house. My breasts were heaving as I opened the door. I closed it behind me and escort beylikdüzü more or less ran upstairs. I entered my room and started to strip off. Everything came off as quickly as possible and was duly thrown on the floor. I pulled at my nipple as I walked to the bedside drawer. I tweaked them and pulled them hard. I had nice firm breasts, medium sized, which looked beautiful when they bounced around on my slim torso.I opened the drawer and pulled the eight inch dildo out. It was thick and lifelike. I pushed it between my lips and sucked on it like a cock. I put it between the pillows on the bed and pretended it was his cock. With my arse in the air I sucked on it, giving the dildo a spirited blow job. My hands flew between my pussy and I started to stroke the outer lips, slowly working a finger inside.Fuck I was wet.I dipped my finger in and wiggled it around, completely coating it in my juices. Then another finger went in and then another. I turned over and propped myself up on the pillows. My fingers slid over my pussy and I once again coated them with my juices. I lifted my fingers to my mouth and I sucked on them.Fuck, it felt wonderful to be licking my own juices. For your information, I happened to love pussy juice as much as I loved cock. It was pussy that I enjoyed first, but that was some four months ago now.I grabbed the dildo and I looked on it wantonly. I grinned and breathed heavily through my nose at it as I once more sucked it into my mouth. I kept thinking as I sucked on it that it needed to get into my little cunt and loosen me up.I pushed the dildo into me and with my right hand pushed it all the way up. My left hand caught the underside of my breast and I stroked it.I was watching the clock on the bedside table. It said four thirty, he was escort akbatı late. He was ten minutes late and if he didn’t get here soon, my mother would be home at her regular time and the moment would be lost.“For fuck‘s sake come on,” I cried into the room, “Fuck me with your fucking cock,” I cried out into the room as I pushed the dildo up me.I heard a car screech to a halt as it pulled up outside.“Oh fuck yes, fuck me,” I cried once more.I heard the door open and close. I pumped the dildo into my cunt at an alarming rate, careful not to cum but wanting to keep as close as possible to my orgasm as I could.I heard him run upstairs.“You‘re fucking late, I think I‘m going to cum!” I shouted into the room.The door flew open and he stood there watching me as he fumbled with his trousers. The belt was rapidly undone; the buttons on his jeans were ripped apart just as quickly.“Come on, come and fuck me,” I cried at him, “Quick!”His trousers dropped to the floor and in under fifteen seconds the rest of his clothes were abandoned to the floor.“Come and get that cock up me, you little fucker,” I looked at him. I was randy, horny and I was his little fuck bitch.From the moment his trousers were dropping to the floor, I could see his cock grow in his pants and as soon as his clothes were discarded, his cock was erect and rampant.My words were deliberately slutty and wanton. I was told I should act like that, I was told that I should act as a wanton fuck slut and then, and only then, would he fuck me.I watched as he approached the bed. His cock was swinging wildly, up and down and from side to side. I could hear him breathing, panting for breath as he approached between my legs.“Now fuck me hard, Dad,” I said as I pulled the dildo out of my cunt and threw it across the room.Dad was escort beylikdüzü on top of me in seconds. There was absolutely no finesse. His cock was ready and I could see in his eyes an urgent need to pump his seed all over me.My legs flew open as I pulled them back to let him in. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down off the pillows and onto the bed. I rolled backwards slightly, He pounced between my legs and without even a break in movement, his cock entered me in one go.My Dad’s full eight inches was up me and he was pumping.“Oh! Fuck! That‘s better than a dildo,” I cried out. I gasped for breath as he entered me. My head was forced into the bed as both his arms came up next to my breasts. He raised himself up on his elbows and looked down onto me. I pulled my breasts together and smiled at him.“Fuck me, fuck me hard!” I told him. My eyes were wide with lust as I stared into his.“Come on, come on,” I urged with guttural sounds coming from my mouth.“Spunk it into me-” I was on fire now.My Dad fucked and pumped his cock into my pussy for less than about two minutes.“I’m going to spurt,” he gasped out.As he said the words, a huge grin spread across my face.“Fucking pump-your-spunk-into-me,” I urged emphasizing each word in turn.“Oh Fuck Molly. Oh fuck!” he shouted as he fucked me hard and fast.“Yesss-” I shouted as my orgasm hit me. It was a sudden, hard jolt, One that wrenched my body apart every time his cock hit my cervix. It hit me twice more before I creased under the pumping of his cock.“Fucking cumming-” I screamed through clenched teeth, “fucking cumming-”He kept pumping into me for as long as he could and then with a sudden jerk, my cunt was empty and Dad had straddled me in double quick time. His first jet of spunk shot from the end of his cock and landed on my hair arcing down across my eyes and onto my mouth. I opened my mouth hoping that he could direct all of it inside, but there was no chance of that now. His hand was pumping his cock, his head was turned upwards and his spunk just jetted out all over me.

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