Dr. Merle Hill’s Fat Farm


Dr. Merle Hill’s Fat Farm

Melody was hooked. Several times she had seen Dr. Hill’s ad on TV. He guaranteed to help you lose 20 pounds of weight in one appointment. His ad showed a young woman kneeling on a large scale. In a split screen you could see her face and hear her voice describing the process. The other side of the split screen showed the digital output of her weight in large glowing red numbers.

Her voice said, “When I arrived, Dr. Merle Hill swiped my credit card for a temporary charge of $100. He put the receipt and a pen beside the scale read out and told me that my card would not be charged until I signed the receipt, and that I did not have to sign it until my weight had dropped 20 pounds or more.”

As she spoke, the weight readout began dropping: 130, 129, 128, 125, 120, 115, 110 . . . The numbers were still dropping slowly as the camera showed her signing and her face smiling as she said, “I sign gladly. That was the most effortless weight loss you can imagine, and for only $100. I am one satisfied customer. Thank you, Dr. Hill.” As the commercial ended, the weight numbers flashed 105.

The response to his ad had been so successful that Dr. Merle Hill had to open another fat farm. The first one had been in the empty building next door to his meat market where he processed dolcett girls and sold their meat. His fat farms were designed to provide him with a new, and growing, source of dolcett girls. Over the years, Merle had learned that some females do not wish to voluntarily become dolcett girls. The fat farms eliminated that reluctance.

+ + + +

Melody got out of the taxi and paid her fare. She looked at the sign over the door: Dr. Merle Hill’s Weight Loss Center. It was 1:45 pm and she had an appointment at 2. She entered and the receptionist smiled at her. “You must be Melody. We have been expecting you. Just one question before we begin. Dr. Hill is training a new technician. Will you give permission for that technician to attend to you under Dr. Hill’s supervision?”

Melody thought for a moment and answered, “No, I guess I have no objections. Dr. Hill will be right there, won’t he?”

“Yes, of course. Did you clean your bowels before coming here as you were instructed?”

“Yes, all done. Clean as a whistle.”

“Great! Please leave your credit card with me and I will put a temporary hold on it for $100. That will not be charged to you until you sign the receipt. Oh, and the last piece of paperwork is for you to sign this release giving us your permission to administer the treatment. Now, please go down this hallway and enter the room marked Treatment room 7. Remove all your clothes. Doctors Hill and Ramsey will be with you in a few minutes.”

Melody entered the room. It was only about 12 foot square. In the middle of the Ankara bayan escort floor was the scale that she knew she would have to kneel upon. It was just like she had seen on the TV ad. Next to the weight readout was a shelf and pen where she knew that they would place her credit card receipt to be signed. There were pads on the scale where she would kneel, and a bar over which she would bend. Another bar would support her upper torso just above her breasts. There were straps at key places, ankles, knees, lower back and upper back.

“I guess that’s all to keep me from moving around too much during the treatment,” said Melody to herself.

Beside the scale was a small tray table with a closed box on it.

“I guess I had better get undressed,” thought Melody, “Although I don’t know why I have to be naked to lose weight.”

But those were the rules, so she stripped, hanging her clothes on hooks on the back of the door. As she finished, there was a knock and the door opened. In walked Dr. Hill. She recognized him from photos she had seen.

“Miss Magillicuddy? I am Dr. Merle Hill, and this is Dr. Ramsey. So many young women are benefitting from our weight loss program that business is booming. I am training Dr. Ramsey to open a new branch office. I understand you have given your permission for Dr. Ramsey to treat you under my supervision. Is that correct?”

“Yes, Dr. Hill, and please call me Melody.”

“Good, Melody. Then let’s begin. First we must begin with another enema.”

“Oh, no!” groaned Melody.

“Everyone reacts that way,” said Dr. Hill. “But this one is different. It contains an ingredient that will temporarily paralyze the peristaltic action of your bowels. We don’t want any accidents, do we.”

“So please kneel upon the scale, and we will get you strapped in and insert the enema.”

Melody carefully climbed onto the scale, placing her knees on the required spots and leaning over the bar.

When she was fully in place, Drs. Hill and Ramsey strapped her in place.

Just then there was a knock on the door. It opened and the receptionist brought in the credit card receipt, placing it on the shelf beside the scale readout. “I’ll just leave that here for you,” she said. I see the scale says 141 pounds. Don’t sign the receipt until it gets below 120. You are going to love your new, low weight.”

She smiled. Melody tried to look up and smile back at her but the restraints prevented any movement.

“Now,” said Dr. Hill, “Dr. Ramsey will instill the enema. It is not a regular enema, and you will only feel a little at the first, then you will feel nothing. There is no pain or discomfort. . . . There, that is done. Now, we will give it a few minutes to work. While we wait, Dr. Ramsey and I will give you a thorough examination.”

Immediately Escort bayan Ankara they started feeling her ankles, squeezing and prodding. One was on her left side and one on the right. Next they worked up her calves and thighs.

“Why are you doing this? asked Melody. “I am here to lose weight, not to get felt up!”

“We need to know the condition your muscle tissue is in. We check it both before and after the treatment.”

“Oh, ok,” said Melody, guessing that it made some sense. She wasn’t so sure, though, when they got to her pussy. Each of them pushed two fingers into her, squeezing her pussy lips between thumb and fingers.

“Nice fillet,” mumbled Dr. Ramsey.

“What did you say?” asked Melody.

“Nothing, just thinking out loud.”

More prodding, poking, squeezing, ass cheeks, abdomen, ribs, breasts, shoulders, biceps, forearms.

When they were done, Dr. Ramsey asked, “Can you feel this?” He had four fingers in her anus.

“I don’t feel anything,” said Melody.

“OK, then watch your weight. We’re about to start. While we work, I have some relaxing music to play for you.” He put some earphones on Melody which totally blocked out all sound so that she could hear only the music.

“Dr. Hill, you said you would demonstrate your anal extractor to me.”

“Yes, anal extractor is the technical term but we usually just call it the umbrella because it looks and works like one. He opened the box on the tray table and removed a stainless steel device that had a loop on one end.

“You see it looks like a miniature umbrella all folded up. It gets inserted into the anus. Then you press this little button and it springs open, just like an umbrella. The ‘ribs’ part of the umbrella are very very sharp. So, when you try to pull it back out, the six sharp ribs encircle and impale the anus, hooking it like a fish. Watch.”

As Dr. Ramsey watched, Dr. Hill inserted the ‘umbrella.’ When it was in far enough that the points of all the ribs were inside. he pressed the release button. Then he put his finger through the loop on the end and gave a hard tug causing six points to emerge in a perfect circle around Melody’s anus.

“Now take this scalpel and cut around outside the circle of ‘umbrella ribs’ to separate her anus completely from her body. . . . Very good. She is essentially done. Now all you have to do is pull on the loop on the end of the umbrella and her colon will start to emerge, and her weight will start to drop.”

As Dr. Ramsey started to pull, Melody’s started to twitch.

“Is she is pain?” asked Dr. Ramsey.

“No, she feels nothing. The enema numbed everything. She is twitching because her weight is starting to drop. You’ve got out about three feet of colon and she has already lost four pounds. Here is a Bayan escort Ankara garbage can.

You can feed it into there as you pull it out.”

Four feet, five feet. 134 pounds.

“Oh, look, she still has her appendix. Now here comes the small intestine.”

Two feet, four feet, eight feet. 128 pounds.

“Melody is twitching like crazy! What keeps her from going into shock?”

“There is additional medication in the enema to prevent shock. We can’t have them passing out before they sign the credit card receipt, can we?”

Twelve feet, sixteen feet. 120 pounds. Twenty feet. 118 pounds.

“Look, Melody is signing.”

“Slow down, you’re almost there. We can get every inch because it’s connected to her stomach. So pull slowly and when you feel it tugging back, stop and cut it off here.”

Dr. Merle Hill went to the door and pressed a buzzed on the wall beside it. The receptionist soon came in and took the signed credit card receipt.

“Dr. Ramsey, do you have any questions?”

“Yes. What will become of Melody now?”

“Well, before we release her straps, you can fuck her if you want.”

“And after we get done fucking her?”

“She will be spitted and sold as a live BBQ meat girl. We already have a buyer waiting. Due to the removal of so much of her internal organs, she will not live long, so we must hurry.”

“Melody lost weight, but she did not lose any of her fat. Will that be a problem?”

“Not in this case. You are right that she has quite a bit of fat but the heat from the BBQ fire will melt the fat and result in her being self-basting. Any more fat and that would be a problem.”

“What do you do when you get a customer that has too much fat?”

“Same process. We remove the bowels but we don’t spit them for the BBQ. Instead we cut them up for parts. The fat is removed and rendered to make expensive designer soaps. Rich ladies pay a premium for that.”

“Have you ever removed the bowels and discovered that you missed the target weight? Do they still sign the receipt?”

“No, that never happens. We always remove more than 20 pounds. It is rare that the bowels don’t remove enough weight, but it does happen. Then, I reach inside with surgical scissors and cut the esophagus above the stomach so that the stomach also comes out. One time, even that wasn’t enough and I had to remove her uterus and urinary bladder, too. I did it all through the hole cut around the anus.”

“Why not just do an abdominal incision?”

“Whole barbecuers are worth more. They sell better at my meat markets. As soon as you cut the abdomen, their value goes down.”

“But they think they are just here to lose weight, don’t they? They didn’t volunteer to be dolcett girls.”

“Oh, but they did. They didn’t know it, but when they signed the release form, it included volunteering the become a dolcett girl.”

“You’ve got all the bases covered.”

“Yes, I do. Now, do you want to fuck her first, or shall I?”

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