Dusk Before Dawn Ch. 01


*Hi all. New to this but have always enjoyed writing so thought I’d give it a shot. I know the werewolf/ supernatural theme has been done again and again but it’s my favorite kinds of stories. Hope you enjoy. Comments and suggestions welcome.*


The alarm went at 7:00 but Billy made no move to turn it off. He had been awake for sometime already, lost in thought and anxiety and did not realize at first that a blaring car horn was echoing around his room. Coming out of his reverie he switched off the alarm and lay there for a few more minutes before swinging his legs off the bed and heading for the bathroom. Luckily he was the first up so he locked the door, switched the shower on, took a piss, and brushed his teeth before hopping into the warm water. He looked up and let the warmth cascade onto his face for a moment. As he washed he thought about the day ahead. A lot was new in his life. New house, new school, new country! Until a year ago he had been living in an English house going to an English school in England. He had been a well balanced teenager about to go into the final year of his education. He had friends, a boyfriend and plans for a bright future. That was before his father had disappeared. After that his mother had uprooted the family and flown them across the Atlantic to New Hampshire, her birthplace, to be nearer to her side of the family. He had been sad to leave his friends his home everything he knew. Mark had been distraught at first when Billy had broke the news to him. Together they had decided to end things. Going from seeing each other everyday to not seeing each other at all wasn’t an idea that they relished. At first Mark had wanted to try making their relationship work long distance but Billy had decided that it wouldn’t be fair on either of them. So they had parted ways promising to Skype each other at least once a month. Billy sighed as he thought of everything he had left behind. Things were now so uncertain and unfocused. And today he started his first year of American high school. He just hoped it wasn’t like it was portrayed in the movies. A sharp rap on the door broke him from his trail of thought.

“What the hell is taking you so long. I’ve been out here for nearly 10 minutes!!”

Billy smiled.

“Fuck off Johnny I’ve only been in here 5 minutes. Go play that stupid game on your iPod for a bit.”

“It’s called Temple Run and its not stupid it’s an amazing game and more than half of apple product users agree with me. So your outnumbered asshole. Now hurry up!!”

“Oh no you don’t I’m going in first” another disembodied voice emulated from outside the door.

“Oh hell know. Civilization invented queueing for a reason you over grown troll!!”

The sound of scuffling was heard amongst grunts and sassy protests. Chuckling to himself Billy turned off the flow of water rapped a towel around his waste and headed towards his bedroom, carefully stepping over the tangle of limbs that was his two younger brothers.

Upon entering his room he got dressed slipping into his favorite jeans, put on a wife beater with a cosmic print on it, threw a maroon leather jacket over the top and laced up his boots. He then began the laborious process of styling his hair. Brush, gum, back brush, wax, hair spray. He looked himself over in the mirror and then chose two small gold hoops which he slid through his ears. Sometimes less was more. He wanted to make a good impression on as many people as possible. He knew it was shallow but if you looked good then people who didn’t know you personally would treat you better. Once he had decided that he indeed was looking good he grabbed his shoulder bag and headed down stairs.

Having beaten Johnny to the shower Fred was already at the table eating breakfast. His mother was making a note of something on the counter. Upon entering the kitchen Clem looked up and smiled at him

“Well look at you handsome. Coffee?”

“Please” he replied.

Kissing her on the cheek he sat down next to Fred.

As he poured himself some cereal a loud noise of discontent from the hallway alerted them to the arrival of the youngest. Upon seeing Johnny they both collapsed into fits of laughter.

“What?” Said Johnny indignantly.

“You are going to catch hell for wearing no clothes on your first day of school” Fred jibed still laughing at the sight.

“Like I give a fuck. They can either like it or eat shit.” came Johnny’s retort

“Enough of the language young man. Sit down and eat your breakfast. Nicky will be hear soon to pick you up.”

As Clem said this she walked over to place Billy’s coffee down on the table. She then put her arms around her youngest and kissed the top of his head saying

“I think you look great honey.”

Johnny squirmed out of his mothers embrace.

“Stop it your messing up my hair” but he smiled at the same time taking comfort in her words.

“Mum he looks like a street walker. You really gonna let your son go to his first day of school looking like anyone could rent him out for a dollar?” Fred bursa escort said this with a smirk crawling across his face.

Johnny was about to launch into an angry, and probably obscene, tirade before he caught his mothers eye and sulkily got on with his cereal.

Billy chuckle and continued to drink his coffee.

Upon finishing his breakfast Fred turned to Billy.

“Are you nervous?” He asked

“A little, yeah.” Billy admitted.

“It’s alright for you.” Johnny scowled. “you’ve got Nicky to to help you along. And Fred’s got her sister. All I’ve got is that creep Daniel who lives up the road.”

Billy smiled. Johnny was right. Nicky was sure to make things easier for him. When they had first moved a couple of months ago. Nicky’s family their neighbors had invited them over for dinner as way of welcoming them into their new lives. He and Nicky had hit it off immediately and spent the best part of the time up in her room looking at style blogs and magazines and having heated debates over whether George Clooney was still fuckable even in his age. Having cemented a strong relationship over the holidays they now treated each other like siblings constantly going over to the others house to chat and occasionally share a joint. Nicky’s little sister Jenna was in the same year as Fred and Nicky and Billy had been trying to push them together the entire summer. But like Fred Jenna was a lot more quiet and shy when it came to people she didn’t know. Billy was more worried about Fred than he was about himself or Johnny. Johnny he knew would strut into school not giving a fuck and quickly have everyone eating out of his hand. In many ways he was like his eldest brother if a little more sassy. But Fred was quiet and inwardly reflective most of the time.

As Johnny continued to complain about “creepy Daniel” to the rest of the families amusement Billy reflected on the events that had recently befell their family.

When their father had disappeared things had been difficult but they had all banded together to support each other through it. The police could find no trace of him at all. It was like he had vanished off the face of the earth. No letter, no phone calls, no evidence that he was even still alive. The strangest thing about the entire affair was his mother. Billy had always noticed things that others often did not and it appeared to him that from the moment his father had disappeared his mother had resigned herself. To what Billy could not say but although she played the part of a distraught wife billy could tell that a lot of it was for show. Not that he thought that his mother didn’t love his father. He came, he thought, from one of the most stable family backgrounds he knew where they all supported one another no matter what. It was almost as if Clem had been expecting what had happened to happen and had prepared for it in advance. Instead of continuing the investigation into her husbands whereabouts she had decided on a spur of the moment to move back to her homeland so that her mother and two sisters that lived there could “help her cope with it all”. Billy did not distrust his mother or think that she had any cruel intentions. But he had a niggling suspicions at the back of his mind that there was more to his fathers disappearance than met the eye.

Johnny was still moaning when the doorbell rang.

“Come on boys” Clem said ” time to go”. They jumped up grabbed their bags and headed to the door. Billy paused to kiss his mum on the cheek.

“See you later”

She smiled at him sadly “have a good day honey”

“Hurry up boy or we’ll be late!”

The sound if Nicky’s voice had billy hurrying out the door pausing to close it behind him blowing his mum a kiss.

Nicky was standing outside arms folded leaning against her car. She was every bit the stereotype that Billy had pictured of a good looking American high school girl. Blond hair, a heart shaped face, an amazing body and of course wearing her cheer leading uniform.

His brothers had already slid into the back of the car in which Jenna had already been sitting.

“Get in loser. I’m not starting this year with a late to my first class because your getting cold feet.” she teased.

“I’m not getting cold feet. Give me all you’ve got if this thing you call high school.” Billy replied smiling.

“Oh believe me girl I will give you that and more. Now get your sexy butt in the car. We can’t keep those horn dogs at school waiting now can we?”

Billy hopped into the front and turned to greet Jenna. She smiled at him her eyes quickly darting to Fred sitting on the other side of Johnny before going back to the window. Billy and Nicky exchanged a smile before she turned back.

“All right Brits. Buckle up and prepare for your first day of high school!”


Clem watched the car with her children in pull out and speed along the road out if sight. She sighed. It was like reliving the first time she had left Billy at school all over again. She felt a tug at her heart. They would be ok. Christopher and her bursa escort bayan had raised them well. They were all unique and all interesting. The fact that they got on so well was always a heartwarming fact. Standing at the window her mind drifted to her husband. A year of not having him by her side meant that the loss was still raw. But soon she hoped that would be over. She would find her husband even if it meant going through hell and back again. She blinked back tears and sighed. Everything had settled. She reached out with her mind.

“Mum, Amy, Christine. The kids have gone.”

A moment later three women walked through the door each carrying a selection of odd items.

Clem’s mother though almost 90 was still fighting fit. She had an air of calming wisdom about her that relaxed everyone in her company but also had a wicked sense of humour that could have an entire room rocking with laughter. Her sisters were 5 years younger than Clem’s 45 and identical down to the beauty spot just above their lips. They also shared a wild personality which meant that neither of them had ever settled down, constantly off with different men and the occasional woman. The fact that they were both so beautiful meant that their options for partners did not decrease as their age increased. Clem greeted them all by hugging them and kissing them on the cheek.

“You brought everything?” She asked.

“All the ingredients, specific runes and the necessary grimores.” Her mother said.

“Now all we need is the object of significance.” The twins said together.

Clem looked down at her hand and slid the wedding band off her finger. It was inscribed with symbols of love and protection on the inside. Her husband had given it to her so that if she ever needed him he would know. It hadn’t worked of course and recently it had served no purposes other than reminding Clem of what she had lost. She handed the ring to her mother.

“You ready for this?” the wizened woman asked.

Clem took a deep breath

“Yes I’m ready.”

The kids had gone to start their new lives. To search for their place in the world.

The time had come for here to begin a search of her own.


They pulled into the schools parking lot and got out. So far everything was living up to Billy’s expectations. The school itself looked like the kind of thing you saw in the Simpsons or Family Guy. People were milling around the outside area sitting on the walls or benches chatting and catching up after a summer apart.

Billy turned to his siblings.

“Meet you guys back hear at 4 ok?”

“Ok” they both replied.

Fred and Jenna walked towards the school together. Johnny was about to follow them when a voice from behind called,

“Hey Johnny! Over here!”

“Oh brilliant.” Johnny lifted his eyes to the sky and the fixed his best fake smile upon his face.

“Hi Daniel” he gushed walking towards the other boy.

Billy and Nicky chuckled then Nicky took his hand and looked at him.

“You ready?” She asked.

“As I’ll ever be.”


He knew something was up. There was a change in the air. The usual atmosphere of the school had shifted to accommodate a new and powerful presence. A presence that had an intoxicating smell. A smell that wound its way up through his nostrils and clawed at his brain, demanding attention. It got slowly stronger, making his head spin. He had to find out what it was that smelt so good. He followed his nose through the corridors of people, each one of their scents over powered by this one undeniable smell. The scent got stronger and stronger until he came to the entrance. There outside he saw him. An absolutely drop dead gorgeous boy walking beside Nicky. It was from this mysterious sexy new comer that the smell emanated. He breathed in deeply enjoying the intensity of it as the boy drew nearer to the entrance. A noise distracted them and they turned from the entrance to walk across to a group of people. He growled his frustration and walked out the door. Leaning casually against the wall outside so as to get a better look at the new kid. God he smelt so fucking good. He looked him up and down. Nice tight toned butt. Lean figure, slightly shorter than him. Pale white skin in opposition to his own olive tan. His crotch began to ache. He licked his lips. He had to get a taste of that. If not now then soon. Really soon.


“Nicky! Over here!”

They were waved over by a tall girl in a cheer leading uniform matching Nicky’s own. Nicky smiled and headed toward her with Billy in tow.

“Hi Justine.” They hugged.

“Justine this is Billy the one that I told you about.”

The girl Justine turned to him smiling warmly. Billy liked her instantly.

He held out his hand for her to shake.

“Pleasure to meet you.” he said

She took his hand giggling.

“Your right” she addressed Nicky, “he’s so British”

Billy rolled his eyes.

“Please don’t ask me to say anything. I’m not a performing monkey” he had gotten escort bursa enough of that already from Nicky herself.

Justine laughed.

“Why not? The accent makes you even hotter.”

Billy blushed. This girl obviously had no inhibitions about speaking her mind.

“Justine you’ll scare him away if you talk like that” Nicky laughed.

The two girls then proceeded to introduce him to the group in front of them.

Billy didn’t know if his preconception of high school was warping reality slightly but what he saw in front of him seemed to be the epitome of the popular group. Most of the girls there were cheerleaders and the majority of the guys there were…what was the word? Jocks!

However they all seemed perfectly friendly. Max he was drawn to in particular. Not because be was especially attractive but because it was obvious that he was the clown of the group who knew how to make people laugh. He smiled as be shook Billy’s hand.

“Quite a move for you then? How are you finding things so far?”

They were all listening to the conversation and suddenly Billy felt a little self conscious.

“Um it’s fine. The sun is around much more here than it is in England. Most of our summer was spent moving in though so I haven’t had a chance to check out town or anything.”

“We’ll take you there after school if you like” Max offered.

He turned to the rest of the group. “How about we all meet at Starbucks after school.”

There was a murmur of consent around the group.

Billy smiled “Thats kind of you but my two younger brothers just started here as well. I kinda want to make sure they’ve got on ok after their first day.”

“Fair enough but you come along with us sometime soon. We’ll be happy to show you around.” Max replied.

The conversation in the group turned to the events of the holidays. A number of them including Max asked Billy a bit more about himself.

As he was standing there talking he felt a prickle at the back of his neck and a wave of uneasiness swept over him. He looked around and noticed a figure staring at him near the school entrance. Following his eyes Max looked over at the figure and smiled.

“Hi Brick! Come over we got us a newbie.”

The man shifted from where he’d been leaning against the wall and made his way over to the group.

Billy breathed in taking in full the Adonis that was walking toward him. He was well over 6 foot with tanned skin and a middle eastern look about him. His shoulders were broad narrowing into a trimmed torso and snake hips. His hair was cut short and stood up straight from his scalp. He was dressed in figure hugging jeans and a black jacket.

As he approached Billy suddenly remembered that to live he had to exhale. Brick drew level with the group his eyes focused on Billy.

Everyone greeted him and the girls all flicked their hair and pushed their chests out slightly including Nicky.

“Brick this is Billy. He’s just starting here. Moved from England!” Max made his introduction.

Billy nervously stuck out his hand which he suddenly realized had turned clammy.

“Nice to me you Brick”

Brick didn’t say anything. Nor did he take Billy’s hand. He just kept staring at him. Billy looked back into his beautiful, deep…yellow eyes? He blinked and they were now a deep brown. He must of imagined it. He was suddenly aware that his hand was still stuck out but Brick had made no move to take it. He lowered his hand blushing slightly but still held Brick’s gaze.

Everyone around them shifted slightly, feeling uncomfortable.

“Don’t make him feel awkward or anything Brick.” laughed Max nervously.

Brick slowly extended his hand and Billy gingerly took it shaking it slowly.

“Good to meet you Billy” he said quietly.

He kept ahold of Billy’s hand when he tried to withdraw it. The tension intensified.

“Brring brring”

Saved by the bell.

Everyone picked up their bags and headed for the main hall. By this point Brick had let go of Billy’s hand but was still staring at him.

One of the guys Aaron clapped him on the shoulder.

“Come on Brick. We’ve got PE and we still need to get changed.”

Brick turned slowly on his heel and walked away with Aaron and Max.

Billy was left standing there completely bewildered.

A tap on his shoulder brought him back.

“You ok?” Nicky asked.

“I’m fine but what the fuck was that all about.”

“What with Brick? He’s just a bit weird sometimes. He’s a nice guy though. You ought to feel flattered, he never gives that kind if attention to anyone. Come on. We’re going to be late. What’s you first class again?”


Billy entered his English literature class. Being the new student he obviously attracted the attention of everyone. They watched him place his bag down by his desk and walk over to the teacher to hand in his information slip.

“Mrs Pickering?” the woman looked up.

She had huge round spectacles on and a bright face with intelligent eyes that seemed to dance with amusement. Her hair was slightly disarrayed, big and curly. He guessed her to be around the age of 60 or so. She was the kind of woman that you would see at market stalls selling crystals and whale music.

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