Elegance – Ch 3 The Second Hour


Sara lifted her head, leaned back slightly and looked over at Dewayne. She shook her head no. At the same time she felt a gentle tap on her bottom and sheepishly realized she was totally covering CJ’s face with her ass, smothering him. Still holding on to his cum covered cock, she lifted off him and rested her backside on the sheets next to his head. He looked up at her and took a deep breath. Dewayne walked further into the room. Sara wasn’t sure when he had entered but she knew he’d seen CJ shoot his load all over her and himself. At this point she didn’t care and she leaned back over CJ’s beautiful cock and carefully licked the cum off of his head and shaft, savoring every drop. Then she let go of it and looked at her hand. “I think I need to clean up.” She scooched off of the bed and, to her surprise, Dewayne handed her a warm wet hand towel. She looked at him, followed his gaze and saw a small crock pot under the sofa table. Dewayne explained that towels were warmed there for this very purpose. He tossed a second one to CJ who used it on his belly and thighs. Dewayne had on a white linen shirt, black sports coat and grey slacks and loafers with no socks. He could not have looked more Manhattan prep. He introduced himself to CJ, apparently they had never met, and then offered his hand to Sara. “It looks like you two have had a great time so far, I hope I can add to the pleasure.” He grinned. “Sara it is your time so what can I do to make it worth your while?” Once more Sara was caught up in the surreal moments. She was standing in the equivalent of a nice ankara travesti hotel suite, wearing only a black lace bra, there was a naked black guy sitting up on the bed casually playing with his cock, and she was talking to an equally good looking black guy who looked like he had just had walked off of a Saks Fifth Avenue photo shoot. She heard herself saying he should get out of those clothes and she was going to use the rest room for a moment. She picked her panties off of the floor and walked into the bathroom and closed the door. She washed her face and brushed her teeth and tied her hair back into a tight ponytail. She was torn between taking off her bra or putting her panties back on. She opted for the latter, believing it was more erotic. She opened the door with great anticipation for what was ahead. I am really going to love this, she thought. The guys were ready for her. She smiled at the view. They had taken the same position at each end of the sofa. CJ on her left, Dewayne to her right. They were each sitting on an arm of the sofa, naked, their outside leg on the floor, the other leg was resting on the seat of the couch, their cocks hanging in the front of the arm of the sofa, the pale yellow fabric serving to accentuate their dark black skin. She had chosen well. She took in the two of them and did a quick mental comparison. Dewayne was more muscular and she recalled that he had played football. He had thicker shoulders and neck, defined pecs, bulkier thighs. CJ was not tiny but he looked slender sitting just a few feet away. He travesti ankara was more refined and his body tone was more like a swimmer or gymnast. “Is there something we can do that you have wanted? Tell us so we can make it happen,” Dewayne said. Sara held her finger to her chin, as if she was thinking, and walked back and forth playfully checking them out. Teasing like she was selecting. As she stood in front of CJ she looked right down at his cock. He was not that big of a guy but his cock was truly a work of art. She had just spent the good part of an hour with it in her mouth but this was the first time she’d actually taken time to admire him. His cock was still partially engorged and she had a desire to feel it inside her. She walked to Dewayne’s end of the couch and repeated her viewing. Had she not just been staring at CJ she would have melted at the chance to enjoy Dewayne, but she was already spoiled. Not that she was rejecting him. He was a bigger guy and so by comparison his cock looked smaller. She realized that he was still bigger hanging there than her husband was when he was hard. He did have a really defined cockhead; the mushroom head was flared and almost had a ledge as it hung straight down. She licked her lips. “Do you guys have a quarter?” Dewayne laugher and said that there was change on the table by his wallet. She went over and took a quarter and asked Dewayne to call it. “Tails.” The quarter hit the carpet and… it came up tails. She walked over to him and kissed him. She told him he won the toss, he said he was ankara travestiler happy with tails and laughed. “CJ, I guess you get more head then. Is that okay?” CJ went right along and said that was fine as long as they switched ends at the second half. She saw Dewayne over by the table taking a small bottle of lube and bringing it back to them. “Oh, no,” she exclaimed, “that isn’t what I meant.” Dewayne laughed and said he knew that; just relax. He said they kept the lube warmed and he thought she might like some. He squirted some on his shaft and took it in one hand and began to slowly stroke himself in front of her. She was mesmerized and watched his cock grow. In a minute he was rock hard, significantly longer, and noticeably fatter. She realized that she was about to get fucked by the largest cock she’d ever had. “Holy crap!” she said with a smile. Dewayne took her by the hand and led her to the end of the couch. He unclasped her bra and she tossed it on the floor. Then her slipped his fingers inside the waistband of her panties and pulled them off of her. He had her spread her legs and then bend over the rolled arm of the couch. The arm of the couch was slightly higher than her waist and, as she bent over, Sara’s feet left the ground. She adjusted herself until she was balanced and tried not to laugh. She used her hands to hold herself steady using the cushion of the couch. In this position she was perfectly able to receive his cock doggie style. She felt his wet warm fingers massaging her pussy as he applied the warm lube. She moaned as he rubbed some on her clit. She lifted her head slightly and saw CJ standing a few feet away looking at her. He was stroking his cock, too, awaiting instructions. She motioned with her eyes, he came towards her and he sat at the end of the couch, his cock right under her face.

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