EMT Gets a Surprise at Work


Jack and Allyson is a happy couple. Jason works the same days as Allyson but she works nights, which makes it hard to have some time together on workdays. Good thing is that Allyson works on an ambulance and gets to swing by their house for dinner. At least for a few minutes anyway. Although, it could be worse and they could not get to see each other at all those days. Jack cooks a home cooked meal every night so she doesn’t have to go eat fast food every night. It’s been good so far their relationship doesn’t go downhill because of too much time together or too little time. Its the perfect mixed. Even though they miss each other immensely.

This day though happens to be one of those rare occasions when Allyson doesn’t get to swing by and see her man. Allyson picks up her phone already sad that she won’t get to see Jason. She had been running on stupid calls for most of the night. And all she wanted was to go home for 2 min so she can get a hug and kiss from the man she loves. Instead she is pulled to the company headquarters for cleaning duties because of some big executives coming into town. Jason finally picks up the phone and answers, “Hi baby, on your way? It’s been too long away from you, I can’t wait to see you tonight. I made your favorite, chicken and rice dish…”

He doesn’t get to finish what he was saying when she interrupts, “Baby, baby, baby, can you stop. I got some bad news, those execs are coming into town again and we have to stay here and clean up some. We have been slammed all night with calls too. I’m not gonna be able to make it home.”

Jason sighs, and says, “That’s ok. I understand you’re at work and it gets busy don’t worry about it. I can hear the sadness in your voice, don’t cry because you can’t see me tonight. We’re off tomorrow, and the next and we have the whole time together no interruptions, no work, no family calling nada baby. It’s ok.”

Thinking that he is the most wonderful man ever, always trying to put a smile on her face she replies, “I love you, I don’t deserve an understanding man like you. Kisses baby, I’ll keep txting you tonight while your awake.”

Jason says, “I love you too. I will just keep this for you, so you can eat in the morning.”

Allyson says, “ok baby. I gotta go. I’m getting angry stares from my partner who is already pissed we have to do this again this year. Talk to you later”

He says, “ok baby don’t work too hard.”

Through the night they text each other back and forth chatting about things that went on that day. When Jason’s texts start coming fewer and fewer. Allyson knows he was going to get tired soon. Working as a chef in your own restaurant can do that to you. Allyson continues on with the cleaning of ambulances, office space, floors, and bathrooms. When she finally gets a text from Jason about 3am, saying “I have a surprise for you my love. Your duty officer is a nice guy, he let me sneak in to give you a surprise.”

With her jaw to the floor, she replies saying, “Your here? Where? What?” She starts to pace the floor of the break room of her HQ and finally decides to take off to the ambulance bays.

Just as she finally gets a response, she hears her tones drop for an emergent call. “Medic 6, with Perry fire, 2322 Mapleton, on a sick person” Before she even gets to look at he message Jason sent she calls his phone. He picks up and says, “That was for you wasn’t it?”

She says, “Yeah… Where are you so I can at least get a hug?” But just as he is about to answer she hears her truck number again. “Medic 6 disregard your run, remain at headquarters.” And it repeats again over the radio. “Medic 6, we are marking you out of service until further notice”

Allyson says in the most excited voice ever. “Ok, have to find out why that is, but anyway… So, big boy where you at? I want more than a kiss.”

Jason all of sudden is happy again as well, and says, “I’m in this ambulance all the way at the back wall 2 rows over from the back door. I will prop the door open for you.”

Allyson hangs up in a hurry to walk across the bay; she calls up dispatch and asks, “Why are we out of service?”

Dispatcher Larry says, “Well, 2 reasons, and I thought you would have known about one of them. Troy (duty officer) said you had gotten sick and was blowing chunks, so if that’s not true, we can put you back in service.”

She is surprised by Troy’s willingness to get in trouble, she has been super nice to him lately helping out with his duties as well as doing her own a lot lately. She coughs a couple times and says, “no, no, I just didn’t know troy had already told you, I still feel nauseous, can you clock me out so I can go home.” She is just outside the door of the ambulance Jason is in when she jumps up and down with happiness. She hangs up with Larry with the sickest most pathetic voice she can muster and hops in the back of a big box ambulance. Sitting on the bench seat along one wall he is sitting waiting for her, she sits down beside him and tells him what the radio traffic was all about. “Yeah well it was my Cebeci Escort idea, to get you to have more time with me. We have enough money coming in with the restaurant doing well I thought we deserved more time together.” He says, to her with a big grin on his face.

She smiles big and wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him in for a big thank you kiss. As soon as their lips touched she felt the passion that always charged between the 2 of them sending shivers down her spine and goose bumps to appear on her arms. She releases a small moan from her lips pressed against his, and he pulls her closer into him. She goes willingly; knowing that in his arms is where she belongs. Heat begins to build between them, and she already feels the wetness begin. They both know it doesn’t take much to get her juices going, and really going they were, as soon as she felt his lips on hers. She moves her lips down his jaw to his neck and hear him let a small moan out of his mouth as well. She let’s her hand move down his chest and down his abs to his already semi-erect penis.

Kissing up and down on his neck and up to his ear, she whispers to him, “And does he know what your surprise was going to be to me, my love?”

Almost unable to respond Jason clears his throat and whispers back, “uhh, no he doesn’t but, I think you are about to get a bigger surprise than what I planned, I just brought you your dinner here so we can eat in private.”

She begins to nibble on his neck sucking in hard to leave big purple marks where she was, and says, “Well, I’m not hungry now. At least not for food.” She rubs up and down on his cock for just enough time to make it hard and says, “Baby, I got a surprise for you too. I felt a little frisky, and wore that sexy red lace you like tonight, I was going to come home wearing it already, then lick and suck on you until you woke up.”

He pulls back and makes and animalistic grunt and says, “No way, I so want you. Come here.” Just as the words escaped his mouth he was pulling off her uniform shirt to reveal the bright red lace of a low cut bra that was his favorite piece of her lingerie. The red up against her tanned skin made it stand out more. With a fling of her shirt to the front of the ambulance he pulled her in for another passion filled kiss. He began to move his hands now to her pants, unbuttoning them and feeling the familiar feel of the red lace g-string that matched her bra. Just knowing she was wearing the set made him rock hard in an instant. He pushed her down onto the cot positioned in the middle of the floor of the ambulance and pulled off her pants, and boots.

Lying there, she looked up at him, clad only in her bra and g-string; she looked up and motioned with her finger for him to join her. He takes off his pants and shirt in a hurry, and flings them with her clothes towards the front of the ambulance. He looks down at her and sees her mouth is open, knowing that she wants to lick and suck on his beautifully hard cock.

He kneels down towards the front of the truck and positions himself right beside her mouth. She turns her head and licks the tip of his cock with her tongue. Feeling the shiver run down his body from her touch, and moans a little bit letting her know how good her mouth feels on his shaft.

She wraps her fingers around his shaft and moves her head closer to him taking inch by inch into her mouth. Teasing every inch with her tongue. She takes every inch into her mouth then pulls her head back.

Feeling her mouth around his cock he reaches down to see how wet she is already, feeling on the outside of her g-string he feels is already damp from her wetness. He pushes the small bit of fabric aside, and pushes a finger into her. She moans hotly around his cock moving her head faster the moment she feels him touch her sweet spot. She deep throats him easily now feeling the head hit the back of her throat. She reaches under and squeezes his balls. Just then she pulls back and looks up at him and says sexily, “Fuck my mouth while you eat me. I want to be on bottom this time.” The purr that she loves escapes him and says, “If I start to suffocate you let me know. By the way baby that’s fucking hot.” With that he leans over, pushes the bra out of the way, and begins to suck on one of her nipples hard, and flicks pinches the other one with his fingers. He goes up and straddles her face and gets his cock just at her lips before he moves deeper into her mouth. She takes all of his cock in her mouth and starts sucking back on it when he withdraws his cock in fucking motions. All the way down till his balls hits her nose. She reaches up with her one hand and starts squeezing his balls again while the other is pulling his hips, so she can have his cock all the way in her mouth.

He brings his hips up and down on top of her, and begins to lick on the mound above her pussy. Licking and kissing her sweet tight pussy, making her moan and as she is getting her mouth fucked and getting teased by his tongue. Just when Kolej Escort he knows she can’t stand the teasing anymore he plunges his tongue between her pussy lips to her clit, licking and sucking at her clit hungrily. He puts he runs his fingers up and down her legs to her pussy, before pressing 2 fingers into her. Making hot wet pussy sounds every time he plunges his fingers deep inside her, licking and finger fucking her pussy and clit. Then knowing how much of an ass girl his love is, he takes his 2 fingers out of her pussy and licks them clean before teasing her little anus, a pinkish brown pucker right below her pussy opening. He pulls up some of her juices with his fingers and rubs it on her ass, lubricating the little sphincter. He feels her squirm under him, knowing he is eating her to the point of climax already pushing her to her peak. He goes back to licking and sucking on her pussy and clit as he presses his fingers up her hole putting 2 of his big finger up her ass and pulls her hips closer to his mouth with his fingers.

She moans around his cock feeling his fingers enter her sweet ass. Knowing she was about to climax soon she starts to move her head as much as possible under him, so that they could cum at the same time. Sucking up and down on his dick in time with his fucking movements on top of her. She starts to feel everything tense in her body, and he begins to fuck her mouth faster than before. She knows he is about to cum as well.

Knowing all the right buttons to push on her while eating her out, she begins to climax moaning loudly around his cock.

He feels her moan around his cock, sending little vibrations from her throat around his member. He starts to cum himself, burying his face in her pussy, licking and sucking on her. Moving his fingers in and out of her ass faster and faster till both their orgasms were finished.

He feels her tap his lower back, not wanting to get up from where he was at cause he wasn’t done eating her, he moves his cock out of her mouth and positions himself to the side of her leaning on the floor. She tries to catch her breath, between gasps she says, “baby.. I.. Know.. You aren’t done… But we should.. Go home.. Before.. I.. Get in.. Trouble..”

He groans looking down at her tousled hair, with a drip of cum on the side of her mouth and he says, “ok baby. But you should eat your dinner; I’ll just be working on dessert while you eat. See, you’re already wasting the appetizer.” He brings his finger up to her mouth wipes off the little dollop and feeds it to her off his finger. Sucking the cum off that she missed of his finger, she hoped that dinner tasted as good as his juices. Knowing what he meant, she looked at him and says, “I can handle that. I love your version of dessert. Me doing something random, while your head is between my legs.”

After, a few minutes basking in the glow of their passion and love, they manage to get dressed decently enough to emerge from the ambulance. After, being mouth fucker, Allyson knew her hair was a tangled mess of curls on top of her head, so she throws her hair up into a ponytail to hide the damage. Just as she gets out of the ambulance, she hears the duty officer Troy say, “Well I hope you had fun, did you clean up after yourself at least?”

Being the kind of person that tends to say things before she speaks, Allyson wipes her mouth, and says to Troy “No mess to clean up dear.” Laughing joyously she grabs Jason’s hand and escorts him out to their cars.

Not wanting to let go of the other, Jason holds Allyson close as they come to her car first, and says, “Remember what we did on the hood of this car the first time I came to visit you?” she thinks back with a glazed look in her eye which brings a giant smile to her face.

“Yes I remember, and I wouldn’t mind doing that again either officer J.,” says Allyson leaning up against her car with him in front of her. He turns her around and presses his crotch up against her ass to give her another reminder, of the 40 min of dominance and bliss that they shared on a deserted road. Which turned into him bringing her home and making love to her for the rest of the evening. Thinking back on it she lets out a giddy sigh and says, “I want that again, guess it’s my turn to wear the uniform.”

Playfully, Jason slaps her ass and says, “No, I do believe you get to torture me enough just by walking by in a long shirt and no panties. I can’t resist you, baby. What can I say? You turned a nymph into a sex maniac.”

Allyson turns her head to look behind her at him while he is feeling up and down on her upper legs and ass and says, “Well, we better get home or find a secluded area before we get caught on candid camera.” Pointing up at the cameras facing the parking lot of her HQ.

Reluctantly, he pulls away gives her a longing kiss, breaking it short of her tackling him, “Ok, well I’ll meet you at home then.” He turns and walks to his car, with her watching his ass the whole way there.

She thinks to herself, Yenimahalle Escort I’m too lucky, I have a man that loves me, makes passionate love to me and doesn’t mind getting a bit dirty, and he has a nice ass that I like to pinch. Allyson gets into her car and turns the music up and begins to sing along with the radio. Driving home only took a couple minutes so she was barely able to finish one song. Jason then comes up to her; opening the door of the car beating her there because she was lost in day dreams of all the times she has been fucked senseless knowing tonight wouldn’t be any different than the other times she had screamed herself hoarse, or passed out from the incredible orgasms. He pulls her close to him kissing her deeply, already starting to pull her top off before they even make it into the apartment. Lost, in the moment she doesn’t even notice if she has flashed anyone, and didn’t care. By the time they flew open he door, Jason had his shirt off as well, and they were working on taking pants off.

He stands there already completely undressed watching her deal with taking off the combat boots she wore for work, and then her tight EMT pants. She stands up wearing only the bra and g-string set, she looks into his eyes and sees animalistic lust, and deep love coming from him. She blushes a bit every time she was seen naked but the blushing always seemed to get her dripping even more. He pulls her to him and starts to kiss up and down her neck on the most sensitive areas, then to her ears which were a key of setting her off in the first place, the hot breath and sounds he was making in her ear, about made her cum again standing right there in the entry way to their apartment. She started kissing and nibbling him back reaching his ears and neck as well. She broke their kissing by saying, “Baby, its official, I don’t think I will be able to eat till after, I’m simply too turned on by you right now to eat.”

She pushed him back till they landed on the couch with Allyson on top of him. She straddled his hips not aiming to put his dick in her at all, just straddle him so that he could feel her juices dripping down onto his shaft. Moving her hips so that his cock was completely covered in her juices without being inside of her. She leans over him and brings her lips down to his nipples; licking and sucking on the little nipples, blowing air over them, watching them get hard.

A shiver runs through Jason, it never failed to amaze him how she knew exactly what to do to him to make him damn near rape her every time they got intimate.

She licks her way up slowly up to his neck, kissing gently, and lovingly, until she came to her favorite spot on his neck. She bit down right at the base of his neck, where his neck met his shoulder. The muscle there just seems too bitable to Allyson. She knew she hit the right spot as soon as she heard him have a low growl that started in his chest, and sounded like the deep purr of a cat. She knew she was in trouble, but she always loved the trouble she got in with Jason, if she wanted the same old same old sex, she would have stayed with someone safe, and not her adventurous soul mate. Trying something new was always on their minds, The first couple times was very passionate but didn’t venture out much now they knew each other in and out and could venture as far as the horizons with each if they wished.

Before Allyson knew she was being lifted of Jason’s chest and pushed up against the wall. Arms pushed up against the wall by his hands. Just above her hands were the soft fuzzy handcuffs that they installed just for such occasions. With her eyes closed she could feel him kissing up and down on her neck and top of her chest, while taking off her bra. He then placed her hands in the cuffs. The cuffs gave her just enough slack that when she was pressed face first into the wall she could stick out her ass for easier access to her pleasure spots. Tonight, though she her back was against the wall, and Jason made a trail of his tongue down her neck to her pierced nipples, flicking one then the other with his tongue ring. He went back and forth sucking hard on her right nipple, kneading the flesh of the left in his hand then the other one the same way.

Allyson felt her juices start to over flow her barely there g-string, and drip down her leg. She could feel how hard Jason was against her leg. She thought, “God he has a beautiful cock, I can’t help but suck it in my mouth and feel it pound inside me.” He licked and kissed his way slowly down her abdomen to he pussy, smelling her fragrant aroma coming from her. He kissed all the way down one leg to her knee then back up the other. He didn’t lick at her pussy but blow a cooling breath across her exposed clit. A small moan escaped her lips. She started to squirm like she always did when she was being teased; she always fought back even though she wanted everything he could give her. Going back down and up her legs, catching the leaking juices on the inside of her thigh with his tongue. She hunched her hips forward in her own way of begging for his lips and tongue to reach her for her pussy already. She knew he wouldn’t give what she wanted until she verbally begged for it though. Barely caressing anywhere near her aching pussy, she finally screamed out in frustration and need, “Ohhh god, Jason eat my pussy, your pussy! Eat your juicy pussy, she needs you, I NEED YOU!”

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