Erotic Theatre


Erotic TheatreErotic Theatre It was my first night as a temporary stand in as technical support for a theatre house. I was to maintain some lighting controls to the side of the stage. It was quite a formal occasion, so as it stood I had to wear a suit and to be honest felt quite smart.As I gazed across the side stage she caught my eyes, absolutely dazzling in a long dark dress with a split slightly revealing her thigh and wearing high heels, who is she? Is she part of the performance? Does she work here? I must find out. But I can’t leave my place until the final curtain drops, and the first act is about to go on. As the first act exits the stage and the next act get ready, I catch eyes this time with the hot lady, and she doesn’t seem to be looking away, this is a good sign and we exchange smiles, Later as the evening progresses I’m busy with my head in the controls, I feel a light brush from behind, and a whiff of some sexy smelling perfume, by the time I pull my head out and round there’s no one there, but an arousing sweet scent lingering around me.As the evening’s performance draws to the end, I see her again across the stage and looks at me flirtatiously, smiles and goes up on stage, I reach for my inside jacket pocket and pull out a flyer and says at the top as headline act Olivia Wow that must be her; she has a beautiful name too, looking so stunning from back here, simply gorgeous in that dress as it shows her sexy figure, wow what a performance as well, she’s fantastic. The final curtain drops and the night ends well with no technical faults and I wipe my brow, phew and a bit hot under the collar too.Back stage now and I can leave my post, I pass by all the performers as I congratulate them on a good show, I then get closer to Olivia and closer to that sexy perfume again hmm that must have been her who brushed pass me earlier.Clutching the flyer in my hand, my throat dries up and I can feel my heart beating fast, I find it just enough to keep it together as I say hello and say “you look amazing – great show” she replies “thank you” “sound and light was perfect” this calms me a little. Then a shout from across the room “Olivia darling” “oh please excuse me I must do the rounds so many people to see” “by the way what’s your name?” I gulp and say “I’m William” “pleased to meet you William I’m Olivia” as she walks off through the crowd she looks back at my direction and gives me that sexy smile again wow, well at least I sure hope it was directed at me….Later on; as I’m packing away my equipment and by now mostly everyone has gone home. I gather everything together, place the polished ebony lid down on the grand piano and switch of the lights as I clear each area, I place some items in a cupboard under the stage. as I shuffle about arranging things to fit neatly, I hear the sound of stiletto heels walking up the dark corridor in my direction, as I shuffle backwards to get out of the cupboard I recognise that perfume again, and it drives me even more crazy!!! The sound so close now and before I get out, the heels stop right behind me, with a short pause of silence then with…… “Hello William”Well I guess that sexy look was directed at me….“Hello again Olivia” I say as I turn out of the cupboard room. Standing there with a bottle of bubbly and two glasses and looking so hot, – “I thought that maybe you might like to join me and share this with me” waving a bottle of Don P in the air, “to a successful night” We gaze at each other for a moment, then I say “sure – I’ll just get a couple of lights back on over on the stage, tipobet365 güvenilirmi we can sit on those comfy chairs up there”.As it turned out the comfy chairs on the stage were just props and part of the stage set, so I make a seat from some of my flight cases and a few coats. We have a glass and chat about the evening’s performance and how it went.There’s a short pause when we run out of stuff about the show and have eyes locked on each other. Then a shout from afar “anyone here?” it’s the manager, he’s the last one here apart from us, so I go to him, he asks how much more time I need as he wants to catch the pub for last orders, I tell a little white lie and say I’m not ready yet and say I’ll wait here for him to return. He’s cool with it and see him out and lock up behind. I sharply return to the stage and as I reach to the top of the side steps and see her on the other side of the stage, slightly silhouetted by the lights and a shining reflection on the piano standing in the centre, I say “sorry about that I don’t think we will be interrupted anymore” – “that’s good alone at last “I hear sexily spoken from the other side, I make my approach and we both walk towards each other and then…Bamm we meet in the centre of the stage, and we put our arms around each other and kiss passionately, our lips locked together as our tongues go wild, we run our hands over each other, kissing necks and ears. An attraction of pure magnetism, I feel my erection getting firm and thick fast, pressing through my trousers. We breathe a moment and I take of my jacket, as I hear “umm looks like something needs to come out and play” “that looks quite tight down there” “mind if I free it?” –“please do I reply” and in a flash I feel Olivia’s hand running up and down on my now very stiff cock. She teases it for a while then slowly unzips my trouser fly, and lets it free to stand pointing out and upward, then she says “ooh yes I like a man in a suit, especially when standing to attention”, if you want me? you’ll have to help me unzip this dress” She turns her back to me and lifts her hair revealing her luscious neck. I then slowly unzip and kiss her neck as I do. I then slip my hands inside the dress and up against her warm soft skin; I work my way up and cup her perfectly shaped breasts, as I instantly feel a hand clasping my hardness still popping out through my trousers. Working her hand up and down on it until I start to drip a little pre cum, and she rubs it over the head and it looks glazed under the stage light. With Olivia now in just her sexy lingerie and heels she says “ I want to suck your cock” I reply with “please do” I feel her hot breath as she gets closer and then with her lips kissing the tip before gliding her hot wet mouth over my rock hard shaft, “Oh Olivia that feels so good” licking and sucking away while teasing my balls, as I run my fingers through her gorgeous long hair and out of the way so I can see my hard dick in her pretty mouth. “right now it’s my turn” I say, and with that I help her to rise up to standing again, and place my hands on her sexy hips and sit her on the top of the grand piano and bury my face in to her breast and lick and suck on her hardening nipples as I set them free from her bra with my teeth. Then as I slip the straps off the shoulders, I notice how sexy she looks with the reflection of her delicious bum flesh pressed against the shiny polished piano surface. A tug from my tie as I am pulled up for some more kissing, then I work my way down kissing all the way, and tease tipobet365 yeni giriş her pussy through her sexy lacy thong, nudging with my nose as to slightly part her lips behind the soft lacy material, I run my hand up and down her legs before sliding my hands under her thong and hitching my fingers round and slowly slide them off to reveal her sweet inviting pussy. I kiss along her inner thighs and start to kiss and lick on her labia and probe my tongue up on her love bud.It tastes so good and sweet as her juices come gushing down in my mouth, as I feel her inner thighs press against my ears as she pulls my head towards her closer, so I can slide my hardened tongue in as deep as I can, in order to fuck her good with it, as I run my hands up her body and squeeze on her gorgeous tits.“Oh William” – “Oh Olivia”Next after lapping up all her love juices after her shuddering orgasm, I stand up and wipe some of her cum on my still exposed semi erect dick; just enough to spring it back to life again. Olivia then says “how about you strip for me right there in front of me” as her hand glides over her wet pussy to encourage me. I slowly undo my tie, unbutton my shirt, kick off my shoes socks and remove my belt, dropping my trousers to the floor. I think it was working well as she was by now three fingers deep inside herself and moaning “oh yes” as she tweaked her nipple with her other hand, back arched and propped up by her elbow, umm what a picture.With a final twirl I throw off my shirt, by now we are both completely naked Olivia says “come over here” I climb up on the piano with her and we kiss some more, then we start kissing and biting each other until we both end up in a 69 position, and go at each other licking and sucking making sure not to break the cycle of passionate oral pleasure. I start to roll on to my back as Olivia sits firmly on my face, I hold her tightly on me, until she cum’s again to my delight. With a slight firmness in her voice Olivia says “I need you to fuck me” the words them self sounded such a turn on to me, I reply still trying to keep my cool with something like “try and stop me” and with that moved herself and hovered over my dick and slowly slid down on it first just the head was covered by her moist hot entrance, then all the way down as we both give out an “ahhh” of pleasure as we start to fuck.We take up many positions on the piano top, riding the bones out of one another until we climb off and we stand up, Olivia using the piano as support and me using Olivia as support as I enter her from behind. I slide in and build up until I am thrusting harder and faster, as I reach up under and cup her breast feeling her hardened nipples between my fingers, I start grinding my hard cock as deep as I can inside her as she grinds her hips with it. We cum together in an explosive climax and hold tightly to each other panting and catching our breaths as we lay back on top of the piano, gently caressing each others bodies. We both get startled as we hear a rustling in the shadows and see the theatre manager pulling up his trousers from obviously having a good wank while perving on us. We both smile at each other as he scarpered off rather embarrassed back to his office. It’s such a hot summer’s night and we were highly charged from our sexy encounter we decide to go out for some fresh air but it’s just as warm out side as it is in, so we freshen up in the dressing room and I suggest that we can freshen up better, fix up a snack and finish off this Champagne that we started, at the house tipobet365 güvenilirmi I’m staying in. Which was a nice perk that came with the job, “sounds like a good idea” Olivia says and we jump into a taxi and head to my luxury pad, and with that we started to fondle grope and kiss again on the back seat until the driver stopped and had to ask for his fair twice, we get out walked up the path and in through the front door………We walk through to the lounge patio area as it’s still a hot muggy night, and very warm indoors as the widows had been shut all day in the scorching heat. so we take the last of the champers out there, and sit together on a sun lounger and we start to talk about some common interests in science and music, but it is not long before we start kissing and undressing each other again, I pour a little of the champers over Olivia’s naval and lick it up, I return to her lips and kiss as I place the bottle by both of our mouths as our tongues intertwine. Then kissing her neck as I turn her on her side so we can get into spoons as I am so good to go again, and I can tell she is still just as horny for me as I feel her wetness as I tease my way in. I pump away as I raise her leg and stroke her inner thigh and give her clitty a good rub, with a free hand Olivia joins me and rubs as well and gives me her fingers in my mouth to taste umm so good. The erotic sensation of it all drives me wilder for her, and almost cum too soon but I get it together and get a god rhythm going, thinking that I don’t want to give up until she is completely satisfied. As it stood I was already pleased with the time we just had earlier at the theatre house. I get down and Olivia rides me reverse, I enjoy watching the way she moves as she works up and down on me, then facing me still going wild she says “Oh yes fuck me”I support her sexy bum and pump and thrust for all I’m worth. Then Olivia panting hard screams I’m cumming baby oh yes I’m cumming” she stands knees slightly bent and exposing all her gloriousness to me spraying hot jets of her sexy juicy cum, as it showers me all over and in my face, I drink some down as it splashes in my mouth, “umm’ Olivia you taste so fucking good you wild sex kitten wow I’ve never seen a girl squirt before my gosh” I say before I bury my face in her and drink down every last drop, then gently lick her clean as she slowly lowers herself to sitting on my face, I reach up and massage her gorgeous body with my hands. She then edges back off and back onto the sun lounger I straddle her as I squeeze one boob and spank my cock on her soft tits, looking so hot with both of our sexy love gloss all over it. Then Olivia reaches out and grabs my cock tightly squeezing it as she jerks me off really good. She says “I want to see you cum baby – oh please cum on my tits – give it to me” and with that she stokes me faster also tugging on my balls “give It to me umm yes cum for me” she says sounding so horny, and with that I let go and came like I’ve never before and seeing my dick spasm like that It felt electric!!! And with that she lifts up her breasts and licks my hot cum from her nipples and reaches out again to gently play with the now very sensitive tip of my dick, “hmm you taste so good I bet you eat lots of fruit” I smile and say “I do yes” and then our hot sticky bodies collapse on the floor and we lie for a while with our legs and arms wrapped around each other holding tightly as we listen to the last of each others moans of pleasure whilst catching our breath, well mainly mine anyway.Our naked body’s are still hot afterwards so we jump in the pool to cool down ahh that hits the spot as we splash about and cool off, we make our way to the bed room, both walking naked each of us with a hand on each others bum we make it to the bed and we then both happily collapse on top of the bed and pass out.

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