Family Friends Ch. 2


Ashley’s kiss had aroused me again, and with Michelle also wanting in on the action, I could not restrain myself. I had never had such a hard on as I had at that moment.

Dana stood up and moved beside me on the couch, while Ashley continued her kiss down to my chest, sucking and licking my nipples. Michelle moved toward her Mom and Dana helped her undress, unbuttoning her blouse and sucking on her hardened nipples. Michelle moaned quietly and held her Mom’s head close to her chest.

Ashley’s lips continued down my body until she reached my prick, where she looked up at me and teased me by blowing warm air on the head of my dick. Her eyes continued looking into mine as she opened her mouth and took my shaft into it. She just took in the head and began to rub her tongue on the slit, and suck at the same time.

The sight of Ashley’s lips around my cock nearly made me explode instantly. She has beautiful pouty lips that any model would be jealous of and she new how to use them. I had fantasized about this moment many times, never believing it would come true. I could feel her nipples rubbing against my thighs as she began to move up and down my cock.

“ Geez Ashley, where did you learn how to give such a good blow job?” I asked

“ From me!” Dana replied, “ I want my girls to know how to keep a guy happy, so we’ve been practicing on my dildo. This is the first time she has had a real man to work with.”

“ That’s not entirely true.” Said Ashley, “ After you taught me, I had to try it on a couple of guys in my history class. They gave me a few more pointers.” And she took me all the way inside her mouth again, moving up and down my length, with her tongue caressing the underside of my shaft.

“You’d better slow down Ash, I want to enjoy this for a while”, I moaned.

Ashley just ignored me and continued to suck my dick, I turned my head to find something to take my mind off what she was doing to me. Instead I found myself looking at Michelle and Dana in a 69, with Michelle’s ass facing me, giving me a spectacular view of her shaved pussy and her Mom’s tongue probing inside of it. Michelle was wiggling back and forth on her Mom’s tongue, nearing an orgasm.

“Mmmmm, Mom, lick it! Oooohhh yes!” came the muffled cry. Her face was buried between Dana’s legs too.

“You too Michelle, I am almost there!” Dana moaned. “ Can you taste his come in my pussy?”

As I watched the two of them, I saw the glistening wetness of Michelle, and rivulets of come forming on her pussy lips. Suddenly Michelle’s hips bucked, and she sat straight up and starting grinding her pussy on her Mom’s face. Her whole body shook, as she climaxed, and she screamed, “ Oh yesssssss! Mom, I’m coming!” And she was, I could see liquid rolling down Dana’s cheeks from Michelle’s pussy as she came long and hard.

Dana had her hands busy as she tried to bring herself to climax, they were a blur rubbing her clit.

“ I’ll be back with you in a minute.” Ashley said to me. “ Here Mom, let me help you with that.” She said as she took Michelle’s place between Dana’s legs.

“I think you need some service yourself.” I said to Ashley as I placed a finger in her dripping snatch. She was tight and wet, and I could feel her hymen with my finger. I knew she was still a virgin. sinop escort I pushed a second finger in, careful not to pop her cherry, I had other plans for doing that. I moved my fingers in and out of her wet sheath and lightly rubbed her clit with my thumb. In no time at all, both her and Dana were at the point of no return and they both yelled, “ I’m coming!!” Dana added “ Fuck me! Fuck me with your fingers Ash, put one in my ass. Oh, shit!!”

I felt Ashley’s juices dripping down my hand, and watched as her lips became soaked with her Mother’s juices, and she tried to swallow as much as possible. I pulled my fingers from Ashley and put them in my mouth, tasting her sweetness. I couldn’t resist. I plunged my tongue inside her pussy, and licked her slit, lightly teasing her clit. She came again, filling my mouth with her sweet, virginal juices.

I had been enjoying the action so much, that I had forgotten about Michelle. She had apparently recovered from her first orgasm and was preparing to straddle me. She took my cock in her hands and began to rub it on her clit and sliding it along the length of her pussy, coating my cock with her wetness. As she placed the head of my cock on her opening, I grabbed her hips to hold her up.

“ Are you a virgin?” I asked.

“Yes.” Was the reply.

“ Be careful baby.” Dana said, “ Remember what I told you. It’s going to hurt the first time, but you will be OK. Let Mike control your hips honey, he won’t hurt you any more than is necessary to make you a woman.”

I let her down slowly, her pussy slightly spreading as the head of my dick started to enter her. I moved her up and down, lowering her slightly more each time until I felt my dick push against her virginal blockade. Up and down, with a little more pressure each time, she started to breathe harder, short raspy breaths. “ Oh Mom, I think I am going to come!” she moaned. She grabbed the back of my head, pulling me to her nipples. I took one in my mouth, lightly bit it and caressed it with my tongue at the same time. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried as she came and I pulled her hips down to mine and buried my self completely, taking away her virginity. “ Oh, fuck!!” she yelled, as her pussy clamped down on my cock, her pulsating muscles massaging my cock as I moved her up and down my shaft. I could not hold on any longer. “ Shit!!” I yelled as I filled her pussy with my jism. My spurts of come continued for what seemed like several minutes. My come filling her pussy completely and it started to drip from her snatch down on my thighs. Ashley and Dana wasted no time though, licking my come from my thighs and then pulling Michelle from me and licking her pussy clean as well, causing her to come yet again.

Ashley finished with her sister and moved her lips to my now soft dick, and began licking the juices from there as well. “ Damn sis!” she said, “ I didn’t know you tasted so good. Or maybe it’s just the mixture of both of you.”

I didn’t really care about the reason, I just knew I liked her licking me clean. The feel of her lips on me caused me to get hard yet again. I had not been able to perform like this since I was in my early twenties. Three hard-ons in less than an hour was unheard of for a man my age. Yet, here I was rigid again, and wanting to fuck sivas escort this beautiful girl.

“ Come up here Ashley.” I said, “ And get on your knees with your arms on the back of the couch. I want to do things differently with you. I want to take you doggy style.”

Ashley did as she was told and I poised myself behind her and began to push into her. She tried to push back, trying to rush losing her virginity, to get the pain out of the way. But, I placed my hands on her ass, not allowing her to impale herself on my pole. I worked my way slowly into her, teasing her with my cock. Each time she thought I was going to break through, I would pull almost out completely and then inch my way back in slowly.

“I can’t take it anymore!!” Ashley cried, “ Just fuck me! Make me a woman! Fuck me now!”

Instead, I pushed my finger into her pussy along with my dick, to lube it up. And then I placed my finger on her asshole, just giving a little bit of pressure. I continued to move slowly in and out of her pussy, while teasing her ass with my finger, careful not to bust through her hymen. She was pushing back hard on my hands, trying to force me all the way inside her. She was getting frustrated. She looked back at me with a pleading look in her eyes. Just as she began to speak, I shoved my finger all the way inside her ass and my cock all the way inside her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck!!” she screamed. “ Oh fuck yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

Ashley came, her body began to spasm uncontrollably. She was bucking her hips back at me, fucking herself hard with my dick, my finger moving in and out of her ass at the same time. She kept coming and finally collapsed in a heap on the couch, exhausted. As she collapsed my still raging member slipped from her tight sheath with a pop, and her juices flowed down her legs onto the couch.

“ You didn’t come again did you?” Dana asked. “ I got something else for you to do with me. Since you took the virginity of both of my daughters, I want you to take a virginity from me as well. I want you to fuck my ass!”

“ Well, get it on over here then, I still need to come one more time!”

Dana took Ashley’s place on the couch, on all fours with her ass up in the air. I took my tongue and licked her asshole, making sure it was lubed up. Then, I pushed my finger into Ashley’s pussy one more time to get some of her juices, and pushed my finger into Dana’s ass. She squeaked at the sudden intrusion, but did not complain. Then as I was finger fucking her ass, I pushed my dick into her pussy, getting it lubed as well. As I was fucking Dana, Michelle came over and got underneath Dana and started to lick her clit, with her body between my legs and her hands on my ass. I could feel her tits on the inside of my thighs. She was also licking my shaft as I moved in and out of Dana’s pussy. It was quite a feeling, I didn’t really want to stop. However, Dana reminded me of what I was supposed to do. So I pulled out of her pussy and placed the head of my dick on her asshole.

I had never fucked a woman in the ass, so we were both going to be losing a virginity of sorts. I met quite a bit of resistance as I tried to push my dick into her ass. So I started humping, without being inside her, trying to increase the pressure with each motion. tekirdağ escort I was starting to make some progress, when all of the sudden something was shoved inside my asshole. I jumped, startled, and was suddenly buried completely inside Dana’s ass. She screamed, “ You fuck!! Damn that fucking hurt!!

I told her, “ It wasn’t my fault, I’m sorry! Something was shoved in my ass too, I didn’t expect it and it was just a reaction to try to get away.”

Beneath us, Michelle was laughing, “ It was me Mom. He looked like he was having trouble so I decided to help. I stuck my thumb all the way inside his ass, so that he would get inside yours.”

I realized then that her thumb was still inside my ass, and my dick was still buried inside Dana’s. So I started to pump Dana’s ass. “ Geez, is your ass ever tight!” I said. Michelle then started fucking my ass with her thumb, “ Yours is too!”

I had never had anything inside my ass before, but it felt pretty damn good. We all started getting a nice rhythm going, when I was buried inside Dana, Michelle’s finger was almost out of my ass. When I pulled back Michelle buried her finger in my ass. I was just feeling the start of my orgasm when Michelle removed her finger, I didn’t stop though because Dana was on the verge of her own orgasm. Michelle was licking her pussy and I was fucking her ass, Dana was in heaven. “ Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me! I’m coming!” Dana yelled. “Fuck me hard, come in my ass! I want to feel you come in my ass!”

I wasn’t ready to come yet! When Michelle stopped fingering my asshole, I lost the sensation of the impending orgasm. I needed something more. I felt hands on my ass again, and thought Michelle was going to finger me again.

“ Yes Michelle, fuck my ass again, that’s what I need”

What I felt next was wet, I felt her fingers lubing me up, preparing to finger my ass again. I felt her finger disappear inside me, and thrusting in and out. Then, suddenly she stopped. “ No, don’t stop Michelle!”

“It’s not Michelle, it’s me Ashley” All I felt was excruciating pain. I tried to move away, but just plunged completely inside Dana again and was stopped. My ass was on fire, I felt as if I was being split apart. I turned to look behind me and saw Ashley standing there with her hips against my ass smiling at me. “What the hell are you doing to me?” I screamed. She pulled back and I felt the burning in my ass again as I saw she was wearing a strap-on dildo and it was in my ass. She slammed it back in my ass. “ Ow! Fuck that hurts! You are tearing me apart, please stop!” But she didn’t stop. She pulled out again and slammed it home again and again, causing me to bury myself in Dana’s ass each time. Shortly, the pain in my ass began to subside, and I started to enjoy the new sensation. In fact, it felt pretty damn good. Ashley was fucking my ass and I was still fucking Dana’s ass. The sensations were driving me crazy. I was about to shoot my load. Dana was about to come again too, “ Oh yes! Fuck me baby! Make me come! Fuck me!” she cried. I had no control over the situation, but Ashley listened and started fucking me harder, so I was fucking Dana harder. “ Oh Shit!” My orgasm hit me suddenly, shot after shot poured into Dana’s ass as I came. Dana screamed again, “ Oh yes! Fill me with your come! I’m coming too!”

I slumped onto Dana’s back, completely spent, with my cock still buried in her ass and a dildo buried in mine.

“What is going to happen next?” I wondered. I didn’t have long to wait to find out.

To Be Continued…

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