Family Loving


Mark and Sam had grown up as brother and sister, neither one being able to remember the times before their parents had married. Mark was 2 when his mother Barb married Samantha’s dad, Ted, while she was almost 1 ½ years old at the time. Their parents had actually been introduced to each other by their own siblings; Barb’s brother Ed was dating Ted’s younger sister, Jayme, and they actually got married before Barb and Ted.

Mark and Sam’s birthdays meant that they were a year apart in school, and he was now a sophomore in the local college, and Sam, as he had always called her, was in her freshman year at the age of 19.

The two of them didn’t share any classes, and rarely saw each other at school, but had always been closer than most of their friends were with their siblings. Mark was athletic, and had numerous friends, but Samantha had always been the quiet type and more studious than he, but she was making more of an attempt to change the way she was around people and trying to make more friends now that she was in college.

Samantha was in the student union with a few girls out of one of her classes, and they were talking about the party that was happening Friday night at one of the frat houses. This wasn’t the type of the thing that she had gone to previously, but she thought it might help in her effort to change her ways. Her friend Deborah said that she would take her if she wanted to go, and introduce her to a few of the guys she knew in the frat, and some others that were sure to be there. Sam thought that was a great idea, and welcomed having someone she knew to introduce her around, and help her overcome her shyness. Deborah said she would pick her up at 8:30 and they could go together.

Friday came, and Samantha was getting ready for the party. She had mentioned at supper with her family that she was going to the party that evening with a couple of friends, and everyone thought that was a great idea. Her parents said they would be leaving after supper to go play cards at their Aunt Jayme’s house. Mark knew the party was the type of thing that Sam wasn’t super comfortable with, and knocked on her door while she was getting ready. She told him to come in, and he opened the door and entered.

“Wow, you really look great in that dress,” he said. It was nothing fancy, but a simple, short dress like a sun-dress, but with a little more to it. The colors went so well with her hair and eyes, and he told her how great she looked. “Where is the party at,” he asked? Having been around the campus a year longer than her, he knew a little more about some of the goings on at a few of the frat houses, and wanted to make sure that she would be ok. He only had the one sister, and he took the job of being a big brother seriously, and did his best to look out for her.

“Deb’s taking me to a party at the Omega house,” she said. “She knows some of the guys there, and thought she could help introduce me around.”

Mark had heard a little about some of the guys from that fraternity, and wasn’t sure if this was really the best place for his sister to start becoming more open, but he also didn’t want to discourage her in her efforts to change herself. He decided that maybe be would just stop by at some point to keep an eye on her, and make sure she was not getting in over her head.

“You should have a good time there,” he told her. “Just don’t drink too much, you know you’ve not had a lot of experience with alcohol, and you don’t want to get sick.”

Sam replied to him, “Deb said that she’d keep an eye on me, and I know you’re right about being a light-weight, I thought I would just nurse a drink or two while I was trying to talk to people.”

“That sounds great,” Mark said. “No sense in making a fool of yourself the first time; you never know what’s going to happen at these things.”

Mark left her room, but still thought to himself that it wouldn’t hurt to check in on her a little later; he knew when they were planning on leaving for the party, and thought if he checked in 45-60 minutes later, she couldn’t have gotten in too much trouble.

Samantha finished getting ready, and shortly after, heard a car horn outside. She ran out and got in Deb’s car, and Jessica was already sitting in the front seat. Samantha knew her, but they weren’t close friends. They all talked excitedly as they headed towards the campus, and the Omega frat house where the party was. Deborah and Jessica were talking about a certain couple of young men they were hoping to meet up with at the party, and it left Sam wondering how the night would go.

The girls arrived at the frat house, and made their way to the door. There were people going in and out, and people drinking on the front porch. Samantha kept to herself at first as Jessica and Deborah took her inside. They all headed to the back where the drinks were, but had a hard time talking over the loud music. They each were given a red cup full of beer, and started walking back towards gaziantep escort reklamları the front of the house. Deb pointed out a few of the guys to Sam, and told how she knew them. She saw some of her male friends near the stairs, and led the other girls over that way.

“Hey, Mike, Jeff, this is Jessica and Samantha, or Sam. They wanted to join me at the party tonight.” The two guys said hello, and started chatting with all of the girls. Just about that time, Deborah squealed, and went running towards the other side of the room, and threw her arms around a guy that she apparently knew. The other girls could see her excitement, and saw Deb motion them over. Jessica went, but due to her shyness, Sam just kind of stayed where she was, as the other 2 girls started talking to the new guy and his friend.

Mike and Jeff kept trying to draw a little more out of Samantha, and between their questions, and the alcohol that she wasn’t used to, her tongue did start to loosen up slowly, and she seemed to relax a bit. The 2 guys had been to many of these parties, and were actually roommates in the house. Unfortunately, they weren’t the most savory of characters. They had been known to use some “extra” help in the drinks of some girls previously, to guarantee success at getting them upstairs to their room.

While Samantha was talking to the 2 guys, she hadn’t noticed that Mark had entered the frat house. He had quietly come in and gone back to get himself a beer, then had moved towards the far side of the room to keep an eye on Sam, while talking to a couple of people that he knew. He was enjoying himself talking to his friends, and started paying a little less attention to his sister than he was at first.

Mike and Jeff had a few moves that they had used in the past to distract some of the girls at the party, and Mike grabbed Samantha at one point when a new song came on, and spun her halfway, saying, “I love to dance to this song, don’t you?” While Mike had her body half turned, with his body between her cup and her, Jeff took something out of his pocket and added it to her drink.

Mark was talking more than paying attention to Sam at this point, but he knew that he saw something he didn’t like, and quickly started making his way across the room to her. Mike had already let go of her, and she took a big drink of her beer before Mark could get to her through the people on the floor.

Mark got to her as quickly as he could, and grabbed her cup roughly from her. “What are you two doing with my sister,” he yelled at them, grabbing the cup from her.

“We were just talking to her, I don’t know what you think you saw, but we didn’t do anything” Jeff said. They didn’t seem too convincing, and turned and quickly went out the front door away from Mark and Sam.

Mark said to Samantha, “I know you haven’t been to parties like this before, but I think we’d be better off leaving now.”

Samantha responded back, “I haven’t seen the girls I came with for quite a while now, I think that sounds like a good idea. I’m really not feeling the best all of a sudden.”

Mark started heading her towards the door, but Sam stumbled a bit as they went down the steps, and Mark just picked her up and carried her out to his car. He put her in the front seat, and told her to just close her eyes and rest while he got her home. Their drive across town to home should take about 15 minutes, and shortly after Mark had started out, Sam started moving around a bit, and mumbling with her eyes closed. Mark figured she had drank something the guys were trying to drug her with, but didn’t think she had looked like she had the chance to take in too much, so he figured she might sleep some, but would not be in any danger. He had laid the seat back for Sam as he put her in, and she now seemed to be kind of out of it.

Samantha continued to move her arms and legs a bit, and she put her hands between her legs and started rubbing herself “down there” and mumbling more. Mark was watching incredulously at her moving hands, as they pulled up the bottom of her skirt and she put her hand inside her lacey panties she was wearing. He couldn’t believe what she was doing, but when he heard his own name amid the mumbling, his jaw dropped nearly to the steering wheel.

Samantha’s movements continued as Mark drove through the streets towards home, and the moans became a little louder actually, and a little more clear to him.

“Oh, Mark, please give me your cock! Yeah, right there, deeper,” she said. “Oh baby, please don’t stop, I’ve wanted you so badly for sooo long honey!”

Mark couldn’t believe his ears. He had always thought his sister was gorgeous, but had tried not to think about her that way as she had grown and matured before him over the years. His friends had teased him at times about having such a hot sister, but he had always tried to shut things down so he didn’t get things gaziantep escort bayan reklamları like that in his head. Now, he couldn’t shut his mind down. Hearing her had made his dick stiffen in his pants until he had to reach down and straighten things out; having it bent the way it was just wasn’t going to work.

Mark looked over at a red light, and things just kept escalating. Now Samantha had pulled the gusset of her panties to the side and had 2 fingers working in and out of her pussy. Mark reached over and put his hand on her arm, and gently pulled it upward. Her skirt fell back down to cover things somewhat, but she startled a bit and seemed to wake from her sleep, or whatever it was. Mark shook her arm gently, and spoke to her, “Are you feeling all right Sam?” he asked.

Samantha shook her head as if trying to get her bearings, and looked at him, and smiling slightly, she said, “Yeah, I think so, I was just dreaming about you.”

Mark replied to her, “No kidding, you weren’t too subtle about what you were dreaming!”

Samantha’s hand flew to her open mouth, with a shocked expression on her face. However, when her hands got to her face, there was no denying the smell of her own juices on her hand and fingers. Wide eyed, she looked at Mark, and asked tremulously, “What was I doing?”

Mark looked at her, and quietly spoke. “You were kind of thrashing around, and were moaning quietly, but I could hear my name. Then you pulled your skirt up and started rubbing yourself. You had a couple of fingers working deep in between your legs when I woke you.”

Right then, they reached home, and he pulled into the driveway. Mark turned off the car then turned in his seat and looked at his sister. “You’re my sister and I love you. I’ve tried to ignore how beautiful you are as you matured because you’re my sister, but I can’t deny that I think you’re gorgeous and sexy, and wish that I could find a girlfriend that was as hot as you are.”

“I love you too, Mark, and apparently how I feel is no longer a secret from you. It sounds like everything came out, or enough that there isn’t any question as to what you do to me. I’m still feeling a little shaky from whatever they gave me; would you help me inside, please. Then we can continue our talk.”

Mark got out of the car and went around to Sam’s side and opened the door. She started to turn, but he just shushed her, and reached down under her legs and shoulders and picked her up. Sam smiled at him, and buried her face in his chest as he carried her inside. She seemed to fit just perfectly in his arms, and to him, she was light as a feather right now. He carried her up the stairs and took her to her room, gently setting her on the bed. Their parents were still gone playing cards at their aunt’s house, and the house was quiet.

Samantha looked up at Mark shyly, and asked, “Would you stay here with me? Please lie down on the bed and we can continue our talk.” She slid over a little bit and Mark laid down on the bed beside her, and put one arm over her head, then slid it under her so that she was laying on it. He was lying on his side, so he took his other hand, and gently rubbed up and down her arm, looking deeply into her eyes. He leaned towards her, and gently kissed the tip of her nose, once, twice, then her forehead with a feather kiss.

Samantha placed her hand on Mark’s chest, rubbing it gently, sexily, and leaned in to kiss him on the lips. “Since it’s not a secret anymore how I feel about you, would you please be the one that takes my virginity? There’s nobody else that I would even consider doing it with at this point in my life. I’ve had my fingers in there, and a hairbrush handle once or twice, but I’ve never even seen a boy’s penis, let alone touched one. I could feel something in your jeans when you were carrying me, and I really would like to see my first dick Mark, your dick. Please Mark, please would you?”

Mark pulled her into a deep hug, and whispered into her ear, “I would be honored to be your first, but I don’t have much experience either.” “Kayla, my old girlfriend never wanted to go that far. We did just about everything else, and got basically to that point once, but I had just gotten inside her a couple of inches when she tightened up and pushed me away. She said she let her feelings get the best of her, and never let me get anywhere close to that again, and then she broke up with me the following week.”

“I think it’s fitting that we learn together then, and experience it with each other for the first time!” Samantha said. “Would you please give me a couple minutes to get ready for you Mark, I want to make things just right for our first time?”

Mark nodded silently, then slowly, got up and backed towards the door. He couldn’t take his eyes off of his sister, though, and slowly closed the door, peeking around the edge until the last second.

Samantha got escort gaziantep reklamları up and went into the bathroom between their rooms, and quickly cleaned up a little bit, and then moved back to her dresser. She had one fairly sexy nightgown that she had bought at the mall while shopping with a friend, but hadn’t done more than try it on so far; no reason to. But now, she was hoping that her big brother would find it alluring, and hopefully, it would turn him on even more. She had a few candles in a storage box in the closet also, and she lit those, placed them around the room, and turned off the lights. She grabbed her favorite perfume bottle and gave a couple of spritzes to the air, then opened the door a few inches, and called out, “Mark, come back, I have something for you!”

She quickly laid down on top of the bed and stretched out, in what she hoped was a sexy pose, with one elbow crooked, holding her head up.

Mark entered her room slowly, looking around in amazement at how sexy she looked, and what she had done to enhance the mood. Mark had gone to the bathroom downstairs, and washed himself up a bit, in case he had picked up any aromas at the party. Some others there had been smoking, and not just cigarettes. He’d brushed his teeth with his finger and used mouthwash also, trying to do everything in his powers as nice as it could possibly be for his sister.

Sam looked up at him, and gently patted the bed beside herself. “Come on over here, Mark,” she said. As he sat down, she held her arms up asking for a hug, which he was happy to share with her. Holding her in his arms was something he had been looking forward to since they gotten into his car. He wrapped his arms around her, and held her closely. The hug lasted a while, as neither one felt like letting go. Mark kissed Sam on the top of the head, then on her forehead. Sam lifted her face towards his, and held her lips up for him, and they met for another kiss. This time, the kisses grew intensely passionate. They moved and kissed, each one seemingly trying to get deeper inside their sibling. Their tongues meshed and melded together, and the flames inside each of them flared hotter.

Samantha gently caressed Mark’s chest through his t-shirt, and asked him to take it off. He pulled it over his head, and she returned her hand to his body. He placed his hand over hers, and she pulled it to her breast. She squeezed his hand with hers, over her breast, and he gently took over the motions himself. Continuing to kiss deeply, he caressed her tits through her nightgown, and gently rubbed her nipple between his fingers. He bent down further and tongued her nipple through the nightgown, then moved to the other side and repeated his actions. Samantha reached to the lacey straps over her shoulder and slid them down, then pulled the top of the negligee down also. “Please try that again,” she asked Mark. “I can’t believe how good that feels; nobody has ever done that to me before.”

“I will happily do that anytime you ever want, I think the phrase, “the pleasure is all mine” really applies here,” he said. Mark took her nipple back in his mouth, and gently tongued and sucked it. He wetted his thumb, and gently rubbed the other side, holding, and squeezing her breasts. They felt perfect in his hands. He had had girlfriends with larger breast before, but nothing had ever felt so exquisitely perfect to him previously.

While Mark’s hands were making their way over Samantha’s luscious tits, her hands were moving also. She rubbed over his erection, and her eyes grew wide. “How big are you,” she asked? “I’ve never felt one before, but I didn’t think it would feel this big,” she exclaimed.

“From what I’ve seen at school,” he said, “I think I’m a little bigger than most, but certainly not the biggest of my friends.”

“I think it will be plenty big as far as I’m concerned” she said. “As a matter of fact, I don’t see how it could fit, it feels so big.”

“I don’t want to do anything that hurts you ever,” Mark said, “but I think if we take things slowly, we’ll be fine. But it’s all up to you; I meant it when I said I never want to hurt you.”

“I know that you would never do anything to hurt me on purpose,” Samantha said. “But I do know that I’m so hot and worked up right now, that you couldn’t stop me from trying if you wanted to. Please take off your shorts now. I want to feel the whole thing in my hand, and I want to try to take it in my mouth, too.”

Mark stood and lowered his shorts. His dick was so hard, that he had issues getting them over it with it sticking nearly straight out and up. It bobbed up and down a couple of times before Samantha reached out and took hold of it. She marveled at the feel of it; the softness on the outside, while it felt like an iron bar below that. Mark enjoyed the feel of his sister’s hand on his cock, and then she moved her hand down to his balls, and gently felt those, too. As hard as he was, he surprisingly felt like he had gotten twice as hard as he was previously with her touch.

Samantha enjoyed the feel of his body, never having done this before with anyone. She could see the smile on his face, and the love in his eyes in the candlelight. She raised her body a bit off the bed, and moved downward to touch him with her tongue. A drop of pre-cum appeared at the end of his dick, and she licked it off, and smacked her lips lightly.

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