Fanden Hus (Fuck House)


Fanden Hus (Fuck House)

Part One: The Arrival

Gillian stopped at the counter inside the small, dark adult novelty store and presented the shiny access card to the woman attending the register. Wordlessly, the clerk nodded and held up a finger indicating to wait a moment. She opened the register and, from the back of the cash box removed a key before closing the drawer and motioning Gillian to follow her.

Gillian picked up her small gym bag, tossed her brown hair over one shoulder sneaking a glance around the perimeter to see who was watching before following the young girl behind a dark curtain and into a long hall. They passed a few booths, also with black curtains fully or at least partially drawn. From experience, Gillian knew that each booth included a bench, a money slot to accept payments and a large opening with bars and a curtain. Participants stepped inside, paid their fee and the curtain would be drawn back to reveal “dancers” who stripped for the viewer and often, for more significant sums of money, would step up to the bars and get more personal with their customer.

Gillian knew these facts because she had, more than once, been on both sides of the transaction. Nearing the last booth Gillian slowed as she noticed the partially drawn curtain. Peering into the small, gloomy room she saw the man standing at the bars, pants pooled on the floor around his feet, hips tilted forward with his penis getting rhythmically sucked by the nude woman on the other side of the cage. Gillian wanted to stop and watch the finish, always comparing the sex she witnessed to her own perceived abilities but the clerk in front of her was already turning the key in the lock of the door at the end of the hall. Snapping her head forward, Gillian tugged briefly at her white silk blouse pulling the smooth fabric away from her hardening nipples.

Part Two: About Gillian

At 31 years of age Gillian (pronounced as Jillian) Grant was, by all means, a professional success story. Born Gillian Anne Knowles, she excelled in school and entered college a year earlier than her fellow classmates. Focusing her studies on chemistry she graduated at the top of her class before adding a Masters and Doctorate to her achievements while working at an international pharmaceutical company. There, she met her now ex-husband Mark who had a significant equity stake in the firm. It didn’t take long for Gillian to marry, becoming a well-to-do executive with personal and career aspirations that were, at times, difficult to achieve.

Their union was far from idyllic although to Mark it may have initially appeared so. Gillian, young and pretty was obsessed with sex and Mark was the initial beneficiary. The courtship was brief. Mark couldn’t believe his fortune in meeting a woman who was apparently insatiable. There wasn’t anything that his fiancée wouldn’t try and usually initiated on her own. With her, sex was a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week event. In fact, it was nearly all she lived for.

For Gillian, she knew that her desires were problematic. Young and vigorous as Mark was, he could only provide her with a certain amount of satisfaction before he was spent. And she always wanted more than just the sex. She wanted the sounds, the smells, the feeling of skin and the juices of couplings. When Mark was away on business trips she frequented adult book stores and spent hours on her knees in front of glory holes, reveling in the glory of strange cocks feeding her lusty needs. Her own private joke was that her initials as a single woman was GAK, sounding ugly and distasteful like spitting after oral sex, while her married initials would be GAG, something that she had long ago learned to never do.

She had all manner of toys around the house, sometimes used with Mark but often used by her and the masseuse that Mark had arranged to visit weekly and soothe Gillian’s sore muscles and help with her fevered desires. Given the sizable tip that the masseuse received, it was expected that the two women would spend hours penetrating each others openings with fancy dildos, shiny vibrators or intrusive anal plugs. The pretty masseuse, skilled in all things involving her tongue, was particularly drawn to Gillian’s pussy and clitoris. It was she who had shaved and waxed Gillian smooth the very first time inducing no less than three fantastic orgasms in the process. And it was with the masseuse Gillian learned the difference between receiving the pointy, delicate tip of a womans tongue and the broad, flat breadth of a man’s tongue on her aching pussy. Yet, even after frequent attention from the sexy girl, Gillian would pounce on Mark the moment he came home tearing his clothes off in seconds before initiating whatever sexual activity came to mind.

The beginning of the end was on their wedding night. The event was attended by over 250 people and by all accounts it was memorable. Mark and Gillian left the reception and went to their hotel room on the second floor. Gillian was anxious to get Mark into their bed. She began the sexual assault on her new husband just after midnight, draining him after three hours of voracious activity. Mark finally passed out from exhaustion leaving Gillian insatiably hungry for more. Without regard for consequences she went downstairs, naked and clearly ready for action, hoping to find someone willing to help her continue her erotic adventures. Walking into the massive kitchen, she found a young man setting out food to begin prepping for the restaurant’s breakfast offerings. Looking at the woman, he wondered what had happened to her. Her well formed breasts were topped with tight, brown nipples that looked sore around the edges as if someone had been pulling at them. Her bald pussy was dripping with semen and surrounded by slick, clear liquid. Gillian motioned to him with her finger and when he didn’t immediately follow her she grabbed the front of his white coat and pulled him behind her as she nearly ran back to her room.

At dawn, Mark was wakened by the moans of his wife and the shaking of their bed. Next to him was his newlywed wife, mounted on the glistening shaft of a stranger. Unfamiliar clothing lay in a heap beside their pillows. Mark sat up and looked at his wife, her brown hair messy and tangled. The boy stared up too, frozen in fear but clearly spellbound by the woman who was fucking him. Gillian opened her mouth and uttered one word.


Cum spilled from her full lips and she dropped her head back allowing another climax to rack her shaking body as the boy pumped her with his eager, young cock twisting her nipples as she had demanded.

The separation came quickly with Gillian buying her own place and leaving the firm. The divorce took a little longer as she worked hard for as much of Mark’s money as she could get. Relenting to her demands, he settled handsomely and Gillian founded her own boutique pharmaceutical startup specializing in drugs designed to augment or cure sexual behavior. Today, she was her own best customer.

Part Three: Preparing

Gillian thanked the pretty girl and stepped inside the hall. A tall, handsome man stood at the long, ebony counter and smiled at her as she walked in.

“Welcome back to Fanden Hus”, he said warmly. “It’s nice to see you again Ms. Grant”.

Gillian returned his smile and walked to the counter. This was her third time back in Denmark, her business taking her to this country with increasing frequency. Fanden Hus translated loosely to “Hell House” or “Fuck House” as some liked to call it. Years ago it had been a noisy, smoky dance hall frequented by young students who enjoyed the music, drugs and sex long into the night. A few years back the business, including the seedy adult storefront where she had come in, was purchased by a well to do entrepreneur located in Singapore. The owner, a middle aged man who, like Gillian, suffered from an excessive sex drive decided to convert the hall into a high end sex stop for particular, private customers. Gillian was one of his first. There were 6 similar locations all around the world. Membership was quite exclusive. Gillian herself had been interviewed by three different investors; her background had been thoroughly checked, she endured a thorough review of her health and she paid a $10,000 down payment before being allowed a trial visit to the US location in Texas. Impressing (and tiring) the other club members, she paid the balance of the $30,000 and was admitted as a full member. Boasting over 2,000 clients around the world, Gillian found herself in an exclusive club that catered only to people like herself. Sexually charged individuals who knew virtually no limits on what they would do to satisfy each others desires.

Her membership was aided by her profession. Since starting her own pharmaceutical company, she had been working nearly exclusively on drugs specific to sexual performance. The latest compound, a red and gold table that would be offered to men and women alike, boosted desire, performance and stamina while loosening inhibitions. Men could take it like Viagra but wouldn’t need the direct stimulation that the commonly prescribed drug required. Erections would occur almost immediately, yet safely and men could sport hard cocks for hours. Women would feel their vaginal lips swell with desire and fluid would fill their cavity as their sexual needs become urgent. Both sexes would become, for a while, insatiable with desire and feel free to satisfy themselves in any way possible. Gillian had been working hard in the booths at the front of the location for months perfecting the mix and dosage, working feverishly on dialing in the formula. Today, she had taken two of her trial tablets just prior to arriving and she felt the drub coursing through her veins.

“Fanden Hus” had a grungy theme. It was a take off on the booths she passed on her way through and where she had worked with her test tablets. Gillian knew that beyond the gleaming, smooth greeters counter where she could buy various toys, gather up a robe and towels or stock up on lubrications there was a dark, open locker room; a communal shower area and a large hall where most of the action took place. The feel of the location was purposefully designed to look seedy, almost like an alley or warehouse. Somewhere you met strangers and acted on desires.

The man picked up a bundle containing a thin robe and a few towels before handing her a bottle of water. Gillian took them and walked to her right, dipping her shoulders behind a thick, black curtain similar to the ones that hung in the filthy booths she had recently passed. She found herself in a narrow hall that had doors to bathrooms and that led to the locker area. She paced the hallway quickly, turned to her left and entered the locker room.

A nude man, about her age and well tanned, looked up. He smiled briefly and she returned his gaze with a quick one of her own. The unwritten rule of Fanden Hus and all other club locations was that no extended conversation take place. People were here for sex, not small talk. The high standards and price of membership meant that she arrived and participated as a solemnly sworn stranger. Even if she met another club member that she worked with in the past, nothing was said here nor elsewhere in public that would indicate that they belonged to a secret society indulging in erotic couplings. Secure in their anonymity, members were free to publicly and openly engage in sordid activities without judgment or fear of retribution.

Passing the man, she walked to an opening a few steps away. The lockers were simple wire cages. They had no doors and only a single shelf about neck high under which hooks were screwed in place to hang clothing. They were old, rusty, uncared for and fit perfectly with the theme of this location.

Gillian glanced towards the man as she placed her gym bag and the bundle of items she had been given onto the bench behind her. Small rivers of water ran down his back. She assumed he had just taken a shower and thus, must have already finished what he had come here for. Still, she brashly stared at his uncut cock as he toweled himself dry. What would that feel like in her mouth? What would the head of his penis look like when she pulled his foreskin back? Are his balls heavy? Tight? Was his cum thick? Tasty? Sour? Would his ass cheeks be firm? Would he allow her to open them? Slip a finger into his asshole? Does he fuck well, lick pussy good, nibble nipples until his partner climaxed, would he take a girl in the ass, hold her down while he pounded her? What would his tongue feel like on her smooth pussy?

Thoughts raced through her mind as she watched his hanging cock swing gently. She took a quick, sharp breath and began undressing. şişli bayan escort She knew that there was much ahead of her in the big room but staring at the handsome man and his cock was a good way to start. Perhaps giving him a taste of what she had come here for in front of the lockers wouldn’t be a bad way to start. She shivered as she watched him dry his thick, tanned thighs and run the towel carefully over his ass.

Gillian unbuttoned her blouse before turning slightly towards the man and pulling it off her shoulders. Her nicely rounded breasts fell out and she felt her nipples momentarily pucker as they were freely exposed to the air. She saw the man look up quickly and smile. She returned his gaze letting her breasts speak of her desire. Hanging her pretty white blouse on the rusty hook inside the locker, she noticed him slow down and wondered if he was having second thoughts about finishing his day now. If he was, his cock didn’t show signs of excitement beyond the thick but mostly flaccid state that it was in when she entered the room.

Frowning slightly, Gillian kicked her heels into the base of the locker and got on with undressing. A quick pull of the zipper on the side of her skirt loosened it sufficiently for her to wriggle it down her long legs where she grabbed it with one foot and lifted it to her waiting hand. She felt her breasts sway as she retrieved the garment and enjoyed the feeling of being nearly nude and exposed in the open. Before removing her lacy panties, she arranged the towels and robe on the top of the locker and then opened the gym bag she had come in with.

Inside, she found the thong type strapon harness along with the selection of realistic dildos that were designed to fit securely into the attachment lock. An assortment of containers along with other toys made up the rest of her collection. Removing the harness, she set it to one side admiring the corset type laces in the back that made the toy look sexy while also serving to hold it securely to her body. She examined the thigh straps to make sure they would also be secure on her without covering her groin. Satisfied, she turned back to her bag and pulled out the dildos.

Like on most visits, Gillian found her relief by both receiving and giving. Today, she intended to start with giving. Her mouth, pussy and ass were ready but she knew that it needed to start with taking others that lived for being the recipient of sex. Selecting an 8” long, fully realistic cock she walked to the sink at the end of the locker room and ran hot water over the thick phallus. She amused herself for a minute stroking the long toy with her hands watching the water run off the realistic tip and into the well formed pee hole. She imagined it as the real thing, getting stroked to hardness by her experienced hands before being put to good use.

Finishing the clean up, she walked back to her locker disappointed to see that the man had continued to dress. She frowned again, wondering if he wasn’t up for the fun she was about to strap onto herself or whether he had other, more pressing things to do with his day. She wondered what he had done in the room. Had he fucked willing women or men? Was his mysterious cock mouthed skillfully by a young woman like herself or an older one who sucked him off while taking another from behind?

In a last ditch effort to regain his attention, Gillian set the enormous phallus down on the bench, faced the man and tucked her thumbs into the top of her panties. She slid them to the floor and stepped out of them, keeping her legs parted and displaying her freshly waxed pussy lips already wet with her slippery juices. She played with her discarded panties with one toe, alternately opening and closing her legs watching the man spy on her from the corner of his eyes.

He paused and looked up at her again, then down at her breasts and her open legs.

“I’m sorry”, he said. “Not today I’m afraid. I’m just too sore right now”.

Gillian saw him glance down at the harness and flesh colored dildo and realized that he’d probably already spent the morning being ass fucked. “What a shame”, she thought to herself before smiling and nodding.

Quickly finishing her preparations, she stepped into the harness and fitted it to her body making certain that it was fastened securely. She carefully ran the straps around her thighs on each side of her slick pussy so as to be sure her openings were not obstructed. Having a cock on her meant that she intended to use it but it wasn’t uncommon for her to be busy fucking someone only to be taken from behind by another. Satisfied that all was secure, she grabbed the phallus and attached it to the locking mechanism on the front of her harness using the correctly sized O-ring needed to keep everything in working order. Reaching into her bag, she took out a medium sized bottle of lubricant, opened it and squirted a generous dollop of the thick liquid onto the head of her artificial penis. She closed her right hand around the dildo and slid the juice up and down the long, thick shaft getting excited when she felt the veins run through her fingers. Careful to coat the entire surface, she scooped the excess from the tip of the toy and pushed a drop or two around the slit in the head so that it resembled flowing pre-cum. Finally, she ran her gooey fingers between her legs and onto her rosebud asshole, leaving a generous coating of lube there….just in case.

Gillian strode to the end of the locker room and turned to a full length mirror mounted on the wall. She could feel the gaze of the man staring at her and she admired her reflection. Nude; heavy breasts; hard nipples; long legs; bare ass and with a standing 8” cock she was nearly ready for action. She gathered her long brown hair above her head and slipped an elastic around it making a quick pony tail to keep it out of her face when things got going. Besides being practical, she found the look of a bouncing pony tail quite sexy no matter what the reason for the motion was.

With quick wave at the staring man, she walked through the opening next to the mirror, entering another short hall leading to the main room. The thick penis waved rudely from side to side amusing Jillian as she began to think of what might happen shortly. Nearing the main hall, familiar noises of lust met her ears. Groans and cries mixed with slurping and slapping sounds. A nearby female voice mewed desperately and Jillian imagined the woman needing relief with her mouth full of a thick, slippery cock. In the distance she heard grunting and loud sighs and for this, she imagined a man between someone’s legs pistoning a hard cock in and out of a welcome opening. She paused for a moment at the heavy curtain and then parted it stepping into the room.

Part Four: Fanden Hus (Fuck House)

At nearly 30 feet long and 20 feet wide, the hall itself was nothing to see. High ceilings from which long dangles of wire covered bulbs hung, the entire space was dimly lit at best. A worn wooden floor met green painted, tired walls from which hung a few large and very lewd paintings donated by an artistically inclined member. Near her, the painting was of a man and woman kissing; the man pissing into her hands as she circled his member, the woman taking his thumb into her anus. Under the couple lay two young girls, their mouths locked into each others cunts while the couple above watched them copulate.

Down the center of the room was built a long divider, about 7 feet high and securely anchored to the wooden floor. The partition had dozens of window like openings, each roughly 3 feet wide and 4 foot from top to bottom. In front of these makeshift windows ran a long, padded bench on each side. Additional folding chairs were strewn here and there in the large hall for the use of the members. The dividing wall and the cut in windows served as sex stations for the daily participants. Like giant peep or glory holes, members used these openings to serve others or be serviced. Members not actively engaging in sex could walk freely up and down each side of the partition wall enjoying the show their peers were putting on for them. Occasionally, members rested in chairs off to the side, often masturbating to a particularly good scene taking place at one station or the other. With no privacy walls between stations, it was easy to look around and see all the action or to reach over and grope the person next to you while you engaged in your own performance.

Anxious to take stock in the action, Gillian strolled purposefully around each side of the partition in the long room. Nearest to where she came in, she found an older woman, clearly well kept but with a little paunch facing the aisle and bent over with her ass in the window. On the other side, the torso of an olive skinned man was visible moving in and out as he pushed into her from behind. Gillian couldn’t see if the man was fucking her pussy or ass but she stopped to admire the woman’s dancing breasts as they swung wildly to his thrusting. The woman had her eyes closed and from time to time she licked her lips, clearly taking delight in the pounding she was being given. Gillian watched for a moment, admiring the strong man holding his partners hips in place as he forced his erection into her appreciative hole. When Gillian looked back at the womans face, she saw that her eyes had opened and she was staring up at Gillian’s 8” member. The woman opened her mouth wide, beckoning for the huge cock to be inserted.

Smiling, Gillian proceeded down the aisle. Like her, the members here all had the same problem. A sex drive that wasn’t easily satisfied, coupled with a near complete lack of inhibition. Approaching the next occupied window, Gillian found a young woman perhaps only 18 or 20 years old kneeling on the padded bench, her head and shoulders leaning out the window to the other side. A quick look showed that she wasn’t being visited and that she was only hanging there to advertise that both ends of her were available. Gillian stepped behind her and reached under to grasp the young girls breasts. The girl shuddered as Gillian twisted her small, rosy nipples and her hips rose. She didn’t look back and this excited Gillian.

Spreading her legs slightly, Gillian allowed the heavy cock attached to the harness to lightly tap the young girls ass cheeks. Deftly, Gillian grabbed the base of the phallus and directed the end of it to the girls thick pussy lips. The young woman had neatly shaved her sex, leaving a downy like fuzz of blond hair which was now covered in a fine dew of fluid. Never one to be overly kind, Gillian aimed the glistening tip of her dildo at the dripping slit and pushed her hips forward driving it in.

The girl froze for a moment, before moving forward…then back against the intrusive toy. She hadn’t expected the size of the device and, in fact, had been uncertain what to expect when she first felt hands on her hanging tits. Yet, as young as she was she was not a novice to sexual experience. Her vagina quickly adjusted to the giant device and she eagerly moved her behind to capture it all. Taking the cue, Gillian stepped forward forcing the toy the rest of the way into the young girls pussy where she bottomed it out and stopped for a moment to let the girl close up around the thick shaft. A thin stream of saliva ran from the girls mouth and she moaned lightly, more in satisfaction than anything else.

Gillian spread her legs a little, taking a good stance before she started rhythmic thrusts into the girls snatch. As she gathered speed, she put her hands on the womans slender waist and held her in place in order to better pound the wet pussy. Sweat began to appear on the backs of both women and the familiar sound of fucking began to emanate from the window they shared. Gillian was enjoying watching herself fuck the young girl but began to regret her choice of the harness that her cock was attached to. She had other styles and now she wished for the one that included a stubby vibrator that she could have pushed into her own pussy or even ass as she assaulted members. As she continued to increase the speed and strength of her thrusting she realized that she would, later in the day, switch from giving to taking.

Glancing down the hall she saw the enormous floor to ceiling mirrors catching the reflection of all the members as they conducted their lewd business. She watched herself in the distant mirror, seeing her lovely breasts flail up and down as her hips flung forward stroking the always hard dildo into the lovely young womans cunt. Looking back, she saw that someone had stepped forward in front of the girl hanging out of the window on the other side. A leg lifted to the window sill and she saw a tuft of red hair surrounding pink şişli escort pussy lips pushing to the young girls mouth. With a deep moan, the girl let her tongue out and the red haired recipient bent her legs to allow the tip to find her slit. Gillian enjoyed the irony. While this place was far from traditional, the more expected method of the act these three women were enjoying would have involved a man fucking the young girl from behind while another man stood on the other side of the window having his cock sucked by the girl. Instead, the act was being accomplished without the use of real man flesh.

Gillian looked up in hopes of seeing the face of the woman who had just now settled onto her partners tongue to get eaten out. The top of the window obscured the face but Gillian admired the rosy nipples of the standing womans breasts. She perhaps had not seen nipples quite so red and reached over to touch and twist the one closest to her. The woman squealed a little and spread her legs more so that the tongue of her licker could find her clitoris without effort. Gillian continued pumping, wondering if the girl would cum for her soon or if she should move on.

She stopped wondering as the girl beneath her started bucking. Gillian wished she were a man just then. She knew how good a cunt felt as it spasmed but obviously couldn’t feel it on her dildo. On the other side of the window, the red haired woman had grabbed the head of the girl, forcing her face and tongue deep into her aching pussy, herself now in climax and streaming hot juices onto the face of the young woman.

Gillian pounded into her partners pussy a few more times before sliding the giant shaft our and letting it swing in the air bouncing on her ass a few times. She watched as the young girl lapped up the juices of the woman on the other side of the window before reaching down and gently slapping the girls small breasts in appreciation for her service. With that, she turned and continued down the hall feeling her own cunt squishing moisture between her legs and adding to the familiar smell of sex in the large room.

Against the wall, a man sat in one of the metal folding chairs stroking his cock. He was middle aged, barrel chested and sported a medium sized fat erection. He sat there watching a woman, certainly his wife, on her knees in front of her window providing oral service to a huge black man who stood on the other side enjoying her mouth. Gillian stopped and her knees went soft for a moment. The black man was powerfully built and Gillian admired his hard body. The woman on her knees grunted and gagged a little as she struggled to take his flesh into her mouth. The man in the chair eagerly watched her motions and stroked his flesh as she worked the black cock in her mouth. From time to time she pulled off of the dark cock and licked the head or balls before swallowing it back down. From her position, Gillian could not get a good view of the black man’s penis although she was anxious to see what it looked like.

As she sucked, the woman touched her own breasts, alternately twisting her nipples and then rubbing or feathering them with her fingers keeping the hard nubs standing out strong. Gillian looked at the womans neat pussy, not surprised to see the woman had fingers inside of it providing her own relief. What did surprise Gillian was the butt plug that was snugly tucked inside of the woman’s ass. The dial at the end told her that it was also a vibrator and Gillian once again regretted not bringing her own motorized relief considering the situation.

Beside her, the man continued stroking his cock. He stared intently at his wife watching her suck this black man’s erection while she fingered her empty pussy, occasionally reaching back to push the butt plug a little deeper. Gillian watched as the man lifted his balls and squeezed before he looked up to stare at her breasts and then down to her upturned phallus. Stopping for a moment, he reached over and stroked the slippery shaft then brought his wet fingers into his mouth for a taste. He had watched Gillian fuck the young girl a few windows down and was eager to taste the girls pussy juices. Returning his hand back to Gillian, he pushed the dildo aside and slipped his fingers between Gillian’s legs before dipping two of them into her slickened snatch. These too, he returned to his mouth to taste her sweet juices.

Gillian reveled in the feeling of fingers on her pussy and she pondered her next actions. Had the man’s wife not had a plug in her ass, Gillian would have taken her right there allowing the husband to watch the ass fucking. She could have simply fucked the pussy of the wife but with her own cunt tingling from being touched, she decided on a different approach.

Stepping in front of the man, and facing away from him she straddled his legs before squatting down and grabbing his fat cock. Slowly, she lowered herself onto his erection until she sat firmly on his lap with his penis deep in her vagina. It wasn’t all she needed but it filled her enough for the moment.

The man stroked the dildo once or twice and thrusted up slowly as he enjoyed her tightness. He reached up and cupped Gillian’s breasts, admiring how they filled his large hands and noticing the thick nipples that pulsed beneath his fingers. Gillian then leaned forward and knelt in front of him allowing him to stand in front of his chair without his cock slipping from her hole. She placed her hands on the floor in front of her, then went to her elbows, breasts brushing the hard, dirty wood beneath her while the harness mounted shaft bounced against the wooden planks.

The man began to fuck Gillian from behind, still watching his wife suck the ebony erection of the black man. Gillian too, looked up to watch, now three people entranced by the thick black shaft being swallowed by the hard working woman. Gillian’s pony tail started to bounce the way she liked it to, lightly banging against her neck, back and shoulders. She admired the cock of the man behind her. Though not impressive in length, the width continued to grow and fill her pussy allowing her some relief as he forced his way into her tunnel over and again.

Gillian reached down to grip her hard nipples before sliding her hand down to the giant shaft between her legs. Still wet and slippery from the gel she had put onto it and from the young girl she had given a climax to minutes earlier, she stroked it’s amazing length imagining it belonging to the black man who was throating the woman mere feet from her.

Gillian saw it first. The telltale tightening of the black mans stomach muscles. The thrust of his hips. The cheeks of the woman sucking his cock swell and her pause as she realized that he was about to cum. The man fucking Gillian saw it too. He pushed Gillian off his thick cock and pulled her hair back so that she straightened up onto her knees. He took a step closer to his wife for a better look and spun Gillian’s head around to address his erection.

Obliging, Gillian swallowed the man’s penis still watching the older woman suck greedily so that she could finish off the black stud whose cock was now deep in her throat. She sucked the man deep as they both watched the black man’s balls shrink and tighten as he neared his eruption.

With a small, deep moan, the muscular man sent his first hot stream of jism into the wife’s throat causing her to momentarily gag and pull back. Stopping before the cock got loose, she pushed her mouth back onto it as another splatter of cum filled her mouth causing her eyes to widen. Gillian was still aching to see the full cock that the wife was sucking and as she tried to turn her head bringing it into view, her own mouth received a wad of sticky cum from the man in front of her.

Swallowing quickly, she focused on the penis between her lips wanting to satisfy this man. Aching for a cock in her bottom somewhere, she hastily stroked the giant substitute between her legs and ground her ass onto her own heel in hopes of getting more relief. Another shot of cum entered her mouth and then one more. The wife nearby was gurgling a little and Gillian imagined that the big mans cock had filled her and the excess must now be dribbling from her mouth onto the floor.

The husband pulled his penis out, letting it hang in front of Gillian’s face as he watched the end of the erotic act play out in front of him. Gillian turned to look as well, finding the woman had swallowed the entire length of the black man’s penis into her throat while her hand reached behind to firmly push the strumming butt plug as deep as it would go into her own ass. The wife was clearly in orgasm at that moment, her legs pushed tightly together, shaking so hard in climax that the woman’s tight ass cheeks rippled enticingly. Gillian reached up and gently stroked the husband’s shrinking cock, milking the last few drops out of its tip and licking it off with her delightful tongue. Standing up, she kissed the man hard and long letting him stroke her veined dildo. Walking over to the woman, she was surprised to see that the black man who had just been given the blow job was gone and that the wife rested her ample bosom on the sill of the window, breathing hard and letting some thick cum dribble out of her mouth. For a minute or two, Gillian played with the ass toy that still strummed in the woman’s bum watching the wife squirm and smile in appreciation as the thick plug continued to provide pleasure. Then, she walked along aching for more relief.

Part Five: Desire

For the next hour, Gillian played. She stopped once to help lick the cum from the tight stomach of a man who shot a late load onto himself after getting a blow job through a window from a much younger man. She plowed the backside of a thin, young girl who had been leaning through her window getting her nipples sucked by a couple on the other side. When Gillian began fucking that girls pussy, she was stopped and the girl moved her ass up and down until Gillian pushed it into the girls thankful rectum. She climaxed in moments and a little while later she saw a well hung man putting his ample cock onto that same backside canal and causing a similar, quick climax. Gillian herself enjoyed ass play but rarely had a fast orgasm. Instead, she typically waited for the rest of her holes filled before climaxing with something in her ass.

She stopped to let an older woman who just came into the room drop to her knees and suck the giant dildo. On the very first stroke the old lady took it deep into her throat with no hesitation and Gillian thought that a few men here would later be very appreciative of this woman’s talents. She went to her knees at one stop to lick the open pussy of a woman who had somehow impossibly bent backwards through a window and allowed a strong, brown skinned man to force his dick into her throat standing above her. The woman’s cunt was dripping and inviting and Gillian enjoyed the gushing climax she received. Even though she had finished the woman off, the man was still fucking the girls throat and Gillian stood there for a few minutes playing with the young woman’s nipples while watching her throat expand and contract, over and over as she received the thick cock.

Turning at the end of the aisle once again, Gillian debated about going back to the locker room. She wanted to lose the lovely strapon that she wore and come back out, just naked, to be fucked and licked a few times. As she stood there debating, she saw the huge black man kneeling a few windows down from her. Curious, she walked his way passing another man on his knees sucking cock through the window, a woman on a chair, her chubby legs up on the window casing while a man on the other side licked her asshole and a thin man wagging his cock towards her from the other side hopeful of getting some service. Intent on reaching her goal, Gillian gave the man a courtesy tug on his twitching cock before continuing on her way.

Approaching the ebony beauty, she saw that he was on his knees leaning out of his window, face busy sucking the cock of an older man on the other side. Gillian looked up, surprised to see the husband she had fucked and sucked earlier now getting his apparently tireless prick sucked by the very man who his wife had performed so well on. Alone, his wife apparently busy elsewhere, the husband leaned into the throat of the black beauty making sure that his thick shaft found its way into the square jawed mouth of the man on his knees.

Gillian looked at the husband who alternated between returning her gaze and staring at Gillian’s ever erect phallus. With a quick smile, the man pointed his chin down to the black man’s ass indicating that Gillian should plant the enormous tool between the strong ass cheeks and into mecidiyeköy escort the rectum of the man on his knees before her. Her heart nearly stopped as she considered the situation. She felt her pussy squirt a stream of juice and her nipples tightened visibly. She grabbed the false cock between her two hands and stroked it hard as if she could stretch it longer or make it thicker. She marveled at its size before opening her mouth allowing a column of spit to dribble down onto it. Using long, erotic strokes she slickened the long, veined tool dipping her fingers a few times into her throbbing pussy for more lubrication to spread on the dildo.

Looking up, she saw the wife now standing behind the husband. The older woman, breasts high and proud and nipples taught put a finger to her lips indicating that Gillian should not give her presence away. Holding up her other hand, the woman produced the butt plug that had previously been buried in her ass and mimed an idea. With her husband distracted by the man giving him head, the wife motioned that she would slide the plug into her husbands ass, surprising him. She also motioned that Gillian should do what the husband had already suggested. Fuck the black man from behind with the thick dildo Gillian was now stroking with increasing urgency.

Gillian nodded, surprising herself. She found herself caught up in the situation, wondering how the man kneeling unknowingly in front of her would react to a thick cock being forced into his ass. The man had to have been 6’ 5” in height when standing and was likely to be all of 240 pounds of sheer muscle. The thought of fucking this man was exciting to Gillian yet she still hadn’t seen the mans cock. In a way, she wanted him to herself yet found it hard to walk away from taking this handsome man from behind.

Stepping forward on the other side of partition, the wife put her finger to her lips again and smiled warmly. Gillian saw the womans nipples tighten perceptibly as she slowly put her hand with the plug closer to her husbands ass. Gillian watched the husband’s cock slide in and out of the black man’s hungry mouth and saw the older mans hips sway in and out slowly, enhancing the cock sucking he was getting.

Timing it perfectly, the wife bent down and slid the slender but hard plug deep into her husbands bum. With a yelp, he pushed forward plowing his erection into the black man’s throat but stopped by the weight and size of the man sucking him off. The wife, clearly experienced with sex toys, skillfully slid the plug deep into her husband’s rectum allowing the base to sit on his ass ring. Holding it in place, she kissed her husband on the cheek waiting for his bowels to relax around the shaft before she turned the dial bringing the tiny motor to life inside the plug.

The husband squirmed for a second, enjoying the wonderful feeling of his cock deep inside another mans mouth; his ass filled with a quivering intrusion and his naked wife reaching between his legs to squeeze his balls, her breasts dragging hard nipples across his back.

On his knees, the black man felt the cock in his mouth get wider and longer and, hearing the humming noise, realized what had likely happened. He sucked the penis with long, endearing strokes, eager to feel the smooth skin between his lips. Smitten by the moment, he was not at all aware that Gillian had knelt behind him, between his splayed legs and was moving the tip of her fleshy dildo to the dark hole between his muscled ass cheeks.

The wife watched hungrily. When Gillian was close, the older woman stepped back completely behind her husband and squatted down behind his legs. Gillian saw the womans juicy pussy open wide as she squatted and thought briefly of moving to the other side to fuck this sexy lady. Instead, she took her cue as the wife nodded at Gillian’s bobbing phallus.

Gillian plunged the fat head of the dildo straight into the black mans ass. He cried in pain and surprise, the cock he had been sucking flying out of his mouth. He tried to move forward first to get away from the thick toy but the short wall in front of him didn’t afford him the space to pull away from the forward moving shaft. He tried to pull back and would have easily knocked Gillian over had he not been slowed but he fact that he was impaling himself on the very item he was trying to get away from.

The wife reached around her husbands legs and grabbed the strong arms of the black man, pulling him over towards their side. Gillian continued her anal assault, the slick dildo now halfway into the mans behind and still moving forward. With a shudder, the big man on his knees accepted his fate and, although breathing heavily and grunting in pain, he took the rest of the long, veined penis in one stroke.

Gillian stared in surprise as she pushed herself all the way into the man’s rectum. Marveling at how wide his dark ring had stretched to take her dildo, she began to move her quivering hips in and out in short strokes watching herself fuck this huge man. Still wondering what he carried between his legs, she pushed down between his shoulders forcing him back through the window to the waiting erection of the husband on the other side. Then, she reached around his hips, burying the phallus deep into the man’s bum and found his hanging cock.

It wasn’t completely erect. She hadn’t imagined that it would be since in her experience most men getting their asses penetrated enjoyed the sensation but didn’t stay hard the whole time. She often enjoyed that. Taking a semi erect cock into her mouth while she butt fucked her partner with a thick dildo meant that she could feel his cock fill with blood and then shoot hot semen into her as he consented to his own ass rape. She loved feeling a cock swell in her warm mouth. But the mans cock she put her hand around, while semi-erect, was thick and heavy. She couldn’t see it but she imagined it to be dark and strong and dangerous.

Gillian reached the head of the man’s penis. It was cut and the mushroom she slid her fingers around had strong, flared edges. The tip was slathered in slippery precum and she swirled her fingers around the sensitive glans feeling his prick jump up and down in anguished delight. Sliding her hand to his balls, she lifted them as a pair feeling their heavy weight and delighting herself by making them shrink and move in her grip. She moved her hand forward again, stroking his long shaft and feeling it get even thicker in her grip.

She began to fuck him in earnest now. Letting go of his heavy penis, she felt it bob out of her fingers and longed to see it for real. She imagined herself kneeling in front of his massive member about to service it with her mouth. She dreamed of straddling him, impaling herself on this black muscle. She wished that she was bent over in front of him as he forced her hips back and her ass onto his black spear. Still hungry to see this man’s cock, she felt a pang of jealousy remembering that the wife who had instigated this chapter of her day had recently not only seen it but had swallowed it and his cum.

Picking up speed, she opened her eyes and was rewarded by seeing that the black man had returned to sucking the cock of the husband. Still behind him and still on her knees, the wife had spread her legs and was furiously stroking her own clitoris, arching her back and closing her eyes. Her other hand was extended up to her husband where she was working the butt plug relentlessly using it to fuck his grateful ass. To her delight, two men stood behind her, nearly out in the aisle. One was generously playing with her hard nipples and the other stroked his drueling cock across her parted lips. As each drip of cock fluid appeared, she stuck her tongue out and cleaned the end of his reddened erection.

Gillian needed to cum badly but knew it was unlikely. The man beneath her was now grunting with each of her hard strokes, his ass sucking the dildo in and out. Now and again, she could see a little of his swinging erection as it swayed beneath his huge body and she wished that she was laying beneath him taking the massive prick in her hands, her mouth, her pussy. Anywhere. She needed to see that heavenly muscle that he possessed. Sweat poured down her shoulders and ran freely between her breasts. Her pony tail had come undone and the bundle of hair began spreading across her back. Small drops of sweat gathered on her impossibly hard nipples before dropping off her body and onto the clenching ass of the man she was fucking.

All at once, she heard a sigh from the other side of the window. Opening her eyes, she looked over to see a spray of cum from the cock on the edge of the wife’s mouth. The man had shot a load onto her face and was straining, red faced, to stroke the rest of his jism out of his aching balls. The wife, though busy with allowing her face to be creamed, had creamed herself. She sat hard onto her own fingers, one sliding back a little and into her still greasy anus. The man who had been working the woman’s nipples dropped to his knees and sucked the hard nips between his teeth, adding to the wonderful climax the wife was having. Not missing a beat, she continued to work the butt plug into her husbands ass even as she moaned heavily in sweet agony.

The husband reached his climax a moment later. With a deep sigh, he allowed his sperm to drop into the black mans throat. The big man sucked eagerly at the thick cock, swallowing quickly so as to not miss a drop of the hot, sticky liquid that was pumping into his mouth. Overwhelmed by his holes being filled, he began to stream clear liquid from his own thick penis, understanding that the giant, fleshy tool that was ravaging his ass had tormented his prostate to the point that he could no longer hold back. He had never had his prostate milked before and the feeling of his ass and throat being filled while his cock leaked in pleasure made his head swim.

Feeling the man’s anus contract and watching his spasms, Gillian knew that he was climaxing. She reached under once again only to find the impossibly thick but still semi-erect penis leaking copious amounts of hot juice. She dragged her fingers across the tip of his prick and brought them dripping back to her mouth and breasts. Reveling in the taste of his juice while she rubbed the sticky liquid into her nipples, she finished his ass fucking with a dozen deep, powerful thrusts that made the black man pull off of the cock he had just sucked off and take a number of hard, deep breaths to help cope with the angry penetration of the woman behind him.

They went their own ways quickly after that. Gillian stood up, her knees sore from the time she had spent on them. Although still aching for relief, she headed back to the locker room, passing by a few more enticing scenes of erotic perversion. Her last look at the black man that she had so handily butt fucked was him kneeling in front of her, thick ass cheeks covered with sweat and the back of his head drizzled with white specks of cum left by the older man he had just gone down on.

Part Six: Needy

Back at her locker, Gillian unfastened the well used dildo and set it on the bench beside her. She loosened the lacy harness that held it and stepped out of the garment leaving her nude and alone in the room. Putting the harness into her locker, she picked up the long phallus and walked to the sink. There, she washed it off sliding the most slippery parts of the long shaft in and out of her trembling hands still thinking of the cock she hadn’t seen.

Returning, she looked around hoping the strong man she had just fucked would come in. She walked slowly to the hallway that led to the Fanden Hus but no one was coming her way. Gillian returned to the bench in front of her locker where she placed the fleshy dildo on the bench pointing up. Stepping over it, she sat straight down on the tool, burying it deep into her needy, soaked cunt and climaxing on that very first stroke. The pills that she had developed and subsequently taken had done their job. Standing, she tossed the toy onto her locker shelf and grabbed the towels and robes she had been given upon arrival before heading to the shower. Cunt juice ran down both her thighs as she made her way into the dark, steamy room. She placed her linens on a tiled shelf off to the side, stepped under the hot spray of the shower head, spread her legs and began fingering her slippery pussy, hot water running down her back and between her ass cheeks before tickling her needy rosebud.

Gillian put her head back and leaned against the wall, intending to spend the rest of the afternoon providing pleasure for herself even if she offered viewing delights for other members coming into the facility. Sighing, her pressed her ample breasts against the tile wall. Cooler than the hot water, they caused her nipples to crinkle and stand and Gillian started her next, but not final climax of the day at Fuck House.

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