Fathers Orders Pt. 04


(Note: All characters are over 18. This is a work of fiction)

Chapter 4 – A novel suggestion.

Kelly and Kirk sat patiently in front of the laptop, waiting for the Webcam call to begin. Father was never late, and they knew they’d better not be either. Kirk had come home a little early, and commented that Kelly seemed to be in an extra-happy mood. She had smiled and said she was just looking forward to the 3-day weekend.

Both of them particularly liked it when Father was out-of-town; as they could relax a bit without worrying about punishments, embarrassment, or assorted humiliations. They had each secretly wondered too, if something else interesting might happen while Father was away.

The clock ticked to 8:00pm and within a few seconds, their father’s passive face appeared on the screen, well-lit from his posh hotel room, the image sharp and clear. Father, whatever else they might think of him, was very tech savvy and no cheapskate when it came to electronics; all of their laptops were state-of-the-art, with high quality sound and equally superb video.

“Kelly, Kirk. Thank you for being on time” Father began, not one for small talk. They both knew what would have happened if they’d been even a minute late, but just smiled back and exchanged their hello’s. These calls were usually short, and after filling their father in on their personal status, the state of the house, the yard, the cars, and their schoolwork, the two teens felt satisfied that things were ending and both were eager to get on with their long weekends.

“Just one more thing” Father said, his expression becoming serious. The two teens lost their smiles too, and watched the screen as he rummaged through some papers on the table and pulled one up and held it before the screen, positioning it until it came into focus. Kelly heart sunk as she recognized the logo in the corner of the paper, panic setting is as she realized what she was viewing.

It was the bill for her tattoo-the one she thought she’d lost. The one for $1200.00. Kirk edged closer, reading the text easily on the high-res screen. $1200.00 seemed like a lot, but he really had no idea.

“Father. Let me—,” Kelly blurted out, only to be cut off with a sharp “No!” from her father. “Kelly- I don’t want to hear an explanation,” he continued. “I thought I had taught you about the value of money and this is what you spend your money on?? I really thought we had moved past this incident, but I had no idea you had spent that kind of money.” Father let that hang in the air awkwardly as he looked sternly at the two teens. Kirk was wondering if he’d experience any blow-back from this latest transgression; he didn’t think so, but with Father, you could never be sure.

Kelly too, was caught completely off-guard. She thought the issue with her tattoo was closed. She’d been punished, had endured the naked spankings, the embarrassing inspections, and had assumed that had put an end to it. Father did not typically dwell on things and once they had been punished for something he rarely brought it up, considering the punishment a close to the matter.

Their father continued, “Kelly, I know you’ve already been punished for this but I have to consider this new information, and I am afraid that I need to re-evaluate the situation. Getting the tattoo was bad enough, but paying that much for it, and somehow not bothering to mention that to me, that is not acceptable!”

He continued “Kelly, this puts me in a very awkward position. I was about to tell you that I needed to extend my trip, but I just don’t see another choice. I’m afraid I’m going to have to cut my trip short to come home and address this matter in person.”

The siblings did their best to hide their extreme disappointment. Coming home early would certainly mean a harsh punishment for Kelly, at least. Kirk might escape Father’s wrath, but doubted it, and if Father came back, they might as well say goodbye to any enjoyment of the long weekend; and would probably face chores, punishment, or more likely both.

Kelly’s mind was racing, and she tried desperately to come up with some solution to this; she had been planning this weekend with Jess for a week, and she knew Kirk too had plans. It was all about to fall apart. Kirk too was dejected; his plans would be shot as well.

“So. Once I get off the call, I’m going to have to change my flights and—”

“Wait!” Kelly blurted, “What if—,”

She was really not good at thinking on her feet but Father paused, receptive to an alternative solution; he didn’t want to have to change plans either.

“What if- What if- Kirk punishes me? Here- On the webcam. While you watch?” The floodgates opened and she continued “Y-you can make sure it’s done right, and, and well,

you don’t want to miss work and uh, this would be a way to-” Kelly was babbling and in the tense silence that followed, her brain caught up to her mouth and she realized the full implications of her suggestion.

Several Lefkoşa Escort months back, angry at Kell All father knew Kelly hated to be naked in front of Kirk for her many punishments, and hated being exposed during her naked time-outs, but he believed these to be necessary elements of a young girl’s upbringing and part of his insistence on Kirk’s presence during her punishments was precisely this added embarrassment, which would serve as a significant deterrent to further misbehaving.

y’s impertinent back-talk, Father had suggested that if his punishments were so ineffective, maybe he should have Kirk perform them to see if that inspired any additional compliance to his rules.

At the time, this suggestion had horrified her and her defiance had drained away as the prospect of being humiliated by her brother cowed her into reluctant submission. He recalled her terrified reaction when he’d made the threat, and so was completely surprised to hear her suggesting it now. He had though

Of course, he had no knowledge of the recently changed dynamic of the two siblings’ relationship, so could only conclude this was a desperate act by a penitent daughter. All Father knew was that Kelly hated to be naked in front of Kirk for her many punishments and hated being exposed during her naked time-outs. Surely, she’d never make this suggestion unless she was truly sorry.

He believed these components of punishment to be necessary elements of a young girl’s upbringing and part of his insistence on Kirk’s presence during them was precisely this added embarrassment, which he believed served as a significant deterrent to further misbehaving.

He was actually proud of her in that moment, knowing this suggestion must not have come easily to her.

For Kelly, who now knew exactly how much of her naked sex was on display when she was spanked, the prospect of presenting Kirk with this view in the presence of her father’s watchful eye, was frightening, but also a little exciting. Would Father catch on that she was no longer particularly embarrassed to be naked in front of her brother? Would he recognize her possible enjoyment of it? What if she got aroused or wet? Her hard nipples were a pretty common sight during her punishment, so not concerns there, but- and she flushed at the thought – “Oh god, what if I actually came?”

She was pondering what the hell she had been thinking as she looked over at Kirks astonished face and then back to her equally surprised father. Neither of them had been prepared for her to suggest a course of action far more embarrassing that anything she had previously experienced; at least that’s how it looked to them.

Kirk had been shocked by their father’s earlier suggestion that he spank his own sister, though that was before their encounters. Now, he tried to maintain his composure but secretly, he relished the idea and the thought of having her naked rear over his lap, up close for his inspection, was a huge turn-on for him.

Kirks recent activities with his sister had given him new confidence to explore his own sexual awakening and he really hoped that they’d have some new adventures over the weekend, but he had not dared to think he might get to do something as exciting as actually spank her. He kept these thoughts to himself as he looked over at Kelly, who still looked panicked as she scrambled to save her weekend plans.

Father was tense and silent for several seconds, staring at them through that little screen, Kelly’s heart beating in her chest as she waited for him to speak. Maybe Father would think she was a pervert for even suggestion such a thing, but he actually seemed to relax a bit as he spoke.

“Kelly” he continued, “I am a little surprised by this suggestion, so let’s make sure we’re clear about this.”

“First,” he continued, “Your idea has considerable merit. I really don’t want to have to come home to punish you, I have additional business to attend to here, and as we have all previously discussed such an arrangement, it might be a good teaching moment for both of you. They both new that ‘teaching moment’ was code for some dastardly new form of humiliating punishment for one or both of them. The last time he’d used that phrase was when he concocted ‘The Position.’

“Second- This would place Kirk is a position of complete authority, and he would be executing my instructions exactly, just like I was giving you this punishment. Do you understand what that means?”

Kelly of course, had already thought through the consequences of her suggestion. She’d be made to undress, lay over Kirk’s lap, and it would be his hands, not Fathers on her rear. It would be his hands spanking her ass, turning it red. His hands slipping into her private places, perhaps his fingers lingering on her aroused lips as the poked out between her closed legs. It would also be Kirk’s erection pushing into her, Kirk’s hardness pressing Kıbrıs Escort against her tortured clit, maybe even his hand on her naked breast, holding her in place as Father sometimes did, her taut nipple pushing into the palm of his hand, unmistakably erect at this inappropriate moment.

“Kelly. Please step out. I will call you back in a moment” Kelly’s heart was pounding as the full impact of her suggestion hit her, but she nodded and left, closing the door behind her.

“What have I done?” she murmured to herself and looked at her watch to mark the time. Kelly was too nervous to go back to her room so she just sat outside the closed door, trying to hear the conversation now taking place between Kirk and her father. She could not hear much other, than Kirk’s occasional stammered ‘Yes-sir” and “I understand sir.”

It felt like an eternity, but fifteen minutes later than Kelly heard footsteps and got to her feet just as Kirk opened the door. “Ok Kelly.” he said, looking at her curiously. He suspected this might be her way of suggesting that she too, wanted to explore their secret relationship further, but if so, it was an insanely risky way to do it!

“I guess we’re ready. Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked, looking into her wide eyes, her pupils dilated in fear, or perhaps excitement. “No-not at all, but-” she cut off the thought and entered the room to see her father still visible on screen, the position of the laptop slightly altered and a chair now placed directly in front of the laptop. It was a sturdy, high backed, padded chair in which she’d lain across her father’s lap many, many times. Throughout their childhood the chair had come to symbolize punishment, so it was no surprise to see it had been moved into camera view, perfectly framed in the view window showing the view their father was watching.

“Kelly” father began, “please come stand where I can see you.” “Great,” she thought, “yet another lecture before yet another spanking,” but she complied, watching herself step into view on the screen. She wondered curiously, how many other fathers punished their children remotely. She was probably a member of a very elite, very small group of daughters to share that particular distinction.

“First,” he held up a finger. I am very proud of you for accepting your punishment without the usual fuss. I am also happy that you recognize the cost and inconvenience to me for changing my plans to deal with this matter, so I’m also proud of your recommendation for this alternative solution. Very creative, but don’t think that I don’t also know that this is going to give you and Kirk 2 extra days without my presence.” The siblings wanted to smile at each other at this news; but chose instead to remain grim. So, it would cost her a spanking, but if Father extended his trip, it also meant a few more days to hone her hobby- maybe not a bad trade off, she thought,

Kelly, was not exactly thrilled to be putting on a nude show for her father, but could not help but feel a blush of satisfaction at his praise; given that he offered it so rarely.

“Kirk will administer 20 swats, and then you will have a 15-minute time out.” Father continued, adding “Naked…” as if it were an afterthought. 20 strokes were a lot, and if it had been Father dealing them, she’d have been worried. She suspected that Kirk would go easy on her, so had doubled the traditional number of swats to make up for it. Whatever happened- it was all her fault for suggesting it anyway.

“Kelly- as this is a new approach, I am going to do things a little differently. Usually, I give you the option of undressing yourself, but as you rarely take advantage of that option (Kelly- sighed at this reminder of her big mouth; Father did offer, but if she argued, the courtesy was withdrawn. Kelly always argued).

“I will let this serve as a teaching moment for your brother as well,” and his next words sent a shiver through her already tense, young body.

“Kirk,” father said, “Please remove your sisters clothing.”

“Well, not like we have anything to hide from each other.” she thought ruefully as Kirk came to stand next to her, turned her toward him, and began awkwardly unbuttoning her blouse, giving Father a side-view of the procedure.

This minor indignity was really only embarrassing because of Father’s presence. If it had just been Kirk, she might have been excited by it, might even have enjoyed it. She could feel her nipples of course, moving to their usually state of blatant inappropriateness, perking up, poking out, and advertising to the world that this might not exactly be the punishment Father thought it was.

After the blouse, he removed her bra with considerably more expertise than she expected and then there she was- bare-breasted (again) standing in front of her brother. She cautioned a glance to the screen and was dismayed to see just how clearly her erect nipples showed up on the screen. Girne Escort Father made no mention of them, but she could see Kirks eyes tracking them like a hypnotists watch.

Father had undressed her this way many times, but the experience had a new, charged element to it now that she knew just how much Kirk liked her tits. She also had the memory of his hands on them to ponder.

Kirk continued undressing his oddly compliant sister, unbuttoning and slipping her skirt down her shapely legs. He held out a hand so she could balance while stepping out of the clothes, which puddled around her ankles. She now stood before her him clad only in a thin, lacy pair of pink undies (fresh since her recent bedroom adventure) her rose tattoo clearly visible above the plump mound of her sex, which swelled the crotch of the tight panties. Her thick lips were visible below the transparent fabric, a complex folding of feminine flesh that entranced Kirk with its promise of hidden treasure. As the cool air hit her, she could feel the tell-tale signs of wetness pushing through them. Hopefully, she would not leave a wet spot on his lap, as she had so embarrassingly done to her father’s ever-present linen slacks.

Kneeling down, making sure to maintain Fathers unobstructed view, Kirk put his thumbs in the waistband of her panties. He paused for a moment, looking up at her apologetically, and she knew then, that Father had given him strict instructions on how to carry out this next step.

He took a moment to look up at her and she could see in his eyes the slightest hint of enjoyment in his face. He lowered her panties slowly, revealing the vee of her groin, and the hint of hip bone framing her curvy mons. Lower still, and her clit, and still mostly hairless lips came into view. He was trying hard not to look like he was enjoying it as much as he was, and Kelly suppressed a sigh as she experienced the odd Deja-vu moment from her earlier fantasies about being undressed in this way.

Kirk was not a faceless, hunky stranger, but he was still a hot, horny male and she felt briefly powerful at the excitement she was causing him. She could not really tell from his current position, but she imagined that large, swollen cock hidden deep down in those jeans, responding to her body. Her own body tingled as the gusset of her panties finally released its hold on her sticky lips, and pulled away, following the rest of the garment down her legs and leaving her standing nude before him.

With his face mere inches away from his sisters naked sex he could smell her faint, deliciously musky scent and the two shared a brief exchange of nervous smiles as he stood up, and she turned involuntarily toward the camera, sharing her nakedness with her father.

She was focused on the view of her pubic region in the little window, her tattoo and stubble clearly visible. “Are you planning on growing your hair back?” Father asked, as if it was perfectly normal for a father to be discussing his teen daughters shaved pubes with her while she stood naked, showing them to him on a webcam. Unfortunately for Kelly, this was actually, pretty normal, and without thinking about her audience, she ran her hands over her shaved sex, as if to confirm that they were talking about her.

Kelly, not quite sure what response he was expecting said “N-no, sir” to which he responded “Well, maybe you need to a better job of shaving down there. I see a lot of razor burn and maybe a little rash, right there- just above your clitoris.” Kelly winced as father mentioned this very personal part of her anatomy.

“Kirk, would you please confirm my suspicions and check your sister for razor burn?” Kirk, confused, said “Sorry Father, um- do what, now?” and Father continued “Please just run you hand over your sisters shaved area; it looks like she’s not getting a good shave there.”

The two exchanged worried glances, not at all sure why Father would insist on such a thing which seemed to have no purpose other than to further embarrass Kelly, and she was about to protest when Kirk just reached between her legs and rubbed his hand fully and firmly over her sex, confirming that she did indeed need a shave. Kelly gulped at the unexpected touch, and tottered a bit as her legs wobbled, delighted at the electric tingle the touch had produced, but wary that such contact might reveal her unexpected pleasure at something meant to embarrass.

“Yes sir.” Kirk continued, “there’s a good bit of stubble there.” He withdrew his hand, slide it surreptitiously through her plump lips; an act which their father could not see, but which sent chills up Kelly’s spine, the boldness of the motion making her tremble, even as she felt more wetness building up within her.

Father inspected her casually for a few more seconds and then said “OK. Turn around bend over, and spread your legs.” Kelly- forgetting where she was, reacted instantly to the suggestion. “Father! is that really necess-.” before she was immediately cut off. “Kelly! I will tell you what is necessary and what is not. I plan to inspect the state of your rear both before and after your spanking. I assure you I know what a properly spanked rear looks like and if we’re going to do this, we are going to do this correctly!”

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