Feeding the Beast


My love for you is ravenous,Depraved,I long to devour you whole -Like a wolf in heat would,Animalistic.My need for you is unrestrained,Urges feral and relentless ,Insatiable dark lust,Biting into my insatiable hunger,Leaving me a hostage,Captive of my own desires.I want to baptise you Kolej Escort in my sin,Your sin,Our sin,Put you on your knees and make you pray,Though every step we take is another step closer to hell.Quench your illicit thirst – drain Rus Escort me dry,Open up the flood gates,Turn the tide and know the darkness within.Become a frenzied slave,To both pleasure and pain,Let the fantasy blur the lines of Yenimahalle Escort reality.Surrender,Be my muse, be my prey.I can feel a change, as the sun goes down,The moon showing and were-creatures emerging,Chaos eating, mind decaying, dark romance to cut across time.The only sound in the night,The cacophonous, whispering beating of our hearts,The only light in the night,The glowing of our eyes, illuminated pitch.I am going to break you, bend you, penetrate your every fibre with me,Scream like a banshee, as I feel you from the inside,The howl at the moon mixes with us,My love for you ravenous, hungry like a wolf.

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