*** All characters are 18 or older at the time of this story ***

“So, you can tell your buddies about us now, ha?” She said quietly. Her voice was almost audible.

“No. I swear” I wasn’t loud either. Jesus! How did all this happened? I questioned myself, but felt no remorse what so ever. I knew I wouldn’t have changed a bit of what happened. But, it wasn’t planned. It just happened as it was destine to…

“Liar … You are not going to boast to your friends? I don’t believe you.”

God! She looked so beautiful and so feminine. How blind was I not to see her exquisiteness in the same context before? She had a sculpted figure… Her waist was tapered and she had a gleaming skin tone. It was a pleasure to see her flowing, moon shadow-black hair. Her enticing greenish-gray eyes gazed at me over her bulging heart shaped lips. Perhaps still trying to pick-up pieces and figure out what happened or why.

“Stop staring… I know you going to boast and brag about getting inside my pants to your friends, isn’t that right?” Mila sighed, turning away from me to pull up her shorts. Instead of repeating my answer, I moved towards her. She felt as a china doll as I wrapped my arms around her – letting her body melt into mine. Mila’s body shook and dissolved into me as I felt her body pressed against mine. The embrace became a soft, yet a passionate kiss.

“Thank you! I needed that” she sighed, sending her warm breath on and around my right shoulder. “I better go now.” Mila whispered and then quietly walked out of the room.


It all started with Mila making a statement over dinner that she and James decided not to see each other for a while. I don’t think anyone took her seriously, but I knew our parents had come to like James as they had hoped one day Mila, their only angel, would settle down with him. He had everything going for him. He was smart, handsome and came from a very affluent family. What else would a parent want from a son-in-law?

Couple of weeks went by, but Mila and James did not make up their differences, whatever they were. Instead, what we saw was a difference in my sister Mila’s behavior, among other things, how she always drifted away to isolate herself. She often sighed involuntarily, joined the family for dinner but appeared as she was spaced out just dragging her folk all over the plate, but rarely taking the folk to feed herself. Her interaction with the family during the time was occasional and even then, most of the time she wasn’t well aware when a question was posed to her or whatever the chat took place at the time.

Of course parents were bit concerned, but weren’t alarmed to rush her to a doctor or do something blown out of proportion. They thought Mila and James would get back together soon and then they knew Mila would be her normal self. However, being the only girl in the family, they tried their best to comfort her, without poking into the situation to further aggravate it. I thought they were more curious about what was going on with her to weigh what to do with her at the time.

I have no intentions of tiring you with all the facts, figures, and measurements while writing this. Far from it, but feel obligated to mention few things just so that you can get the picture. While Mila began to isolate herself from us, I was excited about being selected to the air force. That had been my dream since my childhood. To join the air force and hopefully become a fighter pilot. I had only few days left after the 4th of July, which fell on a weekday that year to report for BMT for training. Mila, having completed her freshman year at the local community college was going through issues as I mentioned.

“Pete, do you know if Mila has any plans for tonight?” Mom asked. In the past we always went out as a family to see the fireworks on the 4th, but in last few years, parents refrain from leaving the house, but Mila and I have gone with our own friends.

“No she didn’t say.”

“Are you going somewhere Pete?’

“Ugh… no. Most of my friends are out of town or busy. No girlfriend, remember.” I grinned

“Why don’t you take Mila to the casino or river front? Maybe she’ll go with you instead of staying withdrawn from the world.” Mom asked and sighed.

“I don’t know… I don’t know if she’ll go, but I can ask.”

“Would you? That would be nice… You may not be around to see here to see fireworks next year. Ask her.” mom sighed in relief.

I went straight to Mila’s room to ask her if she would join me to watch fireworks at the river front or casino. Her door was wide opened and I spotted her laying on bed, eyes closed and earphones from her phone blocking her hearing. I called her name, but she didn’t hear. I knew she wasn’t asleep. She was just in the kitchen to have a glass of chocolate milk, her favorite little earlier. After debating whether or not it was the right time to ask, given that she was somewhat not herself, I committed myself to take few steps to her and tap on her tuzla escort shoulder.

“Ugh… Pete!”

“Mila! Would you go with me to see fireworks tonight?” I asked like a child asking to go to a carnival or something. Almost begging. Not that I was so keen on seeing fireworks with my sister, because I thought it was the right way to ask.


“Dah yes. The 4th, fireworks, remember. Remember fireworks on the 4th.” I smiled at her

“No Pete, I don’t think so” she shrug and made a pouty face.

“Why not? You don’t have any other plans, do you?”

“I don’t feel like going out Pete…with anyone tonight.” She tried to smile looking at me directly

“You know, I may not be here to go with you next year or even year after that. Who knows when I’ll be able to join the family to do something together? Go with me?” I gently pleaded.

“I don’t like loud noises anymore.”

“Ok then, we can drive up the Skyline Boulevard, park and see fireworks from distance.”

“Why? We live on Skyline…” She smiled this time “We can see from the back of our property.”

“Not clearly. We can only see some over the canopies of trees.” I tried again to convince her to leave the house with me, knowing that getting her out of the house even for a short period would make parents very happy.

“Mmm … No” After a brief silence she said “If you want…, we can go to the back. Is that okay?” Our house was built on a lot that they leveled front most potion. About twenty feet from the house, it rises up about four or five feet and then slopes down. Once you past the treed area, there is a clear view of the river straight ahead and the casino to the right. I knew I wasn’t going to get Mila to drive out to any place. So settled for her wish. Few minutes later, I told mom that Mila only agreed to go with me to the back of our property.

“Try to talk to her? But just don’t jump in too fast and dig, you know what I mean, right?’

“Yap, I’ll try.”

“Make your sister feel special and comfortable first.” Mom winked.

I always made my sister feel very special, so did mom and dad. She was always comfortable around me and I just couldn’t think of what more that I could do to make her special or more comfortable. Intention being trying to get her to spill what might be bothering her, but we already knew something wasn’t right between Mila and James.

Then the lighting stuck. Camping! Yes, Mila had always liked camping, campfires, sitting outside in the dark and counting endless starts, waiting for a shooting stars, staring up for hours laid on the ground, roasted marshmallows and even sipping some wine whenever I was able to steal some from dad.

I immediately went to work. First I moved the potable clay fire pit to the back of the property where I thought we had a good view. Followed by a camping mat since I didn’t want to carry wooden lawn chairs. Then wood to burn, small blanket just in case if it got bit chilly as winds from up north was in the weather forecast. Finally, I took a bottle of 1.5 liter wine from dad. He has been buying big bottles since they were cheaper than regular bottles. Two glasses and bottle of wine in a plastic bucket that I found in the garage and filled it with ice.

By dinner, everything was set. When I told what I had in store for Mila, mom smiled.

“Nice! But don’t give her lot to drink” she said “Dad and I won’t come near you guys. Besides tomorrow is a work day. Tell me whatever you find, okay?”

After dinner, I watched as she cleaned up from dinner. She looked over her right shoulder as she knew I was looking at her from behind and smiled. There was no shorts tonight which she typically wore to family dinner. She wore a knee length sundress, one of her favorites that she wore around the house. As it was still light at 7 pm, we sat in front of the TV for a while, but Mila excused herself and went to her room after about thirty minutes. Close to eight thirty, it was still light outside. We all knew that fireworks won’t start till close to ten, but random firecrackers and fireworks still heard from the neighborhood. Finally, I went looking for Mila in her room.

“Hey, we have a fireworks date.” I grinned

“Ugh… Yes. You have a date with fireworks” she smiled. “I’ll keep your company for a little while, okay?’

“Let’s go then.”

“Enjoy!” mom said shouting over the sound of TV as I took my sister in hand and closed the backdoor behind us. Since it wasn’t dark enough, I left my small flashlight where it was in my pocket and helped Mila climb up the little mound behind the house, not because she needed help, but I thought it was the right thing to do. My sister happily clung to my hand.

As we approach the spot, I told Mila “I want you to remember this 4th” She smiled spotting the camping mat, but when she saw the clay fire pit, she looked to be surprised.

“Peter!” I knew right away that she was surprised since she only called me Peter when göztepe escort she wants to yell at me or butter me up. I lit the fire first as she unroll the mat and sat.

“For my sweet sister…” I announced bringing the plastic bucket with bottle of wine inside.

“Wine?” she smiled again showing her amazement “You got wine?”

“Dad wouldn’t know.” I chuckled and soon she started giggling too. I poured wine into two glasses. Handed one to her. She giggled again. Two giggles back to back from Mila… First time in several weeks that I heard her making any sound other than loud sighs.

We sipped wine looking far into the sky, ground far away, the river that seemed frozen from the distance, but no words were exchanged. I knew my task. Task of finding out what was bothering her and details if possible, but it felt awkward to ask, although Mila seemed relaxed.

Instead I started talking about myself. My upcoming air force training, the program that I hope to get into, how much I would like to fly those marvelous machines thundering over the sky. Mila listened, smiled, but said only few words.

Fireworks hasn’t started yet, but it was getting dark. We expected things to start with a bang very soon. But I had to open up Mila… I had to divert the conversation to her as she was on her second glass of wine, so was I. I saw the she was ripped for that conversation.

“I haven’t seen Jackie for a while. How is she?” I asked, not that I wanted to know about her friend Jackie. Because I had to change the conversation.

Mila turned, looked and her face immediately changed. Even in the fading sunlight, I was quick to spot how fast her face darken.

“What about Jackie? What do you know?” That wasn’t quite the answer or reaction that I expected. Nevertheless, I saw a silver lining of opportunity in her clouded face to make another stab.

“What happened?” I asked hoping to dig through her dirty laundry, if there was any.

“Nothing” she bellowed and then calmly said “let’s say it is complicated” My first brainwave hinted that something may have happened between Jackie and James, not between Mila and Jackie causing Mila grief?

“And James? How is he?” Mila frown, looking quizzical or surprised. She took a moment to smile.

“He is doing okay… We text each other few times a day” Giving a curious look, Mila sighed, smiled and added “I know why all these questions Peter. I know you mean well, but I am little confused right now and I don’t even know what I am and who I am. Part of me want to tell someone everything, but I don’t know…” she sighed again. I felt bad having been a trouble maker for Mila, without realizing that Mila had some personal issues that I shouldn’t press her to share with me.

“You don’t have to tell me anything sis.”

“I know you mean well Pete! I don’t mind telling, but it’s not easy.” she said as I reached for her shoulder, bringing her closer and then kissed her cheek.

“Only if you feel like talking to me.” I said as an explosion of bright colors fill the dark sky that lighten up Mila’s eyes, with a loud bang. I was glad that fireworks started at the right moment preventing me from getting into an uncomfortable situation with Mila. While the sky brighten from two directions in vivid colors, I roasted few marshmallows and treated Mila. Who smiled chasing one down with a sip of wine.

“You know how it is funny sometime that you can get very comfortable and easy with someone and enjoy your time, but you don’t quite enjoy being with the person that you are supposedly in love with.” Mila stuttered a bit staring at the sky between exploding fireworks.

“I can get that.”

“Tell me Peter! Honestly, have you ever liked another boy? You don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t want to. I understand.” Mila asked. Her voice broke and she stuttered a bit as she spit out her words.

“What? Are you asking what I think you are asking? No Mila, I am not gay or bi.”

“I know that you dork” Mila chuckled overcoming her earlier uneasiness. “I meant… you know… were you ever curious or have done something stupid or silly with another boy.”

“Ugh… No. Maybe… silly.” I had to backtrack remembering a childish act.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” Mila laid on the camping mat. Her eyes turned away from me towards the sky.

“It’s not like I can’t share with you Mila, but you won’t like what I have to say. Let’s forget it.”

“I won’t judge you by whatever you say.” I may have turned red thinking about my experience and pondered if I should even entertain the thought of sharing it with my sister at all. Then it occurred to me that her line of interrogation may had something to do with what personal information that she might be considering to share with me.

“No judging or telling, right?”

“Crossed my heart.” Mila chuckled

“Ok… many years ago, I spent a night at Dan’s. You remember Dan Neely who used to üsküdar escort live down the street right?”

“Of cause I do.”

“Ok, so… He found the internet protection password for the computer that night, so we got into a porn site and browsed for a while. I don’t have to tell you, we were about twelve then… When he got stiff, he took his dick out and started whacking it right there and told me I can do the same. I didn’t want to be left out you know… I was stiff too. Then I started doing it too before he suggested that we do each other. So we did it. You see, it wasn’t much, but it is NOT something I brag about.”

“That was hilarious.” Mila chuckled again. Sound of her laughter made me feel better after sharing something that I had never dreamed of sharing with anyone.

“Was it just once and that was it?’

“Few more times after that.” I grinned. Fireworks had stopped, at least the main event. Stray bang from the neighborhood can be still heard, but not seen. Only glows came from the stars above us, dying fire in fire pit and Mila’s eyes. If my face could illuminate, that too as I my face might have been crimson and glowing by then.

“Are we out of wine? Mila wondered

“There’s more.” I pulled the cork with my teeth and gave her the bottle.

“After drinking two glasses, you do the rest like a wino.” She giggled after gulping wine right off the bottle.

Then a sigh before Mila started “Thank you for sharing your personal stuff Pete, I know sometimes it’s so hard. Soon you’ll be leaving me and I’ll be stuck here with mom and dad… I won’t have anyone to talk to or even fight with.”

“I’ll be back sis. You know I will come back to see the family.”

“I know Pete. I wasn’t going to tell anyone this, but now I feel like I owe you something” she sighed “I think spending a night with a friend is nice, but stuff happens… Like with you…”

I remained calm allowing my sister to talk, laid next to her as we both gazed the sky.

“That night, Jackie and I were in her bed that night ready for bed. We were facing each other, turned sideways and talking about things, boys, make-up, movies all kinds of stuff as usual. Then at one point we stopped talking. We just stared at each other. I just don’t know what came over me Peter, I just don’t. It wasn’t like I was with boy and wanted to make out or something you know… but I quickly kissed her on her lips. Jackie didn’t say anything. She just looked at me, smiled and kissed me back.” Mila sighed again

“Oh fuck… That’s how it started. Nothing more happened that night. But next time she was over at our place or I was at hers, she kissed me and we kissed for a while. But we never talked about it even with each other. It was only kissing first and then somehow each time we spent a night together we went little further and further… I don’t regret that Peter, I don’t. Because I started to like it. It was never like doing it with James. Jackie was much tender, she never rushed into anything and everything we did felt so natural. I know it isn’t natural or normal.”

Then there was a rude silence that neither one of us wanted to interrupt. My sister may have expected me to break the silence, but I had the foggiest idea what the right thing to do or say.

“Hold me Peter… I am getting bit cold.” Mila said pleadingly as she sidle towards me. Finally the silence was broken. I laid by her, turned and wrapped my left arm around her. She snuggled closer. I offered to take her home, but she decided to stay outside in the starlight for a while longer.

“May be you think I am a lesbian or Bi. That’s ok. Even I don’t know what I am.” she hissed.

“No sis, I don’t think you are a lesbian or Bi. Sometimes stuff happens. It’s ok to go with the flow, if you enjoy it.”

“Thank you Pete. You see, cuddling like this with you feel natural and right. But I never felt that way with James. It always felt like it is my obligation to give in and let him have at it. You know?’ I couldn’t have agree with her more. Holding and cuddling with her felt so natural and cozy.

“I can get it Mila. I do.” We remained snuggled so close as we were trying to merge two beings into one. I could feel her warm breath on my neck, her hand rubbing my back and her soft bare legs gently moving, perhaps insentiently, her soft cushiony breasts pressed against my chest. It was a tender moment for siblings, yet I felt unmistakable satire within my shorts. I didn’t worry since I knew we had to head home soon. In the past, we have spooned on the couch watching TV, but I don’t recall ever feeling a commotions inside my pants.

“Thank you again Peter!” Mila said slightly raising her head and then a quick kiss on my lips. Then another before she laid again. I was stunned, but took as her way of thanking me passionately for hearing her.

She didn’t smile at me or looked at me, she simply looked at me after saying “I can stay like this forever, curled up with someone that I like under the stars” and I struggled to figure out what she was thinking or what she was feeling. But I was glad that Mila seemed more relaxed than she was.

Then she moved with a leg on each side of my top leg. We moved closer holding each other fitted as one.

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