First Me Then Her: First Time Glory Hole.


I am your average middle class American man for the most part. I am fifty-four years old and stand 5ft 9in and 180lbs. I am a little above average endowed right at seven inches and thicker than most. My wife is a thick but not overly large woman. She is forty-eight years old and stands 5ft 2in, 210lbs. She has nice 42ddd breast with big nipples and the kinda plump, round ass that us guys who like thick women just drool over. I had a male on male sexual encounter with a close high school friend. Actually, we sucked each other off a few times. Neither of us completed the job except once I finished him off. That seemed to be a line we crossed, and he did not want to continue after that. I never really experienced anymore bisexual stuff until I was in my late forties. Well after I met my second wife. I have always had a fascination with group sex. Swinging, wife swapping, and orgies lead the list. However, all forms of group sex from threesomes, both mmf and mff, to large orgies have been a fantasy. When I met my wife we were both about a year into being divorced. What was to be a hook up became a serious long term relationship. We discussed swinging and group sex almost immediately. She even asked me if I was bisexual on our second date. I related my experience isvecbahis in highschool. I told her I had not really even considered it since then. My wife seemed very interested in trying some of my fantasies when we were first dating. However, as our relationship grew she began to shy away from the idea. What happened was we went from just sex for fun to a being couple. She still had traditional values as far as relationships go and became possessive. Not a big deal; we had a good sex life and lots of fun in bed trying a lot of different things.Fast forward twelve years later. The kids all grew up and sex, when we had it, was mundane and boring. This got bad enough that she lost interest completely and I was relinquished to masturbating a couple times a week. I needed more; masturbation just didn’t take away that nagging horny feeling. So I decided I would go to a glory hole at an adult shop.I went in with only a little knowledge of how it worked. At first I was happy just watching the porn in the booth and stroking my hard cock. Someone came into the next booth and I could see them watching through the hole. This was such a turn-on I blew a huge load all over the wall. I never even got the blowjob I went there for. The next time I went I took a little more isveçbahis giriş time to look around. I started out front looking at some magazines. I watched a few guys come and go into the back. I was really wanting to have some fun so I got some tokens and went to the booths. There were a lot of guys just roaming around in and out of booths. I picked a booth and went in. Immediately someone entered the booth next to me.As I was pulling my cock out I saw a finger come through the hole. Knowing what that meant, I stuck my semi-hard cock through the hole. Instantly I felt my cock engulfed by a warm wet mouth. They proceeded to suck my cock and it grew hard very fast. As soon as I was hard they slowed the pace. They backed off and licked around the head, then back to slow, steady sucking. It was incredibly hot.In no time at all I blew a huge load and they swallowed it all. I had let someone (a guy, I presumed) suck me off. Wow, it was incredible, the naughtiness of semi-public sex with a stranger. I was back a week later and a few times more.I became pretty comfortable in no time at all. After I had been to the porn shop five or six times I was ready for more. I really wanted to see what it would be like to suck a cock again. It had been a very long time and isveçbahis yeni giriş I was incredibly nervous. I roamed around the back of the store a few minutes waiting for someone to go in a booth.Then a tall, muscular guy came in. He didn’t look at anyone. He went straight into a booth and closed the door. I went into the booth next to him and sat down in the chair. I looked through the hole. He was putting in tokens. As soon as he finished, he unzipped and pulled his cock out. Even before he got hard it was nice sized.As he started stroking it I slipped my finger in the hole. He turned toward me and stuck his cock through the hole. It was incredible; he was six inches semi-hard, but the great thing was the head. He had a huge mushroom head. I have always liked the way this type of cock looks. I wasted no time at all, I wanted his cum in my mouth. I dove on his cock and sucked hard and fast up and down.He started moaning immediately, letting me know I was doing a good job. His cologne was intoxicating but what I loved most was that huge cock head. I kept pulling back so I could feel it in my mouth and on my lips. In less than five minutes I was rewarded with a huge load of cum. I tried my best to swallow it all but it still leaked out the corners of my mouth a bit. I tasted amazing and way better than I remember from my youth. As I left the porn shop with a huge smile on my face. The clerk motioned for me to wipe my mouth. I was so cum drunk I didn’t even think to clean myself up. 

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