For Him


She stood before Him dressed in scarlet and black, her dark hair framing her face. Eyes shining like sparkling emeralds, staring deep in to Him, her smile beaming, lighting the whole room. The butterflies danced in her stomach as she watched Him walk around her, looking her over.

His body trembled as she stood perfectly still as He instructed. She was exquisite but there was more to see.

‘Undress,’ He commanded.

Her hands moved to the buttons of her silk shirt and as her nerves took hold she quickly started to undo them.

‘Stop,’ He said, she ceased instantly, ‘Go slower’

Her hands shook as she slowed them down, unbuttoning her shirt, letting it fall to the floor, she slid her black skirt of over her slender hips and stood out of it as she removed her shoes. She tossed her discarded clothes and stood again for Him.

Gazing upon her, the pale skin of her body a stark contrast to the dark red lace lingerie she was now wearing. He felt His cock twitch beneath His black jeans. After taking a sharp intake of breath to compose Himself, He spoke again.

‘This is not enough, you know what I want, finish.’

She promptly removed her underwear and tossed it aside. She had showered earlier to prepare for Him, her skin gleaming from being washed and shaven. Her body hairless, clean, as He had instructed.

Thoughts of her filled His head, His slut, new to His world, had prepared herself for Him perfectly. She radiated, her body His, her obedience had stirred Him deeper than He could imagine it would.

‘Stay still no matter what.’

He walked over to her and stood directly in front of her. He lifted His arms from His side, tracing His fingers over her smooth skin. From her hip over her flat stomach, tracing her full tits till He stopped at her face, he took beylikbagim.com in every contour with His fingertips.

Dropping His hands back down to His hips He slowly raised His hands again. Her body trembled as she felt the trace of cold silk run along her body as took hold of her face in His hands. Holding two long silk scarves against her face, He lightly kissed her lips.

Taking one of the scarves He covered her eyes, leaving her in darkness. He then walked behind her.

‘Give me your hands,’ He said.

She placed her hands behind her, taking the second scarf He bound her wrists. A low moan escaped from her mouth. He moved back in front of her, taking in this sight that He held so dear, deep into His soul. Head slightly bowed, back arched, her tits protruding, chest heaving as her breath quickened knowing He was gazing upon her.

His cock straining against His jeans, aching to be released. Without taking His eyes off her, He removed his clothes, dropping them in the corner with hers. Walking back to her, He stood His body against hers, lowering His lips to her ear,

He whispered, “My love, you stand before Me – Mine, You have pleased Me”

Her body trembled as His voice filled her mind, as His hard cock pressed against her back. His hard body pressing against her bound hands, she wanted to touch Him, feel Him in her hands. Opening her hands she held His strong legs, and just for that moment she felt Him tremble, she felt the heat grow between her pale thighs.

He stood back from her hold and started to move around her quivering body. Brushing His hands and body against hers, claiming her. Every part of her body His, for His pleasure alone. His hands ran over her torso, across her full tits, tracing between her thighs, lingering over her heat.

Caressing her puffy lips, fingertips brushing over her hardening clit, delving into the centre of the lust, her body stripped on any control. Her knees weakening as her juices seeped from her pussy over His hand. She wanted, needed to feel Him inside her, but she knew she would have to wait.

The small moans escaping her lips were more than He could bare – He needed to feel her touch.

‘Present yourself to your Master,’

His words echoed through the room as He took one step back from her. Parting her legs slightly, head still bowed she lowered to her knees. Her body trembled in anticipation of His next move.

Placing a finger under her chin He lifted her face to Him, bending over he brushed His lips across hers. Pressing further He parted her lips with His tongue, snaking it into her mouth, taking their kiss deeper, possessing her.

Small moans escaped her mouth and into His as the heat continued to grow throughout her entire being. Her body trembling as His kiss got harder almost bruising her mouth. Just as she was getting lost in His touch, He broke suddenly away from her. Dropping her head she concealed her disappointment.

Taking His hands down to her head He removed the blind fold, needing to see her emerald eyes.

“My pet, look at Me.”

Lifting her head she took in His body, His cock hard, body straight, His eyes gazing deep into her, looking past her eyes into her soul. She met His gaze, knowing she couldn’t hide her want to please Him, not wanting to hide it from Him.

Knowing what He wanted, expected of her, she moved forward so she was in reaching distance of His erection. Poking her soft, wet tongue out she licked the shaft of His cock, from the base to the tip, running her tongue around the ridge. She felt His body tremble from her touch.

Tilting her head to the side she wrapped her mouth around the side of His shaft, lightly digging her teeth into His flesh. Moving sideways over His cock, using her tongue and teeth to excite Him. A moan escaped His lips, in turn He felt soft purrs from her, vibrating over His skin.

Taking His hand down to her head, He pulled her away slightly. “Open your mouth My pet.”

Opening her mouth for Him, He slid His thick cock into her waiting mouth. Pressing her lips against His hardness she took Him deep into her, her tongue along the underside of His shaft, teeth slightly out, using her lips as she moved herself over him. Taking Him completely, then slowly making her way up to the tip, running her tongue around Him, coating His cock in saliva.

Grabbing her head He pulls her back down over Him, thrusting Himself hard into her mouth. Hearing her gag, as He fills her. Moving His hips, fucking her mouth, feeling her suck on Him as he slides in and out of her. Hearing, feeling her purrs over His cock. The sound of her pleasure was enough to tip Him over the edge. Knowing pleasing Him had caused her arousal sent incredible sensations throughout His body.

Thrusting His hips one final time He filled her with His seed. Looking down at her lips firm around His shaft, watching her milk His cock of every last drip of cum. Licking her lips as she swallowed Him into her body. Rolling her tongue over Him, cleaning Him, His body trembling, His pet pleasing Him so.

“Stand My pet”

Raising to her feet still licking her lips, she smiles at Him, knowing she has pleased Him.

“Come closer,” He speaks again, opening out His arms.

Walking into His body, feel His warmth as He wrapped His arms around her. He was sure He heard her purr.

“My pet you will be rewarded,” He almost whispered under His breath.

Smiling knowingly she knew the truth was spoken from His lips.

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