FOR YOU BABE! x x xClose your eyes babe and put your hand down and gently stroke that bulge that I know is forming in your pants… imagine it is my hand as we kiss passionately… those awesome sexy kisses of yours that I want so much… I can feel you growing harder…I’m sliding my hand gently under the band of your pants as I reach down to hold your rock hard cock and I feel a tingle run through me and straight to my clit as I feel the precum oozing from the tip of your cock… I sigh and take my now wet fingers and rub your precum all over my nipples which are hardening under your gaze and straining to be captured in your mouth… You lower your mouth and suck my nipples deeply into your mouth one at a time each in turn and you make me asyabahis yeni giriş breathe harder and faster… I quickly unbutton your jeans and push them down over your hips… then peel your pants down and release your awesome hard cock from its bounds… he stands straight and tall… the tip glistening and the veins standing out in all their glory… twitching for my touch and straining towards my mouth…I drop to my knees before you and take your awesome hard cock softly and deeply into my wet warm mouth and I begin to rub my tongue all around the sensitive head and suck gently as you hold my head and guide me to your rhythm… I reach under and cup your balls in my hands, squeeze and then tickle lightly before asyabahis giriş pressing gently on the ridge beneath your balls leading down to your ass hole… I work my fingers down and gently rim you briefly then trail my fingers back up to your tightening balls… I stand up and still holding your throbbing cock in my hand I kiss you deeply then tilt my head as you nibble and kiss my neck… driving me absolutely wild…I pull you down on the bed with me as we roll in each others arms… you teasing and tantalising my neck and the top of my back with nibbles and kisses as I squirm and moan… every nerve ending tingling with sheer pleasure… I wrap my legs around you and feel your hard and oozing cock pushing against asyabahis güvenilirmi my pussy as it twitches with pleasure…I feel your cock pressing against my pussy as you suck my nipples each in turn and kiss me with hot wet sexy kisses… you’re soooooo good…nibble and kiss around my neck and feel my pussy stretching up and opening as my legs are wrapped tightly around you… straining towards you my wet pussy lips feel your hard cock thrust deep inside me as they wrap around you, hugging you with wetness as you slide deep and rub against my hard clit… thrusting together… I moan and writhe and wriggle against you as my clit begins to throb and pulse and I feel myself cumming as your cock rubs my g spot sensuously… I cry out and hold you tight as the explosions ripple through me and I feel you thrust deep and cum and cum and cum in awesome shudders and throbs… we lie exhausted but happy and in each others arms… smiling and kissing gently as I feel your hot cum gently trickling down towards my ass…

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