forced in the park


forced in the parkEver since I was young I have loved dressing up in girls clothes especially my sisters clothes. She was 4 years older than me and she always had the sexiest clothes especially underwear, they were silk and fitting perfectly to her shapely body and I just loved wearing them. One week my mum and sister went on holiday leaving me at home to finnish my GCSE’s at school and I would join them once finnished if I got done in time and as soon as they left I ran upstairs and stripped naked and went into my sisters room and played with her underwear until it was time for school.I picked out a pair of sexy white silk french panties and matching bra and put them on before putting my school clothes on over the top and I left for school. I was in a big hall surrounded by other k**s from school and was trying to complete my test but it was hard to concentrate while wearing the underwear and my cock was constantly hard and it got even harder every time a teacher walked passed me as they walked up and down the rows making sure knowone was cheating and once or twice one of them stopped right next to me and my hand started to shake and my heart started racing as he stood beside me and I was wandering if he could see the outline of my sisters bra through my top and blazer but each time they walked away and I was releaved aswell as dissappointed at the same time. Once I finnished all my test I went home and rushed indoors and upsatirs to my sisters room and quickly got undressed down to my sisters underwear and I masturbated and I came quite fast because I was so turned on. I layed on the bed for a short while before getting up and changing my underwear for some red silk panties and matching bra, I then went into her clothes drawer and pulled out a short tight blue jean skirt and a white low cut top and I went into my room and got dressed. I have always shave my body hair off so I can feel more like a girl so my legs were all smooth and soft and I used any creams that my sister used to try and make myself feel and look like she does.Once I was dressed I grabbed one of my different wigs I have hidden under my bed and I chose the blonde one because it is the same as my sisters hair and once I had it stuck on and looking good I then put on some make up and I was ready. I messed around at home for a bit before I decided to take a walk to the park just down the road from where I lived and I thought it would be quite a turn on to see what sort of looks I would get. I shall tell you all now that I had almanbahis yeni giriş never been with a guy before even though I had thought about it while in bed and also I had never been out in public dressed up before.Well any way I left my house and started walking towards the park which was about two hundred yards down the road and as I walked cars that passed me honked their horns and I even got a few whistle from guys on the other side of the road but I kept walking trying to look as much like a girl as possible and it must have been working. When I got to the park I looked round and saw lots of girls and guy over the far side of the park so I decided to stay away from there just incase I new some of them. Nearer to me there were several dog walkers roaming around the park and a few of them had seen me and I got a few smiles and winks and by now it was getting hard for me to hide my cock that was growing hard in my sisters silk panites. There is a foot path that runs round the edge of the park and goes through several small and large woods and in these woods there are a few concrete war bunkers that stick out of the ground just over 2 feet and I knew that alot of dog walkers went passed these and I thought I would walk to one of these and see what happens.The first would is quite thick and more out of sight so this was where I would see what happens and as I got closer to the bunker I hered someone coming up behind me with a dog and I could hear the dog puffing and panting as it tried to catch me up and all of a sudden I felt it’s wet cold nose go up between my legs and under my skirt and press against my cock and this made me give out a girly moan of pleasure and I then hered the guy speak. He apologised for his dogs behaviour and I told looked round to see my head teacher standing behind me and I was shocked to see him and again my heart started racing as I tried to reply that it was ok but before I could say something he started telling me that he was in season and this and that and asked if I wanted some company so I said that would be nice and we walked along abit further until we got to the bunker and then without warning Sir pushed me against the bunker and bent me over lifting my skirt at the same time. I tried to struggle free but it was no use he was just too strong and That is when I hered him unzipping it flied and I felt his hand pullmy panties to one side and I felt his hard cock pressing against me as he tried to find a pussy. He found a hole but almanbahis giriş it was not a pussy but he did not seem to know and he forced his big hard cock into my virgin ass and I screamed out in pain as he kept ramming more and more of his big cock inside me and I felt his hands slide up under my top and start squeesing at my my groping me and pinching my nipples through the bra and then after a few more thrusts I felt him cumming inside me and that is when I hered him say my name and as I looked round he was putting his cock away and looking at me and he told me that he knew it was me because he had watched me come from home and that he had seen the outline of my bra at school. I begged him not to tell anyone and he said he would if I became his bitch and I thought about it for a few seconds before shamefully agreeing to it and he told me to get cleaned up and to come with him back to mine where were would spent the rest of the night together in my sisters bed.So I did as he said and and we headed home and as we got to my front door he grabbed me and forced me against it and started kissing me giving the neighbours something to see even thoug there were only two houses along my road but many cars got a good view. I opened the door and we went inside and he took his dog outside and tied it up and I took him upstair to my sisters room and he told me to undress down to my underwear as he did the same and he grabbed me and wrapped his arms round me and he started kissing me ramming his tongue into my mouth and all I could do was kiss him back and he slowly started to walk me to the bed without letting me go and as the back of my legs touch the bed I fell back with him landing on top of me and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my legs and he kept moving his hips back and forth rubbing himself against me making his cock grow even bigger and harder and that is when he rolled off me and layed down beside me and he ordered me to remove his pants and to start sucking his cock so I did as he ordered and removed his pants and I was amazed at just how big his cock was, he must have been over 9 inches and quite thick making my 7 inch cock look small. I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking and wanking him at the same time and he placed his hand on top of my head and started forcing me down forcing me to take more of his huge cock deep into my throat and I started to choke but he did not stop and he told me to breath through my nose which was hard with his cock inside almanbahis güvenilirmi my mouth but it did help and after a couple of minutes I was getting the hang of it and I had his full lengh inside me and he was speeding up and started to fuck my mouth like he would a pussy and he lasted about 8 minutes before he came deep down my throat making me swallow every drop of his hot sticky cum. He then made me lay face down beside him and I felt him climb on top of me and again I felt his cock forcing it’s way inside me and then he started calling me Nicole which is my sisters name and he was telling me how he aways wanted to fuck her so I was taking her place so from now on I was now going to be called by her name when I am with him and I was going to have to start taking some pills to help my breats grow and now I knew I could do nothing but agree to everything he said especially when he started to photos of me as he fucked me. and once he cum inside me he told me to get under the covers and to wait there till he came back and I hered him leave the house and he was gone about an hours before I hered him come in the front door and up stairs to join me. It was now dark and he did not bother to turn the lights on and I hered him put something on the floor and then get undreesed and he climbed into bed with me and pressed himself against me and wrapping his arm round me. He kissed me and said good night and that was it. We fell asleep and did not wake until early the next morning and I was made to suck his cock until he was hard then I was made to sit op him and take his full lengh inside my ass again until he cum inside me again. He chose and outfit for me to wear for the day and he then picked a bag up off the gound and he passed it to me and I looked inside and the were some sex toys, ball gad and handcuffs and a small white box and he told me to open the box and to take 2 pills and he told me that my breat would start growing in no time and I would be even more of a girl, this worried me slightly because how would I be able to hide them and when I asked him he told me that once I finnish school in the next few days I was going to come and work for him as a secretary and would no longer be a boy and would always dress as a girl unless I was at home where I would use bandages to flattern my chest.He then took me down stairs where he had a computer set up and he clicked on to a sight and there infront of me I saw all the pics he had taking and I read the title saying brother takes sisters place as a slut and is up for rent and I could not beleave he had done this and I could not beleave what he was going to make me do with other men and woman.He told me that I was going to be put on the street as a whore and would be earning alot of money in no time.To be continued..

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