Frankie meets her Coffee Shop Man

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Frankie meets her Coffee Shop ManFrankie was on her usual Friday night out with the girls, having fun and chatting to everyone and anyone around her.The pub they were in was exceptionally busy and she kept getting pushed from side to side, she was starting to get pissed off with all the shoving, when she felt someone push her from behind she turned round quickly as she said “Excuse me!” Just as she turned back towards her friends she heard a breath in her ear.“You didn’t say that when I was licking that beautiful pussy the other day, did you?”Frankie held her breath as she turned back to face Bob, she kissed him politely on his cheek asking him “What he was doing there?”“Just on a night out with the lads, but I am fed up of people pushing me about, I was going to have this pint and go home, somehow I think I have changed my mind on that one now though”.As he pushed his groin into hers, Frankie could feel he was already hard, she pushed back at him, her pussy now responding to the thought of his perfect cock.Bob whispered into her ear “Can I get you a drink?”“No it’s ok” Frankie replied” I have just got one.”Frankie and Bob tried to talk but it was just too loud, so Frankie just stood looking into his eyes, his beautiful green eyes smiling back at her. Her pussy was grinding against his cock now through his jeans, she only had on a short dress and it was also quite thin, being summer, so she could feel the denim of his jeans through the material.Frankie put one arm around his waist to pull him further into her, while the other held her drink she didn’t have to pull too much though because other people kept pushing them closer together as they pushed and shoved their way to the bar.“Frankie I have to fuck you!” Reading his lips she replied “Where?”“Here and now would be fantastic.” He replied.Frankie was only wearing a thong and she knew her pussy was soaking wet already as his groin pushed into her, still holding her glass totally oblivious now to what was going on around her, she reached between them, she was getting expert at undoing his belt now she thought as she slid his zip downwards leaving the button fastened, her hand sneaking in she pulled his cock out.Frankie was nearly going crazy with his cock stood up between them on her dress she could feel his pre cum already as she got hold of his cock, lifting her dress at the same time she reached up slightly pushing him towards her pussy.At the same moment someone pushed into Bob from behind and Frankie screamed out as his cock went straight into her, everyone around totally oblivious to what was happening between them as his hand on her arse pulled are tight onto him.Bob started to move gently with the motion of the crowd as Frankie thought she was going to cum in an instance, she buried her head into his shoulder as he moved slowly backwards and forwards, adiosbet yeni giriş the position she was stood in his head was hitting her g-spot full on.Frankie bit down on Bob’s shirt trying to stifle the screams as his cock continued to move in and out of her, she couldn’t believe she was doing this in a pub full of people but she knew she was going to cum at any minute, she looked around the room no one was taking the slightest bit of notice as she felt the room stand still around her she pushed hard into Bob, the lights around her getting brighter the music now just a hum in the distance.“Oh fuck Bob I am going to cum.” she screamed in his ear.Bob’s thrusts getting harder now, she could feel her juice dripping down her legs as her head went back she heard a voice behind her.“You look like your having an orgasm.” Kelly said to her.Frankie couldn’t find the words to speak as her climax hit her full on, just at the point Kelly looked over her shoulder.“You are having an orgasm, you dirty cow” she said grinning and turned back to the others.Frankie legs shook as she suddenly thought, thank god Bob hadn’t cum, she didn’t know how they would cover that up.Bob reached down, as he pulled himself out of her, he pulled her dress down, taking her drink from her he thrust it in Kelly’s hand, grabbed hold of Frankie’s hand and practically dragged her out of the pub.When they got outside, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply.“Come on I need you to sort this hard on out now.” Bob pulled her none too gently along, they quickly found any alleyway so she pushed him up against the wall, opening his jeans, pulling at his now soaking wet and very hard cock she pulled him straight into her mouth.For a minute Frankie just held him inside her as she luxuriated at his taste and the taste of her on him, her tongue started to snake around the tip as her hands massaged his balls, her tongue moving expertly up and down his shaft, her spit, her pussy juice and his pre cum easing the way. She licked and licked along the shaft, snaking her tongue up every now again to circle the tip, his pre cum was flooding out of him, her hands gliding through it.“Where did you learn to suck cock like that?” he asked above her. “Just practice I suppose” she replied looking up at him, his cock still in her mouth.Frankie could feel him start to tense above her as her tongue continued its assault on his cock, he pushed himself further into the wall and his hands on her head started to fuck her mouth, in and out her tongue still battering his tip.“Fuck, Frankie, you are making me cum!”As his seed started to travel up his cock, his hands still pumping her head backwards and forwards onto his cock, Frankie knew what was coming next and prepared herself for the onslaught of his cum, he pulled her head back roughly.“Fucking adiosbet giriş hell I am cumming” he screamed at the top of his voice, as his cum spilled over her tongue, she lapped at it greedily as they heard a voice above saying.“Well fucking do it a bit more quietly then, people up here are trying to sleep.”Frankie fell about laughing, still holding his cumming cock, he was spraying all over her dress, but she couldn’t have cared less as he laughed with her, his legs turning to jelly, he slid down the wall pulled her into his arms and kissed her, tasting his cum inside her mouth and pushing into her, at that moment in time it really didn’t matter that they both had cum stained clothes.After a couple of minutes he lifted her from the floor, as they stood apart they both looked down at their clothes in dismay, how could either of them go home like that.Frankie started to panic what would she say to Ian, he would smell it if nothing else and of course Bob had a wife to go home to too.“Can you make an excuse?” she asked him.“Like what” he replied.“Well I can ring Ian and tell him Kelly is being sick so I am taking her home, it’s not unusual that one she often is, but what can you say?”Bob picked up his phone found a contact and dialled, the person on the other end must have been sleepy because he had to repeat what he was saying “Sorry hun Dean has had his drink spiked, medics have been but say he shouldn’t be left on his own, so I am taking him home and will stay with him tonight, yes, yes, sorry babe I know, ok, yes, I love you too, see you in the morning.” as he hung up.Frankie’s turn, now, she picked up her phone, keyed in Ian’s name and the phone rang out as he answered she said “Sorry hun, Kelly’s being sick as usual, I will get home as soon as possible but might have to stay with her.” Frankie felt guilty for the first time when he said.“No worries, you look after her, is there anything you need?”“No, no it’s ok I will sort it, sleep well hun, see you in the morning.” Frankie looked at Bob and his look mirrored her own, guilt written over both their faces, reality bites hard she thought.Without really having a clue where they were going they walked to the top of the alleyway and flagged a taxi down.“Holiday Inn please mate” Bob asked as he got in.They sat in silence until they arrived both obviously lost in their own thoughts. As they got out, holding hands they walked to reception.“Have you a room please?” Bob asked “We have been on a night out and our lift home can’t make it now” Bob told the receptionist, not really knowing why he felt he had to justify himself.Frankie didn’t utter a word, until he had the room key in his hand.“What about our clothes?” she exclaimed.“Let’s get to the room and I will ring reception and see if they can launder them before the morning.” Bob adiosbet güvenilirmi replied.As they walked into the room, Frankie was already lifting her dress over her head as she headed for the bathroom putting the shower on.Bob had rung reception and they were sending someone up for their clothes and they would be ready in the morning he informed her, as she climbed in the shower.Bob picked up Frankie’s dress and went to the door as he heard a knock, as he opened it the woman at the other side passed him two towelling robes, he closed the door took off his clothes and opening the door again passed the cum stained clothes to the woman, thanked her and closed the door.Frankie was already in the shower, as Bob took off the robe again and stepped in behind her.“Let’s not talk eh? It will only complicate things.” Bob said.Frankie turned to face him, tears in her eyes, she felt so bad now as stark reality came home to her what she was doing to Ian, he had been so bloody lovely to her on the phone as he always was and she was in a shower in a hotel room waiting for her clothes to be laundered because they were covered in another man’s cum.Bob put his arms around and held her, feeling the water splash all over them both, they both knew it was the last time they would meet.Eventually, with Frankie still crying, they got out of the shower, wrapped in the robes and laid on the bed.Frankie laid with her back to Bob crying into the pillow, his hand moved to remove her robe, his fingers found her nipples.“one last time?” he asked.Frankie rolled over and facing him, kissed him on the lips, her legs parting, holding his cock she guided him into her as they lay side by side, just rocking, no urgency now just soft and gentle lovemaking, which Frankie cried all the way through till her climax came.Rolling onto the other side, she fell asleep listening to Bob’s breathing slowing down.Frankie woke to a text message from Ian.“Hope you haven’t had too rougher night hun? Doing you breakfast what time will you be home?” Frankie texted back immediately,” Give me ½ hour and put the eggs on.”As she got out of bed, there was a knock on the door, so she opened it to see the girl outside clutching their clothes to her chest.Frankie grabbed at them, thanked her and shut the door. Quickly dressing, Bob was just waking up as she leaned in to kiss him, saying “This will never happen again, you know that don’t you?”Through his sleepiness he replied “Yes I do Frankie, but thanks it’s been amazing.”Gathering her bag she leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, thanked him and said she would settle the room bill, he protested behind her but he knew she would anyway.Frankie left the room, got in the lift, went to reception and settled the bill for the room and the laundry, stepping out she flagged a cab down and was home and in Ian’s arms again 15 minutes later, her full English breakfast on the table, as he fussed about asking her how Kelly was and making sure everything was just right for her.She ate with her a lump in her throat, thinking how lucky she was and how close she could have come to losing it all……….

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