Freshman Week: Christmas Special 01


Author’s Note: Hi y’all! Just to let you know, even though this is a spin-off of my ongoing Freshman Week story, I have specifically written it to be enjoyable as an isolated story too. So if you are a long-time reader of mine, welcome back! If you have no idea what Freshman Week is but want a Christmas-themed brother/sister story, I hope you’ll stick around. Enjoy!


Glenn woke up to the dinging of his phone. It was a message from his sister, Tiffany. His pulse picked up when he saw her name on the phone screen.

Semester over! her message read. I’ll be home tonight.

He typed back, Great. See you then.

He dropped his phone on his pillow and groaned.

“What was that?” asked the girl beside him, Felicity.

Glenn rolled over to face her. He and Felicity had been friends since high school. Only recently had their relationship taken a turn for the sexual and, he hoped, romantic. She had always been a beautiful girl and was now a beautiful woman. She had deep brown eyes, long curly black hair that she kept admirably tame, warm caramel-colored skin, and curves that left him speechless. She looked nothing at all like Tiffany.

But Glenn couldn’t look her in the eyes when he thought about his sister.

“It was nothing,” he said, “Just family stuff. I think I’ll be busy setting up for Christmas tonight.”

“Christmas, huh?” Felicity said, wrapping her arms around his bicep and nuzzling close to his body. “Would that be a good time for them to meet someone special?”

Glenn flinched away. “Uh, maybe. It really depends on who all is going to be home for the holidays. We don’t want to overcrowd the place, right?”

“Sure. I don’t mean to push.” Felicity untangled herself from the man and climbed out of bed. The typically warm tone she used with him was absent when she continued speaking. “Anyway, I have to get ready for work. You know how to lock up on the way out.”

Glenn cringed again. Always saying the wrong thing. That was his style.

“Yeah babe,” he said. “I’ll see you later.”


Work passed slowly that day. Glenn enjoyed his job as a personal trainer. Especially now that he had started seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis and wasn’t in perpetual agony. But it was very physical work. And seeing the ways that his clients would bend and flex their bodies inexplicably kept bringing to mind that night, the one he never thought about.

His little sister had been moving to college for her freshman year. He’d gone to help her unpack. It was agony with the muscular issues he had been dealing with at the time, but for her sake he tanked through it. He made it through the day without a single complaint. But then night came. And when he layed down to sleep, there was no lying about how he felt.

So Tiffany had volunteered to help. She was compassionate like that. Too compassionate, in retrospect. She knew a thing or two about massage and couldn’t let her brother suffer alone. She took the pain away, at least for a few minutes. But her selfish big brother had to go and get excited over what had only been a kind act, not an overture. And she noticed.

His recall over just how things had transpired after that point was foggy at best. Had he made a pass at her? Did he push her to do something she wouldn’t have? Was he the monster? Glenn didn’t feel like he was that kind of guy. But Tiffany was a sweet and shy girl, innocent and borderline virginal. Plus, she was his sister. The idea he had done something wrong, hurt her and poisoned their relationship beyond repair, was the possibility that made the most sense.

He tried to play it cool the morning after. The event was barely mentioned. He took her out for pancakes where precious little conversation was exchanged and left immediately after. Since then they had barely addressed each other. He liked her posts on social media, and her his. Anytime she came home to visit he had somewhere to be. He didn’t know a thing about Tiffany’s life. He could barely stand to think about her.

And for the next few weeks, they’d be staying under the same roof.


“Glenn, guess who’s here!” called his father’s voice from down the hall.

Glenn felt an illogical bolt of irritation. He didn’t need to guess, it was too obvious.

The young man armored up with a benign happy expression before leaving his room. He double-checked the mirror for any signs of a grimace. When at last he was satisfied with his faux-joviality, he made his way to the living room.

She hadn’t changed at all in the past few months. That was his first thought. His little sister was still little. She hadn’t gotten any taller than her just-above five foot stature she’d had before, and he sincerely doubted she had gained more than five pounds on her skinny frame. Her cheeks were still sprinkled with freckles and her eyes were the same shimmering emeralds. She had shifted her hair from blonde to a soft orange, but Tiffany always had liked playing with her hues.

But Kıbrıs Escort when Tiffany turned and her eyes found his, Glenn suddenly had the strangest feeling that a different girl was standing in his living room. Tiffany had never possessed the same shy affect toward her close family that she did with all other people, but an innate element of her nature had always been demure. But when Glenn looked into the eyes of that freshman woman, he detected an inner light that hadn’t been present before. A confidence.

That confidence was all the more apparent with the way Tiffany sailed toward her big brother seconds after seeing him. “Glenn! Oh my god, hi!” she sang.

When she hugged him, Glenn found that his arms reflexively hugged her back. It wasn’t the same. They were both fully dressed now. He couldn’t be feeling the pinprick sensation of the erect nipples on her meager breasts pressing into his skin. Her lips weren’t so close to his neck that he could feel her breathing. He certainly couldn’t feel her wispy, blonde pubic hairs tantalizingly tickling his calves. And yet all of those sensations came to mind when her body pressed up to his.

Glenn clapped his sister on the back, hastening the progress of their embrace into a polite hug. She backed up and looked up toward his face. “I’m really glad to see you. It’s been too long.”

He felt warm. He could not be blushing right now. “Definitely. I’m glad you got here safely.”

He let his parents pry her away from him, and for the rest of the evening he allowed a distance to naturally form. They sat apart at dinner, only making light inquiries into the other’s life. Passively, Glenn learned that his sister had made friends with her roommate and was excelling at most of her classes. He was glad for her.

He went to bed early that night, a hard day of work in the morning as his excuse. No one tried to argue, but he felt an irrepressible bit of guilt anyway.

He couldn’t stand being close to his sister, he couldn’t stand staying away. What kind of brother was he?


A tiny dorm room. A cramped bed. A small girl in a tight white crop top and little yellow panties.

Glenn woke up slowly. The first thing he was aware of was the sticky sensation around his crotch. Embarrassing. How old was he again?

He didn’t dwell on the dreams.

After getting washed up, Glenn entered the common area of the house to make his breakfast. Despite being the first to bed, he found that he was not the first to rise. Mom was already up, flipping pancakes over a hot stove.

“Morning, Mister Muscles. Can I get you a plate ready?”

“Sure, Mom. Thanks,” he muttered. He poured himself a cup of coffee and headed into the living room to watch some TV while he waited.

Evidently, he was not the first to have such an idea. Tiffany and their father were already waiting for him. He blinked his still glazed eyes as he tried to process the pair.

Glenn’s dad was a lot like him. He had been a large, muscular man when he was younger, but age got the best of all people in the end. While he was still tall and wide, a charming layer of fat had overwhelmed his prior physique. He wasn’t what most people in the midwest would consider fat, but “plump” would be an apt adjective.

But whether he was mostly muscles or mostly fat, he had been big for all of Glenn and Tiffany’s lives. While Glenn had eventually reached a similar stature, Tiffany took after their mother. Having a perpetually tiny daughter had been something of a blessing to the parents. While there was no denying Glenn’s maturity, even if he did still live at home, their daughter was a child frozen in amber. Many of the interactions they had developed with Lil’ Tiff had wound up sticking around for Teen Tiff, and apparently even for the adult she was today.

Only a year ago, even six months ago, the site Glenn found in the family living room wouldn’t have struck him as odd at all. But now it was borderline intolerable.

Sitting on her father’s lap watching some morning talk show was Tiffany. Dad was slightly reclined and she sat sideways so he could see the television passed her, eating a bowl of grapes that she had propped in between her legs. Her outfit was a familiar one: A plain white t-shirt and a pair of blue cotton panties.

“Jesus, Tiff. You could put some clothes on for the rest of us.”

Tiffany wrinkled her eyebrows and glanced at the young man as she chewed a grape. “But this is what I’ve worn on Saturday mornings forever,” she said after swallowing.

“Yeah, but now you’re- you know- a grown-up.”

Their dad waved a hand at his son. “With respect kid, what are you talking about?”

It occurred to Glenn then that his own morning uniform consisted of gray sweatpants and no shirt. His abs, pecs, and biceps were exposed for all to see, and a discerning eye might notice from the outline of his crotch that he had opted for a state of military dress best Lefkoşa Escort expressed as “commando.”

Glenn frowned down at his own exposed body. “Right. Y’know, I’m sorry. It’s early. Not enough caffeine.”

Dad accepted this excuse and went back to his show, but Tiffany’s eyes lingered. As her annoyed expression melted off, Glenn saw something else twinkling in those emerald eyes. Concern? Sympathy?

Glenn retreated to the kitchen to have a pleasantly meaningless conversation with Mom. Once pancakes were eaten, he had to head straight out for work.

He found himself so busy, he didn’t get home until well after eleven o’clock at night.


“It must be nice having your sister back at the house. Just like old times, right?”

It hadn’t even occurred to Glenn that Felicity would know about Tiffany. But of course, even if he thought of her as a different person now, she was his sister. She’d lived in this town for all their lives. Plenty of people knew her, and plenty would have heard she was around.

Felicity had just gotten out of the shower and was now shuffling through her dresser looking for clothes. She was still utterly naked, and allowed water to drop from her hair and body onto the carpet with no apparent thought.

Glenn was lounging in her bed with the sheets pulled back, himself fully exposed. “Not quite like old times. I don’t know how to phrase it. She’s my sister, but she’s not my little sister anymore, y’know? It isn’t even as though she acts all that different. I just look in her eyes and it’s clear that this isn’t some kid.

“I guess I’m insecure, but it freaks me out. It makes me think of when she was a kid. I had a role in her life then. A protector. Now that she’s changed, I’m afraid that role might have changed too. I wonder who that makes me to her. I’m afraid I already messed it up, and any time I speak to her I risk messing it up more.”

Felicity nodded. “I’ve felt the same way.”

Glenn’s eyes widened. “You have?” He pictured Felicity’s little sister. She sat astride her older sister in bed, rubbing her weary calf muscles. The younger girl looked over her shoulder at her sister’s face. Both of them were dressed only in moon light.

Hey, big sis. Do you want me to… take care of you?

“Of course,” Felicity continued, “Shana might not be in college yet, but as soon as she turned eighteen I started wondering what my role should be in a young adult’s life. Sometimes I feel like she’s more grown up than me. This isn’t some special problem you’ve discovered.”

Glenn sighed, only partly in relief. Of course that’s what she meant. Because Felicity was a normal person in a normal family. And he was…

Felicity abandoned her textile scavenger hunt and crawled back in bed, heedless of the imprint her wet body left on the sheet. She wrapped her soaked limbs around Glenn’s body. He embraced her cold flesh back.

“The fact you’re worried about this means that you are a good brother. Tiffany is lucky to have you. And so am I.”

Glenn didn’t like how she juxtaposed herself to his sister like that, but he didn’t resist when he kissed him. He kissed her back, and soon the two were enraptured in the same activities of the night previously.

At least Glenn could keep this to himself. At least in Felicity he had a private little world.


“So are you seeing Felicity now?”

Glenn almost spit out his mashed potatoes. He could only dodge family dinners for so long without pissing off Mom. On the night before Christmas Eve he finally allowed himself to be sucked in only for his little sister to hit him with such a surprise question.

He took his time chewing and swallowing before attempting a response. “What gave you that idea?”

Tiffany shrugged. “Mom says you’ve been hanging out a lot. I don’t see you around the house. You didn’t come home last night. I thought you might be with her?” Her voice rose on the last syllable, turning the sentence into a question.

“We’ve always been friends. We spend time together. It doesn’t have to be a thing.”

Their mother sighed. “Glenn, honey, I know you’re a private person. I try not to pry unduly. But come on. You’ve been out with that girl at least once a week for the past three or so months. And if you haven’t been spending nights with her I’m forced to consider that you’ve been sneaking out to do drugs. There’s no need to lie here. Felicity’s a lovely girl. We just want to be happy with you.”

Glenn glanced at his sister. Her expression was curious, but her eyes were unchanged. It was still the green gaze of a stranger. If he admitted the truth, that he was falling in love with Felicity, that would make her feel what? Betrayed? Used? Unimportant? Would she be scarred knowing that after he’d taken what he’d wanted from her, breaking all sorts of ethical and social taboos, he was able to move on to a normal relationship? What sort of monster would he be?

The fact Girne Escort that you’re worried about this means that you are a good brother.

He grit his teeth. Felicity couldn’t understand what he was going through anymore than he understood what Tiffany was going through. Which was not at all.

He loaded another spoon with potatoes.

“Sorry, but there’s nothing going on.”


Dripping wet flesh under his fingers. Long dark hair wrapping around him. Beautiful caramel skin under his lips as he kissed her.

“My God… Glenn, baby, please… Oh fuck, don’t- Glenn!”

Breathing hard. Heart racing.

The smell of her. Cinnamon body wash and sweat. The taste.

She purrs. “It feels so good, honey. I want you to feel good too. Let me-“

His fingers find traction on slippery wet skin. They sink into the flesh. The texture is off.

The skin adheres to him as he runs his hand down her body, towards that sweet and sacred space between her legs.

The skin warps and shifts, but there is no blood or pain. She coos in pleasure.

“I just want you to feel good, baby. Don’t you see?”

Moonlight glints off her breast and stomach. Too bright.

The hair that enveloped him is a trick of the darkness. Mere shadows. Her hair is short, light.

She growls as his fingers find the center of her pleasure. Hips buck against him.

She’s overwhelmed. Tears overflow.

“Don’t you understand? I’d do anything for you, just ask! I’d do it all!”

The layer beneath is exposed. He can’t stop. He can’t understand. Overwhelmed by want and pleasure.

Smaller breasts beneath his mouth. Pink nipples, not chocolate.

He leans forward and kisses her. A deep kiss. But he still hears her speak.

“I would give it all to you. My love. My body. It’s because of you. You’re my baby. You’re my-“

The kiss ends. He pulls back.

A scattering of freckles across ivory cheeks.

Emerald piercing eyes.



“I want to talk.”

A strange noise caused him to groggily blink himself awake. In the pitch dark of his bedroom, he took a moment to perceive a human form sitting at the far end of his bed.

Glenn jerked to full consciousness, his heart pounding. “Jesus, Tiff. You could have given me a heart attack.”

“Sorry,” she said without a hint of the childish amusement he’d have expected, “That would have been counterproductive.”

Glenn took a second to take stock of the situation. According to his phone, it was three-thirty in the morning on Christmas Eve. He was sitting up in bed, naked except for his boxers and his comforter. Tiffany was sitting at his feet. He could barely make her out in the faint moonlight that came in around the edges of his drawn curtain. He could see that she was sitting with legs crossed facing him, wrapped in a blanket, and that the left side of her hair was in a disarray.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she said, “I tried. But I kept thinking about you.”

His stomach sank. It was exactly what he’d been afraid of.

She continued, “I keep thinking about what I’ve done to you. About how different you are. How scared you’ve been to say anything. To look at me. Glenn, I have to know… What have I done to you?”

He felt like his mind was going to break. What had she done to him? Done to him?

“No!” he said, sitting up straighter. He took no notice of the comforter falling further down his body, exposing him even more. “You didn’t do anything wrong, Tiffany. I know that I’m the one who overstepped. I hurt you. I made you into someone you weren’t. If I seem distant, that’s why. I don’t deserve to be a part of your life. You shouldn’t be close to someone who might hurt you again.”

There was silence for a moment.

Tiffany broke it with a sardonic laugh. “Pretty full of ourselves aren’t we, Mister Muscles?”

Glenn blinked. “Huh?”

“We remember that night very differently, Glenn. Whatever you’ve worked your imagination into believing, you practically just layed there. It was me who put in all the work. If anything, you’re the one who got defiled.

“As for me being different, you’re right on that account. And that night probably has something to do with it. But what do you know about my new life? Have you thought that I might like being this way? That I might be happier?”

She let her voice trail off, leaving her rant unfinished. Glenn might not understand the new Tiffany, but what she wanted was pretty obvious. He cleared his throat.

“Are you happ-?”

“I AM!” she interrupted. “I’m happy. My life is really cool. I’ve made some awesome friends, who you haven’t even asked about, and I’ve also made some, uh, discoveries.” Her head tilted away from him in obvious embarrassment. “And some of that’s hard to get into. But I want to explain it anyway. Because you’re my brother. And I love you, and I want you to be involved in my life. And I want to be in your’s.”

His brain was rattling. This wasn’t the sister he saw in his mind’s eye. The hurt little girl. He began to move the conversation onto a track that made more sense. “About being a part of your life… You know I’m your brother. What happened that night, whoever’s fault it was, we can’t share a life together. We can’t be like-“

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