Friendly Neighbors


We stood out in the street on a couple of warm evenings and chatted with all of our close neighbors, but I always kept coming back to Amber, and just how remarkable she looked.  Amber and my wife Annie had compared notes one evening and agreed they could share some clothes since both of them wore size 2 pants and small-size tops.  Annie was strikingly beautiful and at 43 was in amazing shape.  She never failed to attract attention when we went out, and even among our neighbors I saw her getting some extra attention.Finally the appointed Saturday arrived and all our preparations were in place.  I manned the grill for about an hour cooking up burgers, dogs and brats, and our buckets with beers, spritzers and cocktail mixtures were moving quickly as well.  It was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect – not too hot and not too cold, with plenty of sunshine to keep everything pleasant.I finally reached the end of the cooking and finally sat down for a minute to relax.  I exchanged pleasantries with our next-door neighbors, Michael sex izle and Tara, and chatted for just a few minutes.Annie came over and stood behind my chair.  “I think we need to add some more drinks to the buckets,” she said as she flashed me a big smile.  “And didn’t you make some Jell-O shots for today?”I took a long drink from my beer and drained the bottle.  “I totally forgot about those, Babe,” I said.  “I’ll head down and get some stuff in just a sec.”Annie patted my shoulder and as she walked away I could feel her rake her fingernails across the back of my neck, which always sent chills down my spine.  I watched her walk toward a small group of neighbors across the patio and admired every step of her journey.  To her credit, she glanced over her shoulder and gave me a wink because she knew I would be watching.I excused myself from Michael and Tara and grabbed a couple of the empty buckets and headed inside.  We had a makeshift bar set up in the basement, complete with a well-stocked full-size refrigerator.  I just fransız porno hadn’t had time to finish the bar area yet, but I definitely had plans to make it a nice retreat and a great place to entertain indoors.I sat the buckets down on the floor and knelt down in front of the open refrigerator.    I loaded beers and spritzers into both and when I stood up I was shocked to see Amber standing on the other side of the door.“I wondered where you went,” she said with a playful lilt in her voice.“Just needed to restock,” I said as I motioned toward the buckets.  I moved them with my foot and closed the refrigerator door.  I could smell Amber’s perfume.“What brought you to my future man-cave?”“Just curious, I guess,” she said.  As she spoke she tossed her hair a little and cocked her head to the side.I liked that she had followed me and was being a little playful.  I took her cue and stepped forward and moved to kiss her.  She immediately responded favorably and pressed her lips against mine.  I prodded teen porno her gently with my tongue and her mouth opened.  I put one hand on her lower back and with the other, I ran my fingers through her hair.I pulled her head back with her hair and kissed and licked her neck.  She had both hands on my head, running her fingers through my hair and urging me on.  Her low-cut tank top gave me easy access to her chest, which I kissed and licked.  I grabbed the bottom of her tank top and pulled it up and over her head to reveal two small but perfectly shaped tits with hard nipples encircled by a small, brown areola.  I continued further down, licking and sucking one nipple and then the other.  Amber’s fingers continued caressing my head as she moaned and arched her back.In a flash, I pulled her shorts down over her narrow hips and leaned her back against the bar.  She was wearing a lacy thong and as my tongue began moving around the thong I found it to be soaking wet already.  Her juices tasted amazing and I pulled the thong to the side to gain access to her hardened clit and dripping pussy.  I put one of her legs over my shoulder and licked and sucked all around her beautiful pussy, savoring every inch as I licked from front to back and then repeating my movements back to her clit.

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