Fringe Benefits


“I hope this apartment is nice” Dan thought. He had been looking at apartments all day and had seen some real shit holes. This apartment was a little more expensive than what he had planned, but it would be worth it. He had to start work on Monday and it was already Saturday. The new job he was starting in Flagstaff hadn’t given him much notice, it was a great opportunity, but it was all such a rush.

Driving into the driveway this house looked pretty promising. The ad was about a garage apartment and the house had a three car garage so it should be pretty large. Dan parked his car, got out and headed for the front door. Knocking on the door he was glancing around taking in the nicely manicured lawn and fantastic landscaping. The door swung open and Dan was struck a little speechless. Standing before him was one of the sexiest women he had ever seen. Dark auburn hair and green eyes. Moving down to bare tanned shoulders, round firm breast maybe 34DD he would guess barely covered by the strapless top she was wearing. Her abs were tanned and toned leading down to the top of a very short tennis skirt that looked as if it barely covered her ass. Long tanned legs spread slightly apart Dan wondered what it would be like to be between those legs.

“Yes, can I help you”? the woman asked again.

That snapped Dan out of his fantasy and he stammered “Sorry, I am here about the apartment’

“Oh, you must be Dan Smith” the gorgeous redhead said, “I’m Cindy Jackson, it is so nice to meet you. Would you like to go and take a look at the apartment?” Cindy asked

‘I would love to. I really need to get settled because I started a new job on Monday and really need to find a place.” Dan told Cindy

Cindy lead the way walking up the stairs to the apartment Dan following her. He couldn’t help but to look up her skirt which was actually a skort. Not that it really matter because even with the shorts underneath the legs flapped open flashing round tight ass cheeks and a shaved pussy. Dan could feel his cock jump in his pants and he tried to get himself under control. Reaching the top of the stairs Cindy opened the door and lead Dan into the furnished apartment. It was very nice, much larger than the others he had looked at today.

‘I know the price might seem a little high, but there are fringe benefits that go along with the apartment.” Cindy said smiling slightly.

“Fringe benefits?” Dan asked puzzled, looking her up and down

“Yes” Cindy said smiling knowing exactly what he was hoping was the benefit. ‘You get the use of one of the garages and you can use the pool anytime you would like.”

“Oh sure, of course” Dan said slightly embarrassed thinking Cindy could read exactly what he was thinking.

“So what do you think, do you like the apartment?” Cindy asked

‘Very much.” Dan said “I’ll take it.” thinking he would be happy to be seeing this nice piece of ass everyday.

‘Great let’s go inside and we can sign all the contracts.” Cindy said

Going inside Cindy got all the papers together and Dan got out his checkbook. They talked about his new job and where he had come from. As they were finishing up with all the paper work the sliding backdoor opened and in walked a young sexy blond. She was wearing a tiny hot pink bikini which barely covered her nipples and was a thong on the bottom. She was dragging a beach towel behind her, but not even attempting to cover herself.

“Oh, Dan this is my daughter, Penny.” Cindy said.

This caused Penny to cover herself with the beach towel like she was embarrassed that Dan had seen her in her bikini.

“Hi” Penny said shyly then walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs to her room.

“Sorry, Dan my daughter is a little shy, she just turned 18 and is still a little shy around men.” Cindy told him. ‘So it looks like that is everything, here are the keys to the apartment and you can move in anytime you would like.”

“Thanks, I look forward to staying here. I am so relieved to finally find a place.’ Dan told Cindy. ‘I will start moving in today and get settled in’

‘Let me know if you need anything.” Cindy said “You are always welcome to come by if there is anything I can DO for you” she said smiling.

“OK, I will keep that in mind.” Dan said.

A week had passed since Dan had moved into the apartment. It as a Saturday and the first day Dan had off all week. He was up in his apartment and glanced down at the pool. Cindy was out by the pool laying in the hot pink bikini and if it has seemed tiny in covering Penny’s body it was that much smaller in covering her mothers much more ample breasts. ‘Fuck she was hot’ Dan thought to himself as she watch Cindy start to spread sun tan oil on her legs. Moving her hands up and down from her foot all the way up to her crotch rubbing the oil in slowly. Just then as he was leaning close to the window to get the best view of her she glanced up and saw him in the window and motioned him to come and join her. There was no way he could go down with the hard on he had right now so he jumped into a cold shower then got out and put on his swim trunks.

‘You are here just in time” Cindy told Dan “I need some oil on my back” Cindy said as she reached around pulling the string to untie her top. Pulling the top over her head she sat there looking at him with her breast fully exposed. ‘So could you please rub some oil on my back?” Cindy asked as she turned to lay face down on the lounge chair.

‘Sure” Dan said taking the oil bottle and squeezing a small amount into his hand. Dan sat on the chair next to her and started rubbing the oil up and down her back. With each stroke up her back his cock go harder and harder. He might cum right here just touching this woman after all it had been a while since he’d been with anyone. As if she knew what he was thinking just the Cindy reached around and grabbed his cock through his swim trunks.

“Is this OK?” Cindy asked him

“Yes” Dan said as she started to stroke his cock. Then Dan thought he would have some fun too so he slid his hand down her back to her ass then between her legs slipping a finger under her suit bottoms.

Moaning Cindy said “yes stick your fingers in my pussy’ which is just what Dan was already doing. Her pussy was so wet he wished it was his cock and not his fingers that was shoved up there.

Then Cindy sat up turning to him and said ‘Take your trunks of I want to suck your cock.’

Dan didn’t have to be told twice he stood up and dropped his trunks. Immediately, Cindy was pulling him towards her as she sat on the chair taking his cock into her mouth.

As her lips circled around his cock Dan felt a little light-headed. Cindy moved her mouth all the way to the base of Dan’s cock flicking his balls with her tongue. Sucking hard on his cock for a few moments then pulling his cock out of her mouth.

‘Fuck that feels so good” Dan told Cindy

“Didn’t I tell you, you would enjoy the fringe benefits here” Cindy said smiling up at him with his cock just inches away from her mouth.

Now she just took the head of his cock in her mouth, flicking her tongue on it, sticking her tongue şişli bayan escort into his cock slit sucking out the precum that was oozing out there. She had one hand wrapped around his shaft while the other one was playing with his balls. Dan felt like he was going to explode any minute so he grabbed the back of her head holding her mouth down onto his cock. He started thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth.

Cindy was caught off guard at first, but then she just went with it. It was a fucking turn on for this much younger man to find her so attractive and now he was fucking her face for all he was worth. She knew from the quickness of his thrusts and his breathing he wasn’t going to last much longer that is when she got the idea. She had been playing with his balls slowly moved down to her pussy which was dripping wet. She slid her finger into her pussy to get it good and wet. Then she reached up and slid the finger up Dan’s ass. At first Dan tensed up, but as she worked the finger in and out he started moaning.

“Fuck, you’re going to make me cum” Dan said just as the first shot of his hot white cum shot into the back of Cindy’s mouth. Spurt after spurt Dan unloaded his cock into her mouth.

Hungrily, Cindy lapped up every drop of his cum sucking his cock dry. Pulling her mouth off his cock licking her lips she said “Penny will be home soon, but how about if I come up to the apartment tonight and you can return the favor.”

“That sounds like an offer I can’t refuse” Dan said with a smile picking up his trunks and walking back to his apartment.

Dan spent the day running errands, going grocery shopping and thinking about fucking Cindy tonight. How had he been so lucky to have found this great apartment and get to have sex with the hot homeowner. He was really looking forward to tonight and every time he thought about it his cock jumped a little in his pants. It seemed like he’d been walking around all day with a continuous hard-on.

Early in the evening Dan took a shower, shaving and getting prepared for the evening. He was playing some music and drinking a beer when he heard a quiet knock on the door. Walking over to the door and opening it he was in awe at what he saw. Cindy was standing there in a black lace babydoll nightie. The nightie was totally see through and she was wearing nothing underneath. He could see her firm round breasts, her smooth shaved pussy and when she turned to close the door her high round ass.

“So it is time for a little payback I do believe” Cindy said to Dan as she sat down on his couch spreading her legs wide showing him her smooth glistening pussy. Dan needed no other encouragement he knelt between her legs first taking a finger and running it along the slit of her pussy.

“Ummm, that’s it I want you fingers in my pussy” Cindy purred to him. So that is just what he did. Spreading the lips of her pussy with his fingers he slid two fingers inside her hot wet cunt all the way up to the last knuckle. Working them in and out Dan leaned in kissing Cindy on the mouth. Dan could taste wine on her tongue as their tongues tangled together in a warm wet passionate kiss. All the while Dan was increasing the speed of his fingers in her cunt.

Cindy pushed him down towards her pussy saying “Suck my clit, I want you to make me cum.” So Dan obliged, spreading her pussy lips with his free had so he had direct access to her clit. First, he gently licked it teasing her with his tongue making her squirm in her seat still pumping her pussy hole with his fingers now there were three inside her. Then he started to suck her clit, this made her buck her hips up into his face. Not letting up he continued to suck her clit gently taking it between his teeth, pulling on it, flicking it with his tongue. Her moaning was growing louder and louder with her hips bucking faster and faster riding the now four fingers he had ramming up her pussy hole.

“Oh, fuck I going to cum!” Cindy screamed and just then there was a gush as Cindy ejaculated spraying Dan’s face.

‘Oh shit” Dan said wiping his face with his hand.

‘I’m sorry, I guess I should have warned you about that” Cindy said “Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Some guys feel bad if they can’t make me squirt so I try not to make a big deal out of it.”

“No problem, I just wasn’t expecting it.” Dan said “I guess that means I did my job well.” he said smiling.

“Yes, you did that was fantastic.” Cindy said kissing him on the mouth.

“What do you say you drop you shorts and let me get another look at your fantastic cock?” Cindy asked.

Dan stood up and dropped his shorts. Standing up his cock was right in Cindy’s face so she moved forward and took it in her mouth. Sucking just on the head, flicking her tongue across making Dan moan.

“That feels great, but I would really love to fuck you sweet pussy” Dan told her “Let’s move over to the bed.”

Dan stood Cindy up and lead her over to the bed. Cindy pushed him down onto the bed and climbed straddle of his cock. Her pussy was so wet and hot Dan had a moment where he thought he would cum right there, but got control of himself. As Cindy started riding up and down his cock he was lifting his hips to meet her movements thrusting his cock deep inside her pussy.

“Yes, that’s it fuck me. Fuck me with you hard cock!” Cindy moaned as she pulled the nightie up and over her head. Her bare breast were there dancing in Dan’s face, sitting up pulling her to him he took each nipple into his mouth sucking from one to the other while continuing to thrust his cock into her hot cunt.

Rolling her over onto her back still with one nipple in his mouth he thurst deep inside her causing Cindy to cry out in pleasure. Releasing her nipple Dan pushed her legs up until her knees were almost resting on her shoulders. Then he started with fast hard thrust into her pussy. Already his crotch had been covered with her juices that flowed out as she sat straddle of his cock, but now the smacking sound of her wet pussy was starting to drive him over the edge.

‘Fuck me, fuck me faster. Stick you cock deeper inside me. Fucking make me cum’ Cindy was screaming. So Dan did just what was asked fucking her as hard and fast as he could he could tell by her breathing and the clenching of her pussy she was close to orgasm.

“That’s it deeper, stick your cock in my hot pussy” Cindy was whispering in his ear as she pulled herself close to him. “I going to fucking cum” she said as Dan felt the warm gush of her orgasm against him.

“I’m really close to cumming too” Dan told her as he continued fucking her hard and fast. He could feel his balls getting tight ready to release his load.

“Pull you cock out and cum in my mouth!” Cindy said, so pulling his cock from her pussy Dan shoved it into her waiting hungry mouth just as the first stream of cum shot out. Sucking on his cock Cindy drank down every last drop of his cum.

Laying next to each other on the bed totally exhausted Cindy turned to him and said “Could I ask a favor of you?”

“Sure” Dan said.

“I have to go out of town tomorrow, could you keep and eye on Penny for me. I told her şişli escort she could have some friends over to swim, but that she was suppose to stay home until I got back” Cindy said.

“No problem, I would be happy to keep an eye on her” Dan said smiling to himself wondering if Penny was also one of the “fringe benefits” that came with the apartment.

Dan woke up to sunlight streaming in the window. He must have slept later than planned, which was not a surprise after the workout of fucking Cindy had put him through last night. He smiled to himself as he remember plunging his cock into her soaking wet pussy. Ummm,just the thought of it was making his cock hard. Then a sound broke through his fantasy, it was the sound of teenage girls squealing and laughing. Penny, he thought as he got up and walked to the window overlooking the pool.

What he saw when he looked out took him a little by surprise, but it was a pleasant one. there in the pool were Penny and another young girl with short curly black hair. They were both topless, their firm young breasts with their perky upturned nipples were glistening in the sun. Just the sight of them brought Dan’s cock to full attention. they seemed to be standing very close and seemed to be helping each other balance as the giggled and squirmed around in the water. “What are they doing?” Dan wondered, but no sooner than the question cross his mine when he had his answer. Up out of the water popped a young teenage boy, then Dan was thinking about what he was doing under the water to make them squirm. The boy leaned over and kissed the dark haired girl deep on the mouth, then leaned over and did the same to Penny. Then the girls leaned together and started kissing even more passionate then with the boy. Penny reached up and fondled the girls breast as their tongues tangled together. All Dan could think was that he needed a better view. He knew he couldn’t go down there he didn’t want the action to stop. So he went and got a small pair of binoculars he had in his back pack. Coming back to the window he opened it just a little so he would be able to hear some of what was going on.

Looking back down at the pool Penny and the girl were walking to the edge to get out. The girl climbed the stairs ahead of Penny and with each step up Dan began to realize they were not just topless but naked all together. As she turned to face Penny Dan took a good look at the young body in front of him. Small breast, but firm and round with large nipples. Smooth flat stomach leading down to an almost hairless pussy it only had a dark strip of hair left on top.

As Penny was emerging from the water Dan noticed she had no tan lines which told him she often laid out here in the nude. Her sweet heart shaped ass was now out of the water and when she turned toward the pool he saw she had a well groomed mound of red hair covering her pussy. Dan enjoyed a nice hairy pussy if it was well groomed he always felt like he was opening up a special present as he spread the lips to reveal the juice pink inside.

Penny walked over to the girl took her by the hand leading her over to the large wooden lounge chair that was the size of a twin bed. Penny pulled the girl to her giving her a long passionate kiss. Their hands started to explore each others bodies, first touching each others breasts then Penny’s hand slide down the other girls shaved pussy. Dan could see her fingers disappear inside the folds of the girl’s pussy and he heard the girl give a little cry of pleasure.

Penny laid the girl back on the lounge chair still kissing and touching. At this point the boy in the pool came up beside them to watch. The boy said something to Penny Dan could not hear but the answer he got was loud and clear “I will tell you when it is your turn!” Penny said loudly. The boy just stepped back as Penny continued to kiss and tease the girl. Penny now was sucking her nipples and working her way to the girl’s pussy. Now between her legs Penny began licking the girl’s pussy. Spreading her pussy lips apart running her tongue from top to bottom. Sliding two fingers inside her cunt hole while sucking her clit. The girl was going wild wiggling and squealing with pleasure.

Then Penny told the boy who was standing to the side stroking his cock “Come over and let her suck your cock.” and he did what he was told coming over and the girl took his cock in her mouth. Penny was definitely in charge here and Dan liked it. He liked a woman who knew how to take charge and was surprised with a girl so young doing so. Watching all this going on had him so hard so he reached down and started to stroke his cock. He did it slow because he wanted to last until they were done.

From the bucking of the girls hips Dan could tell Penny was about to make her cum. She had released the boys cock from her mouth and was screaming “I’m going to cum”

“Do it baby” the boy told her returning to stroking his own cock.

Penny continued to plunge her fingers into the girl’s pussy licking her the entire time. When the girl stopped bucking and Penny finish licking up all her juices from her pussy Penny instructed the girl to get up and the boy to lie down on his back. She then told the girl to climb on to his cock which she was more than happy to do. Penny just stood for a moment watching the girl ride up and down the boys cock, grinding her pussy into his crotch each time she came down making the boy moan even louder.

“Don’t you dare cum until I tell you too” Penny ordered the boy.

Then Penny climbed straddle of his face, pressing her wet pussy to his lips and telling him to start licking. Penny was facing the girl fondling her breast as she rode the cock.

“Are you close to cumming again?” Penny asked the girl

“Yes, very close. Are you close?” the girl asked Penny

“Yes” Penny told her

“I’m close too” Dan thought watching them, hoping they would cum soon because he couldn’t last much longer.

“I’m cumming” Penny said grinding her pussy onto the boys face.

“Me too” the girl said

As they both finished then Penny told the boy “Ok it is your turn to cum” and both of the girls positioned their mouths over the boys cock waiting for him to shoot his load. As he did and they were both licking and sucking it up Dan felt his balls give way and he shot his load all over the window letting out a very loud “Fuck yes” as he did it. Only Penny seemed to have heard him because she looked up to the window and saw him standing there with his cock in his hand and simply smiled at him.

Later that night there was a quiet knock on Dan’s door. Opening the door he found Penny standing there. She was wearing nothing, but a white mesh swimsuit cover-up. Dan could clearly see her firm perky breasts and mound of blond pussy hair. She came into the apartment and took a seat on the couch with her legs slightly spread.

“So did you enjoy the show today?” Penny asked

“Did you know that I would be watching?” Dan asked

“No, but I am glad you did, so I don’t have to pretend anymore.” Penny told him. “Have you fucked Cindy yet?” Penny asked. “Don’t act so shocked, this is her game when she is in between mecidiyeköy escort boyfriends she will rent the apartment to a hot guy or girl and she has some fun with them, but I get to have fun too.” Penny told him

“Well in that case, yes we fucked last night and after today I would love to fuck you too” Dan told her. Moving over on the couch next to her, he leaned in to kiss her. Her mouth was warm, wet and tasted of tequila. “Have you been drinking?” Dan asked

“Don’t worry I know what I am doing.” Penny said as she reached out to grasp his cock under his shorts.

That is all Dan needed as he reached under her cover-up to find her pussy. First stroking his hand over her smooth hairy mound then running a finger along her slit and as he shoved his finger inside her she let out a little gasp.

“Let’s move over to the bed.” Penny whispered in his ear. They both got up and stripped on the short walk to the bed. As Penny laid back on the bed Dan stopped for a moment to admire her perfect body. He took both breast in his hands sucking each nipple in turn. Then he started to work his way down to her pussy he just had to taste her sweet young juices. Spreading her pussy open and seeing the little pink jewel of her clit almost sent him over the edge and in sank down and started sucking on it.

“Turn around I want to suck you cock while you eat me” Penny told him and he did just that, he wanted her young mouth filled up with his cock.

He bent back down putting his face back in her pussy, he started to slide his fingers into her hole as he sucked her clit. Her mouth around his cock felt so good.

Then the door to the apartment opened and Cindy walked in. Dan stopped what he was doing he wasn’t sure what to think.

“Well it seems I got back just in time” Cindy said and started to undress.

Dan realized that Penny never stopped sucking his cock so he went back to tonguing her sweet pussy. Cindy came by and touched Penny’s thigh very close to Dan’s mouth then moving her hand in slid her fingers up Penny’s cunt, when she pulled them out Dan could see they were covered with Penny’s juices. Cindy walked around and Dan felt her hands on is ass. He remembered the other day when she had fingered his ass using her own juices, but now she was going to use her daughters.

Dan felt her hands on his ass sliding into his crack, but then both hands gently spread his ass checks then he felt her tongue. First she circled around his hole then lightly started to jab her tongue in the hole. Fuck if she kept this up, he was going to cum in Penny’s mouth for sure. Her tongue felt like it was all the way up his ass now licking and sucking his hole and with Penny’s mouth and hands working his cock he couldn’t take it any longer.

“Fuck I’m going to cum” Dan moaned

“Cum, cum right in this dirty little slut’s mouth” Cindy said as now she had a finger up Dan’s ass which was more than he could take and he felt the first stream of cum leave his cock and shoot in to Penny’s mouth. Penny continued to suck him until he was totally empty.

Dan rolled off and looking up he saw Cindy lean down and kiss Penny on the mouth their tongues mingling together with Dan’s cum.

“Umm, he tastes good doesn’t he momma” Penny said

“Yes, he does.” Cindy said.

“Now we might have to give him a few minutes before he is able to fuck up both. Why don’t you go get the toy box?” Cindy told Penny

“Toy box?” Dan asked

“Yes, we like to keep a few things to have a little fun here in the apartment” Cindy explained to Dan as Penny came back with a small tool box. When she opened the box it was filled with all manner of sex toys, dildos, vibrators, cock rings and some things Dan had never seen before.

Penny took out a large double head dildo and asked “Can we play with this until Dan is ready?”

“Yes, that is a good idea. I think watching will be just the ticket to get Dan hard again” Cindy said.

So Penny and Cindy laid down on the bed next to Dan and started kissing each other. Dan could not believe this was for really, how lucky was he to have found this apartment. Then the girls were fondling each others breasts and taking turns sucking each others nipples. Dan could feel his cock start to come back to life.

Then Cindy stood up on her knees and placed one end of the dildo up her pussy. Penny leaned forward and started moving the dildo in and out of her mother’s pussy. Then Cindy pushed Penny back on the bed positioning the other in of the dildo and sliding it into Penny’s waiting cunt. Then she started to fuck her, pumping the dildo in and out both of the pressing their hips towards the other fucking each other.

Dan’s cock was back up at full attention watching this mother and daughter fuck each other with this dildo between them. Moaning and grabbing each others breast, kissing each other on the mouth. Dan reached in and started to fondle first Penny’s breasts then Cindy’s.

“Do you want to fuck my daughter?” Cindy asked Dan

“Yes, yes I do very much.” Dan told her

“Ok she is all yours’ Cindy said as she pulled the dildo from Penny’s pussy and Dan took her place between Penny’s legs.

As Dan looked down at the young girls face she said “Fuck me hard”. Dan plunged his cock into her pussy. Her pussy was so wet and tight it felt like a velvet vice on his cock. Cindy came a straddled Penny’s face, turned facing Dan so she could watch as his cock plunged into her young daughters pussy.

“Harder Dan she can take it she likes it hard” Cindy told him.

Dan pushed Penny’s legs up much like he had done her mother the night before. Pounding his cock into her pussy. He could feel his balls slapping against her as with each stroke of his cock. Cindy got up and was over in the toy box looking for something. Dan couldn’t think about her he as too intense on fucking this girl senseless.

“Fuck me harder” Penny cried out.

Dan continued to pound his cock into her pussy. Then Cindy seemed to have found what she was looking for in the toy box and was coming back to the bed. Dan again felt her hand on his ass and her fingers again finding his asshole, but now it felt like she was apply lube to his ass. He couldn’t think straight all he could do was continue to fuck this beautiful young girl.

Then he felt it, this was not a finger Cindy was now pressing into his ass.

“Just relax and keep fucking her” Cindy whispered

The dildo hurt as it worked it’s way up Dan’s ass, but he some how managed to never miss a beat with his pounding in Penny’s pussy. Cindy was now working it in and out of his ass in rhythm with his strokes.

“I’m going to cum!” Penny screamed and with that Cindy quickened her assault on Dan’s ass and within seconds Dan was ready to cum.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming” Dan said as he pulled his cock free of Penny’s pussy and found Cindy’s waiting mouth to take him in. Cindy sucked his cum out as well as sucking her daughter pussy juice clean of his cock.

They all three collapsed on the bed exhausted.

“Well Dan now that I see you are willing to help around the house I am willing to knock some off the rent.” Cindy told him. “As long as you keep us serviced you can stay as long as you want”

“I will be your toy as long as you want to play” Dan said with a smile.

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