Fulfiling Old Couple’s Fantasy


After working several weeks, providing mature clients with a ‘personal service’…with the emphasis on ‘personal’, at the fantasy fuck store, Heather told me that some ladies like role-playing which was difficult to do in the store. Heather said to me,

“So I started a home lingerie fitting service, to fulfil their sexual role-playing fantasies. What do you think, Ken?”

“Well, Heather, first I will only help ladies between 60 and 80, and they must wear girdles and have hairy fannies. Apart from those conditions, I am willing to have a go. In fact, role-playing is much more interesting as it increases the build-up to the climax.”

“Ken,” Heather paused. Then continued to say, “All our clients love to wear foundation garments and as you know, they very rarely trim their pubes. From what clients have said, you have a very erotic imagination and make them feel really good about themselves, so I think you will do well.”

Looking through her home visits list. She asked me, “Would you like to see Pat Rogers?”

“She is 68 and a retired school teacher. I think you will love her fat size 20 body. She asked for a fitting for our new front and back cut-out open bottom girdle, and other bits and pieces that I have put in the sample box. I must also add, Ken, she is an outrageous exhibitionist.”

Parking outside Pat’s bungalow everything looked very middle class nice and neat. You would not think that inside was a randy lady wanting to have a sexy time. And when she opened the door I thought I was at the wrong address. There in front of me was a homely type, modestly clothed and, what I call, well upholstered older lady.

“Hello Ken. Do come in, go through to the lounge, my husband will join us in a minute.”

Husband! Pat hadn’t said he was going to join us, I thought. Having made a cup of coffee, Pat explained.

“Ken, I didn’t mention to Heather that Bill, my husband would be present, because it was difficult but she did say that you were very understanding and sympathetic to a client’s needs. So let me explain what we need – apart from new lingerie, that is. Over the years, as I am sure you’ve noticed, a long-married couple’s sex life can become dull and, dare I say it, boring. So last week we had a very honest chat about fantasies. Mine is basically showing off and doing all sorts of naughty things. Bill owned up to being turned on by watching me showing and playing with another man and…then as we both wanted, was for him and you to fuck me at the same time- one up my cunt and the other up my shitter.”

One thing I really do get turned on by is so-called conservative ladies is hearing them unleash really dirty and highly erotic language.

Pat went on, “There I’ve said güvenilir bahis it. It sounds so much sexier when using dirty words? I’m quite hot already. But first, let me try on that new high-cut girdle. Bill loves to see me show off. Bill, can you come in? Ken is ready for the show.”

Bill strode over, thanked me and shook my hand. He was about 5.7 and looked like an accountant.

“Thanks very much for this Ken; it will really help us spice things up. At our age it takes longer to get everything going which is why we started role-playing”.

At that point, I noticed Pat had slipped out. “You might think that what we want to do is perverted – and maybe it is – but I think, knowing your proclivities you will cum buckets. Although Pat is a big woman, she knows how to please me – and you as well”.

With that build-up, I could feel my cock turning into a lazy lob.

“Bill, don’t go making me out to be a sex siren – I just love showing off and fucking, as you well know”, said Pat as she walked in wearing just a housecoat. “Now Ken, let me try on that new girdle.”

I pulled it from the sample case and opened it up to show her. Well, it wasn’t like any open bottom girdle I had ever seen. Made from sheer see-through spandex it had a half-moon cut out in the bottom at the front and back. “This is interesting, what’s the reason for it?”

“I like showing off, but when we go out on our ‘flashing’ days. Bill has always wanted me to show my hairy cunt. With a normal girdle, all those lovely dirty men can only see is like a black blob. With this, they can clearly see my lovely hairy vulva, labia lips, and more.”

“Go on girl, show him,” prompted Bill. As Bill continued, “Ken loves a really hairy woman.”

“Ken, now don’t be alarmed.” As she slipped off the housecoat, I could see what Pat meant. From her lovely soft flabby belly button to the tops of her milky white-dimpled thighs she was a real feast of hair, already glistening with her cunt juices.

Staring at my fully erect cock, she said “Oh look, Bill darling, come over and look at his lovely boner and I haven’t done a thing yet.”

From what Bill said about taking longer to get aroused and she wanting the two of us to fuck her, it stood to reason that they both might enjoy a bit of male-to-male handling as well. With Bill now next to me and looking at my pecker straining against my trousers he said. “You love all that hair don’t you, well; it goes all the way up to her arse. Turn round and bend over honey.”

“Now, Ken, what do you make of that?” Without any inhibitions, Pat turned around, knelt over the arm of the sofa, and pulled her massive bum cheeks apart, revealing a really hairy and delightful puckered shit hole.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri could not resist it, especially as Bill’s crotch area was showing signs of excitement, my hand went onto it, and gently massaged it. I took a risk and said, “Bill, we’re both big boys by the looks of things, why doesn’t Pat show us how she likes to flash herself. It will be a good try out of the new Girdle. What say you, Pat?”

“What a great idea, Ken, you two get comfy and I will be back in a few minutes.”

Settled on the sofa I asked Bill if he enjoyed his wife exposing herself to other men. He said that it gave him a big kick to think that those men gawping at her extremely hairy cunt would love to fuck her. It turned him on especially when they came home and talked about it. “Which is why Ken, we want to take it to actually doing it.”

“To be absolutely frank Bill, I am looking forward to helping you both.

My only problem at the moment is that what Pat is doing to my cock, I will need to cum before the fucking begins. Feel it, Bill, I’m dribbling”. Giving him the green light, he started taking down my trousers letting our dicks free he grabbed mine.

“When Pat gives us a show, she’ll be delighted to see us wanking. I can hear her coming”.

Pat might be a size 22 but as she came into the room dressed like a gorgeous high-class lady of the night, she took me by complete surprise when compared to the person that opened the front door.

A discreet low cut blouse highlighted her still reasonably upright braless tits and very big jutting nipples in the centre of massive areolas. Her seemingly pencil skirt stretched tight across her fat belly and came to just above the knee, but I noticed hidden side pleats as she sat down opposite us.

“Now boys, I can see that you are getting there, so let me give you a boost. But first let’s imagine that Bill and I are sitting opposite you Ken, at a posh hotel having a civilised drink. I notice you looking at me and Bill says, “look at this dirty perv ‘he’s— ogling your legs and tits. That dirty sod wants a show, give it to him, you know you want too.”

“Now, Ken, you have to know that normally, — my punter can only see my legs under the table. First I move my arse forward like this”.

On saying that she slid forward on the chair opposite- and pulling up her skirt ever so slowly, opened her legs and fat thighs. Now really wide I could see the effect of the new girdle. Pat’s lovely and full hairy cunt mound was fully displayed.

“Look, Bill, he likes my cunt. Look at his massive hard-on”.

“Go on darling”, Bill paused, then continued to say, “do what you do to really get them going, I love this bit”… Pat then put her hand between iddaa siteleri her fat thighs and started wanking.

Bill started rubbing mine and his now much-enlarged cock which was really thick and dribbling pre cum.

Don’t be shy boys; your big fat cocks are getting me really wet.

We were literally all wanking in time. Seeing such a love cunt being rammed with at least four of her fingers and our thick dicks enjoying a different hand, it was only a few minutes before Bill and I cummed what felt like buckets.

Oh, that’s really good boys. Furiously, ramming her fingers into herself she shouted, “fucking hell Bill, I am cumming.” Suddenly a massive spurt of piss shot right onto us and she slumped back absolutely drained.

After we cleaned up and relaxed a little, I could see that Pat and Bill wanted more.

“Ken”, she said. Walking over to me. As she continues to say, “Look at this lovely girdle, it literally pushes down onto my fanny but leaves space for fucking.” She paused, as she turned around and continued to say, “My really fat arse is open to offers”.

“Go on feel it,” she said. As soon as I started rubbing my hands up her milky thighs and over her hairy arse, my cock sprang to attention. She smiled and said, “Oh look Bill, he’s rock hard again, what fun.” Bill stood up and straight away she caressed his cock. As she said, “Bill takes longer to get a hard-on than you Ken. So, I want both of you to stimulate me before we go to bed.”

With my hand on her arse and Bill fingering her clit and sucking on her bullet nipples, she opened her cheeks showing me her hairy arse, and said, “Go ahead Ken, finger fuck my shitter”. She was so wet it was easy to slip in first one then two and finally three fingers. In and out, it was indescribable. By now I could see that Pat’s hand fondling Bill’s cock and swinging balls had the effect she and he wanted.

“Now let’s go upstairs and complete our fantasy with Ken. Bill sweetheart”.

It was a massive king-size bed that Pat let us into. As she was walking she was holding our dicks like a lead. We lay down with her in the middle, wearing just her girdle. “Boys, I am really ready for it now, so let’s get fucking”.

She straddled Bill, impaling her fat cunt onto his rod, then bending forward she offered her puckered shit hole. “Well put it in Ken and give me all you’ve got”.

We went at it like jackrabbits two into one, I could feel Bill’s dick in her which was really great for all of us. And when I started rubbing those luscious tits and nipples, she was bucking all over the place. It seemed to go on forever, but in reality, only lasted about five minutes as we were all so sexed up.

With me Flopping off and Pat lifting herself from Bill’s limp dick, she lay back and pulled up her legs showing us the cum dripping from cunt and arse.

“Now, that’s what I call a fantasy come true in every sense, don’t you Ken?”

Well, who was I to argue with her?

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