Further Adventures with Angela




Angela is my housekeeper and as you may have read in my first story. I introduced her to the delights of anal sex in the car park of my golf club. She loved the experience so much she left her husband and moved in as my live in housekeeper the following day.

After experiencing her voracious sexual apatite I described Angela as a fucking machine, after only six weeks have passed I am beginning to realise just how accurate that description was. Angela has continued to cook, clean and shop for me but she has also fucked my brains out, demanding that I fulfil her myriad of sexual fantasies.

Angela, I quickly realised was turning into a nymphomaniac. This morning I woke up to find my cock buried deep into her throat, her head was bobbing as she sucked it greedily. When my cock became hard, Angela squealed in delight straddled, me and rode on my cock for an age. I lay back revelling in the site of Angela’s pert tits bouncing up and down as she rammed my stiff cock deep into her cunt.

Angela was stimulating her clit and brought herself to a very noisy orgasm. Not content with climaxing once Angela then straddle my face and whist I was licking and tonguing her cunt, she kneaded her magnificent breasts and pinched her elongated nipples until she came again, depositing her sweet sticky fluids into my mouth.

Waking up and watching Angela pleasure herself in this fashion, was a very sensual experience. She was a very beautiful, lithe sex toy that needed no batteries and no preparation she was always ready and willing to fuck. It didn’t matter where in the house Angela was, or what she was doing, having sex was her passion she would fuck at the slightest touch of her sensitive nipples or cunt, overjoyed to be admired and desired. I had described Angela as a fucking machine whilst she described me as her Killer Cock transporter.

One afternoon I was working in my office when Angela entered, she asked if I would mind if she invited her closest friend round to the house for coffee. I told her that this was her home, and she could invite her friends to visit whenever she wished.

As a reward Angela dropped onto her knees, crawled into the well of my desk,took my cock out of my pants and gave me one of her special blow jobs. She licked and sucked greedily on my cock and repeatedly slid it deep into her receptive throat. Whilst Angela, who now never wore panties, was performing this wonderful service, her fingers were probing her cunt and stimulating her clitoris until we both came. I shot my semen deep into Angela’s throat, whilst she came onto the carpet beneath my desk. “I’ll clean that up later.” said Angela’s muffled voice in my groin.

As she crawled from under the desk she popped her smiling face up above it, complaining that the downside of me coming into her throat was that she didn’t get to taste my salty semen. Then she told me she was meeting her friend Janet at the Gym and would invite her back for coffee.

When I confirmed that was fine with me Angela leaned over the desk and kissed me, telling me I was the most wonderful and generous man she had ever met. The fact that I also had a huge cock, and was a glorious fuck was a real bonus. Angela’s observations did my ego no harm at all. After she left to go to her gym class I carried on working in my office and speculated what her friend would look like. I had no idea having not previously met any of her friends.


At around 3-30p.m. in the afternoon Angela returned home, I knew she wasn’t alone, as I could hear her talking to someone in the hall. After a few minutes trying to work curiosity got the better of me and I went downstairs for a coffee, in reality I wanted to meet Angela’s friend Janet, as she was introduced to me, was sitting on a tall stool at the breakfast bar drinking a cup of coffee. I shook her small hand, and told her I was pleased to meet any friend of Angela’s.

Janet replied that it was nice to finally meet me, she had heard so much about me from Angela. “All of it good I hope?” I responded smiling.

“Very good indeed.” replied Janet accenting the very. Janet’s face was flushed when she shook my hand, I saw her glanced down at my crotch, her face coloured even more when she realised I had seen her look. Angela immediately burst into fits of laughter and said. “I thought that went rather well. Now you’ve met Janet, off you go back upstairs and leave us to gossip, I’ll make you a coffee and bring it up in a minute.”

I smiled and told Angela, that I knew when I wasn’t wanted and returned to my little office in the small bedroom located above the kitchen. As I walked up the staircase, I heard Angela and Janet both laughing and clearly heard Angela asking her friend. “Did you really have to stare at Ken’s cock like that?”

Janet replied “Was I really that obvious? I couldn’t help myself after hearing what you were doing with it before you came to the gym.”

Both of them were laughing fit to burst as I Demetevler Escort continued up the stairs to my office. Angela walked in a minute or so later with my cup of coffee, I asked. “Did I just overhear that you told Janet you had been sucking my cock before you went to the gym.?

“I couldn’t tell her in the gym there is no privacy there, so I told her in the car on the way home.” Angela replied.

I couldn’t believe my ears and asked. “Have you told her anything else about our sex life?”

Angela was completely frank. “Yes, everything and in detail, Janet loves hearing what I get up to, it turns her on too. Why is it a secret, are you a bit of a closet prude on the quiet?”

I told her. “I’m no prude, you can tell her what you like we have nothing to hide or be ashamed of.”

Angela left the room and returned to the kitchen, seconds later they both burst into fits of laughter again. I realised that if I was quiet, I could overhear their conversation. Janet spoke first, asking Angela if she had told me that she was privy to the intimate details of our sex life. Angela confirmed that she had, and that I was quite relaxed about it, which was a slight exaggeration. Janet replied that she had better go home before I came down she would not be able to look me in the eye.

Angela told her not to be so silly, she hadn’t looked me in the eye the first time we met she’d looked straight at my cock. Both of them were laughing and giggling and clearly enjoying themselves. I decided it would be impolite to eavesdrop on their private conversation and tried to get on with my work. I just couldn’t concentrate, and was thinking about Angela and Janet discussing our love life, also how Janet had looked at my crotch when we first met.

I could hear Janet’s piercing laughter clearly in my office it was very infectious and carefree. I began to think about my first impression of her. She was a well spoken and very attractive woman, with long curly ginger hair styled very similar to Angela’s, it hung down onto her shoulders. She was about the same age as Angela, but at 5-02inches she was quite a lot smaller.

Janet had a slim and athletic figure with firm breast, I saw her tiny nipples protruding under the thin pink training top that clung to, and accentuated her large firm breasts. I couldn’t fail to notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra and didn’t need one. Janet’s pretty face was fully made up and had a ready smile, which displayed her beautiful white teeth. All things considered she was a very attractive woman. Her bright ginger hair was the thing that fascinated me most I couldn’t help wondering if her collar and cuffs matched.

I found it hard to get Janet’s intimate knowledge of our sex life out of my head. At around 5-30p.m Angela called up the stairs telling me that Janet was leaving. Janet also called up to say goodbye, adding that it had been a pleasure to finally meet me and hoped we would meet again very soon. Angela and Janet again burst into fits of laughter as they were leaving the house to walk to Janet’s car.


I gave up my futile attempts to write, and made my way downstairs to join Angela, and find out what we were having for dinner. We decided to have sandwiches, which we ate sitting at the breakfast bar. Angela asked me what I thought of her friend, I replied that Janet seemed nice. Angela retorted. “Nice is that all you can say about her, that’s not very complimentary. Your curtains are nice, and your carpet is nice too. Janet isn’t nice, she’s a very beautiful and vivacious woman she also has a fantastic body.”

I didn’t reply, prompting Angela to enquire. “Do you fancy her I bet you’d like to fuck her?”

“I only met her for a few seconds a couple of hours ago what kind of a question is that?” I countered.

Angela ignored my response, telling me. “Janet fancies you something rotten and she’s desperate to fuck you.”

I was totally taken aback and asked. “What on earth makes you say that?”

Angela replied. “She told me, this afternoon, she already knows you have a big cock, and how well you can use it. She wanted to judge for herself instead of always hearing about it from me, I told her she could, if you wanted to.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “You told your friend Janet, that she could fuck me?”

Angela giggled and replied. “Yes only if you wanted to, after all I don’t own you, you’re not my exclusive property. I’m your housekeeper and you fuck me, wonderfully I might add, am I wrong?”

I had to laugh at Angela honest appraisal of our situation and asked “Are you telling me that you honestly wouldn’t mind if I fucked your best friend.”

My cock was already stirring at the very notion of discovering, if Janet’s pubes really did match her bright ginger hair. I told Angela that I knew nothing about the woman, having met her only a few hours earlier.

Angela replied. “Let me see where shall I begin, we’ve known each other Otele gelen escort for years, Janet is my closest friend. We go to the gym together two or three times a week, also we tell each other everything.”

I interrupted “I already know that, now tell me about Janet, is she married for a start?”

Angela told me that Janet was sort of married. I replied laughing. “Janet can’t be sort of married, she’s either married, or she isn’t. Who is she sort of married to?”

Angela told me to stop asking so many questions and just listen without constantly interrupting her then continued. “She’s married to the vicar, at the church I used to attend.”

I almost choked on my sandwich, asking Angela. “She’s married to a vicar if I fucked her, I could get excommunicated.”

“The Catholic Church does that, not the Church of England, and anyway you never go, so shut up talking and just listen. Angela knew that I was making fun of her and feigned exasperation.

She continued to tell me that Janet’s husband came home around eight months ago and told her he had contracted a sexually transmitted disease, and she would have to go to the Hospital to be tested. Janet had gone berserk, after hearing her husband had been having an affair with an eighteen year old parishioner who had passed the infection onto him.

“Let me get this right, you want me to fuck a vicar’s wife, who has an STD.” I enquired.

Angela looked sternly at me, telling me. “Janet is not infected her test came back clear. She moved into the spare bedroom, and has slept there ever since she found out.” Angela asked me if Janet’s situation was beginning to sound at all familiar.

Janet had told her that because she was the wife of a vicar, divorce was not an easy option, but she was thinking of leaving her husband. I sympathised, telling Angela. “That must be very awkward, it’s a shame Janet’s been placed in such an awkward situation, through no fault of her own.”

Angela continued on, telling me that Janet had first told her about her problem, knowing that she was not having sex with George. After a couple months sleeping alone, Janet told her that she was experiencing unbearable sexual tension, and asked how Angela coped with the problem. She had told Janet about buying the book, Deep Throat, and how she often masturbated whilst reading it. “That’s how it all started, I loaned her the book, and it worked for her as well. Now we tell each other everything we do or feel. Janet is like my twin sister, we are almost inseparable.”

I observed “That’s how you came to tell her you were sucking my cock this morning that explains a lot, have you told her anything else?”

Angela replied that of course she had, she told Janet that she would love to fuck me after her first day working as my housekeeper. “And I told her about Christmas at the golf club dinner when you fucked me in the ass for the very first time” Adding “Hearing about what it felt like to have your big cock in my ass really turned Janet on she was playing with her cunt and came all over her bed.”

My eyes went wide at Angela’s lurid description of Janet masturbating whilst she recounted the details of her first anal sex. “Janet was masturbating whilst you were in her bedroom?” I asked.

“Yes I was doing it as well, we both used to do it when we got really randy.” Angela replied in matter of fact tones.

“Do you do anything else with Janet?” I asked

“We Sixty Nine each other occasionally, that started when I got really turned on one day showing Janet how to masturbate properly. It just seemed the natural thing to do we used to try to come at the same time. Is this turning you on?” Angela enquired.

“Am I getting turned on? My cock is as hard as steel.” I replied honestly.

Angela enquired “Would you like to watch us we aren’t lesbians we’re just two women desperate to have sex and frustrated to be missing out.”

I pushed my chair back from the table allowing Angela to see the raging erection trying to burst out of my trousers. When she saw it she said. “You really are turned on I’ll have to do something about that, hang on one second while I get the phone.”

Why do you want the telephone?” I asked.

“I’m going to phone Janet and let her listen she’ll love it and will probably start masturbating. You don’t mind do you?”

Not waiting for my answer Angela grabbed the phone and dialled Janet’s number when she answered Angela said “Make yourself comfortable and listen to this while you play with cunt, if you are not doing that already” Angela held the phone to my crotch as she pulled down the zip on my trousers describing to Janet what she was doing.

Angela put the phone to my ear and I heard Janet ask. “Are you going to suck Ken’s cock, Oh my god I wish I could watch?”

Angela kept up a commentary over the phone describing to Janet exactly what she was doing and holding the phone close to my cock as she slurped noisily on it. Balgat Escort Janet asked if Angela was going to fuck me. When Angela confirmed that she was she held the phone to my ear and I heard Janet asked if she could listen.

Janet was breathing heavily as she spoke and I presumed that she was masturbating. The situation was quite bizarre and extremely erotic. Angela straddled me and guided my stiff cock into her slippery cunt and resumed her commentary adding sound effects by holding the handset close to her cunt. Janet could hear the sound made by my cock as it slid in and out of Angela.

Angela instructed Janet what she should be doing as she listened to us copulating. She told her to shove the wet fingers of one hand into her ass whilst her other fingers stimulated her cunt and clit. After a couple of minutes all three of us were getting really turned on. Angela told Janet that as she was nearly coming she was going to stick my large throbbing cock in her ass and ride on it until she had an orgasm. She instructed Janet to get her largest vibrator and jamb it into her ass.

Angela impaled her ass of my throbbing cock and slid up and down upon it panting heavily but still managed to keep up her commentary to Janet telling her. “Ken is going to make us both come at the same time if we are very lucky are you nearly there?”

Angela placed the phone close to my ear so I could hear Janet thrashing about and moaning I could even hear the muffled sound of the vibrator buzzing away in Janet’s ass. Janet started screaming into the telephone. “Angela I’m coming I can’t hold it back any longer.”

Angela told Janet that she was coming too as she smashed my cock deep into her ass she forced me release my semen into her bowel. We could hear Janet writhing around on her bed panting and groaning as she climaxed. Angela experienced her own orgasm as soon as I came in her ass. She was thrashing wildly about on my cock but still kept up her panting commentary to Janet. Once we all recovered our breath Angela told Janet I that I had been listening to her vibrator buzzing in her ass. Janet didn’t care telling us the sensation she had felt in her cunt and ass were wonderful. She felt as if I fucked both of them at the same time. “I’m trembling and tingling all over my cunt is throbbing and so is my ass it feels like it’s as wide and as wet as the Mersey Tunnel.”

Angela told Janet “Just wait until Ken slides his cock in your ass it’s a lot thicker and longer than your puny vibrator. At first it will feel like he’s tearing you a new ass but you’ll quickly get used to the pain it doesn’t last long and once your ass relaxes you’ll start to love it.”

Janet protested telling Angela that she was exaggerating the size of my cock trying to scare her off. Angela replied. “No I’m not, come round to the house tomorrow for tea and find out for yourself.”

There was a whoop of delight down the phone as Janet said excitedly, “Ken’s agreed to fuck me, I can’t wait do you think he’ll fuck me in the ass?”

I answered Janet’s question. “I’d be delighted to if that is what you want”

Janet whispered her excited reply “It really is and I just can’t wait thank you Ken, thank you very much. You truly are a wonderful man.”

I handed the handset to Angela who told Janet. “See you tomorrow come round at four o’clock and wear something very sexy.”

Angela switched off the handset and kissed me as she wriggled on my cock still embedded in her receptive ass asking. “Can I stay and watch you fuck Janet’s ass I want to see how she reacts? I think she’ll love it every bit as much as I did?”

“Stay and watch.” I countered you can join in if you like my favourite fantasy involved me fucking two women at the same time I can’t wait for tomorrow either.”

Angela said she could see that as she felt my cock began to rise and stretch her wonderful tight ass. “Well I am not going to require any more lubrication?” Angela observed as she started to slide up and down on my stiff cock. “You will need a lot of sleep to conserve your energy if you are going to fuck both of us tomorrow.”

I told her I thought the plan was for me to fuck Janet while she watched. Angela shook her head vigorously replying. “Not bloody likely if you fuck her you are going to fuck me as well. I might become jealous if you didn’t.”

Angela laughed and resumed bouncing on my cock thrusting it ever deeper into her ass she kissed me passionately and told me “We should go to straight to bed once you’ve made me come again. It shouldn’t take long I’m so turned on just thinking about tomorrow. I know I’m going to dream about it and Janet will too.”


The following morning Angela didn’t wake me in her unusual manner instead she’d gone down to the kitchen where she was cooking a full breakfast, the smell of frying bacon woke me. I put on my dressing gown and made my way down to the kitchen where Angela was plating up a large breakfast and told me. “I’m trying to build you up before Janet arrives. You’re going to need to conserve all your energy so I don’t want you working today.”

I admitted to Angela I was feeling a little apprehensive and was beginning to doubt my ability to satisfy the sexual appetites of two women. Angela tried to calm my nerves telling me “You’ll be fine you have a Killer Cock and plenty of stamina what more can any woman want?”

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