G.R.I.T.S Editted


I decided to add what would of been a second part to the already posted first part to add length to the story.

G.R.I.T.S. that what we call them: Girls raised in the South. I’ve been to Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South and North Carolina, and Virginia. That’s not a lot of states but I know the farther north I go the fewer gorgeous women I see. This could be because of bad timing, but anyway this is my mind blowing season with the local bombshells and their mother who was the definition of Milf. In my small town in north Georgia there was plenty of girls that were pretty, but there was two that stood out among the rest. They were sisters, Sadie and Macy Swift. Sadie was 18 a year older than me; she was the girl all the guys went after. She was 5’7” wavy dirty blonde hair, sporting a set of D’s that looked amazing with her flat stomach. Her legs were long, slim, and tan that ran into a nice round ass. She had the repetition of shutting all the guys down when they asked her out or tried to make any move on her, which caused a lot of guys to give up on her. I happened to work with her at the local sports store it was the only one for miles and had several different counties come to it. I would spend my afternoons restocking the shelves, making shirts for the local little league teams, or admiring God’s work in making Sadie.

Her sister was a year younger than me. Her body was different than her sisters. She was little shorter than her maybe about 5’5” her body was a little different her but hair the same long wavy dirty blonde that went down her back. Again just like her sister sported. Her tits were not as big as her sisters. They were a solid B possibly a C. She had wide hips that supported a fat ass which rocked back and forth when she walked.

I was the typical playboy, which was my repetition in the school. Even though I had only been with a two girls in my sexual life. I was always bouncing from one girl to another. Well more like I had a cycle of certain girls that were of questionable repetition. They had no problem being with me because I was the schools ace pitcher, quarterback and overall cocky son of a bitch. Many of the guys hated me but my best friend was Sam he was the schools middle linebacker and overall bad ass. We were friends for as long as I could remember. I guess that’s how a quarterback and a linebacker become friends. We ran the school along with a few of our other friends. Besides sports the Swift sisters was one of the only things we focused on.

One Friday morning Sam comes up to me in the school parking “Dude Mom and Pop are leaving to visit my grandparents in Mississippi” I replied kind of confused by his excitement “Cool? Are you going” “Hell no, I’m staying here I’m not riding all the way to Mississippi.” I countered with “Alright well why are you so excited.” Finally with a shit eating grin he said “they are leaving, we have a cabin out in the woods, and there are no neighbors for miles, its right on the river.” His broken sentences were his attempts to make points without having to say reason 1 and etc. “OHHHH! I got you! When are you going to throwing this party Friday night or Saturday night?” “Both nights” He replied. I shook my head laughing “you know you are crazy right” laughing her said “Yea but that’s why I have scholarship offers and you don’t.” He was always giving me slack about not getting any major division 1 offers. That day flew by we were inviting all the people we could. I was the one who got saddled with asking the Swift girls to the party. As I approached Sadie and Macy, I said “hey gorgeous, Sam is throwing a party at the cabin tonight y’all two are more than welcome to come.” Giving a wink as I said it, which caused Sadie to shake her head in disgust Macy snickered little. “You know what Yea I will go” said Macy. Sadie’s mouth dropped at the shock of what her sister said. “BYOB right?” she asked. “Yea, if you as long as you don’t plan on driving back” I said. She smiled and said she would see me there. As I walked off smiling I turned back around to see Sadie giving her sister a stern look and was talking to her firm.

Once we got out of school Sam immediately called his brother who was at the local community college asking him if he could furnish us a keg or two for the night. His brother had been cool about it ever since we caught him fucking the preachers “angel” of a daughter. So we met up with him and handed over all the cash we had. He managed to get us two kegs and he loaded it in his truck and followed us out to the cabin. We got the kegs set up and the bonfire wood chopped and piled for later that night. As the people started showing up, we started partying. Once Macy rolled up the party stopped. She hopped out of her red rag top Jeep wearing a short denim skirt and a tight white tank top that showed off her cleavage. She immediately walked over to me and tossed me her keys. I smiled and said “valet parking will cost you.” She smirked and walked over to get her a cup. After mingling around a bit Macy and I managed to cross paths. Our eyes caught and I could feel the tension between us. Later that night after most of the people had left it was just all the ones drunk and my buddies. We were all sitting around the fire on the wooden benches that Sam and his brother had built. I was chilling, sipping on my solo cup of coors light. When Macy walked over she sat down beside me and placed her head on my shoulder.

It was a shock to the guys but I calmly place my arm around her. Shortly we were cuddled up on the bench I went to make my first move. I leaned in a place my lips on hers. The kiss was like lightning flowing through our body. Shortly after that first kiss we were full on making out. She had swiveled over and was now straddling me. I had my hands firmly on her ass for a while. She started to grind a bit as our lips continued to wrestle with each other. Soon she broke free and grabbed my hand and led me to the cabin. The cabin had several rooms it was big enough to sleep ten people or so.

She led me to the first room. Once the door closed our lips met again. This time I immediately şişli bayan escort started sliding my hands under her tank top. With her back pressed up against the door she felt for the door handle and locked it. As I reached her bra I slide my hands to her back and released the hooks freeing her tits. I ran my hands around her sides tickling her, which caused her to laugh and squirm. She slide her tank top off and she pushed me onto the bed and unzipped her skirt. Dropping her panties and skirt at the same time I was in heaven. She crawled on the bed and kissed me. I grabbed her ass firmly. Once I released my grip on her ass I slide my hand under her to her pussy which I could feel was hot. I leaned up and removed my shirt as she kissed down my body I removed my jeans and boxers. She was on all fours with her hair flowing down she grabbed hold of my rock hard cock. With a smile on her face she raised her head and she said “And my sister said you would have a small prick.” “I think I’m in love with your cock, it’s so big.” As she stroked her hand up and down my shaft. She soon had my head in her mouth. She was bobbing up and down on my dick. I could feel her sliding forth down my shaft in no time she was deep throating me without gagging. I had my hands tangled in her hair struggling to not blow my load. She withdrew my cock from her mouth and smiled knowing I was about to blow she took me deep in her mouth again I could feel my head hit the back of her throat and I was done I blew my first shot down her throat. She withdrew a little catching the rest of my hot cum in her mouth. She pulled away from my cock and slide up my body straddling me she raised up and placed my cock in her pussy. I slide in with no problem bottoming out, which was kind of a surprise.

We all knew she was great at giving head, but none of us figured she had sex before only because nobody knew of anyone who had slept with her. Soon as I pressed up against her cervix she started riding me hard. Thrusting up and down on my dick like a wild woman. She loved my cock throwing her head back as she grinded on my cock once she hit bottom. Screaming “old my god. I fills me up so good.” I was trying to hold on best I could as she rode my dick. She was moaning with every thrust we made. She made one last violent thrust down on my dick and I could feel her pussy start clamping down on my dick. She started grinding her clit on my pelvic bone as she came on my dick I couldn’t hold it back I sank my hips into the bed and rammed back up into her pussy spewing my cum in her tight pussy. We both collapsed and nodded off to sleep.

I woke up first the next day with Macy cuddled up next to me I slowly slide out of bed smiled. I threw on my jeans and walked into the kitchen looking to see what groceries Sam had stocked up prior to the party. I looked in the fridge and every cabinet. There wasn’t even a grain of rice in the entire kitchen it was completely bare. So I walked back to the room. As soon as I walked in Macy was starting to awake. She smiled as she struggled to wake up. I said “Hey there’s nothing to eat here, do you want to run back to town and grab some breakfast.” “she smiled and said “Yea, let’s go.”

She said we could take her Jeep. So she flipped me the keys and off we went. As we rode down the road I couldn’t stop smiling knowing that I had just hit the jackpot I continued to glance over at her and her hair blowing in the wind. Once we got into town I rolled up to the grocery store and as we got out we looked over and saw Sadie. Macy kissed me on the check and said “I will be right back.” She ran over to her sister who didn’t look happy to see us together. I walked in and grabbed a cart and started grabbing enough cereal and milk for 10 people. I saw the girls walk in the door and Sadie was slack jawed obviously not believing what Macy was talking about. Soon I had everything we need and I paid for it and loaded it in her Jeep. She came out a few seconds later she said bye to her sister and hopped in. As we headed back I asked, “so is this long term?” she blushed and said “Yea, I like you and that cock of yours is at least keeping around for a little while.” Smirking as she said it. She said “I have to tell you one thing first though. I’m going to have to share you though.” I was kind of taken back at this comment “Share me?” “Yeah” she said. I countered, “With who?” she blushed and said “With my sister … and mom. I want to tell you this because I didn’t want you to freak out when I invited you over and my sister and mom are nude.” I was in pure shock; I didn’t know what to think I was excited but kind of uncomfortable about it, but I couldn’t let this bombshell and her sister get away.

We went back to the cabin to dropped off the food and wake the others. As everyone got rounded up we ate and decided to clean up what mess we had made. We rounded up all the beer cans, solo cups, and liquor bottles. Once we were through we all decided we would load up and go eat at the local diner. Walt’s wings and things was the local bar and grill. We would all go through Thursday nights to eat wings and Friday after the football games to eat, drink, and talk about the events that unfolded. So we all walked in and grabbed the biggest table. We were all eating and recalling the night’s events when Sadie walked through the door. She walked over to our table and sat and chatted for a while. Getting up to go join what looked like to be an older sister and her grandparents. As we sat and ate, the older sister kept looking over my way making eye contact with me as she sucked the wing flavoring off her fingers. Every time it would happen Macy would shake her head and laugh.

Once we finished Macy and I went back to her house. Once we closed the door she stopped there in the entrance way. Smiling she said, “There’s a rule in this house you must know.” “What’s that” I asked. She laughed again and said “no clothes allowed.” I cocked a grin and she dropped her skirt and panties and removed her top. As I looked on she was standing there in all her glory. She fixed her hair and said “Your turn.” I laughed and shed my clothes off. şişli escort She led me over to the couch once I was in front of the couch she pushed me down on it. “What’s your favorite body part of mine? Is it my tit’s or my ass” Grabbing both as she asked. She was enjoying the fact that I was letting her have a little power over me. As she leaned in she asked, “Well what is it?” as I moved in for a kiss she pulled back saying “You are not touching any part of me until I hear your favorite.” I sat back and grinned “I just don’t know. Can I get a closer look at them all?” She moved in this time our lips met. I leaned back in the couch and she straddled me. I immediately started kneading her ass. She started grinning as I played with her ass. Soon we swiveled and I rolled on top of her. She started stroking my cock as we made out on the couch. As she guided my cock into her, the door swung open. Sadie entered saying, “hey love birds cover up.” As we sat up Macy said, “Sadie you are just jealous.” Coming through the door behind them was who I thought to be there older sister. Macy said “Hi mom” I was confused now. The woman I thought was an older sister Macy had just called mom. She replied with “Hi baby, how was the party?” “Oh mom, it was great.” “well that’s good baby.” She walked up to the couch and said, “Hi I’m Mary.”

As they walked down the hall Macy dropped back under me and slid my cock into her pussy. I was wonderfully confused. Here I am fucking a smoking hot girl as her mom walked around the house. I started driving my cock into her as she played with her tits as she started to softly moan. Soon I heard a noise coming from behind me. I couldn’t look over there because Macy had wrapped her arms around the back of my neck keeping me from pulling out of her. I was sucking on Macy rock hard nipples when I heard another moan coming from the room.

I let go of her nipples and whispered in her ear “Did you hear something?” She laughed and said, “That’s my mom, she enjoys watching a good fuck.” I couldn’t believe it. Not only was I pistoning in an out of Macy her mom was fingering herself in the corner of the room. I could tell Macy was enjoying being watched. She was meeting my thrust with even harder force. She was massaging her tits and pulling on her nipples. Softly saying; “Yea. Yea. Right there. Fuck me deeper. OHHH yea! Right there.” I was fucking her with long hard strokes. She loved the force behind each thrust running her fingers through her hair with each hard thrust. She was starting to get out of breath a flush. She wasn’t going to last much longer. As I shoved one last stroke deep into her cunt. She clamped down on my dick and started to squirm. “OHHHH!” “OH YEAAA!” “OHH MY GOD” As her orgasm subsided. My balls started tightening up and I could feel a load building up as I thrust into her. I yelled out, “im going to cum!” She leaned in and whispered “cum on me, show my dirty mom what kind of a load you can shoot.” I pulled out of her cunt and immediately shot a hot creamy load that landed on her chin. The next shot covered her tits. I shot a few more times with it all pooling up around her naval. I feel back and leaned against the arm rest of the couch throwing my head back not believing how hard I had just came. I raised back up and was surprised to see that not only was Macy trying to scoop up some cum, but her mom was down on her knees licking the cum off her daughter’s body. Once she had licked her daughter’s body clean of my hot cum she moved her way down to Macy pussy. They started 69, right there with me still on the couch. I could see Mary’s tongue flick against Macy’s clit as she held Macy’s pussy lips apart. I could hear Macy’s muffled moans as she was eating out her mom’s pussy.

I could see that Macy was loving the attention her mom was placing on her clit by the movement of her hips. She was shoving her clit onto her moms face wanting her touch more and more. I had already been sporting a nice steel hard cock by the time Sadie walked into the room. She walked up behind me whispering in my ear “Well Macy wasn’t lying about the size.” I leaned back to face her not wanting to take my eyes off what was going on between my legs. She reached over my shoulder and grabbed hold of my rock hard cock. “Let me help you with this beast.” She started stroking my cock all the way from the head to the bottom of my shaft. I could tell she wanted to feel it inside of her by the way she was staring at it and biting her bottom lip. I swung my leg over the Macy and her mom was both two knuckles deep in each other and both had each other’s juices covering their face. I got up from the couch and walked around the arm rest of the couch where Sadie stood. As we met it was more like a collision. We were both horny as any two teens could be. I soon bent her over the arm rest inches from her sister’s wet pussy and her mother’s slick face. Being that Macy had told me the night before that Sadie thought I had a small dick, I was going to make her beg for it. I rubbed the head of my prick up against the inside of her upper thigh up to her wet pussy. Circling the head of my dick around her lips and clit she began to “Just stick that damn thing in!” I let out a laugh and started going down the inside of her other thigh. Once I got far enough down I returned it back to her hot pussy. I began to probe the head of my dick against her snatch teasing her more and more. Moaning “She finally yelled out why are you teasing me?” I laughed and said “Well your sister told me that you thought I had a small dick and I’m not sure if you deserve the entire thing.” She screamed “I’m sorry I’m sorry. Please just put it in.” I laughed and inserted the head of my cock into her soaking wet pussy, she let out a low moan as I pushed deeper and deeper into her pussy. I was sliding deep into her pussy as her mother and Macy both started getting louder and louder both glistening with sweat.

I could see that their mom was close to cumming. She had stopped eating out Macy and I could see her face was wrinkling up. With one swift flick of her tongue Macy set her mother off. She let out a moan and sat her hips down mecidiyeköy escort on her daughters face grinding her clit on her daughters tongue. Sadie was obviously loved watching the two of them. I had long picked up speed up from long and slow to long forceful strokes that made a slap sound with ever thrust. She threw her head back in ecstasy. As I continued to pound into her cunt her legs became weak. She was now just laying moaning deeply, my cock was starting to drive her over the edge. With one swift deep stroke her body clinched up. As I pulled my dick out of her, her orgasm hit her, her body shock and she let loose flow of cum flowed out of her pussy along with my cock. She collapsed on the arm rest gasping she said “Oh wow! That was insane. I’ve never been treated so rough.” Her mom and sister had gotten up from the couch. Their mom went back down the hallway and Macy when into the kitchen.

They both walked back in at the same time with her mom carrying a small chest. Sadie, Macy and I moved to the couch as her mom placed the chest on the floor. The two girls looked on with excitement knowing what was in the box. As she sat there nude she said “Now that you girls have had that wonderful cock I want it, but since you two demand something inside your cunts I figured I would break out the stash for y’all.” As the girls got up to go open the box their mom came and grabbed hold of my cock. “I should of called dibs on this monster.” As she began to stoke my cock her daughters began going through all the sex toys. As Mary began to take my cock in her mouth Sadie and Macy were deciding on the toys they wanted to use. Sadie decided on a nice pink vibrater while Macy decided on a long, thick, flesh looking dildo. As Mary began to bob up and down on my dick, the girls propped up on the floor so they would be able to see their mom work my cock. As their mom started to deep throat me I saw Macy place the head of the dildo in her mouth, lubricating it, while Sadie already had the vibrater in to its base fucking it in and out of her. Their mom was sucking and swirling on my dick like a pro. I couldn’t take her working my dick and her two daughters play with themselves much longer. I ran my fingers in her hair and started throat fucking her. As I forced her head down to my pubic bone Macy slid over to Sadie and started sucking on one of her nice ripe hard nipples. I pulled Mary up and shoved her head back down as Macy forced Sadie on her back. Macy started crawling up Sadie’s body kissing her up her body.

As their lips interlocked I felt my balls tighten. As they kissed Sadie began feeling around the in chest picking up and dropping several items before getting the one she wanted. As Sadie slid a finger into Macy pussy she pulled a double headed dildo out of the chest. I saw the lust in their eyes; I was locked into the moment with them, until Mary deep throated me and I lost control of my load. I shot a load down her throat, pulling out my dick I shot another three across her face. Once my balls were empty Mary got off her knees sat down beside me. As we watched her two daughters insert the double dildo into each other’s pussies Mary gathered all the cum off her face licking her fingers with each little bit she got. We both sat there on the couch watching her daughters on their hands and knees drive their hips back getting as much of the dildo into them. As we watched them Mary started stroking my cock and I began to finger her. I slid one finger in and pump it in and out before sliding a second finger into her pussy. As I slid my fingers in and out of Mary her daughters were feverishly trying to sink deeper and deeper on the dildo they were sharing. They began groping their tits that and rubbing their clits wanting to climax. Finally Sadie pulled the dildo out of her and spun around facing her sister’s ass she grabbed hold of her slick end of the dildo and shoved it into her sister causing her arms to give out and moan loudly. Within moments of Sadie roughly shoving the double headed dildo into her sister Macy was cumming. She was shaking violently and her breathing was scarce.

As Macy sprawled out from exhaustion Mary got off the couch and walked over to were Sadie was still on all fours. Mary spoke up “Ah, you want to treat your sister rough? Do you? You want to fuck her like the little slut she is?” About that time Mary grabbed a strap on out of the box and she attached it to her and forced it down Sadie’s throat. She spun Sadie around and smacked her ass with all the might she had. She said “I’m going to treat you like you treated your sister.” She rubbed the head of the plastic dick along Sadie’s pussy causing her to shutter, as she inserted the strap on she also began to probe Sadie’s asshole. Mary started pulling on Sadie’s long hair and ramming in and out of her daughter like a freight train, slamming up against her almost knocking both to the floor. With each thrust Mary would try to stretch out Sadie’s asshole more and more. Finally she withdrew the strap on and shoved it up her daughter’s ass with no regard. Sadie was squirming and moaning but it wasn’t up to her mother’s approval. So she grabbed the vibrator that Sadie had been using earlier turned it to full power and shoved it into her pussy. This caused Sadie face to wrinkle as she yelled out in pleasure. Finally after a constant slamming she screamed out and her body went limp. We were all spent. Finally Mary got up grabbed us all a bottle of water. The two girls both moved to the couch were I was. As their mother came back into the room she said, “Macy I think you made a good choice!” They all laughed as Macy stroked my cock. Mary said I was welcomed over any time and that this would happen on a regular basis. As I began to throw my clothes back on Macy kissed me and said, “Thanks for the night!” I replied with “no problem” and also mentioned that we was having another one later on that night. She cocked her head sideways and said “I don’t think I can make it and for me not to pick up another girl.” I laughed saying, “Baby what y’all just put me through I don’t think I could manage another girl tonight.” She smiled and kissed me as I walked out to my car. I checked my phone and saw five text and three voicemails all from the guys asking where I was. If only they knew what I had just done.

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