Getting Caught


Getting CaughtI was chatting with a fellow xhamster member, sharing experiences, and when I told about this one, she said I had to post it for everyone to read. Hope you like it as much as she did!I met this guy on a gay site, and we chatted for a bit before setting up a meeting at his place. We both had a panty fetish and he told me he loved to sniff his 19yr old duaghter’s and his wife’s, and said it would be hot to watch me sniff them as he blew me. I agreed and we met the next day. His wife was at work, and his daughter, who was home for the summer from college, was meetining friends at the beach. He called as soon as she left and I arrived there a short time later.He took me down to his livingroom, which was in the basement, and it led Batıkent travesti out back to the pool and backyard, with a patio door. He showed me the panties he had grabbed from his daughter’s room and as we stripped down, he put a pair on as well as her bra. He was chubby, and the panties didn’t cover very well, and he couldn’t do the bra up. I figured if it got him off who was I to judge! I sat on the couch and took the three pairs of dirty panties and looked them over. One was pink cotton briefs, one green cotton booty shorts, and the final were a pair of black thongs that he told me he got out of her gym bag. I sniffed the thongs, and they were ripe with her ass stink. I layed back and sniffed her dirty bum sweat as her dad Çankaya travesti sucked my little dick. I was getting pretty close to cumming, when all of a sudden the patio door opened and this HOT girl walks in, wearing a bikini top and cut off shorts that showed the bottom of her tight little bum! At first she didn’t notice us, but when her eye’s adjusted to the light, she freaked out! He dad was pulling off her bra and as she was asking him what the fuck he was doing in her bra panties, and what a fat naked guy was doing on their couch, he tripped and fell trying to take her panties off. She walked over to him and started hitting him, yelling all sorts fo things and crying. She pretty much ignored me and as she was very close, I could Cebeci travesti clearly see her little bum cheeks poking out the bottom of her shorts! I couldn’t resist, I grabbed my tiny dink and wanked it as fast and as hard as I could staring at her ass, and sniffing her panties. Just as I started to cum I caught the jizz with her other panties and moaned. She turned and saw what I had done and freaked out on me! Telling me to get out and that I was a pervert and told me I was sick for cumming in her panties and sniffing them. As I grabbed my clothes, I handed her the panties which she took but quickly dropped when she felt my cum on them! I did keep her things, and she didn’t notice as I told her I loved smelling her bum and she started hitting me as I ran up the stairs and outside, still nude, and ran to my car! A few nieghbours seen me, and they looked dumbfounded at seeing a fat naked dude run across their street! Anyways, I took off home and never heard from the guy again!

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