Getting the Strangest


My wife Debbie and I got a late start in life. We were in our forties when we got married six years ago. Each having a prior divorce.

By this point life has kicked most people in the teeth a few times. The harsh reality of accidents, injuries, health issues, a nasty divorce, all take a toll. The result is baggage equal to or greater than any assets one may offer a potential mate.

The new love of our life can do that one thing during oral sex that our ex could never get right, and they cook a mean omelette. However their children may hate you and they may owe the I.R.S a hundred grand because their ex pulled a fast one on them.

After seeing my life savings and worldly goods vaporized with a gavel swing as all other aspects of my life were systematically destroyed made even dating impossible for years.

I considered celibacy and a life sentence of pecker pulling a reasonable trade off. Then Debbie came crashing into my life, causing me to see the error of my ways.

Debbie and I met literally by accident when she clipped the side of my parked truck with a large moving van she had rented despite being too short to see over the dashboard.

There was minimal damage, just a small scratch that didn’t concern me. I found her so attractive that I couldn’t focus as she tried giving me her insurance information. I never reported the accident, I was too busy falling for her.

Debbie looked ten years younger than her age and still does today. Her hair was long and naturally blond with no noticeable gray. Her eyes are this unique shade of blue that I can only describe as crystal because they tend to sparkle whenever she smiles.

That’s another thing about Debbie, her frequent smiles are infectious. She is just fun to be with even when times are tough. Ultimately though the thing that attracted me most about Debbie right away is still the same.

Her body makes me want sex the second I see it. I want to rip her clothing off and let my wild animal instincts take over. Savagely taking the primal pleasures my loins demand as I make her mine.

She’s not plump but a little thick and her short stature of just over five feet emphasizes that thickness. Normally this may not be considered a good thing, but Debbie is also very firm and curvy.

Her body has more sharp curves than twenty miles of winding mountain road. Her lush boobs are round with bright pink spikes for nipples and her big ass is amazing. In fact, Debbie’s ass is huge, but curved to a bubble shape like the ones in porn videos.

She keeps her pussy completely shaved the way we both prefer. More smooth surface area allows skin on skin contact thus increased sensitivity during all types of sex. Especially since I can do that one thing orally her ex could not, and many other things with a tongue that is said to be magic.

Debbie’s ex husband remarried and lives at the opposite end of the continent from us. In fact I have never met the man and probably never will.

My ex wife succumbed to a terminal disease three years after our divorce. There are no problems from her either. While sad to see her pass, I felt better about our decision to not have children.

Debbie has a daughter, Lauren who just turned thirty, and is now married to a much older woman than herself named Samantha. They live near us but Debbie has very little contact with Lauren anymore.

When Lauren broke the news of being lesbian to us four years ago Debbie had little reaction, telling me she had always suspected Lauren might be. But there was a distancing that began between mother and daughter since then.

The distance became even more evident when Lauren introduced Samantha to us. Like Debbie, Samantha hides her age well and is also very attractive. The problem Debbie has is that she and Samantha are also the same age.

Debbie feels that the age gap of more than twenty years between Luaren and Samantha is unacceptable and embarrassing. So much so that she would rather not have a relationship with Lauren or get to Know Samantha at all.

I don’t take sides or get involved because its not my place. Truth is, I think life is too short to worry about things like age or orientation when it comes to love.

Love and Lust however are often confused.

Lust is the desire for things perceived by our senses.

Seeing a tone body, the smell of a woman’s arousal, the sweet taste of a kiss, for example. When true, love is a result of desire for things perceived by the heart and transcends the physical realm.

In short Debbie is being stubborn and foolish. She doesn’t realize love is found where it chooses, not where we think it should be. I stop by and visit Lauren and Samantha periodically and I cant fault either one for loving or lusting the other.

They are both beautiful women with athletic bodies and xslot Yeni Giriş sweet personalities. Most visits I find myself trying to hide the huge erection I get thinking of them making love to each other.

Sex between Debbie and I had always been good and frequent. More adventurous and kinky than my first wife and I had been, and up until about a year ago I had no complaints.

When we met I installed several mirrors for us to watch her big ass bounce and slap my balls as she rode my pole. I loved hearing her tell me she liked the way my cock smelled and how much she wanted the taste and feel of it in her mouth.

I love talking dirty and feeling naughty when I’m fucking. Debbie and I knew exactly what to say to each other. Like her telling me to be really naughty and sniff her dirty panties while she sucked my fat cock like a starving cunt.

She would tell me to watch as she spread her legs wide open like a whore for me. Then order me to get on my fucking knees between her wide spread legs and look deep inside her cock milker.

Then she tells me to smell deeply and tell her how good it smells. Debbie would then tell me to stab my tongue deep into the pink hole and fuck it in and out like my cock fucks her.

I would tell her to suck me so I can hear crude slurp and smack noises as her slobber drips all over my balls. Or I would take her head in my hands and fuck her mouth making her cough and gag each time the head of my cock hit her throat.

This never failed to make her pussy soaking wet and the pink lips swollen with anticipation. I would pound into her and make her beg for me to fill her hot cunt with my sticky cum.

Then Debbie began menopause and everything changed. Blowjobs stopped, and sex became a chore instead of a pleasure. She no longer wanted sex at all and felt annoyed when I did.

We went to several doctors, tried hormone replacement therapy, and every other thing our sex therapist recommended but nothing seemed to help. Eventually I found it much less hassle just to masturbate.

It’s frustrating for us but there are no arguments or anger. The situation is something that is beyond our control. These days we have sex once or twice a month when she feels able and at those times it’s more of a quickie really.

Debbie gives me more privacy to take care of myself these days. She either doesn’t notice, or pretends not to notice my growing collection of porn videos and sexual aids. She even generously offered to let me have an open marriage which I didn’t think necessary at the time.

I began to masturbate more frequently and have fantasies that became increasingly kinky. My trips to the adult store on the edge of town became almost daily.

After awhile it became not enough for me. Even with all the videos, lubes, vibrating toys, and my vivid imagination I wasn’t getting the pleasure I needed. I craved human touch, but even more I needed to feel naughty.

I wanted to do things that were taboo and that other people secretly wished they could do. I started looking at the small cork board in the back corner at the adult toy shop where people pinned up various wants or offers for sex.

I didn’t see anything that fit my needs because most of the notes posted requested partners much younger than myself. After several disappointing visits to the board I finally decided it would work better if I tacked my own request on the board.

I left things simple and a bit vague figuring I would appeal to a wider audience by writing;

“Older gentleman with high sex drive and open marriage looking for willing women to have uninhibited casual sex. No commitment, no games, disease free. If interested please leave a response here addressed to; ‘Gentleman Jack’ and I will be in touch.”

Each day I had butterflies in my stomach as I approached the board, then a feeling of rejection when I found no response to my note. Then after nearly two months it happened, there was another note pinned to the bottom of mine with these instructions;

“Go to Paul at the cash register with your ad. He will ask you to rewrite it in front of him and verify handwriting is the same. If it matches he will give you my response. No games just being cautious, Paul is a trusted friend of mine”

I followed the directions and after a close study of my ad and its duplicate Paul the cashier handed me a sealed envelope with “Gentleman Jack” printed on it.

I hurried to my truck and tore it open with the zeal of a child opening a birthday gift, almost tearing the pages inside which read;

“Jack, I will be direct and expect the same always if we are to go any further. We are both in a situation of need that in all honesty borders on desperation. You desire sex from women and I need your sperm.

I’m lesbian and married to xslot Gir the love of my life. My wife and I both want a child very much. We cannot afford to adopt or pay for artificial insemination nor do we want to go either route . We want a child from my womb that is mine genetically and have every detail of the genetic contributors as well.

We want to see and know who the donor is, and the clinics don’t allow that. Everything has to be secret and hidden for legal reasons which leaves us at risk in many ways. People lie on forms, samples get mislabeled among other things.

As mentioned Paul is a trusted friend of ours and has agreed to help. This is a huge decision and we don’t want to rush you but time is of the essence. There is much preparation to be done if you agree to give us the gift of life.

Paul has a package with legal contracts, medical history forms and further instructions. You will never actually meet me or my wife or know who we are. This is for our protection.

Paul has a private area where you will be provided with any porn material you wish and there will be a hole much like a glory hole waist high for you to insert yourself and enter me. You can cum as many times as you are able.

We will be able to hear you and you may call me Jill. You may refer to my wife as Jane if names are needed when you request one or the other to use our hand or mouth to give you different sensations. Just tell us when you are going to ejaculate so I can position myself and receive it vaginally.

This may seem unusual but it’s has been done here many times before. Paul is gay and part of a very interesting community we have that is very unique and private. He has recommended you for us because of your genetics.

Things like eye color, height, and overall appearance. Paul tells us you are very handsome and seem to be in very good physical health. If you agree to do this we can begin right away. He has the packet at the counter.

Once you have seen your doctor and have all required papers completed to our satisfaction we will begin. Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6 P.M. Paul will show you to the private room where we wait to pleasure you

You are giving us a child and we have something to offer in return. When it’s confirmed that I have conceived, our sessions will end. You will then be invited to join a special society that is waiting to honor you and give you unlimited sexual pleasure of any

type you may desire for life.”

My hands trembled slightly on the steering wheel of my truck as I read the last sentence several times. That statement if true could solve the only problem Debbie has brought to our marriage besides a scratch on my truck.

How on earth could two lesbian women give a naughty and kinky man with an insanely high sex drive unlimited sexual pleasure of his choice for the remainder of his life?

I aimed to find out, thinking even if it were only half true and a quarter possible a man in my circumstances could lose a dime and still come out a nickle ahead, I rushed to see Paul at the register.

The information packet was much more involved than I had anticipated or even imagined. It took nearly three months to complete all the extensive tests that various doctors I was directed to see needed to perform on me.

By the time It was all over I felt like a pincushion and lab rat hybrid wondering if I had the energy to make a child. I returned all paperwork in a file to Paul the cashier who told me to come back the next day to confirm things.

Next day Paul said it was a go and I could start that night at six since it was a Wednesday and there was no better time than the present. Then he asked what kind of videos I would require for the session?

I entered the small private room with nervous excitement as Paul closed then locked the door behind me. As promised there was a small hole waist high and the size a baseball might just fit through if pushed forcefully enough.

I detected a slight shadowy movement through the hole in the dim light that the room produced from a small bulb near the ceiling.

I heard a woman’s voice which welcomed me softly. I was then informed me I could insert my penis into the hole when I was ready to do so. Jill and Jane each softly introduced themselves by unseen voice.

I was told I may make requests, take breaks, ask for more or different videos if needed. I hadn’t even paid attention to the television and stack of magazines on a small table to my left.

I was already fully erect due to excitement so I simply walked to the hole and dropped my pants with my boxer shorts in them and put my cock through the hole.

A warm hand wrapped around my shaft and began to stroke me gently. Soon after I felt the warmth of a wet mouth on the head and slowly xslot Sitesi slide downward as the hand was pulled away.

It felt so good I began to panic that I would cum right then. Jane’s voice informed me that it was Jill who was sucking me into her mouth.

She then told me to give advance warning by tapping the wall when I was near orgasm. I was tapping before she completed the sentence. I quickly felt the warmth on my cock pull away then another warmth slide over it’s length just as fast.

I instinctively began pumping and just as I smelled the musky yet sweet scent of arousal that only comes from a woman’s vagina my cock started jumping as spurts of cum erupted from the swollen head. I kept pumping slowly as the muscles of Jill’s vaginal canal squeezed and milked my baby making fluids from my twitching organ.

As promised, over the next five weeks I was in the room three nights each week for a couple hours. I was getting spoiled and drained as two women, both strangers to me, skillfully coaxed every drop of ball batter I could produce from my happy cock.

Then the day came when Paul didn’t have his keys in hand ready to escort me to the pleasure room. Instead he handed me a large envelope from behind the counter. He smiled and said, “keep this safe and very private. If you have any questions come to me, and thank you.”

I felt sad, as if something horrible had happened walking to my truck as my confused cock began to deflate. I stopped at the city park and opened the envelope Paul had given me. First there was a letter from Jill and Jane indicating that Jill was indeed pregnant.

It went on to thank me and offered me the chance to meet with Paul every six months for an update on the child I will never meet. I could also provide an address to have updates mailed if I preferred. Then to my surprise and confusion it said the following;

As promised we are going to insure that you will never go without your sexual desires being fulfilled for as long as you wish. The remainder of this packet has very private details and information needed to get you to our gathering where you will be honored and provided with all you need. We of course will not be there but you will be treated like royalty.

It seems that the lesbian community in my area is very well organized and many have banded together in a private society. They combined funds and purchased a large ranch in the rural area outside the city. Somewhat like a time share where members and their select family or friends may stay whenever they want.

There are annual events such as “The Pink Lady” in summertime where all lesbian women who care to show up have a huge orgy in a large open field on blankets and in tents. Toys, Lube, and various costumes are provided by Paul at a hugely discounted price. With a few exceptions no males are allowed.

My event however was called, “The Pink Daddy” and held a month after the ladies party. There were seven men including myself who were invited to the ranch and stay for up to a week. There was excellent food and drink along with fanfare to welcome each of us as hero’s. The other six men had also produced a child the same way I had.

The best part however was the hundred or more women who were bisexual and voluntarily came to stay at the ranch for only one reason. They were nude at almost all times and were willing sex partners to the seven of us donors in unlimited fashion.

We were free to have sex with any or all of the women we chose one or more at a time. I would like to say that I did just like the other men and went to as many as possible and did all the wild sexual things I could imagine.

The thing is I was told to ask for address and phone number of at least twenty of the women I enjoyed most or wanted to have ongoing sex with. For as long as I wanted I could meet them at the ranch or elsewhere for sex provided our schedules worked out to make it possible.

I didn’t need twenty addresses because the first one I got was the only one I will ever need. Lauren and Samantha were as shocked as I was to see each other under the circumstances and they were naked. They were both as sexy in the bare flesh as my fantasies envisioned.

What should have been an awkward situation turned into the start of some of the kinkiest and wildest sex imaginable. Samantha broke the ice by walking over to me and cupping her very large tits said, “I’ve seen you stare at them long enough and I have wanted to fuck you for a long time Denny.”

The three of us spent seven days having sex in every way possible. Several other women joined us at various time and in random numbers for sex or just to sleep. It was beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of. Most people have no idea this little society exists.

Lauren and Samantha have been meeting me at the ranch once a week for almost four years now to have sex that involves toys, food, other things I cannot mention. Other visitors join us at times and I attend “The Pink Daddy” each year with them as Alumni. Debbie gives her blessing but refuses to come along even when invited repeatedly.

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